dioner navarro cubsYesterday, Dioner Navarro hit three homers in his three at bats, and also walked. It was the first time a catcher did that from both sides of the plate during the day at Wrigley Field in a Cubs uniform without recording an out while the wind wasn’t blowing too hard and other some such ridiculous post-hoc narrative SINCE FOREVER.

More interestingly …

  • Navarro entered the day with a .636 OPS. He ended the day with an .871 OPS.
  • Navarro entered the day with an OPS+ of 72, which means the league average was 28% better than him. He ended the day with an OPS+ of 131, which means that the league average is now 31% worse than him.
  • Navarro doubled his home run total in one day, which wouldn’t be all that impressive in April, or if he hadn’t already had three home runs through 55 at bats (which is pretty good).
  • Despite that .871 OPS, Navarro’s BABIP remains just .195. That’ll happen when six of your 14 hits on the season are home runs, which do not figure into BABIP.
  • With six homers and a double, Navarro has as many extra-base hits as singles.
  • If he had enough plate appearances to qualify, Navarro’s .365 wOBA would be best on the Cubs by a good bit, and better than guys like Adrian Beltre, Mark Trumbo, Chase Headley, Andrew McCutchen, Matt Holliday, and on and on.
  • If he had enough plate appearances to qualify, Navarro’s .328 Isolated Power would be better than everyone in baseball not named Chris Davis. Indeed, the next guys in line are all at .300 or lower.
  • This season, Navarro has now homered once every 9.67 at bats. Barry Bonds homered once every 12.92 at bats.
  • Navarro’s career has spanned more than 2300 plate appearances. In once day, he raised his career OPS from .662 to .669. One. Game.
  • JB88

    Numbers are fun.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I love them.

      • Jonathn

        My favorite is the first paragraph about post hoc nonsense. I get so tired of meaningless stats (e.g. soriano’s is batting .230 with runners on 1st and 3rd with two outs before the 5th inning during day games in which the cubs are playing teams that don’t have blue as one of their home colors)

  • Cubbie Blues

    And I missed the game because I was playing basketball.

    • BluBlud

      That early in the afternoon. I played ball yesterday too, but didn’t start til 6 O’clock,

      • Cubbie Blues

        Yeah, I get off work at 3:30 Eastern and wasn’t able to listen to the radio feed before that.

  • forlines

    I was watching the live updates on MLB.com at work, and when I left, I was bragging about how he had knocked 2 out of the park. As you can imagine, I was even more pleased to find out he had gotten a hat trick before it was all said and done. Smiling from ear to ear thanks to NavarrOMG! haha

  • BluBlud

    This is actually a pretty cool article. I do this with numbers from time to time. I left work early yesterday to watch the game. Man was it worth it.

  • Rich H

    Is it sad that I remember the Lilly for Davis and boot trade that did not happen and get mad?

  • SirCub

    That last one is ridiculous. Gotta be close to the most that anybody that far into their career has raised their career OPS in a single game.

  • Corey

    len just tweeted.


    • Cubbie Blues

      I don’t know if I like the idea of Bob being back in our booth so soon. Everybody is still somewhat getting used to JD.

      • SirCub

        I’ve really enjoyed Deshaies in the games I’ve been able to watch so far. But yea, no need to bring about the Brenly comparison if it can be avoided. He can sometimes seem like a little bit of a “poor man’s” Bob.

    • Cleanup poster

      Why is Bob there?

      • Robbo

        Cubs play D Backs this weekend. Bob is the announcer for AZ.

        • Cleanup poster

          Yeah, I got that and thanks for the reply. I’m guessing the d backs have an off day today ?

          • SirCub

            Actually they’re playing Texas right now. Weird…

  • ncsujuri

    Maybe I am about to show my ignorance and that’s ok but why the heck would a HR not count when figuring a player’s BABIP?

    • Cleanup poster

      Because a home run isn’t in play?

    • ETS

      BABIP is a measure of balls that are fielded. A homerun isn’t in-play to field.

