Edwin Jackson struck out a lot of Pirates, but that’s about all the positive you can say about his rain-abbreviated start. The Pirates did enough damage off of Jackson in the first two innings to secure a sweep of the Cubs, despite a great effort from the bullpen thereafter.

At least something near historic happened …

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  • ryan

    Kyle Hendricks with another dominating outing, 7 scoreless innings, 3 hits, 1 BB, 7 Ks, this kids starting to make some noise

  • Chase S.

    Hey, the good news is the Cubs are just unlucky. That, and the bullpen sucks ass (which we all knew already). Nonetheless, here’s an interesting bit on Fangraphs about how the Cubs are better than the record shows (not that it really makes a difference at this point).

    • Eric

      The good news is we will have an impact talent at #2, add another couple fringe top 100 guys at the trade deadline. And that alot of our Minor league guys are putting up some solid performaces. Soler, Almora, Hendricks, Johnson, Maples, Candelario and many others, Meaning we are starting to have a deep pool of tradeble assets other teams will covet.

      The wave of awesomeness is not too far away. Maybe 2 years at most.

  • cjdubbya

    Holy crap…Grilli already has 19 saves.

  • curt

    Is this version of Edwin Jackson a blip of is this start if a long four years.

  • Die hard

    With Soriano complaining about losing maybe he could help by expanding list of teams so can go play with a winner?