baez almora solerWith four teams under way now, and two more coming in June (not including the Caribbean teams), keeping up with the Cubs farm system involves keeping track of well over one hundred players. That number is about to go up substantially in June with the amateur draft, and then again to a lesser extent in July with the International Free Agent signing period. How can the average fan possibly keep up with all of that? We’re here to help.

First of all, the Daily right here on Bleacher Nation is a great place to get started.  But since you’re reading this, you probably already knew that.

Second, get on Twitter. Twitter is rapidly becoming the primary place to keep a finger on the pulse of the minors. Most of the teams are on Twitter these days, as are some of the radio crews, sports writers, and even many of the minor league players themselves. Following @BleacherNation and @ltblaize would be a great place to start.

Third, pick your favorite team and listen to a game or two now and then. All minor league game radio feeds are still broadcast for free over the internet. Each day the home page for each of the minor league teams will have an “Audio” button by the box score for that day’s game, and links to all the minor league team home pages are provided for you in the Daily each morning. So, for example, if you want to listen in to the Kane County game today, just pull up the Kane County website around 11 AM Central Time and click the button. Just like that you can be listening to Dan Vogelbach, Rock Shoulders, Bijan Rademacher, and the rest of that prospect-laden lineup.

Finally, be sure to stop by the Bleacher Nation Message Boards. We have a whole section there dedicated to all that goes on in the minors. That is a great place to get any questions answered and ultimately to join a great community of Cub fans.

And just like that, you’re all set. A little Twitter here, a few radio games there, a great place like Bleacher Nation to bring it all together, and you’ll be all caught up on the minor leagues in no time.

Scores From Yesterday

Iowa – Not a good day for Iowa. Two errors and poor pitching led to an 11-1 loss.
Tennessee – It took ten innings but ultimately Tennessee walked away the 3-2 winners.
Daytona – Daytona’s bats went suddenly silent in this 4-2 loss.
Kane County – The Cougars committed three errors on their way to this 8-4 loss.

Performances of Note

  • [Iowa] Ian Stewart doubled and walked in this game. It was his second straight game with an extra base hit (he tripled on the 12th) and his third straight reaching base.
  • [Iowa] Brian Bogusevic continues to see the ball well. He is currently sitting on 21 BB against 23 Ks. Factor in his OBP of .468 and SLG of .559 and it certainly looks like he should be getting a shot in Chicago eventually.
  • [Tennessee] Christian Villanueva doubled, homered, and walked in this game. Matt Szczur also had a multi-hit game with three singles.
  • [Tennessee] Mark down another successful start for Alberto Cabrera. He struck out seven in seven innings while giving a single tally on a solo home run. He only walked one.
  • [Tennessee] Zach Rosscup suffered through one of his rare bad outings (2H, 1BB, 1R, 2K in 1 IP), but Frank Batista was there to pick him up with a hitless tenth.
  • [Daytona] Austin Reed pitched two solid innings of relief for the Cubs, but it did not affect the outcome.
  • [Daytona] The Cubs lone extra base hit was a double by Dustin Geiger. Geiger is quietly putting together a very nice season: .294/.368/.403, BB% of 9.6%, K% of 16.2%.
  • [Kane County] Second baseman Gioskar Amaya turned in anther good game. He finished 1 for 2 with a run scored and two walks.
  • [Kane County] Willson Contreras was 2 for 2 with his fifth home run of the season and a stolen base. After Contreras was ejected, Yaniel Cabezas went 1 for 2.

Other News

  • Daytona can’t be faulted for their efficiency in this game. They scored their two runs despite having just four hits and a walk to work with. Speedsters Zeke DeVoss and John Andreoli scored the runs thanks to RBIs from Jorge Soler and Chad Noble.
  • Bryan

    Luke every morning i read this minor league wrap up. I no my opionion means next to nothin but and brett do excellent work. As a diehard cubbie fan i think i can speak for most of and say you guys are the shit and you too better keep this site up for a good long while. its my morning reading before i actually have to work LOL

    GO cubs!

  • Kevin F.

    I echo Bryan’s view. This is a fantastic place to keep up on the minors and a balanced site in general. Unlike some other snark-fests that are out there.

    • Cubbie Blues

      There are other sites with *more* snark? We better step our game up.

      • Kevin F.

        Nah, please don’t. I’m not interested in Pollyanna visions, but there’s a fine line dividing cynicism and reality that other sites cross on a regular basis.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Cynicism and snark are two totally different things.

    • Kyle

      Odd. I can’t think of a Cubs site that I don’t find, on balance, to be at least a moderate amount of overly optimistic.

      • Cubbie Blues

        Yeah, but, comparatively you would think a Cardinals site is optimistic of the Cubs. 😛

        • Kyle

          Someone on Gateway Redbirds tried to rip the Rizzo deal. Even I wouldn’t go that far.

          • Cubbie Blues

            What the heck were you doing on there?

            • Kyle


              I go to all the division rivals’ sites once in a while just to see what they are saying.

              It’s always fascinating to see how even the smartest fans don’t know much about other organizations. Most of their Cubs’ opinions are just vague, sweeping generalizations.

          • hansman1982

            Pre-avatar Kyle wouldn’t have backed down from that challenge.

