edwin jackson cubs press conferenceToday’s the day: the $300 BN Fantasy Contest is played tonight when the games start, and it should be a lot of fun once again. The live scoreboard opens up as soon as the games begin, so you can follow along as your team racks up points (or doesn’t) all night. It’s not too late to sign up and build your team (it only takes five minutes). Sign up here. Full details here.

  • The advanced stats still suggest that Edwin Jackson will be fine, but his poor start overall is becoming a concern. Dale Sveum suggests that there is something simply missing from the very beginning of Jackson’s starts. “He obviously wasn’t real sharp,” Sveum said, per Cubs.com. “He didn’t come out with a whole lot of velocity at the beginning either. McCutchen took advantage of a hanging slider and another fastball as well. There wasn’t a whole lot of life coming out of that arm today …. It seems to be just not coming out with a lot of conviction early in the game. Those are questions and answers, you wish you knew what happened in those situations and why the same guy doesn’t come out all the time.” I’m trying to figure out what “conviction” is coach-speak for (focus? intensity? bellyfire?), but I don’t want to put words in Sveum’s mouth. Inconsistency has always been a purported strike against Jackson throughout his career. Maybe it’s just a part of who he is as a player.
  • Dale Sveum says it’s time to start thinking about changing up the against-lefties lineup, which is an understandable response after the Cubs have struggled so mightily against lefties this year. Given the state of things, I don’t really have a strong opinion on this, so long as it doesn’t tank the value of any of the Cubs’ lefties. Everyone focuses on the weak half of the platoon (righty) while ignoring how successful the strong side (lefty) has been. Yes, some of the right-handed components of the platoon setup haven’t been working (Scott Hairston, and, until he was demoted, Dave Sappelt, most notably), but that doesn’t mean using the lefties against lefties would be any better. Consider this: against lefties this year, David DeJesus has a .377 OPS(!). Nate Schierholtz is at .354. Again: those are OPS figures. The platoon is working for them.
  • Cougars radio broadcaster Wayne Randazzo interviews outfield prospect Albert Almora, who finally has his season underway at A-ball. The two talk about expectations, Cubs fans, and health. Almora drops a bit of a bomb: his broken hamate bone was actually originally broken a year ago. It must have just displaced or something back in Spring Training, and that’s when it finally became too bad for him to play through. That means Almora played all of last year – and played fairly well – with a broken bone in his wrist. Thankfully it’s gone now. (Almora is pretty impressive to listen to, by the way – especially when you consider that he just turned 19.)
  • The Cell has one thing over Wrigley Field: a better beer selection. (Though I’m a sucker for Old Style, just because.)
  • More on the Cubs’ “Committed” campaign, from Vine Line.
  • Jay

    The person lacking conviction is Dale. Manages by remote control.

  • Jp3

    EDWIN JACKSON!!!! YOU HAVE NO BELLYFIRE!!!![img]http://stream1.gifsoup.com/view6/2402990/you-have-no-marbles-o.gif[/img]

  • ETS

    EJax’s advance stats are fine but that’s because we failed to measure TWTW.

  • Jeff

    I just watched the highlights of last nights game on MLB network. Every Pirate hit they showed was off of the same pitch. That weak ass slider that hangs over the middle of the plate.

    Note to Edwin Jackson: Stop throwing that pitch!!!!!!

  • Cubbie Blues

    My take on the conviction thing is more about being committed to the pitch when he throws it early in the game. Maybe it takes him a bit longer to get the feel of his pitches and he doesn’t know exactly where or they they are going to do. In feeling this way he doesn’t finish off the pitch and hangs it which leads to more doubt. If he has more conviction with his pitches then he would finish them and his stuff would shine through better.

    The above thought is not backed by any stats or inside knowledge. It is only there as a possible explanation to the work conviction without using the idiotic thought that some people have that you can want something more than another person therefor you will be better.

    • BluBlud

      I feel the same. This is what I meant when I say he lacks assurance. This can cause you to pitch worse if you are not 100% that the pitch you are throwing is the right pitch.

