Jeff Samardzija was as good as I’ve seen him tonight, mowing down the White Sox and still throwing 97/98 with a nasty splitter in the 9th. He got his shutout, and he needed just a touch over 100 pitches to get there.

The top of the Cubs’ order did its part, with each of the first four batters having a great night. Listening to Hawk and Steve Stone choke this one down was just the cherry on the top.

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  • Zogie

    Shark goes the distance. From the first inning, Samardjiza had life on all his pitches. It was his first complete game shutout. Thankfully the offense also gave him plenty of run support. Borbon, Castro, Rizzo, and Sori were all huge tonight. The one thing that stays on my mind is Castro’s power potential. It seems every time he is in a good count that he tries to hit the next pitch 500ft. He constantly is behind on fastballs in good counts. I believe this maybe another reason for his drop in batting average the past few years. An example would be his last AB. He did have a double, but on a 2-1 count he was flat out beat by a fastball on the inside part of the plate. The next pitch was a curveball on the inside part of the plate which he ripped for a double. Castillo has seemed to found some patience at the plate the last week as well. Another BB for him today. My shout out goes to Jeff Samardjiza. An amazing performance once again.

  • Seth

    Ventura is comparing Samardjiza to Met’s Harvey in the post-game conference. That’s high praise.

    • Blublud

      Turned to the Grizzlies-Spurs game, missed it. But he was getting praise from the whole White Sox crew the whole night. Shark looked good. Best I have seen him.

  • Blublud

    I don’t think I ever seen this many hits by the top 4 of the order and none by the bottom 5. The top of the order was ripping it tonite. Good to see acastro and Rizzo have a good game together.

  • chrisfchi

    That is how you play baseball

  • fromthemitten

    and Wellington Castillo is showing The Will To Walk in recent games

    • Yohler

      the new TWTW

  • wkranz54

    Boy talk about carrying the team. Bottom 4 were terrible and top couldn’t be stopped.
    Way to lead a rotation, first QS for the team since Jeff’s last one 5 games ago.
    SP ERA in wins-1.99
    SP ERA in loss-4.95
    Live and die with those guys, I am actually kind of surprised their ERA is that high in losses.

    • Mat B

      Jackson inflates that #.

      • wkranz54

        Not as true as you might think…
        With Jackson- Ws 1.99 Ls 4.95 (248% Increase in ERA)
        Not factoring in Jackson- Ws 1.8 ERA Ls 4.40 ERA (244% Increase in SP ERA)
        Sure Jackson’s ERA is higher than the rest, but across the board seems to be a huge discrepancy in SP ERA in losses vs. wins.

        • Danny Ballgame

          What about no decisions?

          • wkranz54

            Talking about team wins. I am saying when the Cubs (as a team win whether the SP get a W or a reliever) ERA is 1.99 for the starter vs. 4.95.

            I pulled out all starts for Jackson and calculated same figures. Just think the huge discrepancy is interesting.

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    Samardjiza was absolutely filthy! Wow. Lets see if his great performance gets talked about on MLB NETWORK like Strasburg, Harvey, Sale every time they pitch.

  • JoeyCollins

    Wish i could have watched more of Sharks great outing but Blackhawks took precedence. Always happy to beat the Sox, especially with a performance this dominating.

  • willis

    1 ER the last 17 innings for Shark. Dude is killing it right now. Hell of a win. South side beat down. Love it.

  • CeeDeeVee5811

    Oh and not only did Jeff have his best performance of the season….Brett had his best EBS…I lol’d pretty good. Well done Brett 😉

  • cubzforlife

    Shark said be was up late last night and was lethargic when he took the mound. Recipe to success.

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      Those of you in Chicago need to take turns staying out with Shark all night. You can’t argue with results.

  • http://bleachernation arcola

    Loved the game tonight. Let’s hope its a jump start to a nice win streak.

  • Kygavin

    Samardzija’s success is tied to his fastball command/control. The slider, split, and cutter all work off of the fastball. When he commands the fastball there arent many pitchers better than him

  • Jp3

    Don’t everyone scream at me At once but it was nice getting to hear Steve Stone’s broadcast tonight. I liked him because he’s got such a dry sense of humor as well as I think he knows the game as well or better than almost anyone In a booth.

    • Jason

      I didn’t get to see the game, just watched a highlight on MLB gameday, and hear Hawk’s voiced and cringed to the point I cramped my leg. I hope Len and JD are calling the game on WGN on Thursday. I can’t listen to Hawk.

      On a related note, sort of, GO BLACKHAWKS!!!

      • Robbo

        Len and JD called the game tonight on Comcast. Does Comcast not air the games outside Chicago? Just curious how that works.

