respect wrigleyAt last check, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Tom Tunney had introduced an ordinance before City Council in early May, which would increase the number of allowable night games at Wrigley Field. The gist of the ordinance:

Under the ordinance, the Cubs would see an increased night game limit from 30 to 40, as well as six 3:05pm Friday starts, which could kick in as soon as later this season. The Cubs have agreed that they’ll schedule just 35 night games under this ordinance, leaving them five games’ worth of flexibility for when MLB asks them to flip day games to night games. If the Cubs are good, and MLB requests more than five games are flipped, City Council will approve those flips on an ad hoc basis (up to six additional night games, for a total of 46).

The understanding was that the ordinance would be voted on by City Council within 30 to 60 days, meaning that it would be voted on at the June or July City Council meeting. Good news from the Tribune, as it sounds like there is indeed hope that it to be voted on at the June meeting, which is next Wednesday, June 5.

Although passage of the ordinance – which is expected – would not net the Cubs any new night games this year, it could allow them to schedule some of those 3:05pm Friday starts in July and August (the Cubs still list four Friday games as “TBD” on the time). Clearly that is the Cubs’ hope, and at least one reason that they’d like to see this ordinance passed in early June, rather than early July.

The big news, though, would be the passage of the ordinance, in general. Additional night games are an important part of the Cubs’ long-term success (more revenue for those games, more revenue on the TV contract, better schedules for the players, etc.), and although no one expects the night game plan to fall through at this point … you just never know. Having it finally, actually, and formally approved will ease everyone’s mind.

It will also mark the first final approval of any aspect of the comprehensive Wrigley renovation plan, which would also be a good sign.

  • JulioZuleta

    Nice. You probably included it in a previous post but, any idea how many night games the other MLB teams play on average?

    • MichiganGoat

      I thought it was around 50 home night games on average… but that is just my muddled memory.

      • JulioZuleta

        That sounds about right. I know the added games will partially negate the home field disadvantage of playing so many day games, but to me the most beneficial result will be added TV dollars. Night games are more valuable than day games for selling ad space; more Cubs fans can watch a 6:05 game than a 1:05 game, regardless of what Lee Elia thinks.

      • Brett


        • JulioZuleta

          Thanks. Man, hard to believe they play about half of that now.

  • DReese

    Brett, did you ever do an analysis of how much more money the Cubs would get for a night game vs a day game (12:05 start)? I cannot remember.

    • Brett

      No – without financial documents (which aren’t public) to back it up, I’d kind of just be throwing darts, which I think is misleading. Factor in the VERY uncertain TV deal ramifications, and there’s just not a great way to do the math. It’s in the million(s) per game, though.

      • Cubbie Blues

        That didn’t stop Forbes.

        • hansman1982


          That is until we think the Cubs are broke a month later…

          • cjdubbya

            It’s not the team that’s broke, just the players. *Oblig

  • Die hard

    Sure- close 50 schools but open the neighborhood to more late night drunkeness– time to circulate petition to recall King Rahman

    • Cubbie Blues

      They closed 50 schools in Wrigleyville?

    • North Side Irish

      Sweet Jesus you are clueless.

      • BluBlud

        I actually think Die hard is smarter then anyone here thinks. He just trolling people to get responses.

        • OCCubFan

          “I actually think Die hard is smarter then anyone here thinks.” It is impossible for Die Hard not to be smarter than everyone thinks, since everyone thinks he has an IQ of 0.

    • JulioZuleta

      Wwhhyy do we still respond to this? I disagree with the vast majority of school closings, but everyone, including die hard, knows they aren’t comparable. There, they close schools to presumably SAVE money. Here, they are allowing extra night games to increase revenue/amusement tax/reduce pressure of having to supply public dollars; i.e., to MAKE money.

      Die hard knows this, he wants people to respond. Stop responding. I have a dream that one day, die hard posts will no longer receive replies.

      • OCCubFan

        Okay. I hereby take the pledge never to respond to Die Hard.

        • Cubbie Blues

          I don’t. I get a kick out of him.

          • Jp3

            Me too😊. Free entertainment.