proposed jumbotron and signIf you’ve ever bought Cubs tickets or signed up on or, you probably received yesterday a survey about the proposed video board in left field at Wrigley Field. I just completed mine.

It looks like the Cubs want to have a good sense of what fans are looking for in a JumboTron before they actually implement one. Kudos to the Cubs on that.

Among the video board questions the Cubs ask: should it be exclusively about the game going on there? Promote fan engagement and participation? Other MLB scores? Other Chicago sports scores?

Does content unrelated to the game detract from the game experience? Do replays, stats, etc. from the current game enhance the game experience?

The survey does a good job of cutting, quite quickly, to the meat of the video board issues that fans debate (at least with respect to the in-game experience). Is it going to make things worse? Is it going to be annoying? Is it going to be helpful? Is it going to be fun. Am I still going to feel like I’m at Wrigley Field, which is a special, different place? It doesn’t ask these questions directly, but this is the information the Cubs are clearly looking to gather. If you have five minutes and care about the Wrigley experience, I’d encourage you to respond to the survey if you received it.

The survey also asks folks to rank the kinds of things they want to see on the video board, which will give you the opportunity to shred any kind of “Fan Cam”/”Kiss Cam” stuff, if you are so inclined. For me, that kind of stuff just doesn’t feel very “Wrigley.” Replays? Stats? MLB updates? Cubs player videos? That’s all cool with me.

The Cubs also ask about a long list of potential uses for the scoreboard, the best of which, in addition to the obvious stats and replays, are past game highlights, dugout shots, and minor league updates.

The survey digs into fans’ smartphone usage, presumably to gather data on how the video board might do a good job of supplant folks’ need to look down every five seconds, and then concludes by asking a little more about you as a fan.

It was short and solid. Hopefully they take the responses to heart, and hopefully folks respond thoughtfully.

  • NextYear

    Anybody have a link to the survey?

    • cjdubbya

      I got one in my email. Hit me up on Twitter (@cjdubbya) and I’ll be happy to forward it to you.

  • Die hard

    Reruns of Sopranos to take mind off poor play with special glasses so under 16 kids can’t watch

  • bobo justis

    Here is what the Jumbotron is. It makes money for the team by allowing the Cubs to sell your attention to advertisers. It can also be shown to viewers at home. The Jumbotron isn’t for you.

    As a fan attending a game, what does the Jumbotron do for you? It shows you replays, so you can act the fool in public just like you do at home. It allows you to eat and drink and watch the game on TV, even though you are actually AT THE GAME. What’s next? Replace the seats with toilets so you can take a dump while you eat and drink and watch the game on TV even though the game is happening right in front of you?

    By making the ballpark experience just like watching at home except for the fact that it’s less comfortable and more expensive, does that make me want to go there more, or less? Will it eventually dawn on me that I can ignore the commercial messages at home while being more comfortable, and at the same time spending no money instead of $100.

    If the Cubs need a Jumbotron for more revenue, great. Let it be so. As long as they have you for a fan, they don’t need people who want to just sit in their seats and watch the actual game.

    The Jumbotron isn’t for you. It’s there to turn you into a product that they can sell to advertisers. If you believe that the resulting revenue will result in a World Series – and you want to be a part of that for a year – I encourage you to sit in the upper deck behind first base so you will have a good view. Just take a look at the field every now and again so you’re sure there is a real game going on.

    The survey isn’t for you, either. It’s just a way for them to gauge how much sensory abuse you can bear. It’s all calculated, and if they are so calculating on the baseball side, I’ll be grateful.

    • Die hard

      Wow– couldn’t have said it better myself!! Even if you violated the 100 word rule

    • Brett

      Setting aside the fact that but-of-course it’s about revenue for the Cubs (which is a good thing), I like replays and in-game stats. It can be an absolute bear to get them on my phone at Wrigley, and sometimes you really want to know some things that a video board would easily be able to convey.

      I have found that when I’m at other ballparks, somehow – miraculously – I’m able to enjoy the benefits of a JumboTron and still watch the game. I don’t know how I’ve pulled it off, but I have. I must have mad concentration skills.

      • Whiteflag

        ^this. There is no reason adding a JumbTron can’t add to the in game experience. Sometimes while WATCHING the game its beneficial to have replays and stats. Not sure how wanting more stats and the ability to see a replay makes you a bad fan. Granted there will be those who aren’t paying attention to the game much, but that happens now.

