For seven innings, it looked like the Cubs were going to be blanked today. A one-run deficit felt like 10. So, I guess you could say the Cubs miraculously came back in the 8th and 9th innings today from a 10-run deficit. An errant throw by Kurt Suzuki certainly helped.

With that, the Cubs won a road series against the Nationals! Neat.

Scott Feldman pitched another good one today, and the bullpen was virtually perfect. Kevin Gregg remains shockingly effective, and it’s likely going to be nice to have Kyuji Fujikawa back.

The Cubs were clearly showing off today with their comeback.

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  • Jamie Weiss

    Very Cub-like way to lose for the Nationals! Three great starts in a row for Feldman. Looks like Villanueva is going to the pen, but as you said Brett, temporarily.

    How many steals does Soriano have this year? Love it!

  • Alex

    Shoulders just hit a Grand Slam. Cougars leading 6-3 in the top of the 6th.

    • Alex

      Shoulders giveth, Lendy promptly giveth back. Oy.

      • willis

        That dude is pretty awful. Just terrible.

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    This is the payback for the whole thing that happened last season against the Nats. Btw, the natitude thing is a bullshit.

  • another JP

    What a great series win for the Cubbies. Winning games where Strasberg and Gio were dominating our lineup early in the game shows a certain amount of maturity and just what kind of team we could have with consistent relief pitching and any kind of help from the offense. Hard to believe we won two straight in DC after not being able to take a single game the past couple years. After the 5-13 start, Cubs have gone 10-9 since against some good competition (sans the Marlins). Not too shabby.

    • cubmig

      The Nats’ pitchers were dominating alright. Luckily Castro came through with a single to tie the game. But, credit the Cubs pitchers as well. They hung in there and were just tough enough to let the Nats know they had their hands full and were not going to walk away with an easy win. Luck was the gift to the Cubs and the culprit to the Nats. It was a Cubs win because of the tenacity the Cubs showed. All’s well that ends well.

      Now is over but continues while tomorrow waits in the wings.

  • cub2014

    When Garza comes back the Cubs pitching will be
    really good. Actually lead majors in BA against and
    3rd in NL in ERA now. Put Garza in rotation and move
    Villanueva to bullpen. WOW bullpen would be really
    good. Gregg as the closer Russell as the lefty, then
    Fujikawa(94mph), Villanueva. The end of the bullpen
    would be Marmol, Camp, Rondon. Maybe they can
    score 3-4 runs per game they could win 60% of their

  • JulioZuleta

    Maples went 5 IP 3 ER 2 K and 0 BB in his KC debut. It’s been two years coming.

    • willis

      Not too shabby for a debut. Just glad to know he made it there and made it through.

    • jt

      what Kyle said about now having 3 pitchers to watch on the farm with 2 of them actually pitching.

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        3 above low A.

        • Kyle

          Three above rookie ball. Johnson, Maples and Vizcaino.

          • JulioZuleta

            Personally, I like Ben Wells too. He’s a very, very high percentage ground ball pitcher and usually they only get better as the progress to better fields and better infielders. Also, where is Michael Jensen? Not that he was overly awe-inspiring.

            • JulioZuleta

              Wells has a 2.36 Ground ball to fly ball ratio this year. To put that in perspective, the most “ground-bally” pitcher in all of baseball in 2012 was Trevor Cahill, with a 1.69 ratio. Wells needs to start striking more guys out though.

              • Kyle

                Yeah, I’m pretty finicky about Ks in my pitching prospects, so Ben Wells’ 4.8 K/9 just isn’t doing it.

                Jensen doesn’t have the pedigree to draw my interest just yet. I guess he could be “potentially interesting.”

          • college_of_coaches

            We could also add Carlos Paniagua to the short list, visa pending of course. I think it is safe to assume that the Cub’s have him on a healthy throwing routine in the DR facilities. For this reason, I would think that the moment his visa comes through, the Cub’s will have him on a flight to Chicago where he’ll pitch for KC.

            • Josh

              Seems to be more to this story.

              • college_of_coaches

                I can’t say that this surprises me, but what have you heard?

            • Kyle

              Paniagua, for the moment, is not pitching above rookie ball.

  • cub2014

    Sorry, starters are 1st in BA and 3rd in ERA not
    the entire pitching staff.

  • Die harder

    It is nice to see them on the other side of a one run game.

  • @cubsfantroy

    Soriano with 5 steals already this year is awesome too. He has stolen 3rd, twice now?

    • Chad

      I was just going to mention that. His bat is really starting to heat up too. Love the sb’s he’s showing.

