Carlos Villanueva heard the pre-game chatter about a six-man rotation and rebelled. To wit, he gave up 12 hits and 7 earned runs in 5 innings of work, as he was leaving far too many meatballs up in the zone. To his credit, his K/BB ratio for the game was so good that it will break your calculator.

The Cubs’ bats were stymied by … Jeff Francis? Uh, ok. By the time the Cubs did their Teaser Rally thing, the game was already out of hand (thanks in no small part to another rough Shawn Camp relief appearance – every time I see him struggle I think of Dale Sveum calling him a “rubber arm” last year, and trotting him out there every single day).

Oh, well, not everyone was stymied …

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  • #1lahairfan

    I agree Sveum pretty much killed Camp’s arm last year. Didn’t he lead the league in appearances?

    • hansman1982

      He did, but IP, Batters Faced and number of pitches were in line with what he had done the previous 3 years.

  • mister_rob

    Yay…..Barney passed Villanueva in batting average finally

    And I think he is now out OPS-ing Travis Wood

  • Melrosepad

    Wouldn’t mind seeing Camp gone and give someone like Negrin have a shot. Heck, I’d rather see Esmailin Caridad given another shot then have Camp come out. Parker or Putnam wouldn’t be bad either.

    • João Lucas

      You know who should take Camp’s place in the pen? Villanueva.

  • JdawgJeremy

    Time for Camp to go camping…

  • Seth

    Well at least I have CarGo on my fantasy team. That’s the only good I take from this game.

  • cooter

    Camp’s done. Baseball’s a messed up game. Some times a 9 to 5 isn’t so bad.

    • I love marmol


  • bloctoad

    Barney almost hit for a cycle?!

    • cubmig

      Barney looked like he was imitating Castro’s “free-swinging style”. Lucky for him, it paid off.

  • Mike Taylor (no relation)

    If we DFA him, somebody will pick him up and the rest of his 1.35$M contract. Probably happens when Garza comes up. Bowden has been inconsistent this year, but at least he hasn’t gotten lit up like Camp.

  • Fenway Frank

    I hope Bowden hangs around for a few years

  • JulioZuleta

    Can we get Elias sports to check when the last time a team threw at least 4 pitchers and they all had exactly 1 K? Or for that matter the last game where no pitcher had multiple Ks?

  • Kenster

    I really choose the worse games to go to… Ugh!! Please tell me they don’t have to face Matt Harvey on Saturday when I go back lol

  • willis

    Camp still blows. That’s good to see.

    God willing he’s DFA’d soon.

  • Die hard

    Blame Barney’s woes on Sveum playing him in meaningless game causing knee injury–/Looks like Barney’s second spring training over and should hit.260 rest of way

  • Ivy Walls

    Barney golfed two pitches for hits, one a HR, the other a solid single. If standard deviation works he will have a hot few weeks to come back to his career average.

    Camp was used, willingly on both sides and now that usage is paying dividends. I think Villaneuva has pitched his way back to the bullpen when Garza returns.

  • Ivy Walls

    Brett, you may want to direct your readers to Dave Kaplan’s blog where he publishes the FACT that the Cubs have the worst home record of teams since 1945 as well as producing the least amount of pitchers through the system




    • Die hard

      Don’t give Theo more excuses or could be another several decades

      • MichiganGoat

        Missing the point again?

        • Ivy Walls

          Many points besides considering the contemplation that in the modern era the Cubs home field facility is detriment to winning championships. It also could be a variety of things that come together beginning with what kind of team of the components that make up the team drill down to a strategy of what kind of ball players the Cubs need to assemble so that they start winning near .600 at home.

          Let us look at the standard bearers: Pitching the two best pitchers developed by the farm system start with Kerry Wood at 26.7 WAR and Prior at a 15.7 WAR followed by Sean Marshall at a 10.3 WAR since ’95. Previously one could say that Maddux, Reuschel and Holtzman were the other pitchers developed by the farm system that were in that class.

          The other is left handed power, Billy Williams is the only one I have seen who was drafted and developed at that position. So without the knowledge of how to best put together a team that wins .600 at home this is the result.

          The other intangible though verifiable notion is related to start times. Day baseball and more specifically weekday day baseball and the large number of 3:15 start times has to have a statistical detriment. The other was voiced on the Rockies broadcast, Teams and players love to come to Chicago and play. They enjoy it too much. They enjoy day baseball so they can go out and enjoy the evening, they enjoy playing here too much.

          I think this draft will be telling. If they go for the big 80 pitcher it will tell the club that they are serious about winning. Go for the power bat and they are serious about selling tickets. It is that simple.

          • Brett

            If the Cubs take the bat first, and then 10 straight pitchers – similar to what they did last year – I don’t think you can say they’re just trying to sell tickets in the future. It’s a legit strategy borne out by decades of drafting data.

            … but I’d prefer they take Appel/Gray.

  • http://bleachernation Bsteady

    I just don’t understand keeping up Camp around during a REBUILD. He’s served his purpose. Now get someone else some experience.

    • Brett

      The point was to cross your fingers for some wins early, or that he could build some trade value by mid-season (it would have been several consecutive years of success for him, so a little trade value would have been plausible). Since it looks like neither will happen now, yeah, they could afford to dump him at some point.