Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 7 – May 24, 2013

A frustrating fourth inning did in Scott Feldman and the Cubs tonight, as the righty gave up five runs, four of which came with two outs and after he’d gone to two strikes on every single batter. From my seat (nosebleeds), the Ryan Hanigan homer looked like a lazy, harmless fly ball off the bat. It’s short down the lines at Great American …

may 24 box

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67 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 4, Reds 7 – May 24, 2013”

  1. Blank

    Hairston up to .140

    Next stop Hollywood!

  2. Kyle

    Rondon is really bad.

    If we insist on keeping him for his potential, he should never be pitching in a one-run game.

    A perfect example of why bad bullpens don’t cause bad records in close games.

    1. nkniacc13

      He isn’t really bad. He should only be given 1 inning thou when he pitches more is when he gets into trouble

      1. Kyle

        He is really, really, really bad. Like easily the worst reliever in the pen.

        1. Honey nut Sorianos

          Camp then Marmol then Rondon…. But it doesn’t matter the pen is terrible

          1. Tim

            The best pitchers in baseball would give up a home run a good percentage of the time to some of the best hitters in baseball if you keep pumping 92mph fastballs one after another right down the middle.

          2. Kyle

            Camp isn’t currently in the pen, and Marmol is better than Rondon.

            1. CubsFaninMS

              I keep trying to find reasons to like Rondon… but keep coming up short. He is beginning to look like a waiver wire bust.

              1. demz

                he’s a rule 5 guy who should not be pitching above AA right now.

    2. willis

      You mean, putting him in there, while “protecting” a one run deficit wasn’t a good idea?

      It’s unreal the pitching decisions this jackass dumb shit makes game after game after game. God forbid you give your team a chance to come back (not likely that it happens, but, I mean, maybe). Instead run a joker out there to get bombed out of GAB. Nicely done, Dale.

      1. BT

        It’s unreal, no matter who he puts out there, you think it was the wrong decision.

        I’m going out on a limb and guessing you thought Quade was a “jackass dumbshit”. And so was Pinella. And so was Baker. And so was Baylor. Because whenever the team loses, you think it was the managers fault.

        Now I’m going to predict that you think the next Cubs manager is a jackass dumbshit as soon as they lose a few games in a row, because he will have somehow screwed up when bringing guys in from the bullpen. You read it here first.

        1. Tobias

          Completely agree.

          1. Eternal Pessimist

            I do think Pinella was a dumbshit. He was the one who thought veterans didn’t really need to work hard in practice or have much practice. After all, they are are veterans and don’t need practice.

        2. Kyle

          I’m probably one of Sveum’s biggest fans, and I’m calling it right now: using Rondon in a one-run game when you don’t have to is always dumb.

          1. BT

            Even if that’s true (the other 4 non closers had pitched the day before due to the rain delay, and they are in the middle of a long stretch of games, but that’s another argument), it completely ignores the fact the Cubs didn’t score another run. Sveum could have put in the corpse of Dan Quisenberry and the Cubs still would have lost.

        3. willis

          Dude, he makes very questionable pitching decisions game after game. I don’t think even you can argue that. I know he doesn’t have much to work with, and at times I get he’s in a tough corner, but things like Rondon last night in that situation, Rondon in Pittsburgh the other night, and then Camp, when Camp was known by Sveum to not be 100%?? And that’s just in the last few days.

          There is surely some dumb luck to losing all these close games, but when does anyone become accountable? Or are we all supposed to be so god damned theo/jed/sveum/rickets blinded that we just nod our heads and support what is a disaster? When mistakes are made every single game which cost this team, when is it ok to say the manager is doing a piss poor job and not really the guy to help this team develop? Yes, he’s a dumbass.

          1. BT

            When he has more than 1 guy in the bullpen he can count on? It’s utterly absurd to rip on him and hold him “accountable” when you admit he has nothing to work with.

