If you’re going lose to snap a winning streak, you might as well lose in spectacular fashion. Jeff Samardzija pitched well enough to win, but his night was artificially shortened by some blown calls at first base that forced him to throw more pitches early than he should have (and also forced Dale Sveum to do some arguin’ and get tossed). When Samardzija left the game, the bullpen made sure the game completely and totally fell apart. Carlos Marmol and Zach Putnam were the two primary offenders, giving up eight earned runs between them.

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  • Die hard

    Castro may be most overpaid Cub considering expectation vs results —

    • http://Isa Voice of reason

      Castro is making $5 million dollars this year. Even if he hits .210 with 2 home runs and 2 stolen bases and leads the league in errors at shortstop he will never be most overpaid cub this year.

  • fromthemitten

    Joe West was WAY out of line sticking his head into the convo between Sveum and the 1B Umpire (TWO CLEARLY BLOWN CALLS) the fact that this man is allowed to flaunt primadonna superstar bullshit in the MLB level is an embarrassment to the entire sport.

    • EB

      Joe West is an embarrassment to all MLB umpires. What a joke

  • MichiganGoat

    I hope Marmol has a mystery DL injury or just DFA him. It time to get him off the team.

    • Jp3

      Yeah, good to see you again Carlos… Where have you been lately???

      ***kicks rocks***

    • Oswego Chris

      See my half asleep 3 am post….yes, I really think for him and the Cubs it would be best…

      They would never say it, but there has to be guys on the team that are pissed that the Cubs keep running him out there just to try and trade him, players like to win, and yes we are rebuilding, but you still owe it to guys like Valbuena, DeJesus, who play the game, (I hate this phrase) -the right way to try and win…

      • Jp3

        Chris and goat the worst part about this whole situation is you can’t even fault Sveum as much as I’d like to anymore. It’s only a 25 man roster so you can’t have someone on it that you can never play so you have to put this on management… Enough is enough, you have to get this guy out of the clubhouse because he’s an absolute moral killer.

        • MichiganGoat

          Agreed I don’t think the plan was to but out the new guys (Putman (ugly appearance regardless), Parker) into high stress situations so they thought Marmol was worth a shot (and I hope this is the final shot he ever gets as a Cub). It’s time to let Marmol go or at least put him on the DL while everything is figured out.

          • Oswego Chris

            Can you put someone on the DL for a bruised ego?

            • Oswego Chris

              Or how about CBFS…

              Chronic ball four syndrome….

              • Oswego Chris

                He has Slib disease..

                Slider lost its bite

                I will be here all week…actually all summer now.

                • MichiganGoat

                  LUCKY – I get no break finals are next week then Summer school begins.

                  • Oswego Chris

                    Next year will be my 24th year…I gave up summer school a long time ago…it can be good $, but by the end of May, and only educators really see this, if there were no summer break all schools would implode in a stress-induced crazed riot…every year I liken it to just riding out the storm…

                    Sorry, back to the Cubs…

                    • MichiganGoat

                      I’m not happy to do summer school but I’m still fighting for a job next year and this is the best way to get in good with the district, BUT it will suck since like 70% of the teachers are subs and many in supervised which means ill be expected to pick up the slack. That and ill end up with a roster of 45+ – YEAH EDUCATION WAY TO GO GOVT.

              • cubmig

                I’d say Marmol suffers from CRSAP —Can’t Remember Shit About Pitching. Hate to realize he’s fallen from grace as he has, but it’s all on him. He made it, he lost it. Moreover, he’s been allowed (not given) to right himself with his bosses fully aware of the likelihood of his CRSAP state of mind. I don’t get it; his being sent out—especially in pressure situations where the game is on the line. His bosses have to. They send him out. How many ways is there to redemption when CRSAP has no outsde cure?

                It’s time to let Marmol rehabilitate somewhere else; not here.

                Hope you read this GM.

            • MichiganGoat

              Mental health day… I get one of those a year- Marmol needs about 60 days.

              • Oswego Chris

                You only take one? I am very liberal with the taking of my mental health days

                • MichiganGoat

                  We actually have it in our contract- it doesn’t roll over like dick days. I guess years ago we had like 6 plus all the sick day back when the Union had crazy power.

                  • fromthemitten

                    Freudian slip much?

                    • fromthemitten

                      also try to find a job down here in the KRESA district I work for a Urban Debate League and can get you an additional $2,000 stipend + job security all you gotta do is listen to kids argue and chaperone them to tournaments one saturday a month

                    • MichiganGoat

                      That’s just too much of a drive I did the Lansing to Detriot thing for a year… it was horrible.