        • Jp3

          Yeah CSN Chicago blacked out the game so I couldn’t watch it here in GA. I was only able to watch it on wgn. At least I got to watch it I guess

          • baldtaxguy

            Harrelson reminds me of the Dilbert character “Topper.” Every comment Stone has must be “topped” by Hawk. “He’s not just a great fielder, he’s the top 10 in the league.” Stone’s eyes must roll 20 times a broadcast.

            • Jp3

              I totally agree, he’s a total topper. I feel like Stone should give him the Adam Sandlee treatment on Billy Madison. “No you didn’t,” I felt like Stone last night enjoyed watching that gem by Shark, you know he misses us deep down inside!;)

    • Eternal Pessimist

      Steve Stone/Harry Caray were the best baseball broadcast combo in history. I remember him predicting consistently the outcome of a pitch…”If he gives him another fastball over the outside corner Ryno is going to put it over the wall”. I was amazed at his understanding of baseball, but also how well he understood the mistakes the pitchers were going to make before the pitch.

      • OCCubFan


      • Jp3

        My sentiments exactly, that’s why I enjoyed the Sox broadcast last night and it had 0 to do with Hawk, he has no talent. Stone’s knowledge for the game probably got him in the squeeze to leave. It’s awesome he pissed off enough people (while being right most of the time) Kent Mercker called the booth during the game. I’m guessing someone hit a bomb off him while Stone called it before the swing. I can hear it now “Kent got lucky with that last breaking ball, if he throws him another one, he’ll wish he hadn’t…. (BAAAAMMMMMM!!!!)… ((Onto waveland it goes)).

        • True(ly) Blue

          Stone is really a great analyst and student of the game. My favorite Stone memory involved Cubs pitcher John Lieber who doubled and was standing on second base. Stoney said “John had better be careful out there”. When asked why Stoney said, “He’s not used to being on second and he could get picked off”. Two pitches later Lieber was picked off. He had another prediction later in the game which was similar and correct. I miss him but can’t stand Harrelson.

  • RY34

    Phenomenal job tonight by Shark and the top of the order! Please cut Hairston tomorrow though he has no business being on a MLB roster, bring Bogusevich up in his place.

    • fromthemitten

      we have too many lefthanded leftfielders as it is… and we’re not going to eat his contract this early in the season

      • fromthemitten

        *outfielders not leftfielders

        • Dynastyin2017

          You weren’t really that far off.

  • 7eleven

    The optimism and praise in this thread is a perfect cap to my weekend. Kudos fans.

  • Danny Ballgame

    Here come the Hawks, and the Shark!!!

  • 5412

    RISP. 4-8

    Makes a huge difference.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      It wasn’t the hits per se, but the extra-base hits that were the difference. The Cubs have been singling at the same rate with and without men in scoring position all year; it’s the extra-base hits that were lacking. Not so tonight!

      (Slugging with men on base explains a lot more of the variation in runs scored than does batting average with men in scoring position: and that’s especially telling because BAwRiSP because it includes the slugging with men on 2nd and/or 3rd.)

      • Danny Ballgame

        Good info Bender

      • jt

        Cubs are 5th in NL SLG and 13th in NL OBP.
        When opponents score 4 or more runs on The Cubs their 2013 record is 1W 25L.
        Theo just got done sayin’ they suck in OBP and that OBP is more important than SLG.
        Yes, doubles are better than singles.
        Yes, HR’s are better than walks.
        But xbhits are better when there are players on base
        xbhits happen more often when players who frequently hit xbhits bat more often.
        Both of the above happen when OBP is higher rather than lower.
        When OBP is higher, there is a tendency to make the opposition pitcher to work harder and make the opposition use the BP more frequently. Middle relievers often are not as good as starters, closers and set-up guys.
        Yes, xbhits are better than singles or walks. But it is also important to keep the line moving.

  • ruby2626

    Kudos to Brian Schlitter. Per the other site he was promoted to AAA and celebrated with a nice outing. When he was up 2 years ago he had an upper 90’s fastball but his secondary pitches were kind of weak. Maybe he’s a bit of a sleeper, wouldn’t be the first guy to improve in his mid 20’s. The pride of Maine South, traded for Scot Eyre if memory serves me right. Hope to see you in Wrigley soon.

  • ripitrizzo82

    Shark reminds me of randy johnson

  • Big Joe

    I read on ESPN that Soriano hit a “single off the left field wall”. Was it hit that hard, or did he stare at it, thinking it was gone, and could only manage first base?

    • arta

      PH said all the x-Cubs managers had talked to him about it. i’m assuming he meant standing and looking at it. KM said others do it!

