gods-wrathI’ve been openly wondering for some time why pitching prospect Arodys Vizcaino, whom the Cubs received from the Braves last year in the Paul Maholm/Reed Johnson deal, hasn’t been pitching anywhere in the Cubs’ system, not even Extended Spring Training. He had Tommy John surgery last year, but had well passed the typical time period during which pitchers start throwing competitively.

It turns out that he had to have an additional elbow surgery after a calcification built up, according to multiple reports. The surgery, debridement, is not overly serious, and it seems like his reconstructed elbow ligament is fine. Unfortunately, this surgery threw his entire recovery timeline off, and now he won’t throw again for another six weeks, and then he’ll build back up from there. He may yet pitch in the Cubs’ system in the second half, but no one has any illusions that he’ll pitch with the big team.

In some ways, this isn’t a terribly big deal, as he wasn’t exactly going to be helping the Cubs make the playoffs this year. On the other hand, it would have been nice for the Cubs to be able to see this year what they had in Vizcaino so that they could plan accordingly for 2014. Now, even if he comes back and pitches well late in the year at AA/AAA, it’s not as if the Cubs can count on him in any meaningful capacity in 2014.

Tommy John surgery is not a silver bullet, and the Cubs have had exceptionally bad luck with it in recent memory. Hopefully this setback for Vizcaino is minor, and we see plenty of him in 2014. He’s still only 22, after all.

  • fromthemitten

    how common of a procedure is this? does this happen to a lot of TJ patients?

  • Die hard

    Ricketts must have stock in health care companies as most picked up need surgery

  • Spriggs

    The new Angel Guzman

    • willis

      Ha, good comparison.

    • Jp3

      +1, did you know speaking of Angel Guzman,
      He’s some kind of pitching instructor in Arizona???

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    I actually had a calcium build up in my leg after a stress fracture last year. It just sort of disappeared after about 10 months of running on it.

    • pj

      If Vizcaino can do a one-armed running handstand for 10 months he’ll be good as new.

      • Timothy Scarbrough

        Someone should have told Theo.

  • Fastball

    Probably isnt related to his TJ surgery. Two different things.

  • Justin

    Anyone know why it is always so difficult to get any injury info on guys injuries in the minors? Why in the hell couldn’t anyone update the fans on what the deal was with Vizcaino? Clearly something was up. I feel like everytime someone gets hurt down on the farm, they could be perfectly fine or close to death and no one would know until they were back on the field. It’s pretty frustrating when the development of players in the minors is the most important thing, and we have no freaking clue what’s going on…

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Luke

      Not so much in the minors as in extended spring training. The teams in the minors all have beat reporters of some sort, and they will usually pick up any injury news. But no one really covers extended spring training closely at all. There are few if any press conference etc., to enable any meaningful coverage.

  • Jon

    There is a reason the braves gave up on this guy, theo /Jed got sold a bad bill of goods

    • willis

      Probably a little soon to say that, but this guy seems to be quite the china doll. I don’t give a crap if he can flame throw and hit you with nasty off speed stuff if dude can’t get on the field.

      This is definitely alarming in that this damn elbow has been worked over a lot in the last couple of years. I don’t ever expect much more than a few weeks here and there of relief from this guy, and that this will be an ongoing problem. There are so many in cub land who were counting on this guy to be a rotation candidate for this team, this year and beyond. Good luck with that. If all works out well, he’ll be an 8th inning guy and/or closer here and there, but spending more time than not on the shelf.

  • Andy

    This complication was likely a result of not doing anything strenuous with the elbow for a long time. This is not an uncommon complication to TJ. The good news is that the ligament is fine.

  • Dynastyin2017

    this is a bit of a big deal…worst case he could have been in the bullpen, now we either deal with the bad relief staff we have now, or waste money on other relief pitchers. we can’t afford any assets going down.

