It didn’t feel like the Cubs were going to lose this one. From the moment Travis Wood hit a two-run BOMB out on to Waveland, it just seemed like he was going to keep cruising, and the Cubs were going to win. Unfortunately they didn’t.

Wood still got the quality start, but the Mets got him for a run in the sixth and two in the seventh. He departed only to watch Kyuji Fujikawa – whose stuff has looked very good since his return from the DL – give up a game-winning homer in the 8th. Series loss.

As for me, I can’t help but feel a little SI cover jinx-y …

may 19 box

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  • Mike

    3rd or 4th time this season the Cubs fail in what would have been a key W in terms of momentum going forward. Just another thing to add to the massive frustration of 2013 so far.

  • Kyle

    Travis Wood was mediocre-ing all over the place, he just got away with it until the end. He had little command and his stuff wasn’t particularly sharp.

    • Brett

      Eh. He was pretty sharp early.

      • Kyle

        Sure didn’t look like that to me. There were solidly hit balls going all over the place, but mostly into Cubs’ gloves.

        • Brett

          Looked like he was hitting his spots in the first through third, save for one low cutter that most guys couldn’t hit hard anyway.

      • Jason P

        Yeah I agree with Kyle. He didn’t seem to have his usual control.

        • Alex

          I don’t think he had his usual stuff from this season but coming out of the gate it still appeared he’d get it done today, defiently loosing control throughout the game but honestly he pitched solid today, especially early on.

    • Rcleven

      Looked pretty good to me. The man had a 59 pitch count thru five. Must have been fooling somebody. Sveum never should have let him come out for the seventh. 24 pitch sixth should have been a Clue. Wood was at 83/84 pitch count going into the seventh and trouble seems to hit him in that range.

      • Kyle

        Even Deshais on the Cubs broadcast was commenting on how Wood was having trouble locating most of the game and was getting away with it.

        The only reason the first inning wasn’t worse than the seventh was because the 390-foot fly ball got hit to center in the first and left in the seventh.

        • Kyle

          Oops, I meant second inning in the above post.

          The odds of me getting this image link to work are slim, but here’s the pitch FX plot for Wood’s first five innings today:


          Notice how there’s a cluster of pitches in the middle of the strike zone? Most of them are fouls or “in play, out”s, but that’s not going to happen most of the time against MLB hitters. There are far more pitches toward the middle of the zone and down the middle of the plate than there are toward the corners but in the zone. He’s also going well outside the strike zone consistently when he tries to go either low and away, or up and in.

          Here’s the same chart for Feldman on Saturday, and I think the difference is pretty apparent:


          There’s almost an invisible hole in the middle of the strike zone, with all the pitches being pushed out away from it toward the edges. He would have liked to have gotten his inside pitches just a tiny bit more inside, but otherwise he was working the periphery and especially the corners of the strike zone much more effectively.

          And I think statistical analysis will bear that out as well. Through five innings, Wood had struck out two batters and walked one, with one wild pitch. In those innings, the Mets went 0-for-5 with 5 balls in play with runners on base. That’s not a pitcher who is pitching well. That’s a pitcher who is getting lucky.

          • SenorGato

            Nicely done.

          • Eternal Pessimist

            And it looks like Feldman hit the mascot 7-8 times…so there’s that…

        • Rcleven

          All I could go by was what the camera showed. Ya he seemed to be pitching high where he got himself in trouble last year. Yet he still only gave up three to a major league team. If there was a let down it pretty much came from the offense. I will happily take a starter that just gave me a quality start and gives the team a chance to stay in the ball game and chance to win even if he wasn’t on his best game.

  • William

    How do you lose two out of three to the garbage Mets? We better sweep the Pirates!

  • William

    Now that I am calm again. What a sweet swing that was by Travis Wood! I love the way he hopped. Oh and great game by Sweeney. A homerun and a double (should have been a triple). We need to stop leaving key runs on base. Not that there is any excuse to blow a three run lead. Let’s whoop the Pirates!

