respect wrigleyToday the owners of the rooftop buildings that offer views into Wrigley Field reacted, via press release, to the Chicago Cubs’ mock-up/test video board in left field and advertising sign in right field. The Cubs conducted the tests to determine if, and to what extent, the proposed signs would impact the rooftop buildings with which the Cubs have a revenue-sharing agreement.

The press release was short and semi-cryptic:

Earlier today, the Chicago Cubs erected mockups of their proposed Jumbotron and additional signage in the Wrigley Field bleachers. Wrigleyville Rooftops Association Spokesman Ryan McLaughlin has released the following statement:

“We appreciate the Cubs’ willingness to demonstrate the impact of their sign plan. We were shown several options today, which we will verify with the permit applications they have submitted to the City of Chicago. We know one thing for sure: Signs on the Rooftops have no obstruction of our patrons’ views and remain the best solution to provide sign revenue to the team.”

The rooftops’ plan to put advertising on the buildings was a solution that never really piqued the Cubs’ interest, and that line in the press release is curious at this stage in the game.

There isn’t much meat in the release, and I suppose it is simply the product of the rooftops feeling like they had to say¬†something. It’s nice that they appreciated the Cubs’ efforts.

The planned development process will continue, and it’s possible that today’s demonstration was as much about goodwill (and allowing the rooftops to plan for the future) as it was about actually getting the rooftops to actively support the outfield signage plan. Maybe that’s never going to happen, and maybe the Cubs are just trying to be as thoughtful as reasonably possible.

Disclosure: Some of the rooftops advertise on Bleacher Nation, but that has not impacted how I’ve covered this ongoing story.

  • MichiganGoat

    I actually expected worse comments from them, we’ll hear more about this tomorrow.

  • JB88

    I said it once today in response to links to the rooftop owners’ comments, and I’ll say it again: It never ceases to amaze me that beggars can in fact be choosers.

  • Jonathan

    Sounds like they seem resigned to lose this battle. The comment about the permit sounds like they intend whatever legal wrangling they can to try to hold onto some lottle bit of power.

  • Fastball

    If I owned a rooftop I would now have a contractor come in and determine how high I needed to raise my bleachers so the people in the 1st row can see the field without issues. So this offseason you have to raise the bleachers 5 feet, 10 feet whatever the case may be. A structural architect could solve that for them rather quickly so it’s safe and no obstructed views. Why they didn’t just plan for this in the first place is beyond me. If these owners make some structural design changes they could conceivably watch games forever.

    Problem Solved. Case Closed. Next…

    • Crazyhorse

      Good solution.

    • Koyie Hill Sucks

      But that would mean they would have to spend money, I doubt they want to do that.

    • Kyle

      How do you get zoning approval?

  • Bric

    This is such a bazaar story that’s been unfolding for months now. The Cubs are struggling to sell out their next couple of games against the hated White Sox (who are also struggling to sell out their one remaining game against the Cubs) and these seats are INTHE PARK.

    Why anyone outside the 4 or 5 venders and management groups that are going to be personally affected for making poor business decisions a couple of years ago care about this story is beyond me. The Cubs have way bigger fish to fry.

  • OCCubFan

    “This is such a bazaar story…”
    Yes, this story reminds me of the back-and-forth that occurs in a Mid-East bazaar. It sure is bizarre.

    • Bric

      Agreed. I can see Jed and Theo and the 3 or 4 venders from the rooftops sitting in the Cubbie Bear wearing a fez and smoking from a hookah as they haggle about how to get an exit visa from Wrigleyville.

      • FFP

        Beth Murphy: You despise me, don’t you?
        Theo: Well, if I gave you any thought, I probably would.[img][/img]

        • Ian Afterbirth

          I’m shocked – SHOCKED!!!!!

          • MaxM1908

            “Are you one of those people who cannot imagine us in their beloved Chicago?”

            “Well, there are certain sections of the Southside, Major, I wouldn’t advise you try to invade.”

            • Bric

              “Damn you, guy that plays the organ up in the press box, I told you I never wanted to hear that song again!”

            • Ian Afterbirth

              Hyde Park would be pretty easy to invade…..

  • Die hard

    Rooftoppers should offer helicopter rides

  • CubbieBubba

    …wow! Casa-breakdown!