And the Crosstown Classic belongs to the Cubs. Boom. Face.

The conditions weren’t exactly working in his favor, but Travis Wood managed yet another solid outing. With his arm. With his bat, he was far better than solid. But we’ll get to that.

The Cubs’ bats put the wood to the White Sox yet again, and gave them a four-game winning streak for the first time this year. It’s another good day on the North Side in a season that could use a few more.

The only negative for the day was the first earned run of the year given up by Kevin Gregg … which came after he’d struck a guy out looking for the third out. Twice. Didn’t get either call. Whatever. You’re not bringing me down today, blue.

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  • Jp3

    Here we go again, Javier Baez 4 ABs tonight, 3 Ks and 1 HR… Good to see you again Javier

    • another JP

      Yep- and if he were to get 4 total bases every game that would be pretty nice.

  • Corey

    Jesus guys, it’s called a slump. Stop talking like Castro is never gonna hit another ball again.

    • Eternal Pessimist

      Yeah, he really needs an exorcism so he can get back to what he is capable of. Very young guy and he will be back on track eventually.

  • 5412


    3-6 RISP…makes a world of difference


  • arta

    on the sox radio station this past week, they were saying they could be a surprise team with their easy schedule in June. mostly weak teams starting with Cubs.

  • Rebuilding

    I watched Wacha pitch for the Cardinals tonight. It looks like they have their next ace. He is flat out nasty, throwing an easy 95-96 and as someone on MLB Network said he might have the best changeup in the NL already. Sigh

  • 70’scub

    Not certain if Castro is a major core that said! Why not let the manager and his staff bring the kid along he is still very young and can hit to all three fields, has a plus arm, great range and turns nice DP’s. Just thinking on top teams the SS bats in the 6-7-8 spot. For now he is in the top three in terms of the Cub batting order. I like a player who finishes the drill, this kid may play 162 games for the Cubs. Castro just plays, yes he is hacking all the time! Please, he needs no Qball or the B.S. Bobby V. dished on national TV. The Cub FO is starting to gather a critical mass of young talent.

  • Eternal Pessimist

    Where’s the *%^!%@^# injury report? I’d love to celebrate the win, but we must have a couple minor league players going for tommy john surgery today or at least 3-4 hamstrings tears…guess you will update us tomorrow!

  • Cubfanbob

    I have a feeling Hawk was suspended and choose these two games to sit out pulling the sick card to hide the suspension. If he really is sick I hope he gets better but I have a hard time seeing him that sick where he missed calling two cross town games even if from the North side.

    Also is it me or has Stone turned into a negative nanny ? Seemed like he was taking passive aggressive shots at many if the Cub players.

  • Justin K