Edwin Jackson didn’t get a lot of help today. He didn’t get help from the defense behind him, which kicked around a ball or two. He didn’t get help from his catcher, who couldn’t seem to stop any of his pitches down in the dirt. He didn’t get help from a relatively tight zone. And he didn’t get help from his manager, who arguably left him in too long in the decisive sixth inning.

But, the thing is, at some point, Jackson’s got to help himself. The underlying metrics continue to support Jackson’s performance this year as better than we might think, but he did give up 12(!) hits today, together with three walks. At some point, the headline numbers start to matter as much as the underlying ones. But Jackson is here to stay, so we’ll keep pulling for him to put together one of those “good” starts at some point.

At least Scott Hairston homered again. He seems to be doing that a fair bit lately. The Cubs also did more damage against Patrick Corbin than pretty much any team before them has.

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  • Rcleven

    Brett Taylor ‏@BleacherNation 18m

    Hey, that’s me! MT @Shep670 Talking #Whitesox & #Cubs now on @670TheScore. Cubs w/ @BleacherNation at 9pm CT.


    • HackAttack

      Very nice job Brett!

    • Rcleven

      He gave you about 14 minutes.
      Nice job.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Thanks, gents. Enjoy doing it.

    • DB

      The Blackhawks were leading 4-1 in game 2 of their series so I was able to listen to the entire interview without interruption. Great job Brett.

  • Jimmy James

    yeah 15 base runners in 5.2….i’m surprised it was as close as it was lol

  • Carmelo

    Jackson—-fb/sl guy, no off speed pitch. Make him the closer, one inning guy. If you were scouting a pitcher like this he would profile as a relief pitcher. No 3rd pitch. Let him close.

  • Bill

    Navarro might be the worst defensive catcher I’ve ever seen. They have to get rid of him and find someone who can block balls in the dirt. It has to be frustrating for a pitcher knowing every ball in the dirt has a good chance of going to the wall with Navarro catching. He’s brutal. If pitchers don’t feel confident in their catcher blocking balls they are going to start hanging pitches or only throwing fastballs. He has to go.

  • Die hard

    Top catcher in draft good D

    • Rcleven

      Should also be long gone by the 71 pick.

  • Die hard

    Reese McGuire

  • 70’scub

    Castro may or may not be a major core player that does not mean he sucks in fact he could be the every day SS on a top notch Cub team. Not certain if the young SS and 1st. are really 2-3 hitters at this point. Maybe down the road for Rizzo, Castro maybe a 6-8 hitter. Not much protection in the lineup and opposing teams can focuss on those two. Qball had no idea when it came time to develop talent, Bobby V. ran his mouth on national TV and Qball benched his 20 year SS. By the way Castro at that time out played and out hustled all the old vet guys. I for one think he needs to go back to hacking he will mature as a hitter in do time. The main cub problem is low volume of young talent, Shark, Rizzo and Castro……..not much else at the ML level.

  • http://It'searly Mike F

    Sveum is a product of the talent he has been given to work with. Make no mistake, Theo has control over everything and I am a Theo guy. So many of you, frankly your hatred and venom towards Sveum is misguided. If you want to hold people accountable, you’d have to start with Theo and honestly even hire Ricketts. I will be blunt, the man who set the organization back, Clown Kenney is stilled employed. Frankly I still think there is a lot of hope, but will confess, I have my nervous moments, more about the ownership than anything else.

    We’ll see, but if in the end this draft pick turns out about anything to do with money, then we will truly know where the blame belongs. But so many of you bought into a rebuild defined as more than a casual 2 or 3 years and now want to start firing people…..

    As to Castro, he is what he is. He’s never been HOF or Jeter material, contrary to some of the ridiculous projections of we fans. He’s adequate to above average defensively. His range is ok but certainly not top tier. He’s not a guy who is a take charge infielder who makes his teammates better. He’s just not ever going to be a gold glove type player….. His major addition to a club is something along the lines of Ramirez. His bat and aggressiveness at the plate is where he will shine and make money. Maybe he develops better talent, maybe not, but in the last 2 seasons, and make no mistake the emphasis comes directly from Theo, they have taken him completely apart and tried to make him into a more selective hitter. For the most part its been a pretty bad failure. But while I don’t think he’s a HOF talent, I think he’s talented and they as much as Castro need to completely rethink this approach if he’s still scuffing around at the end of the month.

    I don’t like losing any more than anyone, I’m 57, but we all knew it was going to take time and 1 year and couple of months is not realistic, you have to give them through 2014 before jumping off the bridge into the Chicago River……

  • 70’scub

    I agree but would give them through 2015 the goal should be to get a baseball organization together that rivals and exceeds the Cardinals. Castro is doing just fine the hitting will come I think he and the coaches are trying to max his power numbers. Grace had a few years were he tried to muscle up his power numbers at some point Castro like Grace will find that happy mid-point.