travis wood beardThere’s a fresh podcast episode coming later this morning, so stay tuned.

  • On Travis Wood’s grand slam yesterday, Jake Peavy made sure to emphasize that he wasn’t taking Wood too lightly. “I’ve seen every at-bat he had all year long,” Peavy said, per “I watched him his last start. Homer Bailey struck him out, but he almost hit a ball out of the ballpark against Homer Bailey. He hit one on Waveland [Avenue]. I’ve seen every at-bat. We knew exactly what kind of athlete he was going in. We would never be caught unprepared like that. I just didn’t make pitches.” Wood is now hitting .292/.320/.583 on the year, and has already accumulated 0.5 WAR from his bat this year. The Crosstown Classic was missing Carlos Zambrano’s antics, but we all got to see his bat in action.
  • Alfonso Soriano told folks yesterday that, while he was happy the Cubs won the Crosstown Cup, it isn’t the trophy he wants. And to that I’d say, while I’m happy the Cubs won the Crosstown Cup, if Soriano wants a chance at a slightly more important trophy this year, he’s probably going to have to be traded to a contender.
  • Does Dale Sveum see a scenario where Carlos Marmol becomes the closer again this year? “I hope not,” Sveum told the media. Of course, he didn’t mean that as a shot at Marmol. He meant only that he hopes Kevin Gregg, who has been excellent, continues to be excellent, and there’s no need to make a change.
  • Jon Greenberg offers parting thoughts on the Crosstown Classic, including this bit: “The Crosstown Cup, sans beer, will be on tour throughout the North Side for the next month and is available for Wrigley rooftop parties, bar mitzvahs and street festivals. Unless, of course, Theo Epstein flips it for a promising Class-A trophy with a broken handle. Stay tuned.” Oh, Jon.
  • Sveum is all about his starting catcher Welington Castillo, who he says is well on his way to becoming one of the elite backstops in the game. “Weli is becoming one of the better defensive catchers in the game,” Sveum told Bruce Levine. “We know about his ability to throw runners out and he has great mechanics hitting. It is just about getting those 500 to 1,000 at-bats. He is really close to becoming one of the elite catchers in the game if not already.”
  • The man who planted a backpack that he thought contained a bomb at Wrigley Field three years ago was sentenced to 23 years in prison.
  • Cubs pitchers now have 19 RBI this month, an NL record. If Matt Garza can drive in a couple more today, they’ll break the MLB record.
  • Michael Bowden did accept his assignment to AAA Iowa, so he remains with the Cubs. That’s good.
  • How embarrassing: Jeff Samardzija lost a shootout to Paul Konerko at the Blackhawks game on Wednesday.
  • MichiganGoat

    I’m sorry but hearing Dale call Wellington “Welli” just caused me to cringe and remember Quade and his need to give everyone a “i” or “y” nickname. Sooooo therefore Dale is a horrible manager?

    • cjdubbya

      I think that’s a leap too far. Since it’s a three syllable name, I can see throwing the “i” or “y” on the end of the first. Now, if he were to befriend Brett and start referring to him as Bretty, then we’d have a problem on our hands.

      • Melrosepad

        I can understand using Welli, but I think the nickname “Beef” works so much better.

    • jeff

      People have been calling Wellington Castillo Welli for quite a long time now. Thats what his managers called him at AA Tennessee the two years he was here.

  • Werner

    Of course Wood is a bad mutha. He is from Arkansas after all.

  • Kevin F.

    Need to go with “-er” for nicknames, a la Coach Q. “Weller”.

  • EQ76

    In Dale’s defense, “Wellington” is a hard name to work with regarding short nicknames..

  • KidCubbie

    “Cubs pitchers now have 19 RBI this month, an NL record. If Matt Garza can drive in a couple more today, they’ll break the MLB record.”

    Just curious but this says that they hold the NL record. Do AL pitchers hold the overall MLB record? I could just be reading this completely wrong.

    • Feeney

      I believe the Tigers have the record from the pre-DH days.

