stanford mark appelThe 2013 Draft is just six days away, and I’m pretty excited, in case you can’t tell.

  • A couple more mock drafts are out – from Keith Law and from Jonathan Mayo – and each has the Cubs taking Stanford righty Mark Appel with their first round pick (second overall). In Mayo’s mock, Jonathan Gray is gone at number one, and in Law’s mock, Gray is still available. Interestingly, Law says that he hears Theo Epstein loves Gray, but there’s a significant internal debate about who to take. Law lands on Appel for the Cubs because he believes Appel is the better player.
  • Even Jon Heyman’s getting into the Draft rumor game this year, saying he hears that UNC third baseman Colin Moran is moving up the draft boards and could go number one to the Astros. That might be an ideal scenario for the Cubs, who could then play all of Appel, Gray, and Bryant off of each other (assuming the Cubs see all three as good picks at 2).
  • Speaking of Moran at the top, Keith Law has also bought into the industry buzz that has the Astros take him first overall. Law believes that the next highest Moran could go is number 5 to Cleveland (which means he doesn’t see the Cubs taking Moran, despite his inclusion in the Cubs’ final four), which means the Astros could sign him for $4 million (more than he’d get from the Indians), and apply the savings throughout the rest of the Draft. It raises the interesting point that, if the Astros didn’t take Moran, the Cubs could pull the same trick with him, saving more than $2 million to be applied elsewhere in the Draft. I tend to think they won’t go that route, however, if they even slightly prefer one of the other top four guys.
  • Speaking of the cost to sign these guys, it’s generally believed that Appel is going to want the most of Appel/Gray/Bryant, even though the latter two have the leverage of a return to college on their side. Appel, however, has the leverage of holding up all of his other teams’ signings – he doesn’t have to sign by the normal signing deadline. As a college senior, he can hold out until the next draft, meaning that the team selecting him could go into their other signings blind (not knowing whether the cost of Appel was going to blow the budget).
  • How much would Appel cost to sign? Might he really turn the screws on the team that takes him? Well, the good news is that Jonathan Mayo is reporting there is no concern that he’s going to hold out. Scouting sources tell Mayo that Appel’s negotiation is expected to be relatively forthright, and teams are probably going to know what he wants – similar to what he wanted last year. If memory serves, he was looking for something in the $7 million range from Pirates, who refused to blow their pool to sign him. At $7 million, the Cubs would have to go about $300,000 over slot to sign him. My guess is he ends up signing for something between the $3.8 million he was offered last year and the Cubs’ $6.7 million slot value at number two. Woe be to the team who takes him if he slides out of the top five.
  • The bottom line on Appel’s cost: the Cubs aren’t going to draft him at two overall unless they are very confident that he’ll sign at a number that makes sense with the rest of their budget.
  • At present, Jim Callis doesn’t see any chance the Cubs don’t take one of Appel or Gray with their top pick.
  • Mayo profiles Appel, who says he has no regrets about going back to school for his senior season, and he can’t worry about people thinking he was being foolish or greedy. Indeed, Appel thinks that the pressure that came with that decision has put him in a better position to succeed going forward. Appel seems like an interesting guy based on the quotes in the piece. One of the more existential bits: “My worth isn’t bound in a long baseball career or making a lot of money. My hope and value are already taken care of. A big difference between early in my career and now is when I’m asked, ‘If baseball were to end today, would you be OK with that?’ My freshman year, I would’ve said no. Now, if baseball were to end today, would I be able to accept that? Yeah, it would be extremely tough, but I wouldn’t feel lost, because if for whatever reason I’m not playing baseball, that really frees me to not live up to any expectations or hype and not worry about what people say or think.” I’m sure some folks will see a statement like that and think it indicates a lack of passion for the game, but I doubt Appel meant it like that. I think he was just communicating a deeper message. Interesting.
  • DReese

    I don’t know who they are going to pick but any of Appel/Gray/Bryant would be great. I just hope they don’t go after a Hayden Simpson again.

