respect wrigleyAs a bleacher guy, I haven’t peed in a trough at Wrigley Field in a couple years. The men’s room in the bleachers has these nice, individually-separated urinals now, which makes a visit to the loo feel like a European vacation.

But, for you traditionalists in the bowl who would miss that big, long bowl in the bathrooms, fear not. The troughs aren’t going away when Wrigley Field is renovated. From Serena Dai at DNAinfo:

“The troughs are staying,” Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts said Tuesday to a laughing crowd at D’Agostino’s Pizza ….

[The troughs are] a part of what keeps Wrigley Field feeling like Wrigley Field, said team spokesman Julian Green, explaining the decision to keep them.

“It’s one of those longtime fan favorites in our ballpark,” he said. “It’s tradition.”

Tradition, perhaps, of the shared suffering of Cubs fans?

No, Green said. More bathrooms will put a stop to that.

“Mutual suffering will end,” he said.

In other words, you’ll still have the joy of peeing into a long tub, but you won’t necessarily have to do it while your shoulders rub the gentlemen on either side of you.


  • Die hard

    Here is why I question Ricketts business acumen — why didn’t he insist on Rooftoppers renegotiate BEFORE agreeing to sign on dotted line several years ago — as if this was first big deal without daddy calling the shots and Ricketts did not have the foresight to know that he would renovate and bring Jumbotron etc.. ? As if he’s learning on the fly– what other big mistakes are yet to be uncovered ?

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