  • willis

    Great win. Anytime you can take a series on the road against a damn good team, it’s a good feeling.

    Another great outing from Feldman. Damn has he settled in and thrown well. I didn’t believe in him, I’m coming around.

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    Gregg has been pretty nasty. Lets hope that remains until the deadline. Watch out Rockies, Cubs are coming for the sweep! Oh wait, so are the Rockies.

  • college_of_coaches

    In AAA action, Brett Jackson is 3 for 3 with a double and a run-scored. The I-Cubs are up 6-to-1 against Randall (almost a Cub) Delgado.

  • JulioZuleta

    Scott Feldman is 10th in the NL in ERA and 19th overall. Travis Wood is 9th in the NL. The only other teams with multiple guys in the top 10? The Cardinals, (3 in the top 7, and they lost Chris Carpenter before the year…how do they always pull this off?).

    Jesus, Adam Wainwright has a 13.75:1 K/BB rate.

    • Werner

      I swear I have been thinking this. Seriously, how do the Cards keep pulling it off? This was a nice weekend for the Cubs and then your heart sinks because the Cards starting pitching is just nails.

      • North Side Irish

        Joe Strauss ‏@JoeStrauss 4m
        Oscar Taveras helped from field w/apparent ankle issue.
        Retweeted by Will Carroll

        Somehow this will turn out to be nothing…

      • Jimmy James

        Had hoped they would lose this w/out Larussa/Duncan, guess not

    • cubfanincardinalland

      Everything has gone perfect for St. Louis so far this season, starters ERA a run lower than the rest of baseball, and hitting .340 with runners in scoring position. With all that, they still only have a two game lead over Cincy and Pittsburgh. I think they are in for problems as the season goes along. If you look at their team closely, their roster is full of rookie and second year players. I think there lineup is overrated also.

      • Jimmy James

        Doesn’t matter, voodoo magic in the waters there

  • Zachary

    Not to mention they still have Martinez and Wachs that r suppose to be good

  • Fastball

    I think Gaza should go to the pen upon his return. He doesn’t deserve to bump anyone at this time.

    • @cubsfantroy

      Yeah, lets drop his trade value even farther.

  • JdawgJeremy

    Was at the game, and it was a pitchers duel. But fatboy Navarro so could have scored in the 6th if it was anyone with some semblance of speed. That guy is ssssssllllloooooowwwwww!!!

    Overall good game and was happy to see them win 2 of 3 from Nats.

    • Josh

      Should not be on the team.

    • jdblades

      Ransom hit the ball hard and the LF had the ball in his glove before Navaro stepped on third. I don’t think they would have sent even Campana especially with our best and hottest hitter coming up with the bases loaded. Also, there is a third base coach that lets them know what to do. Don’t blame Navarro for that play. He would have been dead to rights trying to make it home on that one and then there would have been a legitimate beef with him, but not on that play, did the right thing.

      • Jeremy

        jdblades.. I know. I was more making fun of the fact that Navarro was soooo slow… Even beating out the infield grounder he did, I think the shortstop had a legitmate chance of still throwing him out at first…

        I was surprise Borbon stopped at third later in the game.. if you watch the 3rd base coach was waving him in and he put the brakes on.. I wonder if that was a miscommunication… He looked like he would have made it home.. either way though Cubs won.. so I’m happy

  • CubsFaninMS

    You heard it here, folks. Here are Joe’s predictions….

    1. Villanueva will go to the pen when Garza returns.

    If the Cubs are below .500 and out of the race around the All Star break…

    2a. We trade Feldman and/or Garza to an American League team (Angels, Orioles, Red Sox, Blue Jays?) for prospects. Villanueva goes back to the starting rotation unless Baker comes back and performs.

    3a. We trade Barney (assuming his awful BA goes up dramatically) and Dejesus for prospects.

    4a. Brett Jackson, Javier Baez, and/or Josh Vitters may be packaged in a deal with one of the other trades (Vitters and Jackson are a little more than throw-ins right now, honestly). I believe the first two don’t match our vision for the organization.

    If the Cubs are in contention at the All Star break..

    2b. We still trade Feldman, Villanueva and/or Garza due to our surplus in starting pitching (although I believe Garza is less likely a trade candidate in this scenario).

    3b . We acquire a power bat (Dan Uggla, Chase Headley, Giancarlo Stanton, etc.) for one of the aforementioned trade candidates (still believe Dejesus and/or Barney may be on trading block). I’m not big on Uggla’s performance the past two years but I can see the FO having an interest. I believe the Stanton or Headley sweepstakes will be too high for the FO to go through with the trade.

