nomar injured cubsNot the kind of thing you want to see become a regular feature …

  • Sigh of relief: it sounds like Albert Almora’s leg injury yesterday was not overly serious, and he was removed for precautionary reasons. His manager called it a “little tight hammy,” per the KC Chronicle, which was more of a medical description and not a mere compliment. The injury is more of a “tweaked hamstring” than a “pulled hamstring,” which is great news on two levels (tweak/tight is better than pull, and hamstring is a lot better than knee). Almora is expected to get a day or two off, and the Cubs will see how he feels thereafter. Almora, himself, says he’ll be back in a day or two.
  • The news might not be so good for Kyuji Fujikawa, whom the Cubs put on the disabled list yesterday. The Cubs have officially termed the injury a “muscular forearm strain,” and GM Jed Hoyer said the Cubs are “cautiously optimistic” that the injury is the same forearm strain he suffered earlier in the year. That means, at best, he’s going to miss another month of action. Like, that’s what we have to hope for. At worst, well, we’ve discussed it before: “forearm” injuries are often precursors to elbow injuries. Fujikawa is having an MRI today, and your early tell is whether we hear something today. If we do, it’s going to be good news, that the MRI turned up the same kind of forearm strain as before. If we hear nothing today or tomorrow, it’s likely because the injury is more serious, and the parties are exploring their options.
  • Steve Clevenger, who is on the 60-day DL with an oblique strain, is playing in Extended Spring Training games, so he’s likely to be able to head out on a minor league rehab stint relatively soon. He’s eligible to come off of the 60-day DL on June 13, but it’s not yet clear whether he’ll be able to be activated (in terms of the injury, readiness, and the state of the roster) at that time.
  • I either missed this when it happened, or it simply hasn’t been heavily reported, but Arizona Phil over at TCR mentioned in passing yesterday that Ryan McNeil, the Cubs’ third round pick last year, is out for the rest of the year with an elbow injury. Usually a season-ending elbow injury in May means one thing (torn UCL, Tommy John surgery), but I haven’t yet heard for sure on McNeil. All we know now is that something is wrong with his elbow, and it’s a bummer, because he’d been one of the best performing high school pitchers the Cubs took in last year’s draft.
  • Myles

    Nothing like an injury update to perk up your holiday hangover and a rainy Chicago day.

  • Spriggs

    I wondered why McNeil hadn’t pitched in a while. Dammit.

  • Patrick G

    Off topic, but I just read on mlbtr that Scouts don’t see Manea as a first round pick. If he’s available when the cubs pick in the 2nd, is he worth grabbing? I loved him in the preseason as the second overall but think his drop is something the Cubs can really benefit from

    • DarthHater

      Unless, he’s having TJ surgery, Cubs aren’t interested. 😛

      • Jp3


        • #23

          Why would you post that photo on this site?

    • North Side Irish

      I think he goes back to school if that happens. He was looking at Top 10 money before these injuries hit, so I’d guess he goes back to try and rebuild his value.

      He could also be an option for the Astros if they go with Moran at 1.1 to save money. I’ve also seen speculation that the Yankees could basically punt on one of their three first rounders and use the money on Manaea.

      I just don’t see the Cubs being able to offer enough money to keep him from going back to school.

  • Nathan

    He has a picture of himself right after surgery on his twitter page @RyanMcNeil805 saying it went well. It’s dated May 17th.

  • koyiehillsucks2

    any updates on junior lake?

  • koyiehillsucks2

    any update on junior lake?

    • Brett

      Latest word – which is very thin – is that he’s still rehabbing in Arizona. No games yet. No more update beyond that. It’s disconcerting. Also still not much on Arodys Vizcaino. Once again, disconcerting.

      • Jp3

        At least they’re in the country I guess and stuck in purgatory.

      • Koyie Hill Sucks

        well that sucks, he was the guy I (and I assume most) was most excited about at AAA this year

  • Nathan

    Two weeks ago they said junior lake was 6 weeks away from return.

    • Brett

      Who is they? I must have missed it.

      • Nathan

        I can’t recall who said it. The only reason I trusted it as somewhat valid is because Muskat quoted it, and she’s pretty reliable.

        • Brett

          Well, it’s good to hear something, anyway, even if it’s not good news.

          • Cedlandrum

            It was Tommy Birch on Twitter in response to someone asking. So Junior must have had a bigger injury then was reported. Wasn’t it a rib injury or something?

            • Nathan

              Yeah. Fracture in one of his ‘top’ ribs. Sounded like it was from swinging (stress fracture?), and it’s not that uncommon for rib injuries on hitters to take a while to be right again. Sucks, but doesn’t sound like they’re rushing him.

              • Cedlandrum

                That was a 4-6 week injury on March 13th or so. If he is still a month a way and he isn’t coming back until July, that is a 3 1/2 month injury.

                • Nathan

                  Granted we’ve been supplied with zero information, but the timetable makes you think he rested the suggested time and had a considerable setback while rehabbing it. That, or they weren’t forthright about it from the start.

            • Cedlandrum

              Yep Tommy Birch on May 26th. Took forever to find it because he Tweets a ton! He is a good follow if you aren’t yet.

  • Jason P

    Lot’s of injury/other issues preventing Cubs’ prospects from playing – Almora, Lake, Vizcaino, Paniagua, Conway, McNeil, Vitters, and that’s just what I can think of.

    By the way, Keith Law updated his top 25 prospects in baseball list, and Jorge Soler was 21. Baez wasn’t ranked.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Law has been very ambivalent towards Baez. Like so many, Law just cannot tell if Baez’s contact skills are going to make up for his (Javier’s) lack of pitch recognition. I think that KLaw referred to Baez as his (Law’s) highest ranked “fringe” candidate a couple of months ago.

      • Jason P

        Yeah, it seems like Law doesn’t tend to go for the toolsy, poor plate discipline types in general.

      • JB88

        My overall feeling for KLaw’s scouting abilities is that he has nearly always been a better evaluator of pitching talent than hitting talent.

  • donobr


  • DarthHater

    Cleveland closer Chris Perez goes on DL with rotator cuff tendinitis. (Insert obligatory Diehard/Marmol trade rumor here.)

  • North Side Irish

    One more injury update…

    Paul Sullivan (@PWSullivan) tweeted at 5:19 PM on Tue, May 28, 2013:
    Arodys Vizcaino has calcium buildup. Debridement by Dr Andrews. Won’t pitch for Cubs this season. May begin rehab in 6 weeks.

    • nkniacc13

      Wow and the injuries just keep on hitting.

  • Die hard

    Cubs should listen to Pinella and ban weights throughout organization and any off season play so players can avoid injury

    • Drew7

      That’s right, Patches – all it takes is a splash of horse lineament on whatever ails ya. They just need to take the trolley over to the Nickle-n-Dime and grab a bottle.

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