Today, it appears that the Chicago Cubs are making good on their promises to mock up outfield signage so that the rooftop owners can see just how much their views into Wrigley Field will or will not be obstructed.

First, in a picture passed on by BN’er Jeremy, you can see the Cubs mocking up the JumboTron in left field:

Because of the angle and the curtain-ness of it, it’s hard to tell just how large the board is. Generally-speaking, though, this looks to be pretty much what we would have expected based on the pictures of the video board plans the Cubs have previously released. And, yes, that picture suggests the video board the Cubs want is massive.

Second, in a picture from the Wrigley BlogΒ (and there are others you can check out there), you can see the Cubs’ mock up of the advertising sign in right field:

That FFFFFFFFFFFF company sure will be a success!

Once again, it’s hard to get a full sense of the sign without being there, and, more accurately, being up on a rooftop. But, then again, that’s what I’m guessing this process is all about: giving the rooftops a chance to see how much or how little they’ll be affected. I suspect we’ll hear more about the results soon.

Jeremy also noted that Owner and Chairman Tom Ricketts and Business President Crane Kenney are on hand for the process today. Clearly this is a big deal.

Although they haven’t said so explicitly, it’s a fair bet that the Cubs would like to have both signs up for the 2014 season. Getting the rooftops to sign off – although not necessarily strictly required since there is already a renovation deal in place with the Mayor and the Alderman, which includes outfield signage – could help ensure that timeline.

UPDATE: BN’er John was able to grab a picture from inside the park using the Cubs’ Wrigley Field cam, which gives you a good sense of how large the mock-up is:

Pretty much the same size as the renderings the Cubs released – maybe a touch taller and less wide. Looks like a small portion of the left field outfield will be obscured to a rooftop in left center, and it’s possible that a portion of the right field outfield will be obscured to a rooftop in left. It’s hard to tell for sure from the pictures, but, either way, it doesn’t look like a ton of obstruction. The Cubs might be playing around with the heights and widths today, which would explain the curtains (instead of a hard form factor). With cranes in tow, the Cubs can try lots of different shapes to see what works best.

  • XavierGunz

    Hmm. Maybe they plan to have a new one up for Sox game on wednesday?!! lol. Go Cubs Go!!!!!

  • cubchymyst

    The sheets representing the jumbotron look huge compared to the wall

  • John

    Hey no engineer- but the second picture looks like right field to me- just bustin you–

    • Brett

      Bah. Swift fingers.

  • scorecardpaul

    I was wondering how many rooftop owners there are?
    Maybee that sign is simply saying “one F for each of you”

    • Spriggs

      Nice one!

  • curt

    Oh no crane Kenny is involved what could go wrong lol.

  • Patrick G

    I just looked at the video board mock photos and noticed they had lights on top but nothing in right field. Wouldn’t it make sense to put another set opposite of these?

    • Brett

      You’d think – but supposedly they can configure a way that it won’t create shadows or weirdness in the outfield, even if it’s only on one side.

  • Dynastyin2017

    BREAKING NEWS……Beth Murphy’s head spins off…….

  • MichiganGoat

    THE FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF has me wondering how a company that many extras Fs. Maybe I drank too much ordered a FFFFFFFFFFF**K YOU sign after a bullpen disaster.

    • DarthHater

      I wonder if they’d be interested in purchasing naming rights to FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Field.

      • MichiganGoat

        don’t you mean FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Stadium πŸ˜‰

        • DarthHater

          You have no ear for alliteration. But I’d expect that from a goat.

  • MichiganGoat

    or… the UCK YOU ROOFTOPS sign is not yet done

  • tribe22

    Unfortunately, no score on the board for the Cubs yet. Of course we’re used to that.[img]undefined[/img]

  • Jason

    Thanks for sharing this…It’s cool to see stuff that I normally wouldn’t even hear about. I love this site!

    • Brett

      Well thanks/you’re welcome. The big thanks goes to the BN’ers out there who share this stuff with the rest of us.

  • terencemann

    They might as well leave the FFFFFFFFFFF sign up there because that’s what we’ll all be screaming for a couple more seasons.

    • Brett


  • MichiganGoat

    That picture from inside looks like the rooftops will still be able to see clearly into the field they might miss a few shots to the opposite field but they should be happy

  • rando

    so the Budweiser Building/United Building will be worthless and lose that ad money because its behind the JumboTron?Or is it behind the JumboTron? isnt it owned by a rootfop owner?

    • Brett

      My understanding is that the Cubs have a relationship with that building, and it will be worked out.

  • Rich

    what happened to pic by fellow BN’er?? on flckr

  • beerhelps

    the inside Wrigley pic is down now

    • Brett

      Shows up for me – I’ll replace it anyway.

      • beerhelps

        Thanks, I can see it now…. it’s taller than i would have thought…

  • Rich

    that is the one I wanted to see

  • Brian

    The FFFFFFF sign is for the rooftops, telling them just that, for having to spend the big dollars on the cranes, just to appease their whining, by doing mock ups.

  • itzscott

    Just as I thought and had posted before….

    The Jumbotron is completely out of scale with the rest of the ballpark, pretty much destroying the aesthetics and rendering it a monstrosity.

    Look how the centerfield scoreboard AND the bleachers become miniaturized in relation to the size of the Jumbotron.

    If you thought the Soldier Field rehab was bad, this looks to be worse to the nth degree.

