That’s a five-game winning streak, boys and girls. And they’re coming in impressive fashion lately.

Matt Garza cruised through his seven innings of work today, running into only a touch of trouble in the sixth when the Diamondbacks strung some hits together. It wasn’t nearly enough to beat the Cubs who homered three times today, including another grand slam (this one by Scott Hairston, not a pitcher – lame).

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  • Die hard

    Still would have liked to see crooked hat Campana leg out a triple and steal home for AZ

    • Die harder

      And hit an inside the park home run! Just to prove to all of the Cubs front office that scrappiness pays off in the end and they should have given him a chance.

  • morgan

    got ask yourself how legit was that Soriano for Dom Brown trade, the guy leads the NL in hr and looks to be a legit all-star

  • preacherman86

    Call the Dom brown talk, Lest u forget lahair as an Allstar last year and in Japan this year… Dom is better no doubt, but two months is a far cry from legit player

  • morgan

    im just saying, that he would of been a hella player to get in return for Soriano aging ass, he would of looked nice In RF

  • 70’scub

    It seems to me the Cub manager is getting several career years out of average talent. I like the FO plan sell this year and next year. Dale is doing a great JOB!

    • wkranz54

      Like who? Everyone wants to say Schieholtz, but remember he only had one season with 300+ ABs headed into this year meaning he was mainly a bench player (Right now he is on pace for over 450 ABs). There are many players who, with consistent playing times, get a large boost in numbers. I think that was just a great find my our FO. Castillo’s 1st year as a starter, Barney, Castro, Hairston, & Jackson’s numbers are all down.
      I would say outside Gregg and a little Feldman, I really don’t think guys are playing above what they can consistently play.

      • mudge

        Travis Wood is having a stellar season.

  • Mike

    I loved Scott Hairston’s swing on that home run.

    • CubFan Paul

      It’s the same all or nothing swing/approach Hairston uses every at-bat…

  • David

    Man, I hope Soriano likes the Baltimore area.