                  • @cubsfantroy

                    Goat, does that mean as a teacher you can be a dick on certain days and not get in trouble for it? If so, I should have become a teacher.

                    • MichiganGoat

                      HA YEAH I MAKE A FUNNY… teething baby sleep deprivation post. And yeah some days as a teacher you just have to be a dick (ha I first typed duck… going to be a long Sunday)

          • Jp3

            It’s insane, my wife doesn’t watch much baseball but every time she watches the Cubs and sees Marmol pitching she says,”why is he still playing, do the starting pitchers hate him as much as you do?” . Yes the options are in that bullpen right now are like deciding which pile of dung would you prefer to eat๐Ÿ’ฉ

      • MichiganGoat

        Chris did you just TWTW? You now last nights loss is bad when we start talking like this. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • JSAO

    When I saw the result, I just thought it was one of those days until I saw the box score that is. . .

    • magilljl

      Exactly what I thought as well. Goddamn marmol.

  • Die hard

    Sveum is no Pinella when it comes to getting thrown out on purpose–

    • MichiganGoat

      That was on purpose? I’m shocked he didn’t go crazier after the second blown call.

      • fromthemitten

        I thought he was calm and collected until that idiot West showed up… also gotta love Shark striking out everyone in sight to prevent more blown calls at first

  • fortyonenorth

    Theo: Shit. At this rate we’re going to lose our protected pick next year.
    Jed: Yeah, not looking good.
    Theo: Get Dale on the phone.
    Jed: Dale’s been tossed, he’s in the clubhouse.
    Theo: Then call Quirk, Godammit!
    Jed: Right away.
    Quirk: Dugout, Quirk speaking.
    Jed: Jamie, Jed here.
    Quirk: Hey, Jed.
    Jed: Looking good out there Jamie.
    Quirk: Thank you, sir. We’re working hard and…
    Jed: Too good, Jamie.
    Quirk: Sir?
    Jed: It’s time, Jamie.
    Quirk: We have other options, Jed…Villenueva is throwing well and I think he can close this one out…
    Jed: I’m sorry, Jamie. It’s time.
    Quirk: Yes sir.
    Quirk (to Bosio): Call the pen. Get Marmol loosened up.

    • Jeremy

      oh that’s great needed a good laugh this morning

  • jt

    We know that they are short two really good BP arms. No surprise!
    They scored 4 runs on 3 hits and 1 BB. That is a surprise and a good one at that.



    • Jp3

      LOUD NOISES!!!

  • LouCub

    Three upseting things about that loss last night…..

    1. The first base umpires blown call resulted in Samardzjia throwing a lot more pitches that inning in other words he probably could have made it another inning or two if not for that horrendous call.

    2. I’m sick of our hitters not working the damn count, it’s bs…When Kenndedy set down like 13 straight we were swinging first pitch every damn time

    3. It’s obvious that Marmol needs to go far, far away..he won’t be dealt or probably even picked up on waivers…eat whats left and ship his pear shaped physique the hell out of town, HE SUCKS!!!!!

  • 70’scub

    Marmol is why I don’t want the Cubs to sign long term free agent contracts. Most free agents suck on the back end of the deal and this team seems to not want to move on. Marmol should have been moved before last season with Z, Sori, and Qball.

  • ryanissamson

    Here’s the thing, I get we’re trying to make SOMETHING/ANYTHING happen with Marmol, which is why after pitching a few solid games he gets put in during a high stress situation. But, it is demoralizing to the fans and especially to the players who are working their butts off to get a win. Last night you’ve got Jeff who had to overcome two inning-extending frustrating first base calls – getting a huge number of strikeouts – leaving the game an inning early and shaky. The right call would have been leaving Villanueva in for the next inning. The management was hoping Marmol would come in and be able to handle it. Hoping is the key word there. Nate had just put us back in the game and we had the momentum to win. Don’t kid yourself either that it was the right move. Any other pitcher who is a future prospect and gets in that situation will be on a short leash so that we can stay in the game. The Cubs management left him in after two walks, a double, and a grand slam. What were they wanting? For him to work his way out of the situation and have some value.

    Was it the right call for the players? How about the fans? How about extending the streak? How about the effort to get back to .500? None of the above. We had a moment where our bats were silent and needed some help from the pen – we put in someone we knew would likely self-destruct – because we’re hoping to deal him gracefully rather than owning up to the situation.