ryan braun whoaMajor League Baseball has, for months now, been seeking additional information regarding the Miami Biogenesis clinic linked to performance enhancing drugs, and the players that the clinic has allegedly serviced. You may recall that this all started with a report out of Miami back in January that a variety of players had received PEDs from the clinic, and escalated with additional players linked to the clinic over the ensuing weeks. From there, MLB sought documents about the clinic, even going so far as to begin a lawsuit to try and get access to them. Why? Because MLB wanted to use the documentation as the basis for suspensions.

It didn’t seem likely to succeed for a variety of reasons, and no one really believed that suspensions would be handed down on the basis of anything short of a positive test.

Until now.

ESPN’s Outside the Lines is reporting that MLB does indeed plan to suspend approximately 20 players for taking performance enhancing drugs, with the players’ connection to the Biogenesis clinic as the predicate. Among the names reportedly involved are Alex Rodriguez, Ryan Braun, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon, Nelson Cruz, and Yasmani Grandal. Sources say MLB might try to suspend Rodriguez and Braun for 100 games for multiple offenses.

There are no Cubs currently identified in connection with these looming suspensions, but not all of the names are known yet.

And there could be more than 20 players suspended when everything shakes out. That’s because the reason MLB is ready to move forward is that they’ve now got Tony Bosch – the man behind Biogenesis – cooperating. He could name more names. OTL says that Bosch will meet with MLB officials within a week, and suspensions could come down a couple weeks thereafter. You’re going to want to read that OTL report to get a foundational sense of what’s going on.

Stay tuned, because this is big time.

  • WilliamGlass

    Too bad Albert Pujols is not on that list!

    • LWeb23

      I don’t think I would necessarily hope any particular players were on the list. Even if he was still on the Cardinals. I have respect for Albert, as I do for just about every other major leaguer. Any PED allegations are never good for the game.

  • http://deepcenterfield.blogspot.com Jason Powers

    I have some issue with the civil liberties we invite to be destroyed when medical confidentiality is being bought off/or circumvented. I realize we are after the users, but it seems that while they have testing and other legal means to catch the usage, the MLB is going gestapo on the whole episode. Which is irony to what they knew, and did nothing about in the 1990s. As Bob Nightengale and other journalists frequently reported usage…From one extreme to another…what a country.

    Then, if you are somehow connected, even without proof – they are gonna get you:
    From: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/12/sports/baseball/documents-at-anti-aging-clinic-up-for-sale-in-doping-case.html?_r=1&
    “But the denials have essentially been brushed aside by baseball and its investigators, who remain intent on obtaining whatever testimony and evidence they can in connection with the clinic’s activities and determining whether they then have grounds to discipline players even in the absence of a positive drug test. ”

    We’ll substitute OUR excellent judgment and track record for any situation we feel warrants that substitution. Scary and stupid.

    • Anonnifan

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. A: Medical Confidentiality does not cover the use of illicit substances. B: The entire case is based around the fact that Biogenesis had come up with means to circumvent drug testing, so it seems natural you would not predicate the action on drug tests. C: In the case of Braun and Rodriguez, evidence existed of drug use (Rodriguez’s confession, Braun’s positive test for testosterone) and both vehemently denied such use destroying any credibility they have. D: This is not the 1990s. These guys are cheaters. They should pay for their poor judgement.

  • SenorGato

    This is stem cell related, no? I know the MLB gave Colon some heat when he had it done.

  • Her Seop Chode

    1. This is not a criminal matter. MLB can suspend players based on any criteria the union agrees to.

    2. If any cubs are or we’re using, I want them suspended to the maximum limit as well.

  • Anonnifan

    I have a scenario that will hopefully provide some food for thought. What if all of you found out that every team in the league was cheating except the Cubs? What if you found out that the certain something that they were missing all along was not good plate discipline, or development in the minor leagues, but rather that the Cubs had fostered a clubhouse mentality that said that winning at that cost was not worth it? How would you feel about PEDs then? Would you still feel like its O.k. that some people did it? Would you still feel like it was the leagues fault? Or the agents, or the fans? Some people in the league used these drugs, and some didn’t. For those who didn’t, the world must have felt like a harsh and unfair place. I don’t identify with the cheaters at all. I identify with the people who played clean and lost money, and endorsements, and possibly championships because they decided that their honor and their long term health was worth more than fame and glory and winning. I just don’t understand how people don’t get this. Not one fucking bit.

    • Hee Seop Chode

      If I found out that every other team had been cheating I’d be excited, because I’d know the talent gap was about to close more quickly than previously thought (assuming I received this info from MLB and major changes would ensue).

  • MichiganGoat

    Wow two night in a row of major evening news.

  • Die hard

    These players would not need drugs if season shorter so have more days off to rest– MLB is so hypocritical feigning outrage when they swept under rug for 50 yrs as long as $$$$$$ rolling in– pathetic

    • Fakko

      Just becasue you make a mistake doesnt mean you cant fix it and start doing the right thing. It is like damning an 50 year addict, who has finally taken the right steps to get clean, and saying that they are forever damned. The past is the past and you can’t change it. But you can learn from your mistakes and plan for a better future. MLB will always be about the money (it is a business) and thier efforts into cleaning up the game are appreciated (at least by this fan).

  • OlderStyle

    Cool, root out the cheats. Ryan, your pants are on fire, and you may still have simplex 10…

  • MichiganGoat

    This is just poor timing or a bad leak for this to come days before the draft. Now ESPN and all the other outlets that need sensational news will ignore draft coverage and focus on this.

  • Die hard

    Timing was planned to reduce or increase leverage of draftees as to contracts– take your pick … But it was timed with draft

  • Mr. Gonzo

    Instead of suspending these players, just make them all play for the Miami Marlins in 2014.

  • Die hard

    Wonder if any Cubs on suspension list?

  • JoyceDaddy

    Finally a much needed boost for the Cubbies!! Pun intended.

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