          • Jp3

            That’s crazy, I know Rizzo won’t hit over the course of of this contract the way he has the last 3 weeks BUT if he’s remotely close… We’re paying pennies on the dollar in comparison to PooHoles $25mill a year. Love that we’re paying for current and future production vs. past production. If he’s .280/.360 35HRs it’s an absolute steal. I left off RBI because I think that can fluctuate a bit depending on what hitters are in front of him…unless of course he’s atrocious w/RISP. This+belly fire=steal

      • Myles

        Obstructed View (which I imagine is where this is directed?) is not overly optimistic, I’d say.

  • koyiehillsucks2

    another good outing from batista, he really has only had one terrible outing this year after that he has been good everytime he is out there I hope he gets promoted soon….

    • Adventurecizin’ Justin

      If Camp doesnt turn it around, I wonder if Batista gets any consideration.

      • mak

        I’m thinking Camp’s run will be up when Garza comes back, although its more likely that Rondon comes down with a Rule V injury (constipation? night tremors?).

        The Cubs have a decent amount of bullpen options too. Rosscup and Negrin come to mind.

        • hansman1982

          It is about time that Rondon goes down with Rule V-itis in his non-pitching eyelid.

          • mak

            First, let me say that Rondon is pitching well enough to stay in the bullpen.

            Other potential injuries: menstrual cramping, hanging freckle, scoliosis of the ribs, acute pink eye, bursitis of the retina

        • cjdubbya

          As a charter member of the #RondonFanClub on Twitter, let me say the following to those of you calling for him to come down w/an “injury”…


          Seriously though, he’s not been the worst option in the pen this year. Granted, he hasn’t been used in high-stress situations, but what does Camp even have left in the tank at this point?

          • mak

            agreed. see my post above. but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. No way Theo DFA’s his man crush, Camp.

            • jdblades

              Rondon is young and has talent just needs more reps in pressure situations, he is cheap and under team control for a while,he will not go on the DL to make room for Garza. We aren’t making the playoffs this year so get rid of aging vets who aren’t producing, like say Camp.

  • Rich

    I echo Bryan and Kevin – “yes you’re the shit!”

    • CubbiesOHCubbies

      I echo Rich’s echo of Kevin’s echo of Bryan’s original post. If bees had knees or cats wore pajamas that would be you and Brett respectively.

    • Brett

      Well thanks, gents. Luke is, indeed, the shit.

  • Adventurecizin’ Justin

    Let me continue to pile on…you & Brett rock!

    • bbmoney

      Ehhhhh……they’re ok.

      But seriously this site is awesome. I just don’t want them getting too full of themselves.

  • arta

    ditto on all, lol.

  • ssckelley

    Luke, since we are all enamored with the upcoming draft it would be neat to see daily updates (if there are any) on Appel, Gray, and Bryant (who hit another home run last night). Just a suggestion.

    Just to kick off another flurry of draft discussion my top 3 (in order) are Appel, Bryant, and Gray. I like Gray’s 100 mph fastball but that also scares me, Appel has been doing it (with better results) for a longer period of time. If Houston takes Appel then I am going Bryant, you can’t argue with grade 80 power.

  • Cubbie Blues

    Do we have an option next year on Stewart? I would love to take the option and make him ride the bench another year.

    • Brett

      Yeah, he’s under control for one more year if the Cubs tender him (last year of arbitration).

      (I know you’re just joshin’.)

      • Cubbie Blues

        So, you’re saying it’s a possibility.

      • Castro to Barney to Chance


        • Cubbie Blues


  • Norm

    And you can get the entire organizations statistics at Baseball-Reference:

    Sort by plate appearances and note the surprisingly good BB/K rates from the players getting the most playing time (with a few notable exceptions)

    • hansman1982

      God, I wish Baseball-Reference would list BB% and K%.

      • Cubbie Blues

        FanGraphs does.

        • hansman1982

          Ya, but I like B-Ref, as a whole, better, so if they could do that and wOBA (doubly so if they did wOBAs), I’d love them long time.

          • frank

            Long time? Would you, now.

  • ssckelley

    Contreras 5 home runs so far this year is encouraging. He has had as many home runs so far this year than he has had the past 2 years in the minors. But can he stick at catcher? This is only his 2nd season playing the position. It would be nice to have a legit catcher prospect step up, IMO it is one of their biggest needs in this upcoming draft.

  • Kenster

    Any update on Greg Rohan?
    I figured he would be a nice addition to the Cubs bench sometime this year

  • DocPeterWimsey

    Look for him on the first light of the fifth day…..

  • Stu

    What is Brett Jackson doing different in May? All of sudden the K’s have dropped. Muscle memory with the new swing?

    • Kyle

      It’s hard to tell much from 27 PAs, but walks are down too. Maybe he’s hacking earlier and being less selective.

    • mak

      very small sample size. I think we’re all praying for it to continue though. I still don’t see him coming up until DeJesus and maybe one more OF (since we have 6 OF’s, 4 lefties) is moved/injured.

  • Idaho Razorback

    I like Willson Contreras a lot. I saw him play for Boise and he has a cannon for an arm. If he could hit too, that would be awesome!