  • 70’scub

    Easy to lose close games when you have no bench in terms of pitching, defense and hitting. #1 reason is no depth which goes back to the farm system depth. This is why I would like the FO to sell this year, draft well and sign all picks. Get in position to get a protected pick for next like a top 5. Sign smart buys in the off season sell again next year. Get another top draft pick. At that point the Cub has a competitive baseball organization at all levels! This really is a beast our division rivals have really good player development systems stocked well.

  • Die hard

    Sveum needs to sit Castro for a series and to start batting Barney 9 th

  • SirCub

    Next enhancement should be about how many consecutive games he’s gone without hitting 5 home runs.

  • Chuckles

    tough pill to swallow to lose a home series to the shitastic Mets after putting together a decent couple of weeks

  • Smitty

    Brett, i’m glad you took the high road today and admitted that it was your fault that Rizzo struck out 3 times. I was watching the game and mentioned to my wife that RizzOMG hadn’t struck out in 40+ AB’s, as you explained to us the other day, and low and behold he strikes out.

    Wait… maybe it was my fault for mentioning it to her, not yours for mentioning it to the masses!

  • chrisfchi

    At least marmol struck out 2……

  • Alex

    To be honest I don’t know if it’s a good or bad thing when marmol strikes out a few. I think his trade values officially gone and the last thing I’d want is for the FO to regain a little faith and give him a little leeway.

  • ruby2626

    What are we now, up to 14 walks in the last 10 games, amazing.

  • Zogie

    The cubs just could not muscle up enough offense today. 1-10 with RISP just killed any rally the cubs could create. Travis Wood tried to do everything today and supplied most of the offense. It is rather sad to see a pitcher doing everything and the offense struggling. Wood pitched a solid 7 innings and he would love to take one pitch back that allowed the mets tie the game. Some other cubs to note were Ryan Sweeney, DeJesus, and Castillo. These three had 2 hits apiece and Sweeney had a long solo shot for his first homer with the cubs. Rizzo had a tough day with 3ks.Barney struck out twice in three trips and Valbuena struck out 2 times in 4 trips. Valbuena had some tough long ABs, but again nothing to show for it. The bullpen wasn’t terrible. Fujikawa gave up one solo shot to give the Mets the lead and Marmol struck out two in the 9th. My shout out goes to Travis Wood. He did everything to win today, but came up a little short.

  • 5412


    I was at Wrigely today and this was a typical loss from the perspective of Cub fans. We had three innings where the leadoff man got to 2B with no outs and none of them scored.

    We walk their pitcher to lead off an inning and the #1 hitter just beats the throw on a DP and ends up scoring. Them walks will kill ya!

    Make no mistake about the play at 3B when Sweeney got thrown out. I will not debate the wisdom of going to third, nor the umpire’s call; however there seems to be one thing a lot of people missed. The RF overthrew the cutoff man. The 2B was on the outfiled grass waving his arms. The shortstop backed up the play, took the throw on a hop and threw our guy out at 3B because of a lousy slide.

    I think 3 of their 4 runs came on 2 out hits; something we could not do today.

    Point is this is just a lot of luck, Cubs luck which never seems to work in our favor.

    I am beginning to have my doubts about Barney. If we had one more legitimate bat in our lineup I honestly think our record woudl be a lot better. They just got strikeouts today exactly when they needed them.


    PS: Check the message board. I saw a couple wierd plays today I have never seen before.

  • SenorGato
  • Rcleven

    Just yanking your chain.

  • Sam

    Brett, I was there and you are right it felt like a Cub win all day.
    But every Rizzo K, I thought yep Brett jinxed him! Great day for baseball though, and
    all in all a well played game.

  • Sam

    I did think one of the keys to the outcome was the Cubs not scoring in the 1st. Gee had been struggling of late, and a few runs in the first after an opening double would have continued to shake Gee’s confidence and most probably led to more.
    He got a swagger to him as the day went as we didn’t capitalize when we should have.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    Seems like most of the Cubs major league players are rentals this year. They don’t help build to the future unless they sign cheaper than their value into the future or are traded for solid prospects. Sure it would be nice to have a year like the Cardinals where they came out of nowhere and won the world series, but that is extremely unlikely. I would be more than happy to stock up on 1 run losses with our team “outplaying” the opponent, (not sure they did that today), bringing up trade value and getting prospects, including another high first rounder, that will propel us into sustained success in the future.