Scott Feldman didn’t have his best stuff today, but he still managed an outwardly impressive line: 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 0 BB, 7 K. I mean, that’s just a fantastic line. Hooray!

And with that fantastic line came another win over the White Sox, ensuring that the Cubs can’t lose the Crosstown Classic this year! Hooray!

It also gives the Cubs a three-game winning streak! Hooray!

But today will be remembered as this:

may 29 box

Full box.

  • justinjabs

    That was crazy fun to watch.

  • ETS

    He needs to work on that passed ball

  • Werner

    I swear I was upset that Castillo wasn’t in the lineup.

    • João Lucas

      Me too. I almost blasted Sveum before the game for playing Navarro against a lefty.

  • SirCub

    I hope that my memory is as good as Spriggs to remember this game well enough in 20 years to answer the inevitable trivia question, and add something like, “Yea, I remember that game. I think Feldman pitched well, too. Something like 6 innings, with 2 er’s. Maybe threw 104 pitches or so…”

    • cubchymyst

      Can already see the question, “Which Cubs players have hit homeruns from both sides of the plate in the same game?”

      • Die hard

        Bobby Mercer

        • DarthHater

          Pretty impressive, since Murcer was a left-handed batter.

      • DarthHater

        Mark Bellhorn did it twice in 2002.

        • DarthHater

          And once again, researching actual facts triumphs over just typing whatever the hell pops into your head.

          • Rich H

            You forgot to mention that one of those was in the same inning against Milwaukee.

          • Die hard

            To the back of the line — you did a chat and cut

          • bloctoad

            Research? Ha! You could have just as easily copy and paste that from Muskrat off the Cubs site. A Bobby Murcer sighting trumps your “research.”

        • cubchymyst

          Just throwing the questions out there, wasn’t expecting an answer. I had no idea Bellhorn did it twice in 2002.

          • Die hard

            Yea but don’t let Darth snow you– he forgot Augie Galan and Ellis Burton– he likes everyone thinking he’s the smartest one in the class.. Murcer answer revealed him for what he thinks he is– he couldn’t resist

            • @cubsfantroy

              Darth is smart though. So, what is the problem?

              • cubchymyst

                I looked at ESPN Chicago and it list Bellhorn there as the last such occurrence, my guess is he just saw it. Makes it no less true though. The ability to find information is just as important as general knowledge.

                • Jimmy James

                  Pat was talking about on the radio broadcast

  • cjdubbya

    Can’t ever predict baseball. This was a fun day.

  • Cubbyboy13

    Cubs pitchers did not allow a single walk today. Very nice to see.

  • Kyle

    National League average: 4.05 runs/game
    Cubs: 4.04 runs/game

    • Corey

      They really are better then their record indicates.

      • another JP

        Cubs now +1 on the year for run differential and are 9 under .500. Giants are -2 and 4 games over .500.

    • jt

      Cubs are 6W 2L in blowouts. In the 6 wins they outscored the other guys 50 R 10 RA.
      The 40 run differential in those 6 blowout wins earned 6 notches in the W column.
      In these 6 Wins, The Cubs scored just under 25% of the runs they scored total for the 51 games played in 2013.
      Cubs are 7W 12L in one run games. The 12 run differential in the 12 losses in these one run games earned 12 losses in the L column.
      Sequence and distribution matters both in words and deeds.
      Are they good? No!
      Could they get to be good? Well maybe!

  • Corey

    I love how Garza is always the guy with the pie/shaving cream.

  • Arkansas Cub

    Im not gonna lie, I was mad when I saw Navarro was in the lineup today. Boy, did he ever prove me wrong. I say platoon him full time with Castillo now.

  • Arkansas Cub

    ok maybe not full time, but he’s definitely earned more starts

  • Die hard

    Nothin finer than to give Sox a shiner

  • 70’scub

    Can the Cub get Steve Stone back!

  • cubchymyst

    Today proved a good day to leave work early and watch the game on WGN. Added bonus was Hawk was home sick and didn’t have to listen to him.

  • JoeyCollins

    Listening to the Sox broadcast isn’t near as bad when hawk doesn’t have enough TWTW (the will to work). Although Stone constantly saying that the only reason Feldman is having a better year this year than last year was the switch to the NL got old. Last year he had a better FIP, xFIP, HR/9, and BB/9 all with a higher BABIP. ERA is about the only area he is better this year than last year, but i guess that’s all that matters.

    • PR Cajun


  • willis

    18-3 so far this year in two games against the White Sox. Love that. Feldman was impressive today without his best stuff. And Navarro was just comical. That’s three in a row, love seeing that.

    Would love to see a 4th in a row as I am in Chicago this weekend and would love to take in a game on a winning streak.

  • JulioZuleta

    Bet Danks hates Wrigley even more after a backup catcher hit 2 homers off of him in one game. Can’t stand him/love seeing him struggle.

  • MichiganGoat

    Somebody on DraftStreet just got a nice present.

  • Mike

    The Cubs broadcast was on CSN. I’m seeing people comment about listening to Stone.