    Either way, I believe we keep Scheirholtz, Samardzija, Wood, Rizzo, and Castro unless the FO receives an offer that can’t be passed up. I believe our FO likes Scheirholtz quite a bit. He’s definitely a good contact bat. Reminds me of John Olerud to a lesser degree.

    When it comes down to it, it will all depend on what offers they receive but, either way, I expect at least a couple of key trades this year.

    • baldtaxguy

      I do not see Uggla as any team’s future. Cannot see him as a target at all.

  • Blublud


  • Dean

    Was at the game too. Feldman battled thru a 30 pitch first inning only surrendering one run, and then he settled in and shut them down. Gonzalez was dealing for the Nats. Hard to believe they took him out when they did, 80’s pitch count. Cubs got to the bullpen though. Castro with a clutch rbi. Sooo much better than last year, when we took an ass whippin. Nice payback….Loved the aggressiveness on the bases in the 9th. Sori showing off those wheels! Some of the Nats fans were blaming the loss on Teddy winning the race in the 4th! Seems every time he wins…first time this year, the Nats lose. Hmmm, maybe after about another 50 years of that they’ll have something to bitch about I suppose. Good win for the cubs. We’re streakin.

    • Josh

      Yes about the base running! But can’t say Sweum has played it right since the start. They really have not run and bunt by the way we to believe.

  • wkranz54

    Don’t look now, but the Cubs just won a series at Washington facing Detweiler Strasburg & Gonzalez. That is playoff caliber play…can we please continue to play like this?

  • Die hard

    Dempster lit up by Toronto— Sale pitching a gem — and Cubs finding a way to win– stars aligning in favor of Chicago

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      You know, if only there was some way to make sure every Dempster year was a contract year.

  • YourResidentJag

    Well, Rizzo signed a 7-yr $41 million extension. So much for Theo crying poor.

    • hansman1982

      Yes, because that contract has anything to do with the salary amount this year.

      • YourResidentJag

        Except for one thing. Theo has never told us what’s on tap for next year in terms of budget. So, I could still be right.

        • hansman1982


          Or not. Either way, I could be right.

          The Cubs brokeness has been greatly exaggerated.

          • YourResidentJag

            Actually my beef isn’t with you. I’ve got the problem of the Chicago media and listening to them too much. I’ve learned not to make too much of what they’re interpreting with this regime going forward. BTW, you didn’t read in my comment below that I think it’s a good deal. So, ummm….thanks for playing because if I’d thought it was a bad deal I might…..ZOMG, ACTUALLY THINK THIS MAY ABSOLUTELY HAMPER THE CUBS…as you put it.

    • Josh

      Best signing in years!

    • Dustin S

      It has huge escalators for the 2 option free agent years, but any way you look at it this is some very good news. It’s some financial stability for Rizzo, it avoids any arbitration drama, he’ll be a Cub for almost the next decade if they pickup the options, and I bet it will be a steal in the long run at the rate of contract inflation. I’m sure Rizzo is happy to get the cash and start living like a star, and the numbers seem very team friendly.

      I think you can also read into it that the front office is saying this is one of the cornerstone pieces we really want to commit to building around. If I’m Vogelbach (or any other Cubs minor league 1B) I think I’d definitely try to get some more LF practice in.

  • Patrick

    Rizzo on the verge of a 7 year 41 mill dollar deal. Huge steal if that’s correct in my opinion.

    • YourResidentJag

      Well it has built in clauses supposedly that could bring it up to 73 million, but still good value.

      • Jp3

        There is no way that’s accurate, I’d love it to be true but that would make Rizzo’s agent the worst in baseball…

        • Kyle

          It’s a very nice deal for both sides. Don’t forget this isn’t an impending free agent. This is a guy who was locked in to making less than $500k the next two seasons, then having four seasons of below-market salaries.

          Now Rizzo doesn’t have to worry about Ian Stewarting his wrist tomorrow and never getting an eight-figure deal, and the Cubs lock him in at a small discount. Win-win.

        • dw8

          Seems as though Rizzo was probably headed toward arbitration after this season and, considering his profile, which is one that does well there, this might be a very good deal.

        • Josh

          Behind the scene material.

        • YourResidentJag

          Just reporting what Ken Rosenthal sent to my Twitter feed. That’s all :)

    • Carew

      sheet dude, I’ll take that all day

  • willis

    I like it. Lock him up for a touch under 6 mil a year.

  • CBP

    7/41 is a steal I think!!!

  • willis

    Even with options and possible escalators, this is a great deal for the Cubs.