    • BT

      How is this a “big deal”? If he can’t pitch for us this year and our relief staff stays bad then…..what exactly? Was he going to lead our push for the playoffs?

      • willis

        It’s a big deal that he can’t seem to stay healthy and hasn’t put much of a consistent pitching work load on that elbow. Saying that, he’s only 22 and a lot of pitchers that age don’t have just a ton of innings. He has plenty of time to show what he has, but the worrisome thing is this elbow’s brief history and can it/will it ever be healthy enough to make an impact on the Cubs.

        But as far as this year, not a huge deal.

        • danimal8

          He had TJ, it wasn’t like he continues to get injured. The calcium build-up, although not typical, is an issue with lack of elbow mobility. The conditions are intertwined, I think it is too early to worry about him being made of glass

          • Kyle

            The single most reliable indicator of future pitching injury is the existence of past injury. The fact that he’s now had a catastrophic elbow injury and followed it up with a complication is a very negative sign for his future health.

            Not to mention his size had scouts worried about his durability even before he had TJS.

            • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

              Have you ever had calcification in your body? That is about as minor as it gets. I have had it. When you get injured, it is the bodies way of trying to help repair it. It’s not a complication. Nearly everyone that gets injured has this. In a year that is not important for him to pitch maybe they thought it would be best to remove it to not limit mobility to have future issues. In my opinion it is actually rather smart. It is not a complication. It is very common in anyone who has had surgery or a bone break.

              • Kyle

                Are you a professional pitcher who had it in a previously injured throwing arm?

                If not, then I don’t care what happened to you.

                If so, I probably still don’t care, but you can add your data point to a future study.

                • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                  Keep that tinfoil hat on at all costs Kyle. Nobody needs my data for a future study. They have a couple thousand years of history of the human anatomy to go off of. Something you obviously know very little on.

                  • Kyle

                    Yeah, yeah.

                    The guy who is rehabbing from elbow surgery will have to stop his rehab for at least six weeks after having a second surgery on the same elbow.

                    But it’s not a “complication” because you once had a calcium buildup somewhere in your body.


                    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                      Yeah, because obviously since we are trying to rush him into action to show Kyle he is ok. Its ok Theo and Jed prefer you with your tinfoil hat on.


                    • Kyle

                      That response is not coherent. I’m honestly not sure what you were trying to say.

                    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                      It was about as coherent as yours. I figure if we have to communicate like 15 year olds, we have to. Only way someone can speak to you.

                    • Matty Ice

                      Kyle made perfect sense.

                      You, on the other hand, did not.

                    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

                      Its ok Kyle. I tried being nice, and explain something to you. You didn’t like that. You prefer your conspiracy theory more. That is fine. You can keep that in your head. I really don’t care. I am fully at ease knowing this is not an issue. They have 0 need to rush him back and it is a very minimal surgery to have it cut out. Calcification happens on the bones, not the ligaments, not the joints. That is why it has no bearing on a pitcher. Enjoy yourself tonight Kyle.

                    • Kyle

                      What “conspiracy theory”?

                    • King Jeff

                      Isn’t this similar to what happened to Roy Halladay? Isn’t he on the DL now because of a calcium deposit cutting into his labrum and rotator cuff after recovering from surgery last year?

                  • Lapdawg

                    Sorry EBNV2, but it doesn’t take a medical person to recognize that you don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

                    However, I am a medical person and I can confidently say you don’t know what you’re talking about.

                    They wouldn’t reoperate on him unless:

                    A) the calcium deposits weren’t normal (not on the bone)


                    B) they were causing him pain or discomfort

                    No matter how you slice it, this is not good news or a normal part of his recovery (although not necessarily the guaranteed end of his career that some have suggested either)

                    • babe ruth

                      i tend to agree with betternewsV2 his statements make complete sense to me and he is very intelligent

                    • Jp3

                      I found a pic of Vizcaino… In all seriousness, he won’t pick up a ball for 6 weeks? I’m going to do my best to forget this guy so that in a couple years if he miraculously turns out to not be damaged goods i’ll be pleasantly surprised. [img][/img]

  • Clark Addison

    What’s up with Fujikawa’s MRI?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Nothing until tomorrow.