  • Mak

    I know you are supposed to go to with the top player on the board in the baseball draft, but I’d argue that the Cubs are uniquely situated with so many promising hitting prospects up and down the system and really no TOR pitching. While Bryant maybe the “safest” bet to be an impact player (although I don’t think it’s as much as slam dunk as people have implied), the Cubs need to get a real TOR arm at the #2. I think Appel and Gray both fit that. Appel is my preference because he’s closer (and better chance of not busting).

    • Luke

      Any front office that drafts at No. 2 based on need should be immediately fired. The debate in Chicago will be who is on top of their draft board; the status of the rest of the system should be such a tiny part of things that is has no real impact.

      That said, ranking the top three is not exactly an easy task.

      • ncsujuri

        True Luke, but in the Cubs case don’t you think the lack of pitching in the system would be weighted a bit heavier than it might otherwise be normally and lead them to Appel or Gray v. Bryant or Moran?

        • Kyle

          I honestly don’t think it has.

        • MichiganGoat

          They can pick the best player at number 2 and then spend go pitcher heavy the rest of the draft like they did last year. They are not picking a player on need but on which player they think will be the most likely to make the 25 man roster and succeed. If they have a 1B that is on the top of their board they will still draft him regardless of having Rizzo penciled in for future.

      • Jp3

        I agree completely, for the love of god take the whichever player is rated the best by your scouts.

      • Stevie B

        Actually, if the Stros take Moran, the Cubs will be, in essence, drafting @ #1….as Moran isn’t a top 4-5 talent supposedly.
        That being said, this is a tough, tough decision, and being in the spotlight like the Cubs are, makes it even agonizing to watch play out.

  • Rich

    If Houston does not take a pitcher, the Cubs take Gray…
    if Gray is gone, it’s Appel….

  • North Side Irish

    I still think Appel is the best player in this draft and that the Cubs will take him if he’s on the board. I feel like there is some backlash against him among fans over not signing last year and that kind of taints people’s opinion of him. Gray has slightly more velocity which gets people excited, but Appel has a much better third pitch and that makes him a much better bet to be a starter in the majors.

    And it seems like no one was really talking about Bryant for the Cubs until Callis put that 80 grade on his power. If he was a sure thing to stay at 3B I’d have no problem with that pick, but it sounds like that is a fairly unlikely to happen.

    • tim815

      I watched him tonight. He has range in on the grass, and range to the line.

      I’m good with any of the three the brass likes best.

    • Kevin Gallo

      I have been talking about Bryant all season.

  • gocatsgo2003

    To what extent might VERY preliminary trade deadline talks come into play during the draft process? As a pure hypothetical, say that the Cubs have had preliminary discussions on trading Garza for a pretty highly-regarded pitchings prospect (a la Arodys Vizcaino) or a pretty highly-regarded positional prospect (a la Mike Olt)… could that sway them one way or another with the #2 pick?

    I tend to think that (i) it would not sufficiently move the needle to change a pick and (ii) better to have more high-quality pitching prospects than postiional prospects given the relative flame-out rates, but a thought that may be worth some merit.

    • DocPeterWimsey

      The answer is “not at all.” For one thing, most very preliminary trade talks are going to go nowhere. The bigger thing is, even if Garza is being traded for a stud pitching prospect *today*, then if you think that Appel or Gray is the best player available, you snag him. Two stud pitching prospects doubles the chance that one of them amounts to anything. Similarly, if the Cubs are about to snag Olt from the Rangers but you really like Bryant or Moran, then you take Olt and Bryant/Moran. Batters can change positions if it comes down to it: your hope is that you have a “good” problem in 3-4 years.

    • tim815

      Take. The. Best. Player.

  • JulioZuleta

    Brett, saw the post the other day about the tradable picks. I just tweeted Jim Callis asking him about them, and since he’s the man, promptly responded.