            Also, your argument would have more merit if I hadn’t heard it made ad-naseum for every Cub manager, after virtually every loss, for the last 13 plus years. Blaming the manager for bad players playing badly happens on every sports message board on the internet.

            1. Hansman1982

              Ha, I remember people calling for Lou’s head after he had a rough start in 07 and then again in 09.

              I was reading an Angels blog the other day and there wasn’t half the angst towards Scoscia after an even more disappointing 18 months than we’ve had to endure with Sveum

              At this point, I think you could brim in Jesus to manage the 27 Yankees roster and folks would bitch.

  3. Die hard

    Even 6 wouldn’t be enuf– back up the truck while still have some valuable produce

    1. Die hard

      Why oh why aren’t pitchers hitting 8th ? Just try it one series– nothing to lose at this point

  4. jt

    another unlucky night

    1. Voice of Reason

      Look for about 100 unlucky nights when the season is finished.

  5. Die hard

    20 LOB again

  6. Rizzo44

    Kris Bryant.

  7. David

    Only to NL teams. But yes.

  8. Mark S

    Albert Almora went 1-3 with 2 walks and 2 strikeouts. Maybe he is human.

  9. Jp3

    Love it was an off game and he got on base 3-5 games, is he human???๐Ÿ˜ณ

  10. Rcleven

    But P. Johnson isn’t. 6.2 innings 6 H 1 ER 2 BB * K’s.
    Now third in Midwest in K’s.
    Job well done.

    1. Rcleven

      8 K’s

    2. Jp3

      Yes he had another good line.

    3. Kramden

      Many of you think Pierce Johnson’s ceiling is relief pitcher, but keep your eye on this guy. I’ve liked him since he was drafted and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him develop into a #1 or #2 starter along with Dylan Maples.

      1. Jp3

        It’s too early I think on Maples yet but Pierce is looking good now, lets bump him up a league so he’s not the old man on the staff and see what he does. I like Pierce too btw

        1. another JP

          I’d bet Maples never makes a big league roster. If he does he’ll be bounced around with teams looking for an extra reliever to fill innings, just like Hector Rondon, R. Dolis, or Shawn Camp.

      2. Kyle

        I literally don’t think I’ve *ever* seen anyone say that Pierce Johnson’s ceiling is a relief pitcher.

        Dillon Maples I’ve heard that about.

        1. Kyle

          That said, there’s literally 0 chance that Johnson develops into a No. 1 (in the scouting sense). And a No. 2 is very, very unlikely. His ceiling is probably a good No. 3.

        2. Jp3

          I can’t remember anyone saying that either actually. He was a 1st round talent that had an arm issue is the only reason he fell to the supp round

      3. Rcleven

        Been trying to see him at KC for a month and a half. Seems he only pitches on the road. Short 4 game home stand and will miss him again. Bad timing.

    4. another JP

      Too old for low A and should be going to Daytona soon. In fact, it would be best for him to be with the Smokies by year end or to start 2014 at the very latest if he’s to be of any help to us down the road.

      1. Rcleven

        Don’t see him getting bumped up till after trade deadline. Then only to Daytona. Met him at a game and he doesn’t look a day over 20.

        1. Jp3

          They always look younger as we get older๐Ÿ˜‰. I agree shouldn’t get bumped higher than Daytona this year but he needs to get moving through the system at his age though.

          1. another JP

            Definitely agree that Johnson can’t be promoted if he isn’t ready but if successful at a level it’s imperative that he moves thru the system. A huge determinant in the ability to succeed at every level is to do so as young as possible, which you seem to acknowledge.

            1. Jp3

              Yes that’s exactly my point, he’s doing well and had 8 starts, move him to Daytona. He played college baseball for 2 seasons before getting injured his jr year so he should be more developed than the comp he’s facing.

            2. Jp3

              P.S. your handle is the reason I went with jp3 for mine. There are too many JPs๐Ÿ˜€

              1. another JP

                Can never be enough jps… we all rock

  11. Jp3

    Damnitt, meant got on base 3-5 times not games

  12. Die hard

    If Appel gives up 2.5 runs a game Cubs would have to score 3 each time he pitches to make pick worth it

    1. Jp3

      You mean half of your 6, it’s totally worth it then right?