      • Ruprecht

        Where were you openly wondering about this, Brett? I’d love to read that post. Could you include a link?

      • Cubbie Blues

        It’s tomorrow. What’s up with Fujikawa’s MRI? 😛

  • Rebuilding

    So, we are facing a dominant starter who had to miss his last start because of tendinitis and is probably on an undisclosed pitch count. So Castro and Rizzo hack away so that he throws 8 pitches in the first inning. Seems about right

  • On The Farm

    Now can we stop penciling this guy in as a meaningful rotation piece for 2015? People projecting this guy to be a starter that is going to be a part of a meaningful team in 2015. I have no problem thinking he could be a valuable bullpen asset (not saying closer, but maybe a set up guy). Let’s wait until he logs some innings as a Cub before we declare him a significant guy going forward. The potential is there, but let’s wait until we see it.

  • The Dude Abides

    Paul Maholm & Reed Johnson would be every bit as flippable this year as last year and cheaper than Baker & Hairston.

    Still think Arodys Vizcaino has upside but no matter how minor this is three surgeries for the guy already.

  • Crazyhorse

    A suggestion to the Front Office please when we trade players , lets get players that can actually play baseball on the field. When we sign Free Agents please lets them able to perform physically on the field. When We draft players please ……..

    The Cubs way is looking too mush like the Disabled Way.

    I am sure some one will post how the ” bad luck surrounding the pick ups this front office has done for the Cubs . Sometimes bad is bad and excuse are exploited for excuses.

    • willis

      I agree with this.

    • BT

      Good point, because lots of teams would have given us a healthy top 100 prospect for Paul Maholm. I’m sure they had their pick of top prospects, but decided the guy with Tommy John surgery was the best option.

      The Cubs took an injured guy because they got a better prospect. If they wanted a healthy guy, they would have had to take a lesser prospect. This isn’t that difficult to comprehend.

      • Kyle

        Maholm had an option for this year. We didn’t *have* to trade him for a prospect.

        Not that I think Vizcaino was an unacceptable risk.

        • BT

          Of course we didn’t HAVE to trade him. We could have kept him, and….what? What possible value would Paul Maholm have for this team right now? None. So we’d have to trade him. He’s pitched roughly the same, he’s a year older, and he doesn’t have the option now. he’s a free agent after the season. The team that trades for him can’t get a compensation pick. So his trade value is considerably less than it was when he was dealt last year.

          So we didn’t HAVE to trade him, but would have been morons if we hadn’t.

          • Kyle

            The presence of Paul Maholm could have, for example, made it unnecessary to sign Edwin Jackson and given us more money to add another bat.

            • BT

              Edwin Jackson wasn’t signed for this year.

              • Kyle

                Then we paid $52 million for three years of Edwin Jackson? That seems foolish.

                • BT

                  That logic would lead us to never sign another free agent. You sign guys when they are available. It’s not different than signing a guy for longer than he will be valuable. Would Anibal Sanchez have won the division for us this year? Are you saying it would have been stupid to pay the going rate on a 5 year deal for him even though we will really probably only need him for 3 or 4 of those years tops? Name any guy you wanted to sign this offseason. He would not have been enough to overcome the fact there are 3 teams in the Central playing .600 ball right now. does the fact that the player’s first year will be wasted on a bad team mean it would be foolish to sign him at all?

                  • Crazyhorse

                    The Cubs are one reason why 3 teams are playing 600 ball in the central divison. 6-16

                  • Kyle

                    You do realize that it wasn’t my point, but the logical extension of yours? Yes, I agree that it’s absurd.

                    It’s absurd because of course Edwin Jackson was signed to help the 2013 Cubs, as well as 2014-2016.

