About halfway through today’s game, I fell swiftly and badly ill. I don’t mean figuratively. It actually happened.

It was appropriate, though, because that’s when Edwin Jackson – who’d otherwise had a very nice day – let this one get away. The Cubs’ bats did pretty much what you’d expect them to do against Matt Harvey (maybe more), who is just crazy good. Shrug.

may 17 box

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  • corey costello

    I don’t really understand sending barney in the 8th.

    • The Dude Abides

      Barney wanted to play patty-cake with the catcher that’s why he stopped and waited to be tagged.

    • BN”Legs”

      Yeah, I was there today and our 3rd base coach blew it for us. You don’t send the runner on a sharply hit ball to right with only 1 out. Should have been 1st and 3rd with 1 out and Castro & Rizzo coming up. Just terrible.

      On the other hand, Jackson shouldn’t have given up that hit to Harvey that drove in the winning run in the first place. As a side note, Harvey’s stuff is filthy nasty!!!

      • Anonnifan

        Gotta throw strikes to pitchers, and if a ball is in the zone and you swing it might hit the bat. Can’t blame Jackson for that one.

    • Hansman1982

      The way it sounded is that Barney was only out because of a near perfect throw.

      • BN”Legs”

        Ummm. No. He was out by 20ft. The hit to right was sharply hit and Byrd was charging the ball. It was a TERRIBLE decision to send him. Especially late in the game with only 1 out. Not excuse for it.

        • cubbiesOHcubbies

          Yeah, your right. Besides, it’s not like the Cubs have shown an inability to score a guy from third with less than two outs. When you can’t get a cluch hit to save your life, sometimes you just have to be aggressive. Get over it. This team stinks. The sooner you accept this to be fact, the better you will feel.

  • ruby2626

    By my calculation we now have 11 walks in our last 8 games, absolutely pathetic. Hard to win a 3 to 2 game with this stat. We must have power like the ’27 Yankees or something, we’re too good to take a walk. All this talk of the new Cub way is a lot of crap if you ask me. When does Sveum become accountable for this?

    • Drew7

      Once someone proves that a batting-eye can be coached.

  • João Lucas

    Well, I’d say that was the least unnerving loss of the season.

  • Blank

    The Cubs did Cubes things?

  • Kyle

    That was the most anger-inducing game they’ve played to date.

    1) Welington Castillo hits one 380 feet, gets nothing. Right around that same time, Murphy hits one 15 feet shorter for the Mets and gets it into the basket. I hate baseball.

    2) I didn’t care for sac bunting with Borbon there (at the very least, hit and run. Borbon is a high-contact hitter).

    3) I had serious flashbacks to Wendell Kim on the Barney send. As soon as the ball was hit, I thought “well, they’ll have to hold him at third but that’s still good.” And as soon as I realized he was being sent, I knew he’d be out by 20 feet. How does a professional third-base coach make that mistake? (With two outs, it would have been a different story, but with one and Castro coming up? Utterly unacceptable).

    4) Quit freaking smiling about how your buddy made a play that is probably going to cost your team the game, David DeJesus.

    5) Almost got Rizzo and/or Castillo hurt because we failed at fundamentals.

    6) Another one run loss, meaning we are amazingly -8 on run differential and 7 games under .500. We’ve got a positive run differential and a .409 win percentage at Wrigley. Because Cubs.

    • Honey nut Sorianos

      Actually Bell has done a pretty good job this season… But I was shocked that he sent Barney in that situation. Too many mistakes against a quality pitcher. A game we could have won.

    • Kyle N

      7). Rick Ankiel, who was let go by the Astros (yes.. . the same team that will battle the Marlins to see who can best impersonate a AAA-team) doubles and scores the winning run on a hit by the freaking pitcher. Poor Edwin Jackson can’t buy a break at all. Yes, I also sometimes hate baseball, because. . . It’s the Cubs.

    • No Longer JR

      I have been puzzled by Sveum’s sacrifice bunting (by position players) all season and today again. I couldn’t believe he was giving away an out in that situation.

    • Anonnifan

      Hey Whoa man! There is no need to invoke the ghost of the 3rd base coach who shall not be named! We don’t need that kinda shit man, this team has enough to deal with already. Dick move Kyle, dick move.

  • Mike Quade

    Didn’t watch the game but looking at the box score I have to ask, why was Jackssie pitching in the 7th?

    • BN”Legs”

      Jackson was really Crusing. Only had like 70 pitches going into the 7th and was pitching pretty well. Got hit good in the 7th though. First out was a bullet right to the outfielder. Russell
      Was warming up in the bullpen but with only 70+ pitches, I don’t blame Sveum for leaving him in there.

    • Mike Quade

      Thanks, Legs. Sounds like a sound decision.

  • EB

    Why didn’t Barney run Buck over? Lol I thought he had more bellyfire than that!

    • pete

      Where is his TWTW?

  • WilliamGlass

    When did we bring back waving Wendell Kim?

    • Anonnifan

      Come on guys! Seriously this has to stop! You can’t just throw that name around! Its got bad juju!