    • Cubbie Blues

      Make it bigger and sell more ads. I couldn’t care less as long as we become a perennial post-season team.

    • DarthHater

      It does look out of scale with the aesthetics of the rest of the park. But to say that it’s “worse to the nth degree” than dropping a flying saucer in the middle of soldier Field is just silly.

    • FFP

      I think I see what you mean by “out of scale” here, but Brett noted the fact that the curtain mock-up suggests they are trying different configurations.
      (Larger or more obtrusive configurations may be negotiating positions, like asking the boss for 20K raise when you plan on being happy when he counters with 10K.)
      The actual jumbotron will be an even better aesthetic fit when it is color-blocked with various info,ads and blended with Wrigley background colors on the display side, and integrated into the rest of the structure by supports and fascia on the street side.

    • MichiganGoat

      Here is Wrigley in 1914 before it was Wrigley


      change happens all the time this whole cry for the “beauty & history” of Wrigley being preserved is short sighted. This ball park has changed considerably over the years and everyone still wants to visit the historic Wrigley

    • cubmig

      I agree 1,000%, but where money is concerned, sentiment has no ca$h value. It will do nothing to guarantee a winning, WS team.

  • The Brian Roberts Trade

    ………..And in 5 years no one will remember it without the jumbotron.

  • Kukini

    If those banners really represent the dimensions of the jumbotron, we are installing a Kauffman Stadium-esque square monstrosity. I feel it is missing its crown.

  • Valerae

    I was watching some of the Phillies game last night at Fenway. The ads looked horrendous and out of place. Flipping back and forth between that an the Cubs/White Sox game was jarring. Ads look alright in newer stadiums like US Cellular Field and Citizens Bank Park but they look really out of place in these old ball parks. Maybe if they could get their advertisers to do throw-back logos it might help – ha!

    I’ve been to Fenway and don’t remember the ads being so glaringly awful (but it was that cold, rainy first night against the Cubs so I don’t remember much except for freezing and losing). But Fenway is seriously ugly with all of the corporate advertising. I just hope they don’t make Wrigley so ugly that even us die-hard Wrigley fans stop caring if they tear the place down.

    • FFP

      Ummm. [img][/img]

      • DarthHater

        Well, those signs would have looked a lot better if they had just used throw-back 19th-century logos. πŸ˜‰

        • Valerae

          LOL. Maybe Fenway has always been ugly. Huge ads are an eyesore no matter what. The ones I noticed last night were propped on the outside of the stadium above the Green Monster – like the FFFFFFF. They probably fit in better at the newer stadiums because the designers have ad space in mind when working out ad space and layout. But now that I think about it, Citizen’s Bank Park does have that tower of logos next to the jumbotron that are horrific…

      • FFP

        And then there was this[img][/img]

        • DarthHater

          Hey, they needed a lot of advertising revenue to pay the players those $3,000 annual salaries!

        • Cubbie Blues

          Wrigleyville really does hate signage.

    • itzscott

      >> I just hope they don’t make Wrigley so ugly that even us die-hard Wrigley fans stop caring if they tear the place down.<<

      I really hope that mock up was an extreme case and they're just trying to find the right size and will eventually scale it back some to fit in more with the park and a less in-your-face kind of thing that takes away from the game itself.

      …. and yes, I am a die-hard Wrigley fan and I'm really starting to feel that maybe we would all be better off if Ricketts just donated Wrigley to the city, took the tax deduction and built a new stadium elsewhere.

  • cubzforlife

    Jim Hendry and Quade own that building. Part of their retirement fund.

  • North Side Irish

    Serena Dai ‏@ssdai 3m
    Story: Wrigley rooftops got a taste of what a new Wrigley Field would be like today

    Short version: Tunney: “It’s big”. Ricketts: “It looks fine”. Roof Top Owners: “It’s big”.

  • North Side Irish

    Meghan Montemurro ‏@M_Montemurro 2m
    Rooftop owners release statement on Cubs jumbotron/sign mockups: “Signs on the rooftops have no obstruction of our patrons’ views …

    Meghan Montemurro ‏@M_Montemurro 4m
    Rooftop owners statement on Cubs jumbotron/sign mockups cont: ” … and remain the best solution to provide sign revenue to the team.”

    Good luck with that.

    • JB88

      It never ceases to amaze me how beggars really can be choosers …

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  • cubzfan23

    Yea the mock-up for the scoreboard was huge IMO, but thats why you do it to get it right before the money and time is spent putting it into the park. I would just hope that the scoreboard is done in a mannor that it blends in with the stadium, which can be done. I guess that depends on the mindset of the person installing it.

    My thought would be to not make it as tall as what was in the mock-up, but to narrow it a little by shrinking the height of it than increasing the width by a little. I like the idea of having the scoreboard and yes the advertisements. Ads have been on stadium outfield walls since way back. The key is to make it as tasteful as possible.

  • Chase S.

    So where are they going to put the giant fish?

    • Dustin S

      Just to the left of the mascot slide.

    • DarthHater

      I can’t wait for the opening lineup video with the Alan Parsons Project playing over images of a herd of bear cubs marauding through the Loop…

  • Die hard

    This is so ridiculous -/- Rooftoppers don’t watch the game– they eat and drink themselves silly while watching the TV pretending they are at the game — need binoculars to see 2B

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