Reminder: Off-Day Q&A Happening Today on Facebook and Twitter (1pm CT)

cat question classA reminder for those of you who’ve got questions just burning up your insides: today, I’ll be doing a Q&A/chat on each of Facebook and Twitter, starting at 1pm CT. A lot of folks ask me a variety of questions on those platforms already, so I figure, why not consolidate and make it an event?

Feel free to ask Cubs stuff, roster stuff, rules stuff, trade stuff, rumor stuff, personal stuff, blogging stuff, whatever. I can’t promise I’ll answer everything, but I can promise I won’t e-slap you for asking.

On Facebook, I’ll open up the Q&A at 1pm CT with a post on the wall, and on Twitter, you can just shoot the questions @BleacherNation (and use the #BNQA hash tag so others can follow along if they want, and can find it later if they miss the chat).

Join in today, and let’s see what happens. For those who can’t make it, the nice thing is that you’ll be able to check out each “chat” later today as your time allows.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

18 responses to “Reminder: Off-Day Q&A Happening Today on Facebook and Twitter (1pm CT)”

  1. TWC

    Question: Which bear is best?

    1. justinjabs

      Can’t you read?!?! The chat doesn’t start until 1pm.

    2. Jp3

      False! Black bear.

    3. Vulcan

      Bears. Beats. Battle Star Gallactica.

  2. Cubbie Blues

    Will the 2013 Chicago Cubs be able to contend in the 2013 playoffs?

  3. Idaho Razorback

    I have a question. When is the next podcast?

  4. Idaho Razorback

    Can’t wait! I live for the Bleacher Nation Podcast. And Natty Ice, of course.

  5. Internet Random

    I’m generally nonpartisan on the topic of cat pictures, but that one is awesome.

    1. Internet Random

      Also, this one: 0bcb99b9573a26e315d7d8e4125bcd60.jpg

      1. TWC

        My favorite cat pic EVAR.

      2. DarthHater


        1. Internet Random


  6. Idaho Razorback

    I just laughed so hard at the “Free Cat” picture and I have a beautiful all black cat that I truely love. Her name is Tid-Bit and she adopted my friend and I 4 years ago and has never left. I’m sick.

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