  • Andrewmoore4isu

    Nice double play turn in the fourth by Barney and Castro. Castro thought it was nice too so he gave Barney a nice sac tap. Video is ok cubs.com. I chuckled a bit

    • corey costello

      LOL, I just watched that, I wonder when that became a thing. Hitting your teammate in his junk.

  • TWC

    Jeez… for the first time all season we perform at an amazing .667 clip with runners in scoring position and y’all still bitch about the game. Amazing.

    • DarthHater


      • DarthHater



  • Die hard

    Not one walk!!!! Yet he threw 28 balls out of 106 pitched— they didn’t make him work and didn’t force him into more stretch pitches as I diagrammed yesterday how to beat him

    • http://www.hookersorcake.com hookersorcake

      You’re kidding right? More than 3/4 of his pitches were strikes… a good pitcher throws 65% or 2/3rds.
      LET ME DO THE MATH FOR YOU! In order to get a walk IE. 4 BALLS the batter would see 12+ strikes and not swing at anything that wasn’t a strike.

      So you are kidding – I hope.

      • Anonnifan

        He is kidding.

        • MichiganGoat

          Actual that a great mystery question- you think and hopes Die hard is joking and I read it as satire, but die hard has never said he’s joking and appears to be dead serious.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    With the pitcher Harvey up and two outs and with the wind blowing in can someone explain why Soriano was playing him like he was the cleanup hitter ? Although some folks continue to think his defense has improved he still does not understand how to THINK his position. Had he been playing a shallow left field which the situation called for , two strikes on the opposing pitcher
    He easily would have thrown out what turned out to be the winning run.

    • Rebuilding

      I brought up the same point in the game thread. Soriano was playing a normal depth in LF with the go ahead run at 2nd, the pitcher up and no strikes. It makes no sense

      • Rebuilding

        *Two Strikes*

  • Mike

    The Mets and, especially Harvey, beat us and we definitely beat ourselves a little. Bad 3rd base coach call waving Barney around with one out and only one run behind. Would of like to have seen Jackson taken out at the end of the 6th. But, all in all, we have definitely had more embarrassing losses.

  • http://ehanauer.com clark addison

    Bell wasn’t a Cub when Byrd was, so he might be excused for not knowing about Byrd’s arm. But that’s still an inexcusable send. Would have been first and third, one out with Castro and Rizzo coming up.

    Shades of Wavin’ Wendell.

    • Anonnifan

      And again we hear that name? Does nobody get this? We have to erase the ghost of the past. Next thing you know you’ll be calling Sveum Double Switch Dusty! Oh Shit! Now I did it!

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Anybody have stats on Castro this year with runner on third and less than two outs getting that runner in ?

  • DarthHater
    • DarthHater

      oops. Link in reply to Lou Brock

  • OCCubFan

    4 observations:
    (1) Schierholtz should have caught Ankiel’s double. Did he lose it in the sun?
    (2) Harvey’s game-winning single was one of those things. Jackson induced a ground ball. If it had been a few feet to the right or left, it would have been a routine out. Blame the BABIP randomness gods.
    (3) Soriano should have been playing shallower with Harvey up. Also, his throw was terrible in that it was neither a direct strike (like Byrd’s throw), nor did he hit the cutoff man. As a result, Castillo had an inbetween hop that was difficult to handle. Finally, the runner crossing the line of the ball made it harder yet for Castillo.
    (4) Did Byrd demonstrate an arm like that when he was with the Cubs?

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    Heads up Brett, the description of this post say that “the Cubs did Cubes things.” I’m not sure if you are trying to be oddly modern artsy, but I have a feeling you aren’t.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Cubes is a joke about the Cubs doing stupid things.

  • David

    The recent streak of minimal walks us why we can’t build our offense around power/ homers. Hence we need to draft Appel or Grey over Bryant.

    • Hansman1982

      This makes negative sense.

      • Tim

        It was really hard not to laugh when I read this…

  • Dustin S

    It seems like the Cubs have had more players already thrown out at 3rd and home this season than in most full seasons. I know David Bell is aggressive at sending guys and generally that is a good thing, but quite a few of the times they’ve been thrown out have been by 10-15+ feet. It can’t be a good send when they’re thrown out that badly and he’s just hoping for a bad throw.

  • jt

    from Kyle’s post above:
    “5) Almost got Rizzo and/or Castillo hurt because we failed at fundamentals.”
    Cubs have been in a rebuild. Some of that has been to relearn some of these fundamentals.
    Valbuena assumed a walk to Navarro the other night and didn’t slide on a steal attempt. They have to realize that they can not do that stuff and win. To the point of the above play I’d give a pass. That is the glaring misdeed at which to point. Until right about now they didn’t know they were good enough to win. Recently they proved that they are good enough to win and I believe that they believe that they are good enough to win. The Valbuena play would be the last pass I’d give.
    If they want to win like the O’s then they are going to have to play like the O’s.