    • Kramden

      Well done, indeed!

      You’re all being exploited, manipulated and sold…. and most of you don’t even know it or are too thick to even consider it.

      • Brett

        I find it even more incredible that *you* don’t even know, or are too think to consider, that most of us totally and completely understand what this JumboTron is about. And we’re fine with it – indeed, most of us are happy to see the Cubs get that revenue.

        And, in the interim, we’d like to see some replays, stats, highlights, etc.

        Is that really so hard to wrap your head around without throwing out insults?

        • MichiganGoat

          Wait the Cubs are making money off the Jumbotron and it will help them get a lucrative TV contract? WHAT! I thought it was all about kiss cams and funny animations- well then I am now anti-Jumbotron if it makes money for the team that will increase payrolls I’m not supporting it anymore. I will not be suckered into something that will give the Cubs money. MOAR

          • Timmy

            It doesn’t matter if the Cubs get more money from the jumbotron, the Ricketts wil just put the money into another failed Bison hot dog stand and pocket the rest for racist campaigns against the president.

        • Kramden

          Wrigley Field isn’t about Jumbotrons & replays…. Other stadiums are.

          • Edwin

            That’s probably why people like other stadiums so much more than Wrigley.

          • Die hard

            Yet… Fans may learn to love it… That’s why called fans– short for fanatics

  • Die hard

    FYI– the only people who will have input into what will be on Jumbotron are the ad sales people of the advertisers such as Coke, Ford, Allstate et al… Ricketts blowing smoke with survey– but who cares, right? Especially since City will tax every ad dollar

  • chrisfchi

    I play fantasy baseball on and bought numerous tickets from didn’t get a survey. Apparently someone that goes to 10+ home games a year don’t count

    • Brett

      That’s weird – maybe you declined to allow them to send you emails.

    • hawkcub

      You may have done like I did and trash all the stuff you get from the Cubs.

  • steve springer

    I think they should have an exploding scoreboard, fireworks every time a home run is hit and after victories. That would be awesome, why should the Cubs be the only team in baseball without fireworks?

  • Timmy

    Hate the idea. I’m sure Darth thinks it’s great.

  • Mark

    Since Wrigley is in a residential neighborhood, I don’t think fireworks are gonna fly.

  • hawkcub

    Even if this is for show I am in the drawing for that sweet Darwin Barney autographed baseball. LOL

  • JoeyCollins

    Living up north I see all the twins coverage and they do a lot of cool things with target field on off days. Just saw a commercial for a sandlot screening on the video board. I think this would be awesome for the community, give the city kids a drive in movie type experience

  • @cubsfantroy

    I really love the people who are against something that will make the Cubs better in the long run, but continue to bitch about how they aren’t spending money on the on field product.


    • MichiganGoat

      But but but more $$$ more problems.

  • Saving Grace

    Fenway park uses there jumbo pretty well.
    I honestly never really think about it,but enjoy the information,replays,highlights,montages,stats and quizzes.
    They also use it for celebrations before games of other teams in the city that have won a championship withabeforegame tributewith the teamsplayers walking out , tributes to things like heros of the marathon bombing,former players,etc.
    Wouldn’t it of been nice forSandberg,Williams,Banks,Jenkins or Santo recently.
    The Bulls titles,THe Bears titles.The HAwks cup win.
    The wrigley field celebration
    Enhancing a concerts experience.
    The Fenway screens blend I nicely,that’s the real key
    They very much enhance a game when used properly
    Charity events.The sox use to promote their charity the jimmy fund.

  • Saving Grace

    The sox also have family events in the park.
    Picnics,movies,charity events,the winter classic
    The jumbo is huge to all these events
    During the World Series,if we made it,like some teams they could open the park and show the game on it for fans
    There’s a lot that can be done outside of baseball too
    I’m sure Theo is thinking how the Redsox use there’s
    Remember Fenway is older,and already went thru all this
    The refurbishing,jumbos,added seats,amenities,advertising,concerts,events
    And the Sox stayed traditional,kept it classy for the most part and Fenway is a huge destination here
    It’s still very much that great feeling walking into a classic historical park
    Like yawkey way being closed for games,the surrounding bars restaurants and atmosphere
    Chicago got lucky Theo did all this before
    Fenway s an incredible baseball expierence

  • Kevin

    Will the extra lights added to the jumbotron provide enough light in right field where players have complained about lack of light in the power alleys?