    • hansman1982

      Ya, it really wasn’t that bad

      • Mike

        Did people not know it was on two different channels?

        • Jason P

          A lot of people that comment on this site don’t live in Chicago, so they would have to watch on WGN America.

        • PR Cajun

          For the casual fan and those of us outside of Chicago and without mlbtv…wgn was it

      • MichiganGoat

        No Hawk makes the broadcast manageable

        • PR Cajun


        • CubbiesOHCubbies

          Although in hindsight, I love listening to Hawk whine like a little bitch when the Sox are taking in on the chin. This would have been a fun one to listen to his excuses and crying.

          • Jimmy james

            Clearly the score was closer than it seemed and if Navarro would have forgot his jockstrap today sox woulda won

            • Whiteflag

              That’s baseball. Sometimes all it takes is one player to get the ball rolling. A Win is a win.

    • JoeyCollins

      Not everyone lives in Chicago or gets CSN. The WGN games are the only ones i get usually.

    • ssckelley

      I would listen to the Sox telecast if I could just listen to Stone, but that other guy ruins it for me.

  • Mr. P

    The 12 total bases on the box score for Navarro just looks silly. Hooray that the ridiculousness was on our side!

  • Stevie B

    Do we want to loom at signing this cat long term??

    I’d take that…yessir…I would.

  • clark addison

    Those of us outside Chicago only got the WGN broadcast. A pleasant surprise to hear Hawk was AWOL. I usually leave the sound off when I have to watch them, and listen to the Cubs radio on my ipad.

    Stone isn’t bad except when he gets snarky about the Cubs. Also, I get tired of them calling their players by their first names, as if they were bosom buddies.

    • Diesel

      Thank me for buying the premium so I don’t have to listen to white sox announcers. Baseball is the greatest thing ever

  • 70’scub

    @MIKE, Here in Atlanta todays game was shown on WGN with Stone calling it with TWTW out sick.

    • Mike


  • mjhurdle

    So do we count this as a game that Sveum single-handily won with his decision to start Navarro? Or does the over-reacting hindsight principle only apply when the Cubs lose?

    Good job by Feldman and the bullpen, and what an amazing game by Navarro

    • Dynastyin2017

      To your second question. YES.
      The guy was 5 for 15 against Danks, and Dale always plays the numbers (even if he shouldn’t).

  • Dynastyin2017

    Do we think Sori is hurt, or was pulling him just precautionary?

    • Corey

      Not hurt, Dale always does that when he pinch hits Sweeney. Just gives his knees a few innings off.

  • Robert

    So the Sox are having a mullet night promo. Isn’t every night on the south side mullet night?

    • Danny Ballgame

      Mullet and bring your knife to the game is every game

      • Rich H

        The best mullet gets a KC punching bag.

  • Die hard

    Can’t find attendance figure in Box? Lot of empty seats last night Yanks game and they have huge scoreboard and other goodies

  • cubmig

    3 wins in a row. This is getting scary.

    Sveum was ruminating that sometime it takes a good outing by a pitcher, players going from not hitting to all hitting at one time, etc., etc., etc. Is that a sound bite of things to come and expect? …………scary to start believing we may be in a turn-around stage…..

  • Bric

    A little shocking when you consider their record but the Cubs now have scored one more run than their opponents (I believe it’s 206- 205). I don’t think any team in the plus margin has as bad a record as the Cubs, unfortunately.

    • Bric

      Actually I just checked and the Cubs easily have the worst record of teams in the plus margin. In fact 10 teams in the negative for runs scored are above us in the standings. That sucks.

      • DocPeterWimsey

        I think that the better way to look at it is how the Cubs are doing relative to expectations. With a run differential of 1, the Cubs are basically a hair over a 0.500 team. The single most probable record for them is 26-25. That means that they are 5 wins under expectations. So, if a team has about a 50.25% chance of winning each game, the probability of getting 21 wins in 51 tries is not all that low: 10% of teams should be deviating from expectations by this much just by chance. (That’s just [0.5025 ^ 21] x [0..4975 ^ 30] x the number of ways to distribute 21 wins in 51 games= 1.14 x 10^14)

        That written, the Cubs are at the low end of the totem pole here. The Tigers are doing 2nd worse, with 3 under expectations. (They also are 29-21 overall: so, does this mean that they are fundamentally bad for winning 3 fewer than expected or fundamentally good for playing well enough that they should be 32-18?)

        On the other end, the Phils are doing the best: they *should* have nearly the same record as the Cubs actually have, but they actually almost have the record that the Cubs do have (25-26 instead of 26-25).

        Teams actually are unusually tightly bunched around the run-differential expectations so far this year. Stuff happens.

        Well, if Cubs are missing socks, then they probably are magically appearing in a drier in Philly.

  • X the Cubs Fan

    completely random thought but does anyone think Cubs could get a discount on Giancarlo Stanton? I mean his stats are way down even with the injury if they could bring him in for just one top 3 prospect and a couple others wouldn’t they jump on the

    • X the Cubs Fan

      dumb “.com” button

  • Cedlandrum

    good news, Junior lake played in extended today.

    • willis

      Very good news.