    • Cyranojoe

      Yeah, that’s the sense I got from the quote as well.

  • BluBlud

    In this case, I think he is saying Jackson lacks Assurance.

    Once again, I feel Dale should not be discussing this in public. I feel he throws his players under the bus sometimes. It’s obvious Jackson is struggling. But saying the guy has no conviction is a bit much. Dale seems to be the exact opposite of the FO. Theo and Jed are pretty tight lipped and Dale is pretty much a “social Butterfly”.

  • randy jones

    Although he is struggling he might be the least of the Cubs worries. Soriano doing zip, right field platoon doing zilch, catcher no power, Castro swings at everything, Barney no bat, 3b coming back to earth, bullpen is shitty. bench blows…The selloff is coming and other than Rizzo and a couple of pitchers, I dont care who goes including Castro… I think he is not a keeper even if he has been locked up for several years. Unless the plan is to see him in the 6 hole, I dont see it working. Castro is not going to ever be a good 1 or 2 hitter.

    • Chad

      I personally think Castillo is going to develop into a good one behind the plate. I think his power will come, we know he has it. He is hitting the ball hard and doing well this year. I’m with you on Castro. I truly believe that he is going to be with the cubs until they can develop someone behind him that can play better defense. The thing that everyone loves about him, his offensive ability, just isn’t there. He has terrible plate discipline and his approach is terrible, especially with runners on. When there’s nobody on he looks good, but he never hits for the situation. I have stated many times that I’d be fine with moving him, but I doubt it will happen for at least a few more years.

      • willis

        I think you either move him up to 1, or down to 5 or 6.

  • BT

    Old Style is for tourists. “Hey, I’m at Wrigley! I should have Old Style!”

    It’s like Crocodile Dundee. “You can drink it, but it tastes like crap.”

    • ETS

      BT says this as he sets down his PBR.

    • ssckelley

      Funny you make this comment as the only time I will drink or buy Old Style is if I am in Wrigley. I love beer but Old Style is not one of my favorites.

      • willis

        It’s awful.

        Then again I drink a lot of Busch Light. So who am I to say.

        • ssckelley

          Coors Light is normally my beer of choice, when I can find it I will drink Red Stripe. But for all the rest of the beers it is all about getting those first couple down, after that I can drink about any of them except Miller. But when I am in Wrigley drinking and Old Style to me is part of the experience. So call me a tourist, don’t really care. 😀

          • willis

            Coors Light is another great one. Especially if you are just looking to hammer a bunch and not get real full. When I upgrade, two of my favorites are the Abita beers (louisiana) and Yazoo (Nashville). If you can ever get your hands on one of those brands you will likey.

            • ssckelley

              Thanks, I will keep an eye out for them.

    • hansman1982

      Natty Ice…

      • willis

        Haha, dude that’s gross. Gas stations down here sell Busch Ice for .99 a 24 oz. Now that’s nasty.

  • http://permalink tobytaylr

    instead of everyone blaming the pitcher ie ejax all the time how about another enigmatic episode by our wonderful lineup and offense—what a weak run producing team. been a fan for 40 yrs and this offense is LAME_O!

  • Internet Random

    “The Cell has one thing over Wrigley Field: a better beer selection. (Though I’m a sucker for Old Style, just because.)”

    Mmmm… Oberon.

  • http://permalink tobytaylr

    Tear it down and let the Rebuild continue!!!!!!!!!!

  • Timmy

    Trade him.

  • Jamie Weiss

    Advanced stats? Please stop trying to justify how average at best this guy is. This is where stat people stop using their eyes. Watch him pitch, that will tell the story.

  • Mike

    It sounds like that Iacobelli guy has his head in the sand (or he’s just completely clueless and never drinks beer.) Wary of “craft beers no one has heard of and selling only 10 a day.” Are you serious? Does he realize where Wrigley field is located? I’m guessing that any bar in Wrigleyville that only offered Bud and Old Style would be out of business in a week. People have finally (thankfully) grown up and started drinking real beer.

    I have a soft spot for Old Style when I’m at a cubs game, but man, I’d love to get good beer in Wrigley.