                    This year has not gone well, but that was not preordained last December.

                  • Kyle

                    But yeah, if you are giving up on a season in advance (which we weren’t, but you seem to believe we were), then it’s *really* foolish to sign a pitcher to a multiyear deal in advance of that season.

                    Pitchers are much, much too fickle to be betting on them 2-4 years down the road when you don’t have to.

                  • BT

                    Oh for God’s sake. I didn’t realize the Literal Police were assigned to this case. OK. Edwin Jackson was signed to play all 4 years. The Cubs didn’t give up before the season started. That being said, given the fact it was unlikely the Cubs were going to make up 25 games this offseason, the MAIN reason they signed him to a 4 year contract was to be a workhorse down the line. Therefore, Maholm’s existence in the rotation this year would have had very little effect on whether or not they decided to sign Jackson (or Sanchez) THIS year. I thought it was fairly obvious Jackson was not signed to answer the question “how do we fill out our 2013 rotation”, but rather how do we fill out our rotation long term.

            • BT

              And again, not only was Jackson signed to be our 5th starter 2 or 3 years down the line, but it doesn’t change the fact that hanging onto Maholm needlessly diminishes the value he brings back when you inevitably deal him.

              • Kyle

                The first half is really silly.

                The second half is mostly fine, but there’s still value in having a useful pitcher under cheap contract for 2013.

                • BT

                  It’s not silly. It’s baseball logic. see above.

                  • Kyle

                    Your theory is that the Cubs committed $52 million dollars to Edwin Jackson so that he could be their 5th starter in 2014 and 2015?

                    • babe ruth

                      i hope he can still put up those sick ass numbers that he’s putting up this year, during those 2 years.

    • King Jeff

      Traded for Rizzo, Wood; both are playing baseball on the field.
      Signed DeJesus, Schierholtz, Feldman, Maholm(injury risk at the time of signing); all are currently performing physically on the field.

      Didn’t even have to mention “bad luck surrounding the pick ups this front office has done for the Cubs”.

      • CrazyHorse

        Yet the team is in the cellar . Rizzo has been streaky but a positive, Dejusus I would not brag could have sign other players that would have played better, Scieholtz – really ? a half a season of fair game – not great ,not good just above average, Feldman second go around the league will tell if he is a plus.

        Wood is a bright spot but for how long?

  • Kyle

    Anytime you add a complication to a serious arm injury, it’s very bad news. Vizcaino has to be viewed with extreme skepticism from now on, because the risk of recurrence is huge.

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Read above. It is not a complication. This is actually rather normal.

    • Pat

      So then you should have no trouble naming multiple TJS recovery guys who have had this same non-setback.

  • Die hard

    Harvey taming the Yankees so far but his fastball rarely over 94

  • Bruce Boryla

    The Braves have always been very good about when/if to part with pitchers. If they were willing to let this guy go, then Theo and Jed should’ve been asking why.

    When the Braves put a pitcher who supposedly has electric stuff on the block, or are willing to include him in a trade, then Buyer Beware.

    • Tim

      For Paul Maholm and Reed Johnson, who would you rather get? Someone like vizcaino who has a chance to become a contributor to a winning team, or a minor league roster filler? Every team makes mistakes, I would take the risk as theo and jed decided to do

      • willis

        It surely wasn’t a bad risk, seeing what you were giving up (although I really liked Maholm) but when he was traded for (Vizcaino) too many people had expectations through the roof for him. All along it should have been very much tempered. And it needs to be very much so from here on out. Who knows if we’ll get much out of this guy or if he’ll be a constant DL member. We’ll see.

      • CrazyHorse

        Maholm and Johnson was basically traded for expensive air, at this point a crate of baseball bats would have been a better trade. Anybody who justifies this trade are just people that worship the toliet handles in THeo and Jeds Office.