    ‏@jimcallisBA Yes. @stevejb54: Hey Jim, can the competitive balance picks for next week’s draft be traded between now and Thursday? #mlbdraft

    Love to see the Cubs make a deal for one and possibly try to grab Manaea if he falls and they’re able to save money on Gray possibly.

    • BD

      I love this idea. But what would the Cubs have that could get that high of a pick?

      • Kyle

        The earliest tradeable pick is in the early 30s. It shouldn’t be that hard to get. A marginal starter or a good role player with cheap value.

        • BD

          I wasn’t sure what the value might be for those, so I guess I missed that note. Sounds like a good move to try for, although I know it takes two to tango. Our something like that…

      • JulioZuleta

        Weird, I swore I responded to this. Brett had a post 2 days ago citing an MLBTR chat that indicated a pick could be had for a “mere role player” due to the high bust rate in that range (upwards of 60%). Now, who knows what “role player” means exactly; is it David Dejesus, or is it Dave Sappelt? Obviously there’s quite a range.

        • Kyle

          Sappelt could probably net one of the third rounders.

          I’d be disappointed if we didn’t get more than one of the second rounders for DeJesus.

          • ETS

            I don’t think sappelt would net a 3rd.

            • gocatsgo2003

              We didn’t think Paul Maholm or Reed Johnson would net much either, but we were able to package them together pretty nicely.

              Though I doubt it happens, I guess it’s at least quasi-feasible that trades get accelerated to include tradeable draft picks in the deal.

            • Kyle

              If not him, I’m not sure what would. You aren’t getting an MLB starter for a 3rd and why would you trade a prospect for one?

          • JulioZuleta

            Yeah, that’s what I was saying. I wouldn’t do it for Dejesus, but I’d absolutely do it for Sappelt. Maybe a guy like Borbon who’s still young with some potential, producing a little bit, and plays a premium position? He’s definitely in that middle ground of Dejesus/Sappelt, but I think it would take more for a comp. pick in the 30s. Brett Jackson? I feel weird suggesting that, but I might do it.

            • Kyle

              Actually, that crossed my mind too. Jackson for a 2nd rounder.

      • Cheryl

        Rock Shoulders or Dejesus maybe

    • Brett

      Thanks, JZ. Someone else commented about that, too. Good to know – though I’m not sure we’ll see any trades in such a tight window. Affects the draft strategy, too, and we’re getting late in the game for that.

      • JulioZuleta

        Yeah, the budgetary concerns make it unlikely. It’d most likely have to happen by Monday at the latest to allow the team to get its ducks in a row leading into Thursday. That being said, a team like the cubs who pick right away in the 2nd are going to be scouting that same group of players that could conceivably be picked with a pick in the 30s. A team picking in the 60-70s in the second round would have a bigger problem since they likely weren’t focusing too much on guys in that range.

        • Dynastyin2017

          This is hypothetical, but what happens if someone the Cubs really love falls to #34 (KC’s competitive balance pick) and they don’t feel he’ll last until #41? Do you over pay to get the pick? Do you prepare for this scenario ahead of time? Does an aggressive drafting team like the Cubs know what it would take to get each teams competitive balance pick? It sure would add drama to that part of the draft.

          • tim815

            I like the way you think.

  • BD

    Maybe I’m the only one, but Bryant seems like as big of a risk as the pitchers. The pitchers might get hurt, but this guy might not make contact. I read that they seem as hitting 260 or so on the high-end, likely lower. With all the bats currently in the system, do the Cubs need an Adam Dunn out there? Maybe I’m pessimistic, or accidentally playing devil’s advocate.

    But nearly all of the “aces” in baseball have been high picks. There is an injury concern with any pitcher, but the talent is there with Gray or Appel. I think they should stick with a pitcher.