    There are so many great options – several very local. I know Goose Island is owned by In-Bev now, but even that would be a step up. Half Acre is on the north side – how about getting Daisy Cutter? That would be a great choice! I’d even be ok with Two Brothers over Bud/Old Style.

    • ssckelley

      I agree, at some point Wrigley will need to get with the times on their beer offerings. Even the minor league park I frequent has a place that features craft beers, the last game I was at they featured Mill Stream which is made in the Amana’s. Gone are the days where stores would just fill their coolers up with the mainstream beers, they now dedicate a lot of space to craft/local beers as people are buying them.

  • D.G.Lang

    I mentioned that interview last night in the “Cubs Minor League Daily: About Round Two” thread.

    Unfortunately I forgot to include the link and when I realized that I left the link off and went back to find it again, I couldn’t locatet it.

    • Rcleven

      Link is up on last nights EBS.

  • Saving Grace

    At Fenway park they have beer kiosks that sell Sam Adams,harpoon and such scattered throughout the park.
    They take up little space and offer quality craft beer
    I think you’ll see this type of thing with the renovations
    The template for wrigley field is the great job they did renovating Fenway park

  • Fenway Frank

    I think Jackson is a professional with a good track record. I have patience.

  • Spencer

    How many ABs do DeJesus and Schierholtz have against LHP this season?

    • Cubbie Blues

      DD has 22 PA and Schierholtz has 16 PA.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        We could go back a few years and the trend remains. The point was the platoon IS working this year for those guys.

        • Rcleven

          The platoon is working yes. They still need to be more productive. I would replace Harriston in a New York minute and let him work it out at AAA.

        • Cubbie Blues

          Oh, I agree. I was just answering the question. The platoons have worked out great (at least for one side of the equation).

    • Cyranojoe

      Good question.

  • OlderStyle

    “conviction”… confidence?

    Cheers to Old Style! I unabashedly love “bad” beer.

  • StevenF

    Sweum is not the most eloquent of speakers. One thing that bugs me some is that he cannot get through a statement without using the word “obviously”. He uses that in same way that baseball’s most recent trend was the phrase “little bit”. However, regarding the “Conviction” statement, I’m convinced that he could have substituted “with authority” in place of that word to get his intention across. That’s all it is, and in my opinion, nothing more should be read into it.


    Edwin Jackson sucks. He sucked when we signed him and its no surprise he sucks now. I would have rather saved the money and quite frankly we’d probably be 4 wins to the good. #DEMOTEHIM

    • YourResidentJag

      Jackson doesn’t suck. Although, he has been prone to bad innings and therefore bad outcomes. Makes you wonder why the Cubs signed him to the deal they did. He doesn’t suck, though.

      • DARRRRRR

        I mean, I’d argue that he does suck because of the contract alone. To say he’s prone to bad innings is absolutely correct. The problem is that the bad innings come every game along with a couple good ones. I’d rather have a guy that has a bad game than consistently poor games. His career ERA is 4.47 which I’d argue is maybe average at best but he was signed to be a number 2. By that metric he sucks. Furthermore, this season, he absolutely sucks. You can’t argue he has had one average game this year. He needs to be demoted.

  • StevenF

    I agree with “YourResidentJag”. For years, I could not understand why Jackson moved around so much. His history shows that this year is an aberration. Maybe he’s so happy to be signed long-term that he’s “off”, until he settles in. It wouldn’t be the first time it’s happened to a pro athlete.
    Still, even though I approved of the Cubs signing him, I winced a little at the amount of his contract. I would not have gone over $11 million per year. If Jackson is getting $13 million, what is Garza worth to the Cubs? http://baseballplayersalaries.com/players/165_Edwin_Jackson

  • Justin

    Everytime I read a Sveum quote I feel more lost in regards to Cubs players than I did before reading it. I get the vibe that Sveum wants to talk like front office members, but doesn’t quite have the skills to hang in that manner. I do wish he would chill out on what he says at certain times.

  • Big Joe

    Get Bells at Wrigley. Two Hearted & Hop Slam are the best ever.

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