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As always, you can send questions, comments, etc. to the official podcast email address (podcast AT bleachernation DOT com) if you want your thoughts included on a future show. This week’s set got us into movies at the ballpark, my knowledge of (lack of knowledge of?) baserunning rules, and a long discussion on Starlin Castro’s troubles at the plate this year.

This week, we get into Kevin Gregg’s trade value and our thoughts about the top of this year’s draft.

We also talk, of course, about the butt-whipping the Cubs just gave the White Sox, and what it means for the Cubs going forward. For some reason we get into jumping the shark (literally), and there’s a real, live screaming child interruption.

For that reason, this week’s episode is shorter than usual, at a crisp one hour. You can listen quickly!


  • Kyle

    I fell that all Cubs fans forget how young Castro still is.

    • DarthHater

      Ohh, was he the screaming child interruption?

    • JulioZuleta

      Yup, there are a few players in BA’s top 250 for THIS DRAFT that are within 5 months of Starlin Castro. If Castro went to college and redshirted a year, he would have just graduated.

      • JulioZuleta

        That being said, he needs to start showing more improvement. The “young” excuse only works for a little while longer.

        • Kyle

          Yeah, there’s still plenty of projection left. He’s pre-prime by a year or two still.

          It’s disappointing what’s happened with him, but we have to have some perspective too. We’ve gone from a 20-year-old on a HOF track to a 23-year-old on a perennial above-average player/borderline AS track. Having the latter is still pretty fun.

          • cms0101

            Exactly. Hendry did Castro such a disservice by calling him up so early. I know he hit as soon as he got in the lineup, but he really needed the developmental time in AA and AAA.

            • J Wilson

              How do you figure? He hit extremely well for 1.5yrs in the bigs. It has nothing to do with an ‘early’ call-up, it has everything to do with his plate-approach and pitchers seeing his poor habits at the dish. How did an early call-up cause his ever expanding strikezone, his insistence on trying to pull damn near every pitch, and his unwillingness to work a count?

        • DarthHater

          Bingo. I’d be a lot more impressed with his youth, if he would start showing a little progress somewhere. Otherwise, his youth could end up only meaning that he’ll keep frustrating us for a longer period of time.

          • Norm

            I’ve feared for awhile that his career path would b like Garry Templeton’s.

            • DarthHater

              Yea, except I think Templeton’s career trajectory was largely due to knee injuries.

    • BluBlud

      I agree. This could be the biggest knock against my theory of moving prospect faster. Most guys Castro age are playing AAA, or just reaching the majors. I still think Castro has another level, both offensively and defensively that we have yet to see. Could his power bloom later? I Still think the guy is capable of hitting .300/340/ with 25 HR.

      Also, Why didn’t the Cubs put in a claim for SD 3B Edinson Rincon. I know he’s hurt, but he has shown a little promise in the minors, and the Cubs have a 40 man slot open. Why take a chance and see what he can do. If nothing else, put in a claim, and then designate him again and see if we could stash him.

  • dash

    So would the FO consider trading him in 2013 while his potential is still high (and valuable)?

    • Kyle

      They’ll consider anything. But you usually only deal from positions of strength, and all we’d be doing is creating a hole at SS.

  • Nate
  • SirCub

    Oh no! They’re playing that stupid song again! :)

  • Kyle

    I almost heard some fear in your voice when it said you had an e-mail from “Kyle.” Different one, though.

  • J Wilson

    Brett, do you buy what Rowson is saying about Castro’s supposed improved approach with 2 strikes? I don’t watch every game, hell I watch maybe 3 games/week and ‘quick games’ on, but Castro seems to swing at anything and everything with 2 strikes. He looks like Sori, worse at times. If the pitch isn’t head high or a pitch-out, he’ll swing. Do you, or anyone that watches all his ABs, see anything different?

    • Die hard

      Yea he keeps one eye open now