    • mudge


    • Kyle

      Going by the combined 2012-2013 fWAR leaders:

      Just for fun:

      1. Verlander (No. 2 overall pick)
      2. Felix Hernandez ($710k bonus baby IFA)
      3. Clayton Kershaw (No. 7 overall pick)
      4. Yu Darvish (Bajillion dollar mid-prime IFA)
      5. Adam Wainwright (No. 29 overall pick)
      6. Max Scherzer (No. 11 overall pick)
      7. Cliff Lee (No. 105 overall pick, 4th round, two picks after Cubs took Todd Wellenmeyer)
      8. Anibal Sanchez (young IFA, unknown signing bonus)
      9. Chris Sale (No. 13 overall pick)
      10. Jake Peavy (No. 472 overall pick, 15th round)

      • JulioZuleta

        I like to see Justin Masterson doing well. There’s a sandwich round Theo pick. I love to go back and look at their drafts sometimes. 2007 draft: Wil Middlebrooks, 5th round, Anthony Rizzo, 6th round, Yasmani Grandal, 27th round (didn’t sign). Love how often they find huge value.

      • MDel

        Man, I do a similar poor man’s analysis below , then you go and pull an fWAR analysis out 6 minutes later! At least give me 10 minutes to feel good about myself!

        At the end of the day, I think we are saying the same thing. If you want to draft a top pitcher, while the risk is higher than positional player, you need to look early in the draft (especially if they went to college.) Since those two guys look like the best available at #2 this year, that is the route you have to go.

  • Dustin S

    A scouting report I read yesterday had Gray as highest risk/reward of the big 4. They can’t really go wrong between Gray, Appel, or Bryant though. My personal preference would be Bryant for what that’s worth. The farm needs pitching I know, and it’s really tempting after seeing the Cards bring up Wacha. But if they could pan out…an OF and middle of the lineup of Almora/Soler/Bryant could be really special. And if he can stick at 3B, better yet.

    As far as Moran goes, he fits great with the Theo/Jed philosophy of wanting hitters with high contact. The nice thing if Houston takes Moran to be cheap is that it effectively gives the Cubs the #1 overall, since Moran on some boards was closer to a mid first round. In a stronger draft year Moran might be low 1st round. The problem is that Moran is not ranked high defensively, doesn’t have a lot of speed, and is a 10-15 HR guy at best from the reports I read. He looks like a great contact hitter, but I wouldn’t be excited if the Cubs took what looks like a one-dimensional position player that high. I would be even less excited if I were an Astros fan and they took him #1 overall.

  • Jim

    I would say that the Appel hesitation is due to two main factors, 1, Signabililty in regards to his price tag and what that means to the rest of your draft pool. 2. What I call the Mark Prior factor. The last time we had the #2 pick we took a west coast college pitcher with the first name “Mark”. Highly touted with signability questions, in which Minnesota skipped and took Joe Mauer. Prior was as advertised but injuries quickly untracked his career. So maybe the hesitation is just a way to avoid the deja vu syndrome …

  • Mr. Gonzo

    As a Sooner born and raised, I would love to see the Cubs take Gray. But I really do think it’s going to be Appel and I’m more than fine with that choice. With what we’ve been hearing from the FO about the need for projectible aces in the system, I would very surprised if they took Bryant or Moran.

  • SenorGato

    I think Appel is going to take a while to sign. Don’t.desparately need him to sign anyway. After that have him spend 2014 hopefully rocketing through every level of the minors if he can. Maybe a couple of starts in September 2014. Justin Verlander path.

    Definitely on the extreme end of high on this kid. Love that he ate LEVERAGEZZZ for lunch. Through the roof kind of makeup for me that reminds me of some favorites pitchers.

  • Kyle

    Gray’s start in the college baseball playoffs starts in about half an hour and will be on, if your cable/internet provider gives you access to it.

  • MDel

    For me the pick has to be either Gray or Appel. I know the risk is greater than a hitter at that spot, but the if you want a true ace you need to take a chance. If you look at the guys who turned into those #1 types, they all were taken in the first round, and if they went to college, they were in the top 2 picks.

