baez almora solerAlthough he’s recovering from a (hopefully) minor hamstring issue, Chicago Cubs outfield prospect Albert Almora is raking in the hardware.

That’s because Almora, on the strength of a¬†.519/.567/.704 debut in Low-A this year, was named the Midwest League’s Player of the Week. Almora had just debuted with Kane County because he’d been rehabbing a hamate-bone-free wrist (he had the bone removed after breaking it this Spring), and it was obviously a rousing success. Now if he could just get back in action as soon as possible and keep it up, we’d all be much obliged.

In other good prospect news, outfielder Jorge Soler has moved up to No. 21 on Keith Law’s list of top prospects. Law had Soler at number 42 before the season, but has been impressed by Soler’s ability to take a walk coupled with his prodigious power. In the field, Law has been disappointed by Soler’s performance, but it’s possible that there’s simply some learning going on (because the raw ability is indisputable). Soler is currently hitting¬†.295/.367/.513 at High-A Daytona, and figures to get strong consideration for a promotion to AA in the coming months.

Law listed just 25 players on his updated list (with five “also considered”), so Soler was the only Cub on the list. Before the season, Law had ranked Javier Baez at 31 and Almora at 33. Baez has probably slipped some, thanks to K/BB and defensive issues at High-A. Almora may have also slipped slight, due to his delayed start to the year (guys who are playing could have passed him). Each has plenty of time to re-emerge as tip top prospects, however.

  • Ryan


    Are you concerned about Baez’s ridiculous amount of errors? He is essentially getting an error every other game.

    • Patrick G

      I calculated that he is projected to commit 72 errors if he stays on this pace at Daytona. In the words of Billy Madison: GOOOOOOOO

    • Luke

      Loads of errors are fairly normal for young shortstops in the minors. The only way to gauge defensive ability at those levels is to watch the players, and those who watch Baez typically report that he has the tools to maybe stay at short, but that he’ll probably wind up on third.

  • Beardface

    Brett, I’ve been under the weather for the past week or so, but am wanting to get out to the Kane County game tonight in Davenport. Any idea whether Almora will be back tonight or tomorrow? If he is then I think it’s worth sucking it up and going.

  • hansman1982

    Soler, right now, seems to be Baez but with the ability to draw a walk.

    • Kyle

      And much harder to strike out, which bodes well for him moving up the ladder.

  • Die hard

    Can see Soler making 25 out of spring training next year with Sweeney DeJesus Hairston gone

    • terencemann

      Anointing someone the opening day starter for next season after 40 games of High-A ball is a little silly but he won’t be there anyway because they’ll play the service time game with him even if he’s ready.

      • Scotti

        Service time concerns every prospect EXCEPT Soler. He’s working on a NINE-year contract. That could, conceivably, take him to free agency. He’ll be up when he’s ready to come up.

  • another JP

    I don’t care about the value of keeping him at third base… how awesome would it be to draft Kris Bryant and put him in LF with Almora in CF & Soler in RF? That outfield alone would sell plenty of tix.

    • Die hard

      Waive Soriano too and be done with it rather than hinder kids

    • ssckelley

      If the guy can hit as well as everyone says he can and with power then you find a position for him. Obviously his value is higher if he can stick at 3rd, if you seen the offseason free agent market for 3rd basemen you will know why. If Appel is taken by the Astros then I am hoping the Cubs go for Bryant, both Appel and Bryant seem to be a safer pick than Gray.

    • terencemann

      Corner outfielders are easy to find. Pitchers with the potential to be TOR starters are not. I’m just saying…

  • SenorGato

    Almora needs to stop getting injured and catch up to Baez. It’s well within his reach, and it’s something I would like to see so that I am entertained.

    I feel insane for being as high on Almora as I am without seeing a ton of him.

    Almora’s rise hid a Candelario slump. That’s a little depressing. Moving from hitter friendly Boise up to a probably more neutral KC definitely seems to have given guys some trouble.

    • Jp3

      I tell you Vogs won’t be in Kane County much longer, he’s been consistent(not in the field) all year at .290/.350 but hasn’t hit HRs like he did last year. However, over his last couple games he’s hit a few, if he shows his power numbers have come back to earth he should get bumped pretty quick.