  13. Jp3

    So far in Iowa tonight Vitters has taken a couple BB and went yard while playing 3rd. Would like to see him become at least a utility player with a nice bat coming off the bench just not sure he could get use to that job

  14. Brent

    Can the Cubs stop giving out Steve Traschel’s number to their pitchers? I think it curses them to mediocrity.

  15. RY34

    Wow great decision to pitch to Hanigan with arroyo on deck and yet another great night by our potent offense unless your name is Feldman!

  16. Jp3

    Looks like Lillibridge thought he was in Chicago again tonight going 0-3 with 3 Ks down in Iowa

  17. ssckelley

    Almora went 1 out of 3 and took 2 walks tonight. That is as many walks as he took all of last year.

    1. another JP

      Almora and Johnson might be the only Cougars to make Daytona before the end of the season, even though they’re loaded with prospects. Would be nice if Candelario and Vogelbach also made it, but they might need an entire year before moving up.

      1. Jp3

        I’d like to see Vogs make the jump too but i totally agree. You see the rough night the rock had last night? 0-6 with 5 Ks.

  18. Bsteady

    Kyle? Rondon is not really bad. He’s coming off a bad injury. And he threw a slam-down first inning. He should’ve been taken out. Let the young guy take that and use it as momentum and confidence. Sveum is terrible with the pen.

    1. Koyie Hill Sucks

      Sveum is not terrible with the pen, he has just had bad luck…

      1. willis

        I’m going to guess sarcasm for $500, Alex?

        Sveum has something wrong and has no business managing a t ball team, let alone the cubs.

    2. Kyle

      Look at his stats for the whole season.

      Yes, he had a decent first inning tonight.

      He’s still really, really awful. Maybe that’s because he’s coming off an injury, but it doesn’t change the fact.

  19. Bsteady


    1. BT

      does he go to your school?

  20. Lou Brock

    Watching game on WGN pitch tracks slowed Feldman struck out Frazier looking but ump called it ball four , then a RBI single & a 3 run homer and we lose instead of sitting in dugout with a two run lead. When you can’t get the calls things tend to snowball. That is why Reds are winning and Cubs are losing.
    Just wondering if Camp called Bowden and apologized for hiding his toe injury ?

  21. Lou Brock

    Also Yeiper Castillo RHP promoted to Tenn. this week and threw six innings of one run three hit ball tonight. This guy was a nice free agent signing out of Bosox system this winter and is rapidly moving up the system at 24 years old. Keep your eyes on this guy .

    1. another JP

      I noticed that too and agree he’s a guy to watch this season. Castillo, Rosscup, and Hendricks appear to be guys ready to reach the next level. Maybe if the Cubs unload Feldman, Marmol, etc. we can move up Parker and Rusin and give these AA hot shots a trip to Iowa later this year.

  22. CubsFaninMS

    Does anybody know where we can compare the stats per team for advancing runners and sacrifice flies? I have a hunch that we are one of the worst in sac flies.

  23. cb

    Caught the Columbus Clippers game tonight. Chisenhall was good, Trevor Bauer looked like ****. He had no command of the strike zone, and got hit hard. I don’t think he hit >93mph at any point. It was about 55 out, so that might have been a factor. But I was highly disappointed in seeing him pitch.

  24. Stevie B

    Looks like we have about 10-15 scouts and talent evaluators on this thread….impressive.
    The terms ceiling and floor are so ambiguous that they are pretty much useless.
    What was Zambranos ceiling? Farnsworths floor? Was Mad Dog projected as a # 3???
    Sick of hearing this crap to be frank ( even though I go by Steve)
    Let Johnson and Maples pitch for more than a year in the minors and then we’ll see what we have.

  25. Die hard

    What about Sweeney Rizzo Soriano in that order for next 10 games?

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