    Verlander (College) – 2nd overall
    Sabathia (HS) – 20th overall
    Price (College) – 1st overall
    Kershaw (HS) – 7th overall
    Strasburg (College) – 1st overall
    Hamels (HS) – 17th overall
    Wainwright (HS) – 29th overall
    Cain (HS) – 25th overall

    I understand that the list of failures is much longer. However, If Gray and Appel have ace ceilings, which I think most scouts say they do, you need to take a chance on one of them. I don’t think the Cubs will be picking this high again for a while, so you have to take a chance when you can. Even the HS guys who turned into top line starters were first round picks (though I’m guessing the failure rate is even higher.)

    Now take this all with a grain of salt as I go back to my regular day job!

    • Jp3

      I agree on everything except the cubs won’t be picking this high for a while, we’ll be picking between 4-7 the next draft at worst (or best, whatever) and unless we see some dramatic improvements we’ll be picking in the top 10 in 2015 too.

      • MDel

        JP, I agree (my post was getting a little long for me to expand more.) My thought was if you are picking 4 or later, your best bet to get a true ace is the high school pitcher route. That route is riskier than a college pitcher, and takes longer to develop. If you can get a guy who can potentially be an ace and be ready in a couple years, you need to prioritize that when you have the opportunity.

        That is not to say not to take the best player available. It just so happens that this year, Gray and Appel, on top of this discussion, are generally viewed as the best players available at #2.

        • Jp3

          Ahhh, gotcha… For now I’m fine with the choice of any of the 3 players for now, I’m sure one will make us sorry we didn’t take them 3 years down the road. What sucks is that we’ll all be here later saying “ugh! What were we thinking!”

  • Jacob

    Taking Bryant robs the baseball world of seeing an 80 power at Coors Field. That’s got to be enough to piss the baseball gods off..

    • JulioZuleta

      He’s not 80. Probably 70, maybe 65. Both of which are phenomenal numbers. The only 80 powers in baseball right now are probably Stanton and Harper. That’s it. Bryant is not on that level, not close really. Also, he’ll have to hit home runs out of A (probably), AA, and AAA first.

      • Jacob

        I’ve seen 80 before, but I’ve also seen a lot of grades like what you’re saying. And I was just joking. I just have always wanted to see an 80 in Coors, though….

  • Frank

    Gray is a very hard thrower… How long is arm going to hold out? Look at Stephen Strasburg.
    Appel said if he had to give up baseball, he’d be ok with it… I’d rather he said he’d be crushed.
    Colin Moran: power hitting 3rd base. I’d take him.

    • Coop

      If you are comparing Gray to Strasburg, give me! Strasburg had TJ surgery, but I would still take him as a Cub in a heartbeat…

      I like Appel, and think people have soured on him mostly due to overexposure and draft-hype burnout.

      Moran is NOT a power hitting 3b. He is Dustin Ackley (the college prospect), but at 3b instead of OF/2b. Ick.

      • Saving Grace

        I’ve seen a bunch of reports where they say Moran’s power will come.
        It’s up to scouting to see and project these things.
        Cubs have a great scouting dept.

        Power comes late for a lot of players
        Think Jeff Bagwell
        Solar,Baez,Rizzo all power hitters,vogelbach too,Almora will be 15 -20
        They have power hitters,perrenial 300 hitters are hard to come by

  • JulioZuleta

    I’m pretty sure all of the wild draft scenarios are the product of boredom. We have been speculating about this draft since last July, then it picked up substantially this Spring. Appel was the pick then and probably should be now. I just think people get tired of talking about the same things for 8 months so they spice it up a little bit. If the Cubs pick Bryant, I’ll be just slightly disappointed, if the pick Moran, I’ll be furious. I don’t think either is very likely, but we like to throw stuff around to fight the complacency of the Appel/Gray mantra.

