Jeff Samardzija was just about as good as a starter can be tonight (he loves him some Pirates), but Francisco Liriano was apparently better. If you judged by the Cubs’ at bats tonight against the lefty, he is in Cy Young form this year.

The epitaph for the evening will stand as the third inning, in which the Cubs loaded the bases with nobody out … and failed to score a run. The 9th inning included the obligatory tease (two on, one out).

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  • The Dude

    Stay the course. It’s tough but the most important victories this year won’t help get the Cubs out of the cellar.

    • Crazyhorse

      Stay the course has been a battle hymn of many lost battles.

      • The Dude

        And the battle cry of victorious war strategies.

  • 70’scub

    Time to move Castro out? Shoddy defense, no concept on getting on base, as a two hitter he can’t move runners up and does a great job preventing our guys from advancing on would be basic base steels when the count has less than two strikes. I for one don’t see this as a core player, not saying he sucks just that he is not the type the Cub can build around as a core. Maybe a good trade canidate with a contender that needs a SS and is willing to part with 4 top prospects (Tigers) (KC). He is not improving today that AB with the bases loaded was not competitve and he booted another ball in a one run game. He is like a golfer coming down the strech that does not know if he up or down strokes in a tight match. Very low TWTW

  • @cubsfantroy

    And who would you suggest play short and bat second? No matter who plays there and who is batting second, third, first, fourth, fifth, etc… people are going to complain and want to trade people.

    Castro is still learning, really, he has been in the big leagues learning on the fly when most people his age are in the minors learning the game. Is it another excuse for Castro and people that support Castro? Yes. It is a pretty valid excuse too. Gotta give him a few more years.

  • Crockett

    Does anyone else think that Rizzo’s stance has changed somewhat? Maybe it’s the more direct camera view in Pittsburgh, but he seems more open and his hands a bit farther from his body right now.

    • UkCub

      I thought this too, it seemed to co-inside with the end of his early season slump. At the start of the season he seemed to be arcing his back a lot more. I think his more recent collection of strike outs are more down to Brett jinxing him haha

  • Die hard

    Rizzo and Castro pressing to live up to huge contracts– Sveum has to talk to them and get them to relax- he also needs to put them in situations where can relax as like it or not they are the future– Sandberg would know what to do as he’s been there — Sveum hasnt

    • Die harder

      He should talk to them, but I don’t know how much good it will do, Sveum was terrible as a player too.

      Yeah, if someone is on base in front of them, he needs to pull them out of the game so they don’t fail. Don’t need them at the plate when they can’t relax.

      Everything would be fine if we just had Sandberg running the show. Hell, the Cubs would be undefeated. Fire Sveum now and go get Sandberg.

  • Mike

    Here I actually thought the Cubs had put some of the garbage behind them…then they lose 2 of 3 to a mediocre Mets team at home. Then 2 of 3 to the Pirates. All of these loses were winnable games.

  • KidCubbie

    Does anybody know the number of times the Cubs have had the bases loaded this year with less that 2 outs and failed to get a runner home? Just curious.

    • Die hard

      Too much- need kangaroo court

    • FFP

      Remembered the following when I clicked over to the AL game last night (Tigers-Indians); when I was a kid, before Sabermetrics; I’d scan the lineup for number of batters with a BA over .300. I’d think, more than three players over .300? that must be a fluke. Just three? that’s top notch. Only two? we’ve got a chance with good pitching and good luck. One? we suck.

      I had no ‘theory’ for none– none batters in our lineup over .300; but I think this has more of a causal relationship to stranding runners (one, two or three at a time) than, bad team strategy, poor player approach or the “boys need motivation”.