The pitching continues to get an inordinate amount of the focus on a team that can’t hit. Today, the Cubs scored just two runs. That won’t win 90% of the time.

At least Anthony Rizzo had a nice day after a prolonged slump. But, yeah, about that pitching …

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  • CBP

    Kevin Gregg is still pitching good!!! What’s his scoreless streak at?

  • Jamie Weiss

    Listening to Pat and Keith, it seemed like TWood was fighting it a bit today. The hits to Hanigan and Caesar freakin’ Izturis were the killers. He’s been outstanding, so can’t complain. And the offense again scored early, then shut it down. Another bagel for Castro.

    • Rich H

      Moreland actually a couple times pointed out that he couldn’t feel his slot/arm angle on his delivery. Listening to it made it sound like it was not consistent at all. With Woods lack of over powering stuff if he starts having problems with consistency he is going to struggle. It was great the way they talked about him owning Vitto today until the 4 pitch walk though.

  • curt

    seems one bad inning doing them in every game. And this offense is woeful, how many games ahead of the other bad teams are we.

  • Jason Powers

    Gave up on the Cubs game…watched SF (Angel Pagan) walk off inside the park HR…now that was a game.

    Blow it up for the Cubs. Hopefully a contender or two will lose a SP so that the trade price can go up. Guess will see in 4-6 weeks where the pieces go.

  • Mr. P

    I know I’m not supposed to be running low on patience with Castro yet, but I am. His lack of progress is really troubling to me. He seems to be so confused as to what a patient at bat means as he is taking pitches right down the middle and flailing away at unhittable pitches. I hope the coaching staff realizes that he isn’t the type of player that is capable of working the count without cannibalizing his skills. Just turn the kid loose and stop making him think.

    • Ken

      I have been noticing Castro’s abs and pitch selection(He doesn’t know what that means) He seems totally clueless at the plate. He should have a little more discipline at this stage, at least showing some improvement. He just hacks away.

  • dying cubs fan’s last request

    Maybe is time to Castro review that stance and the leg kick thing.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      He seems to be swinging the bat and sometimes dropping it before he hits I noticed this about a month ago and it seemed at the start of the year he would not move the bat at all.

  • Dustin S

    Just a reminder that the Univ. of San Diego and potential Cub draft pick Kris Bryant are playing on ESPNU at 9pm CT tonight. This is their last game before the June 6th draft. Not really playing favorites, I’d be doing the same if Appel or Gray were on. In a rough season this draft has become one of the highlights for me to look forward to.

    • Jp3

      Hey Dustin! Thanks for the update! I would have never looked for that game or known it was on tv had you not said anything. I’m with you on if it was Gray or Appel I’d be likely just as stoked but something has to be said for seeing a slugger take 4 or 5 live ABs. Thanks again for the update, I’ll be tuning in a few minutes or I may just TiVo it and fast forward to his ABs and not much of the rest.

    • Jp3

      Dustin, looks like women’s softball is holding espnu hostage

    • Dustin S

      They switched to it about 20 minutes late, but it was a really fun game to watch. USD won their league championship. Bryant was 2 for 4 with a long double, and he made a nice play to his left. I wasn’t thinking about the College World Series, but I believe since they won tonight they are automatically in. So they may get some extra games in now before the draft. I’ll be keeping an eye out for games with Appel or Gray too.

  • Rizzo44

    Lets Go Hawks.

  • Frank

    Castro seem to do better when he drove the ball to center and right. The ball seemed to jump off his bat. He doesn’t know which pitch he can turn on,so he turns on everything and pitchers take advantage. The offense as a whole stinks but we knew they would. It’s like watching a bad horror flick. You know what’s going to happen but you continue to watch.

  • clark addison

    Watching the past two games, all the way through I knew the Cubs would blow it. It’s that kind of a season.

  • Frank

    Dear Starlin Castro,
    1. Yea, you’re making millions a year now, but take the ten pound gold chain off your neck.
    2. Quit chewing and spitting that crap all the time and concentrate on the ball.
    3. Lean to stand at the plate like a normal person. You should know by now that the stance is not working otherwise you’d be hitting the ball.

    • Cedlandrum

      None of that has anything to do with why he isn’t hitting right now.

      • hansman1982

        Nonsense, if only we had Manager XYZ and GM ABC we would have won 5 WS rings since Hendry.