  • North Side Irish

    Pierce Johnson made this week’s Hot Prospect List from BA…unfortunately, Candelario made the Not So Hot List…

  • Nate

    You gotta go with Appel. I don’t think the signing will be hard you know where he stands after last year. If you don’t want to pay that then move on by but I think its worth it. There are tons of minor league hitters out there but we need pitching prospects. Think of Samardzija, Garza (maybe), Wood, Appel and Shark in two years. A lineup with Castro, Rizzo, Soler, Almora (or Szczur or even Almora maybe). That’s young and hopefully awesome

  • Jason Powers

    If Gray is there at two, Cubs get the more determined player. If we look at the bio – Eastern Oklahoma State Junior College to Oklahoma, a middling prospect at best to the hunt for no. 1 – I would pick him over Appel. Appel has been comfortable for a prolonged period of time. I am not saying Appel doesn’t work or polish his stuff, but Gray definitely has put in more physical and mental work to move up his game. It shows he’s got a determination at an early age. That could be a good deal of difference between which on works in the MLB.

    Appel, probably a good guy and no knocks on him, but Stanford to me at least is a different proving ground.

    Appel has a better follow through – straight to the dish. He sets his hands mid-body in the stretch.

    Gray has the Kerry Wood fall off to 1B side thing going on. Which is bad – but – can be corrected. In the stretch, has his hands high. I think is better, but I am sure someone can make an argument for the mid-body hold.

    Mark is obviously a more polished guy, but that implies a harder task to adjust if he has issues, which young pitchers do have in learning their craft.

    Gray’s raw ability and determination makes for an opportunity to really get him to the next level.

    Player development, I hope the Cubs can get this pick right.

    • JulioZuleta

      Can’t measure TWTW.

      • Jason Powers


        But as Brett noted, Theo reportedly loves Gray. I bet he hopes the Astros love Appel or Bryant or anyone but Gray….

  • corey costello

    You know what I want to here on draft night?

    “Cubs select Mark Appel, Jonathan Grey and Kris Bryant with the 2nd pick.”

  • Phaedrus

    Since Boras represents both Appel and Bryant does this make it impossible to leverage the possibility of choosing the other to negotiate a deal?

  • JB88

    I find myself greatly vacilating between Appel and Gray. I have never been a big Gray guy (with intentional shout outs to Rick Majerus RIP), but I have to admit that once this whole Theo prefers Gray, I’ve started to reconsider. If he already possesses two plus-plus pitches and can come even close to throwing an average or average plus change up, those sort of peripherals scream possible Ace to me. I’ve always been big on Appel because of his makeup, offering, and high ceiling, but I am starting to reconsider whether Gray should be the guy.

    • Rich

      I cannot decide if “vacilating” is a good thing or not.

    • JB88

      Vacilating can be a good thing. It shows flexibility of mindset, but it usually means that there are more than one option. And, when it comes to drafts, you hope that your pick is an absolute surefire hit. So, I’d say, overall, vacilating is probably not a good thing. It just means that there is no Harper or Strasberg in this draft.

  • Bill S

    Appel might be the safest bet out of all the picks as far as ceiling and floor goes. If Appel goes to the Astros, I honestly don’t know who I would take. I would lean towards Gray, mainly because his upside might be more than Bryant.

  • chirogerg

    Everyone can watch Jonathan Gray pitch now on! GO BN’ers, GO!

    • itzscott

      Grey not so impressive right now….

      10 batters faced, 4 of them got hits, 2 of them scored and none of them struck out.

      • Kyle

        Two of this hits were infield hits, but he has looked pretty meh to me. I’m seeing 94s and 95s, not 100s on the fastball. Not much life and left up and down the middle a lot. Very hittable.

        (not that two innings of my amateur scouting means anything).

        • North Side Irish

          Looks like Gray must’ve figured things out after those first few innings…9.0 IP, 9 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 11 K

          • North Side Irish

            129 pitches too…

            • TWC


  • Mick

    Can someone with Insider access please share the rest of Law’s mock draft 2.0? I’m interested to see how the rest of the top-10 shook out, thanks!