    • baldtaxguy

      Both. It was hit very hard and a bit more elevation would have been gone. Soriano started late out of the box and he only picked up speed (i.e. hustled) the latter half down to 1b after he realized it was hitting the wall.

    • MaxM1908

      It should have been a double. It was hit hard but it took a favorable Cubs bounce. If he had gone full steam out of the box, he would have made second.

  • spearman

    He watched it a little bit. The video is up on So judge for yourself. I didn’t think it was all that bad.

  • Die hard

    Must’ve been aligned stars as Mets beat Yanks and Dodgers over Angels… Did Cubs won without DeJesus lead off? Sveum must’ve had an epiphany with his oatmeal

    • baldtaxguy

      Dejesus should not lead off? I don’t understand your point.

      • Die hard

        He’s a 7 hitter .. or a 2 if Castro leads off as a 2 should be lefty hitter to make it easier for lead off to steal

  • Die hard

    Spillover effect- If Blackhawks advance could inspire Cubs to leave everything on the field

  • Jay

    Best part was Dale not getting all antsy and pulling him for no reason.

  • arta

    just seen the Soriano hit off the wall. it was more looking as he lazily ran. the way the fielder played it, not sure if he could have gotten a double. however IMO u always should run hard cause u never know.

    • Jp3

      I don’t think he was being lazy, he just thought he had a homer. He could’ve had a double if he wasn’t admiring it so much. Remember kids, run it out

  • dan

    would love to see what borbon could do for the rest of the year playing every day

    • baldtaxguy

      You might… after the trade deadline.

    • OCCubFan

      After the trade deadline, we all might use a lot of bourbon during and after the games.

  • http://Isa Voice of reason

    Can we trade dejesus ASAP so we can get enough at bats from borbon to see if he will be part of our future? Odds are he won’t be able to cut it, but we will never know unless he is given the chance.

    It’s obvious that dejesus isn’t the answer. Get rid of him. He is costing our potential future center fielder precious at bats.

    • Rich H

      When did Bourbon ever become anything more than a fringe filler guy? Why do you think he is part of the future? It is not like this guy is a rookie. He is a 27 year old with plus speed good defense and very little hit. He is Tony Campana with better baseball instincts. He already has 800 career PA’s and could not get maintain his place in Texas because of his lack of patience and no growth potential. Do I think DeJesus needs to be traded….. YES. Just not because of Bourbon.

      If Bourbon is our centerfielder in Spring Training next year 2014 will be no better than 2013.

      • chirogerg

        My favorite bourbon is Captain Morgan, but I don’t know how good of a CF he’d be

        • Jp3

          I agree, Captain would bring talent to the Cubs just don’t think he actually has any talent

        • DarthHater

          Nah, he’s a pitcher:

          • Jp3

            C’mon darth, I knew he was the pitcher’😊. Didn’t I mention he brings the talent?

            • DarthHater

              I’m assuming you refer to the “talent” standing next to the mound? Sign her up!

              I was just sayin’ that the Captain wouldn’t be a good CF.

              • Jp3

                Yes that’s what I was referring to by he brings talent but he himself doesn’t have any😜. Thank you for finding the perfect portrait of the mental image I was trying to paint, you were on the money again sir.

                • DarthHater

                  I’m thinking about starting a new career as a “talent” evaluator.

                  • Jp3

                    What have you been doing your whole career? I know you’ve heard the saying that if you do something you love for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.

      • http://Isa Voice of reason

        Im glad you understand that its time to move dejesus. Now you need to put someone in center to replace him. The only person who is readymtomfill that role everyday is bourbon. He probably is nothing moremthan a filler guy, but he has to be given a chance. Maybe he is our fifth outfielder and pinch runner. We’ll never know until we put him out there.

        And, Unless we acquire a center fielder then borbon very well could be the man next year unless some other young center fielder steps up. This whole situation shows you how terrible hendry was.

        And, this team will be bad again next year withoutmquestion.

  • ruby2626

    Does anyone remember Borbon’s throwing arm a couple weeks ago against the Reds. Fly to medium right and all 3 runners tagged up and advanced. A couple batters later on a short fly to right his throw home bounced before Rizzo, nice arm Juan Pierre. One good game does not make me a fan or him a prospect.

    • willis

      Bingo, easy everyone with the Borbon love. It’s nice to see him, hell anyone have a good game these days. But let’s not go overboard just yet. He’s been around with plenty of opportunity and hasn’t cut it to date. So I doubt he magically becomes awesome.

  • mudge

    Yes, it is poor form to get overly excited about a player. The first issue is that you may become suicidal if he tanks, and the second is that you will appear to be unhip. And that reflects poorly on other members of the community here. They’ll let you know what it’s okay to get excited.