        The mistakes and failure are accumulating For Jed and Theo. But ,its Bad Luck or is it just poor executive decisions. I thought the reason Theo was hired was to improve the Cubs not make MORE mistakes and discontinue the losing ways of the past.

        Every Front Office make Mistakes – and this front office has made many .

        • mjhurdle

          I would say anyone that is already condemning this trade this early is someone that has already decided that they don’t like Theo and Co and are simply looking to create justifications for their dislike.

          The trade might work out, or it might not. Way too early to tell.

    • BT

      Think they’d like to have Adam Wainwright back? Matt Harrison? Neftali Feliz? People keep saying this about the Braves, but they’ve given up their share of success stories.

  • Dynastyin2017

    Did you guys hear noted Tommy John surgeon Dr Lewis Yokum died? Does this effect the Cubs draft?

    • Die hard

      Only if he performed surgery afterwards on likely draftees

      • Jp3

        Ohhhh!!! Nice die hard

        • DarthHater

          Die hard has been posting here posthumously for years.

          • Jp3

            It’s just wrong you made me look that word up at this hour Darth😊. Just when I thought you’d never be able to use that in a sentence…

          • OCCubFan

            That’s not true. Die Hard is not dead, just brain dead.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    This is exactly the reason you draft position players when drafting where the Cubs pick this year. Maples rocked tonight at the Kane County game , Cashner not pitching well for SD, but Baez hits his 7th homer in walkoff win for Daytona. Draft Moran & let him play third base for a decade or more. Trade other position players in our system for PROVEN pitching prospects, not rehabilitating TJ could have bens.

    • turn two

      You have to use your first pick on a third baseman because maples got beat and a guy hit a homerun?

  • When the Music’s Over

    I’m now going to patiently wait for the news that Paniagua won’t make it stateside this year or even worse that his contract with the Cubs is void due to more identity issues.

  • CubsFaninMS

    Is it too early to begin naming him Erodist Vizcaino?

  • Blublud

    Javier Baez just hit a walk off HR.

  • http://lm matt

    I cant believe what i read on the replies…some of you guys believe Maholm and Johnson are the Cubs “saviors” we are talking about an average at best starter and a 4th or 5th outfielder. You take a huge risk on prospects and I believe our front office got the best they could for what they had to give away. We are 2 years into this why are so many of us shying away from the capability that they have.

  • Bea Arthur’s husband.

    Given the issues with Baker and others, when do Theo and the boys quietly move away from
    signing guys (not Vizcaino) with elbow injuries as a new efficiency? It is either typical Cubs luck with all these guys who just can’t comeback from TJ (remember poor Robert Whitenack who was sadly dumped)? Jed made them sound like the smartest
    guys in the room. Nope. They have been trapped at every turn by spending limits in the CBA and more. But guys with bum elbows isn’t a panacea nor a original idea. I’m going to piss people off, but looking at the major league level moves made and some trades, I think the Cubs need to work on pro scouting. I have full confidence in the minor league side, but Hoyer has shown me very little. Ian Stewart just being a poster boy. Or is just that brilliant people become losers here? Dallas Green and Andy Macphail (no Ed lynch was the issue)? No. It’s just bad decisions. I’d like to see te Cubs make more than one good trade in 2 years (reds deal). No more bad elbows if you can help it.

  • http://bleachernation.com someday…2015?

    Kyle Hendricks with another good outing. 6.2 IP, 6 H, 2 R, 2 BB, 6 SO. ERA now at 2.47

    This kid is making some serious noise.

  • jt

    I was hoping to see Arodys for about 20 Aug/Sept 2013 IP. Not gunna happen.
    I was hoping Arodys would toss about 60 2014 effective IP. It seems a bit less certain that will happen. But I’m thinkin’ there is a pretty good chance we will see that. Maybe they try to stretch him into a starter and keep him in Iowa during most of next year. Maybe his arm falls off. But I’m still hopin’ we see him in the pen next year and that he is effective.