    • corey costello

      Doesnt the DH mean they dont hit? and didnt it come become a rule the same time baseballl became modern, ie, any RBI’s that the AL pitchers had, arent part of the modern era.

      • Feeney

        The DH was introduced in the AL in 1973.

  • XavierGunz

    how bout just “W”. pronounced “du-buh-yuh”. lol

  • another JP

    Wood should be an option off the bench to pinch hit instead of base-running with the way he’s been raking. And it’s just about time to flip-flop Castro & Valbuena in the batting order. A .664 OPS for Castro isn’t going to cut it, while LV is @ .836 and gets better with more PT. Valbuena will also work the count and take a walk, which isn’t part of Castro’s game.

  • Boogens

    Seems like a lot of the players are calling him “Beef” now. Much better than “Welli”.

    • Tim W

      Anybody remember the “Beef Wennington” that McDonald’s ran for Chicago Bulls great Bill Wennington?

      • Matt

        I still consider that sandwich to be an American classic, and Bill Wennington to be an American treasure (even though he’s Canadian).

        • Ian Afterbirth

          I spotted Bill several years ago a few rows in front of me at a Broadway show. No one else (we were in NYC) knew who this giant guy was, so I went up to him and got his autograph. He was incredibly open and chatted with me about, among other things, Michael Jordan, who was playing with the Wizards at the time and had just suffered a rib injury during a pickup game. Bill said that Ron Artest was the culprit. He was also obviously tickled that my favorite memory him and MJ was MJ’s first (?) game back from retirement at MSG versus the Knicks when MJ passed off to Bill for the final, game winning dunk.Bill couldn’t have been a nicer or more regular kinda guy.

  • Eric

    Wellington’s nickname should clearly be “beef.”

    • Feeney

      Only if there are duxelles between his skin and his uniform.

      • dw8

        Guys over at Obstructed View have been calling him “Beef Castle” for forever.

  • Jay

    And if Sori wants to get out of this dungeon and onto a winning team, he needs to start swinging at the round white thing when it’s over the plate, not bouncing in the dirt.

  • Rcleven

    ”Weli is becoming one of the better defensive catchers in the game,” Sveum told Bruce Levine.
    Now we know Sveum is senile.
    Either that or it shows the poor state of catching in MLB.
    Come on now Dale. Tell the truth or keep your mouth shut.

    • josh ruiter

      tell me 10 catchers that are far and away better?

      • Ian Afterbirth

        I can’t even name 10 catchers.

        • josh ruiter

          montero, posey, mauer, molina, wieters, but that is where the list stops before you could begin mentioning castillo imo. maybe avila from detroit, and probably santana from cleveland, maybe perez from KC, and Rosario from Colorado…but those are maybes where castillo could be in the same discussion. just sayin, he is probably top half already and improving, mauer is hard to keep at catcher, avila shares duty with victor martinez, who is a DH really, perez and rosario aren’t jaw dropping either. gotta keep in mind a great catcher means something way different than mvp in this league man.

  • Tim W

    I sure hope that 23 years is meant to correlate with Ryno.

  • JB88

    You need to update the Bullets stat to include the part about Samardja throwing the puck at Konerko after he lost. Best part of that story.

    • JB88

      Damn auto correct and no edit button. I do know how to spell Samardzija’s name but my phone is lacking.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Let’s get Wood locked up to a long term contract now. That’s right Werner, he is an Arkansan, from Bryant a suburb of Little Rock.

  • josh ruiter

    anyone else find it ironic that the second to last bullet states that the AL has a higher number of RBI from pitchers in a given month? and now they have the DH, if anyone they should want pitchers to hit…right? jokes

  • ryanissamson

    Hopefully Wood is Zambrano without the temper and mouth.

    • Jp3

      *gatorade coolers trembling everywhere*

  • Die hard

    If Kemp is put on 60 day would Dodgers ask about DeJesus so can keep prospect Pederson longer in AA?