Scott Feldman didn’t have his best stuff today, but he still managed an outwardly impressive line: 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 0 BB, 7 K. I mean, that’s just a fantastic line. Hooray!

And with that fantastic line came another win over the White Sox, ensuring that the Cubs can’t lose the Crosstown Classic this year! Hooray!

It also gives the Cubs a three-game winning streak! Hooray!

But today will be remembered as this:

may 29 box

Full box.

  • http://Bleachernation Lou Brock

    Can anyone explain why Ty Wright is taking up a roster spot and playing at Tenn. when John Andreoli has already had almost 600 AB’s at Daytona and is yet to be promoted? The Andreoli kid looks like he has more than proven himself at the high A level and deserves the promotion. Meanwhile Ty Wright who has been in the system six years and has never displayed the tools of a possible ML player still hangs on Kyle?

  • Luke

    I think Wright is there to replace Bour (who is on the DL). He’s not exactly blocking Andreoli.

    Andreoli is blocked more or less by Ha and Szczur. Ha has well over a year in Double A now, and Szczur is getting there himself. Both could go to Iowa any time.

    But they are blocked in Iowa by the likes of Brett Jackson and Brian Bogusevic.

    Jackson is probably not quite ready for Chicago. Bogusevic is blocked by the army of outfielders the Cubs already have.

    Once OFers start getting traded off the ML roster, the chain reaction should pull up Bogusevic, maybe Jackson, Ha, maybe Szczur, Andreoli, maybe Soler, maybe Shoulders, and Chen.

    • jt

      You don’t mention Sappelt nor, to a much lesser degree, McDonald. I don’t believe anyone thinks McDonald has a future with The Cubs. But it also seems that Sappelt is being replaced by Borbon.
      Just wondering if an OF’er is dealt from the Big Club and Sappelt is somehow included, could it happen that Bogusevic gets promoted to Chicago while BJax remains in an Iowa OF with Ha and Szczur? Jackson K’d another 3 times tonight and doesn’t seem to be tearing up AAA pitching this year.

  • Die hard

    Will have to improve on BB if to continue streak

  • Zogie

    Navarro went out of his mind today to carry the Cubs to victory. 3 HRs 6 RBIs. That is crazy production from a back-up catcher. Maybe he should start more? The pitching was also solid today. Feldman had good command striking out 7 while Villanueva, Marmol, and Burnett followed through. A few other notes, Hairston is coming around, Sweeney continues to hit, and DeJesus continues to have consistant ABs as always. I want to single out Darwin Barney. We already know he isn’t magic with the stick, but he has gone swing crazy. Sure it is great to see him pull the ball with authority, but he has been offering at bad pitches lately with his aggressive approach. He had a 3-0 count and went after the next pitch which would have been ball 4. He needs to be selectively aggressive. As always if you guys have any questions, I have the ABs recorded. My shout out goes to Navarro of course.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      Well, Danks did hang two changeups to him. Navarro whacked them to be certain: but Navarro might go a month before he sees such hittable pitches in a game again!

  • Bill

    I went to the KC game tonight. Johnson looked very good. Nasty breaking ball. He gave up a dinger (solo shot) but that was about it. 5.2 innings, 4 hits, 1 BB, 7 K’s. There was a Reggie Golden sighting. He had a walk and 2 K’s.

  • Mysterious4th

    I was impressed by the Cubs not giving up a BB and striking out 11….oh and ZERO errors in the game!

  • Cubbie Blues

    You mean we had someone with a 3 HR game and I was playing basketball instead of watching? NOOOO

  • Dustin S

    I have to admit that when I saw the lineup yesterday before the game I saw Navarro in there and thought to myself why does Sveum start him over Castillo so much? And then he has a career game. I also read this morning that it looks like Bowden made it through waivers to Iowa unclaimed, which is good news and a bit of a surprise. I was one of many thinking he would be claimed.

    So these are times that build my confidence in the front office and Dale that they know what they’re doing.