Static pictures only get you so far. At most, they say 1,000 words.

A GIF, on the other hand (apparently pronounced “jif,” because whatever, I will never pronounce it like that), says … 2,000 words? 5,000? 1,000,000?

The following GIF, a composite of six Miguel Cabrera home runs from last year, definitely leans closer toward that 1,000,000 mark:

That GIF, about which you can read more here at FanGraphs, together with a good deal on Cabrera’s abilities, reflects Cabrera’s obscenely ridiculous plate coverage ability. Look at that ring that appears around the strike zone. You can’t pitch this guy anywhere. (He’s leading the universe with his .391/.467/.701 line this year, by the way.)

Huge kudos to Drew Sheppard on the GIF, which is as mesmerizing as his Yu Darvish and Mariano Rivera ones that preceded it.

  • http://unclemikesmusings.blogspot.com Uncle Mike

    No, as the late great sportswriter Oscar Madison taught us, Aristophanes is ridiculous!

  • SirCub

    I predict that the ensuing “GIF vs JIF” debate that breaks out on this page will top any Obsessive Renovations Watch comment thread.

    • Cubbie Blues

      I have soooo always called it a jif and anyone that says it definitely, just hurts my ears.

      • SirCub


  • MichiganGoat

    I love these it shows just how consistent these players are with their delivery and swings. With these composites you can see the ghost of where Miggy changes his swing. Its all in the arms his head, torso, and legs are solid. The core of his body never changes. I’d love to see Rizzo or a struggling player over a series of pitches and see if the “ghosts” are more defined than you see here with Miggy.

    • cubchymyst

      Agreed. These overlay of gifs are amazing.

  • Cubbie Blues

    That plate coverage is crazy. From nibbling on the outside to 9″ off the inside corner of the plate. Also, it doesn’t seem like he has to change body position much to reach them.

    • MichiganGoat

      The fact that he doesn’t change anything major beside his arms (to reach the pitches) is amazing and why he is starting to be discussed as one of the greatest hitters of all time.

      • BluBlud

        The fact that he is able to cover the whole plate without losing his power is what’s amazing. Usually guys with great plate coverage have a power zone, and anywhere else they sacrifice their power to make contact. It doesn’t matter where you pitch him, it’s still going to be in his power zone.

        • MichiganGoat

          his power is coming from his core THAT NEVER CHANGES POSITION his leg kick is identical every time, his head is always in the same position, his chest and legs stay in the same position. Whats crazy is how he ever misses a pitch.

  • hansman1982


    • BluBlud

      With those contact skills, there is no need for a batting eye. :)

    • cubchymyst

      A couple of the inside home runs he hits that have gifs in the article are simply amazing. One of them shows him crushing a 96 mph fastball that is a good 4 inches on the inside.

  • SirCub

    I know his plate coverage is impressive and all, but is nobody else blown away at how he is able to swing six bats and hit six different balls all at the same time?!

    That seems to me to be the more impressive feat here…

  • BluBlud

    Damn I knew Cabrera was good, but his worse season besides his rookie season, he hit .292/.349/.547/.896, 8.2% Walk rate, 18.4% SO rate 37 HR and 127 RBI. This was his worse season.

  • Chase S.

    Brett I think you’re wrong about the 1,000,000 words. I can only think of two: Holy Sh**

  • Rich H

    I wonder why no one throws him down and in. From the GIF I would think that is the only place he does not hit homeruns. It must be Sveum’s fault.

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