  • Die hard

    Again 6 runs required — and by not resting Castro that last Marlins game in greedy try for sweep Cubs have been losing ever since … Cause the kid is gassed… Thank you Sveum

    • Ken

      He is not Gassed. He is 22 freaking years old!! He has been getting by on his natural talent, of which he has a lot. Problem is, so are the other guys pitching the ball. He needs to adjust and learn something about hitting and pitch selection and situational awareness

      • Die hard

        Where’s that coaching gonna come from cause its not the Cubs? Did you say Sandberg? Sorry he’s taken but didn’t have to be that way– thank you Theo

  • Die hard

    11 K. 4 BB says it all

  • DReese

    Castillo with another walk

  • 5412


    Brett, how about highligting the hits RISP. It seems that is our downfall in almost all the close games we are losing.


    • Brett

      If I highlighted the RISP woes in every game in which the Cubs had a problem with it, I’d never get to do anything else with the EBS.

      • Jp3

        I think we all know about the RISP, that’s a given in most games this year so there is no need. How about Travis Wood trying to go yard again, had he not hit it to the deepest part of the field in CF it’d been gone.

  • ruby2626

    Lack of walks in these close games is another reason for our downfall. I didn’t see last nights box score but I know we went something like 14 games without ever getting more than 2 walks, tonight we had 4, it’s a miracle.

    Had a blast today at Kane County, pair of 7 inning wins. All the stars came out to play in these games. A.A. had 5 hits on the night including the play of the year, ok exaggerated a bit. He made a great diving catch in CF then jumped up and threw a guy out at home, spectacular play. Vogs I believe had 4 hits, including 2 doubles, he hits that ball hard. Rock after sitting the first game, launched 2 in the 2nd. Not much out of the 2nd and 3rd baseman although I do remember the 2B hitting a single down the line that he should have gone for 2 on. Crowd surprisingly sparse, $13 for boxes before June, sweet.

  • dan

    Castro sucks erafw him hes not pRT OF THE FUTURE

    • hansman1982

      Well then, someone is drunk.

      • arta

        lol, what? lol that is funny.

    • Ian Afterbirth

      Best (yet useless) comment so far.

  • http://bleachernation Ferris

    This losing streak may be a silver lining, If Sori is now willing to except a trade he could be one of five or sx trades the cubs make this summer, we will be stocked and we may have to wait til 2015 t be consistantly good but I hope its next yr that we are at least competitive. But our system will get a top prospect this yr and next, so hopefully the future looks brighter come July.

  • ripitrizzo82

    I can see the love of the game in all of the cubs this year. Theres not a player on this team giving up. Why should we? Theyve had bad breaks, there bullpen has sucked!! but as true fans we have to see the upside. things will get better… the more you worry about something the less likely it is to change.

  • Adarecub

    The more I think about it the more I think we should draft Bryant. Position players are less risky. Given the free agent busts eg Hamilton, puyols, we should look to develop from within. Given how successful the fo has been in identifying solid starting pitching, we should trust them to find another few gems next season. The real test will be how they improve the bullpen.

    • Jp3

      I watched Bryant last night thanks to BNer Dustin’s heads up and while I think Bryant could be great he has much more questions than the other 2 options. He’s 6’5″ and looked agile enough I’m pretty sure on a Major League weight program he’s just going to get thicker and less mobile. Did anyone watch him? Someone on the U San Fran laid down a bunt to him and he didn’t look quick enough to handle much of that, any lead off hitter in the MLB would do that to the tune of about .950 OBP. He’s playing LF or 1B in the bigs. While he can crush the ball he also K’d twice swinging against a kid that was throwing in the low to mid 80s, how good has his competition been? I think we have enough prospects that have pop that swing and miss a lot. I’m not saying anything that hasn’t been said here before about Bryant just my observations. Also my wife says that he’s hotter than any Cubs current players so he’s got that going for him I guess.😀

      • Rich H

        When people start questioning Bryant’s competition I chuckle a little bit. Just because for as long as I can remember the teams to beat in college baseball were Pepperdine, Wichita State and Tulane. Now those glory programs are not what they once were but still shuffle enough to the major league teams to be relevant.

        San Diego State, Vandy, Stanford and LSU are all the buzz programs now but it was not that long ago that the powers in baseball were all schools that you guys would be questioning the competition.

  • Adarecub

    From reading around , Colin Moran seems to be the average/obp guy. Given the power that Baez and soler project to bring, maybe he’s the guy