    • Coop

      1. Astros – Moran
      2. Cubs – Appel
      3. Rockies – Bryant
      4. Twins – K Stewart
      5. Indians – Gray
      6. Marlins – B Shipley
      7. BoSox – A Meadows
      8. Royals – R Stanek
      9. Pirates – R McGuire
      10. Bluejays – JP Crawford

      • Coop

        I should add the Sean Manaea is not taken in the 1st round in K Law’s mock.

        • Kyle

          With good reason. Don’t bet on sore-armed pitchers.

          • North Side Irish

            Isn’t he a sore-hipped pitcher? I saw Boras released a statement saying Manaea will not sign for a discount…I think he ends up back in school next season.

            • Kyle

              He’s both sore-hipped and sore-armed. Stay far away.

              • Coop

                I agree. No thanks (unless at a great discount after the 1st round – then maybe roll the dice). However, some mocks (including Mayo’s) still have Manaea in the 1st round – Mayo has him at 19 to the Cards.

      • Saving Grace

        My friend with the sox says he loves Fraizer and that he’ll be even better than already thought,so I don’t see the sox taking Meadows over Fraizer if they have a choice.
        Couple pitchers figure in there too
        Twins may surprise and take Fraizer too,possibly setting up Stewart for Sox

  • Eric

    I have a question. How do the Cubs play Bryant, Appel, and Gray off eachother? I mean they have their big player and family inspection, showing the player Wrigley Field weeks prior. And on draft day it’s only about 4 minutes between each draft. So as soon as the Astros draft Moran, they’ve got 3 minutes to what, get them all on the phone? I don’t know the behind the scenes stuff other than listening in to the late rounds conference call.

    • Kyle

      Lots and lots of discussions with their advisers (also known as agents, but can’t technically call them that).

      “We like your kid, but we like this other kid too, and he’s willing to sign for $2 million underslot. If you don’t agree to sign for less than slot, we’ll take him and you’ll drop down several spots and lose even more money.”

      • Eric

        Right, but I guess that is all done BEFORE draft day, right? Or do these calls take place seconds after Bud Selig says. . with the 1st pick, of the 2013 first player draft, the Houston Astros take. . .

        • nkniacc13

          I have a feeling Houston has most of that info. Some other teams may have certain players that they know what it will take to sign them as the Twins are down to 4 players apparently and 1 is a undersign player according to reports

  • Dane

    Maybe I’m misinterpreting the point you made about Appel having until next year’s draft to sign, but I have this question:

    If the cubs take him with the number 2 pick and then go overslot with a few of their other picks and sign those players for more than the collective money for rounds 2-10 with the intention of signing Appel for underslot but are unable to, what happens? In this scenario, the other players are already signed because their deadline was sooner, but they used money that they didn’t have because they lost Appel’s slot amount..? Would they be penalized in next year’s draft or would they be forced to give back a player?

    • Kyle

      If the Cubs go overslot with the intention of signing Appel underslot, and he doesn’t sign, the Cubs will lose the first pick’s pool and pay the rather severe penalties for going over their slot, including forfeiting future picks.

      • Dane

        Thanks Kyle. That was my guess, but it seemed like a loophole.

  • Cheryl

    Who else will be available for the cubs after the first round? They could use catching help and more than one pick for third, although I suppose they might take Bryant. I’d like to see them take some good pitchers with the second and third pick and do what it takes to trade for a competitive balance pick, than devote the rest of the draft to best available players at pitcher, third and catcher. If they work it right they may have eight picks this year that will help in the future.

    • nkniacc13

      2 names that could be available LHP K. Ziomek, RHP A Blair both are college pitchers

  • nkniacc13

    Next years draft could be interesting with K.Whitson (Fla) and Manaea if Manaea goes back to school

  • Die hard

    Why would any draftee sign with Cubs who are strapped for cash ?