matt garza cubsMatt Garza needed just 75 pitches to go six innings tonight for the Iowa Cubs in a dominating performance. Garza allowed no runs, two singles, no walks (one HBP), and struck out six. Yeah. Dominating.

The question now is … does Garza return to the rotation next start? The Cubs were hoping Garza could go six tonight, and at least one observer tonight said it looked like Garza was plenty ready to return. The velocity was there, the stuff was there, and he threw plenty of pitches. This was his fourth rehab start, so we’ve entered the zone of a possible return.

The Cubs obviously want to be cautious with Garza, given his importance and value to the organization, but there’s a limited window in which to establish his trade value (should they decide to trade him). Every start potentially matters.

Of course, all of this is pending Garza feeling good after the outing and tomorrow, but so far his rehab starts have been clean in that regard.

In five days, the Cubs open a series in Pittsburgh, so, if Garza is going to return, you’d think it would be during that series.

  • Kyle

    Yes. He’s ready. Put him in.

  • Die hard

    Better to open on road than at home

  • mudge


  • Mr. P

    Yeah, I think he is ready as long as he feels good tomorrow. There are no boxes left to check other than that.

  • The Dude

    Good job, Garzie!

  • demz

    Garza in, Valbuena to the pen

    DFA camp. we are rolling now!

  • demz

    erm.. villanueva*

    • Honey nut Sorianos

      Maybe Valbuena would be good out of the pen. Did anyone else see Alberto Gonzales pitch for the Yankees last night? Freaking hilarious! He got out of the inning without giving anything up.

    • FFP

      I’ve been here. (At least they both don’t have Scott for a first name.)

  • Die hard

    Perfect timing— his first start back may be other team? Price and Petite on DL

    • Dynastyin2017

      Do you think Tampa would want him back, especially at his price? What would we get from the Yankees? Don’t see a fit….but how about Garza and DeJesus to KC for a huge haul….?

      • Die hard

        Yankees need him as been smoke and mirrors so far keeping them in 1st place

      • X The Cubs Fan

        I think he meant Garza would be the best pitcher on the market.

      • praying the cubs get ready to win

        What were u thinking?

  • Dynastyin2017

    Why not bring him up and have Villanueva ready to piggyback if it doesn’t go well? That way you don’t risk killing the whole bullpen.

    • mudge

      that would make too much sense.

  • Dustin S

    Followed the tweets and the gameday view to keep an eye on the game with it being an off-day, and it seemed like Garza was very ready. My guess is they activate him before Tuesday’s game and make the roster move then since that would be Villanueva’s next start.

    On another Iowa topic, it’s early but it will be an interesting decision this offseason on Jackson if his performance stays as-is through 2013. Even with the new swing he’s still in the .230s and still way too many Ks. Do they give him yet another season in 2014 at Iowa? I think if stats stay about as they are both Jae-Hoon Ha and Matt Szczur would deserve promotion from Tennessee and would push him. If I were a gambling man I’d bet Jackson is a throw-in on one of the pre-deadline trades.

  • another JP

    If the effective Garza of 2011 is back it will mean an interesting couple of months before the trade deadline. I’m guessing the Cubs would be in the drivers seat by being able to wait for an offer that makes sense or make a QO if they think he’ll be healthy going forward. Don’t know if he’d accept a EJax type contract, but it might make sense to hold onto him if we don’t take a pitcher on 6/6 or aren’t blown away with a trade offer. A rotation of Garza, Shark, EJax, Appel, and Wood would look mighty fine over the next 4 years.

  • demz

    i was so confused during spring training

    two villanuevas.. man.

    that was rough.

  • ETS

    Just got back from watching garza. He was hitting 96 at times. Consistently 93-95 on the fastball. Smooth. The breaking stuff was nasty. He really only “labored” in the second when he gave up 2 singles but ultimately induced a double play.

    moral of the story: extend him or at least offer a qualifying offer.

    • Die hard

      Hope Yankee scouts on stands

    • Pat

      Did he have to make any throws to first?

  • Rudy

    I was at the game as well. Garza looked very good! We were treated to a great pitchers duel as Clayton Richard pitched well for Tucson too! Raley piggybacked and was decent to finish out the final 3 innings. Did get a little dicey in the 9th though. Jackson looked awful on a couple of his strikeouts. Vitters made a really nice diving stab and threw to 1st for the out. There was a lot of scouts there but I couldn’t tell for which teams.

    • miggy80

      Was also at the game, what a beautiful night. The single that Garza gave up off the wall was almost a homer. Bogusevic played it well of the wall and that single Bogusevic had was absolutely ripped! The hit by pitch (Anna-Tucson), he totally leaned into that pitch. Anna also struck out 3 times tonight so I guess he had to find a way to get on. All in All Garza looked great and ready for MLB action.

      BTW, Logan Watkins was hit in the left wrist/hand area. He played the rest of the game, hope he is alright.

  • 5412


    Not sure Jackson has little trade value. Much like Marmol, his problems are well known.


  • Cubes


    Bo Jackson ate my sandwich. much like wing bats with no eyes.


  • praying the cubs get ready to win

    I think the Cubs should try to package a few players to a possible contender, can be 2 sp and Soriano for Balt Bundy and Glaussen, then in the draft they don’t have to go for a SP or they can and finally we will have the minor league we wanted. Trade Barney though his glove is good and say Dejesus and Sheirholdz and your young players would be the best in baseball.

    • waittilthisyear

      it was difficult for me to resist a sarcastic reply involving absurd trade scenarios

    • cjdubbya

      That’d be a great deal…except that Baltimore’s already said that Bundy and Gausman are both untouchable. Sorry dude.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        Pah! That is what they kept saying about Brian Roberts……

  • arta


  • sven-erik312

    Keep Garza

    • Die hard

      Keep Garza but throw away the ( insert )— best line in Godfather

      • bbmoney

        But you didn’t even get it right.

        It’s, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli”.

  • David

    Not sure if he’s mentally ready

    • Oswego Chris

      Ahhh…nice David…are u referring to the fact that Garza’s brother Reggie is advising him to sit out the entire year?…and Adidas, and BJ Armstrong…I heard Garza said he won’t come back until he can dunk off both legs….

      Why am I up? I am getting as old and cranky as that silly puppet

      • Jp3

        Wait are we talking Chicago basketball or baseball? This sounds like a Derek Rose story. Talk about a head case…

  • Idaho Razorback

    One or two more starts in the minors for Garza. I want him for sure to be able to throw 100 pitches in his season debut for the Cubs.

    • arta

      Dale won’t let that happen.

  • Anonnifan

    Anyone else notice that the Cubs jumped up six places in the SI power rankings this week? Sure it was from 25th, to 19th, but still. They claim to be using a formula which takes into account run differential, overall record, record in the past week, and to a lesser extent strength of schedule (which probably explains it considering they took 2 of three from the 1 and 2 ranked teams.) I was cautiously optimistic at the start of the season for this team, then they dashed my fantasies by playing bad baseball for a month. Now they are getting my hopes up again. I’m so freakin gullible when it comes to this team. Rooting for the Cubs is starting to feel like being married to Ike Turner.

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