    • SirCub

      BABIP is meant to measure what percentage of the balls that a player hits *in play* fall for hits. As such, HR’s aren’t counted, since they fall out of play.

      • SirCub

        Triple jinx!

    • ncsujuri

      Thanks guys for the explanation. Sounds dumb to me personally. Out of play = Foul, In play = hit or fielded. A HR counts as a hit, Dioner didn’t go 0 for 3 with a walk and 3 HR’s he went 3 for 3.

      • TWC

        But “out of play” does not necessarily equal “foul”! Think of all the foul balls that are caught for outs. The ball is dead when it touches something other than a player’s glove when foul, or when it touches something other than a player’s glove when over the outfield fence. A dead ball is not a ball in play; therefore a HR is not a ball in play.

        I mean, I understand your frustration with it, but BABIP is measuring something very specific — balls in play, not hits.

      • Matt G (not garza)

        Its all centered around the “three true outcomes”. The line of thinking is that a walk, strikeout, or home run are the only things totally in control of the pitcher/batter matchup. The rest is determined by the defensive team and the “luck” of if the ball is hit right at someone or finds a hole.

        If BABIP is trying to identify out that “luck”- including homeruns would cloud out the measure- a homerun wasn’t lucky- you creamed that out of the park. Same line of thinking with FIP- if the pitcher gives up a homerun that is on him and not due to luck or the fielders behind him (same with a walk or strikeout).

        Thats at least how I understand why its out.

  • WGNstatic

    I love that he hit three HR, the day after he hit a HR that was wiped off the books due to the rainout.

    • SirCub

      That was Castillo, actually.

      • forlines

        wait….there’s a difference?!?!


  • Saving grace

    Did the Cubs sign Austin Pentecost?
    I think they had till yesterday by midnight to sign him
    He put up a really good year as a senior this year out of the bull pen

  • JB

    On a completely different note, these Lowermybills.com banner ads are great!!! There is one picture of what I can only imagine what the Leperchaun from the horror classic entitled Leperchaun looks like now.

    Sorry…Cubs Win Cubs Win!!!

  • Jon

    At some point should he getting more starts? Offense aside his defense has to be better than Castillo, who is a train wreck behind the plate.

    • Kyle

      Navarro has had the same problem blocking pitches that Castillo has had, without Castillo’s arm.

  • Terry

    I dont know why the Cubs never tried to trade for Mark Trumbo. After getting Pujols the Angels didnt really have a spot for him until they moved him to the outfield.

  • Timothy Scarbrough

    Raising the OPS 7 points in one game is remarkable. Fair to say he’ll remember yesterday for a while to come.

  • Spencer

    I read yesterday that Navarro has like the 5th worst career OPS for a player that has hit three homers in one game.

  • Robbo

    More fun facts on Navarro’s awesome game courtesy of Pat Hughes on the radio yesterday…

    – Dioner is 1st Cubs catcher to hit 3 HR in a game since 1974
    – 1st Cub to hit a HR from each side of the plate in a single game since Mark Belhorn 11 years ago
    – Last Cub to hit 3 HR in a single game was Aramis Ramirez 3 years ago

    Amazing game, especially love to see it against the Sox.

  • BigPappa

    Except for having to listen to White Sox announcers, I’m glad I DVR’d yesterday’s game. At least I didn’t have to hear “He Gone!” I friggin hate that shit.

    • Scotti


    • http://Bleachernation Jay

      Lol! Ditto, brother! Despise it! Chip Carey is the other one I can’t stand > he rips the Cubs any chance he gets >> doesn’t help that I live in braves country either though.

  • ssckelley

    The real question is, what could we get for him in a trade after that game? 😀

  • ryanissamson

    Seems like he’d make a great dh and therefore a great trade.

  • http://www.cubbiescrib.com Andrew Denny

    And this stuff right here is exactly why Brett is the best in the game. Nice research bud.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Well thanks. I try.

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