  • ssckelley

    I am just seeing the replays on that throw by Byrd, it was not as bad as I thought. Byrd made one hell of a play on that ball, had his feet in perfect position, and threw a laser to throw out Barney. Most outfielders cannot field a ball without taking at least 1 step and doing a little hop before throwing it, Byrd was already making that step when he fielded it.

    I have to tip my hat on that one.

    • Hansman1982

      The way Pat made it sound is that it took a perfect throw to get Barney on that play.

      • ssckelley

        Everything was perfect on it, if you get a chance watch the replay on it. The position he had his feet in when he fielded that ball made all the difference. Most other outfielders would have just made that play close on a perfect throw but because how quickly he was able to release that ball AND had a perfect throw is what made Bell/Barney look bad.

        • Hansman1982

          If it takes an “80” throw to get the runner, send them every time. He’ll, if it’d take a “70” throw you send him.

      • Kyle

        Byrd made a heck of a throw, but Barney was out by 20-30 feet. A much lesser throw still would have gotten him. It was a really, really bad send with one out and Castro coming up.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Results say Castro has succeeded one out of four times this year getting the run in from third with less than two outs. I support the decision by Bell to send Barney and although the ball was hit hard I watched the replay and Byrd picked it up on the fourth bounce. He made an exceptionally great play by charging hard while picking up the ball and throwing on the fly a strike to the catcher. Give him his props on that play for sure.

    • Anonnifan

      Thats just bad luck. Castro is a good contact hitter, and the game situation called for a hold. Gotta give the young chap a chance to turn that stat around.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    By the way Baez with three more errors at SS tonite at Daytona. Soler has three hits. Baez now has seventeen E’s for the year. All 3 tonite were fielding, not throws.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Still not much of a concern. Errors for shortstops at his age at his level aren’t too surprising.

      • Kyle

        It’s a little bit of a concern. It’s normal for a young SS to make a ton of errors, but it’s also normal for a young SS to not make it in the big leagues as a SS. It’d be better if Baez were actually on pace to buck that trend, though the raw tools are very much there.

        But his bat is the real problem. If he fixes the bat, the defense won’t stop him from being a big-leaguer.

        • Jason P

          Yeah, his bat would profile fine at third if he can improve his approach. And he’d be a pretty high quality fielding third basemen.

  • roncrayne

    Saw Kane County tonight in CR. Maples looked good, but seemed to kind of run out of gas. He gave up 2 R, 1 earned in 5 I believe. I asked pitching coach Ron Villone if that had a pitch count on and he said yes, but he was not allowed to share it. Lendy Castillo came in and pitched pretty decent, 4IP I believe. Just not enough offense and lost 4-3 in 12 innings. The CR Kernels line up looked pretty solid; good things are in store for the Twins in a few.

    • TakingWrigleyToSaoPaulo

      Anyone know the velocity on Maples’ fastball?

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        I, too, would love to know.

      • roncrayne

        He started in the 90’s, around 92 if I recall correctly. He was throwing 88 toward the end. He looked a little tired, but not like he was struggling.

    • Kramden

      Time to send Soler to Tennessee…..

      Great games by Jackson & Vitters last nite. Maybe these two are finally coming around, getting it and could surprise the rest of us after all?

      • Kyle

        Best night for the farm system all year. Lots of big nights from actual prospects.

        Soler to Tennessee is coming, I’d guess, at the All-Star break. That’s usually a good time to promote a guy. He’s just doing everything you’d want out of a prospect right now. .902 OPS is 7th in the FSL, and only one of the guys ahead of him is the same age or younger (Sano, who is insanely putting up a 1.134 OPS at a year younger than Soler. There’s your No. 1 prospect in all of baseball, folks).

        After the draft, we can have some fun debates/discussion over whether Soler or the draft pick is the No. 1 prospect in the system. Soler is just doing everything you want from a top prospect right now. He’s making consistent contact, drawing walks, hitting for power, showing his defense and athleticism on the field and not just in scouting reports.

        Maples had a solid night again. All he needs to do this year is put up a nice K/BB ratio and get in some innings without getting hurt, and he’s doing that.

        Baez went 3-for-9 with a 3b, BB and K. He’s down to 27.9% K and up to 3.9% BB, which represents some improvement despite both numbers being pretty horrible.

        Brett Jackson had a good night, and speaking improving but still horrible, his K rate is 26.4% this year.

        I’m starting to have a tiny bit of hope for Szczur. I don’t think he’ll ever be above-average in the big leagues, but he might have a shot to be a Darwin Barney type in the OF, where you can live with him being a cheap OFer if you don’t have anyone better.

  • http://www.cubsforum.blogspot.com Pete H.

    The Cubs find a way again to lose a tight 1-run game. Harvey was actually beatable if the Cubs managed to get Rizzo to the plate in the 8th inning and not have Barney thrown out so easily. Tough game to watch and accept as a Cubs’ fan.

  • @cubsfantroy

    I’m honestly not shocked the Cubs lost to the Mets with Harvey on the mound. Dude is nasty with all his pitches. And really, he has beaten better teams than the Cubs. I’m shocked they got 2 runs out of him in the first.