  • chuyz

    Cubs lock up rizzo…

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    So the potential framework of the deal is a 7 year extension and I’m hearing the deal includes two club option yrs at the back end of the contract. We could potentially lock him up till he is 33 years old. Wow this could be an insane steal

    • Josh

      What if he gets hurt?

      • Dynastyin2017

        Which is one reason Rizzo agreed to it. Hey, there are risks with every deal, but this one looks like a gamble worth taking.

        • Josh

          Yes, but give him big money now? I say lets wait after the season, and then talk.

          • hookersorcake

            If Rizzo hits 40 HR’s 120 RBI’s and around .300 he gets more expensive and is almost about the same Gamble. Even if he is .260/.330/.460 with 25 HRs a year – good defense – good clubhouse guy. And that seems to be his floor Thats still a great deal. And as far as injuries? He’s a 1B – not a pitcher or an outfielder who crashes into walls.
            GREAT GREAT DEAL!!!

            • Josh

              Yes. But enter one Derreck Lee.

              • hansman1982

                If we could get Derrek Lee, Jr. out of Rizzo.

                PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE!

                • Josh

                  Do you bet the bank on him? I love RIZ. But do you give him Pujols money at this point? I say not.

                  • YourResidentJag

                    This is PULJOS money??? On what planet are you living, exactly?

                  • MIkeL

                    Josh –

                    Are you thinking that Rizzo is getting 41 million per year?!? No. This contract is just a hair under 6 million per year for a total of 41 million over the entire contract. This is a steal.

                    • Josh


                  • Drew7

                    How is 7 & $41mil the same as “Pujols money”?

                    • Josh

                      41 mil? Is that all? Sorry I thoughgt we were getting more for that.

                    • Josh

                      When did PUJOLS MAKE HIS FIRST MILIONS?

                • Josh

                  Pujols is a .320 hitter!

                • Drew7

                  He’s back…

          • waittilthisyear

            no way. great deal

      • jdblades

        What if we would have signed King Albert like a bunch of yahoos wanted the FO to do. I like this deal way better. Rizzo could wind up being one of the best Cubs of all time,he is so much better than any young Cub in decades. If Castro can tweek his approach at the plate and live up to his potential, we have a good foundation for many years and isn’t breaking the bank

        • Josh

          You had to throw in Castro to the equaton. Yikes! Castro at this point does not seem to be, what would be called a “great” petential. Is playing out as average.

          • Cyranojoe

            I’m sorry, how old is the kid? And how many years have you been a scout for a pro team?

            • Josh

              I know he considered “young”. But what does that mean if he truly is not elite?(Which he is not!) Time to start Castro as a bargaining chip.

              • Jason P

                So far in his career, he’s averaged out as a .295 10hr. guy, which while not great, isn’t exactly a dime-a-dozen commodity for major league shortstops.

                Maybe he won’t become a .320 20hr perennial all-star, but even if he stays as is, he’d be a perfectly acceptable piece on a championship level team.

                • Josh

                  I agree Jason. But they were expecting alot more out of the guy. The expectatons were in the relm of a 310/350/450 hitter which he is not close to.

                  • jt

                    “The expectatons were in the relm of a 310/350/450 hitter which he is not close to.”
                    2012 Castro: 283/323/430 -> OPS = 0.753
                    2012 lg avg SS: 259/313/387 -> OPS = 0.700
                    If his fielding proves to be just avg then, over all, it would seem that he has been an above avg SS.
                    My expectation is that he will progress at least a bit over the next few years. Perhaps a case can be made that he will regress but I don’t see it?
                    So if he improves to just 283/330/440 -> OPS = 0.770 he would be a well above avg SS.
                    Since SS is a hard position to fill with a plus guy, I’m pretty happy to be expecting to root for him over the next several years.
                    ditto Rizzo.

    • Jason P

      It’s until he’s 31, not 33 and that’s only if the cubs exercise both team option years. Otherwise, it’s through his age 29 season.

  • Serious Cubs Fan

    ESPN just reported the deal could be worth up to $73 million in incentives and with option years. Still I think thats would be a steal

    • Josh

      Ya, if it plays out that way.

  • mudge

    what’s up w scott baker?

    • Serious Cubs Fan

      haven’t heard much about baker lately but I’m pretty bummed he didn’t get healthy sooner. Was hoping for him to at least show some consistency and decent outing to appeal to other teams at the trade deadline to flip him for a prospect or two. But I don’t think thats going to happen anymore.

      • mudge

        well hopefully he’ll be ready when they flip a guy or two to keep the team respectable.