stanford mark appelWe’re just a day away from the start of the 2013 MLB Draft …. eeeeeeeeeeee ….

  • A change of heart from BA’s Jim Callis this morning has the Houston Astros now maybe willing to take Mark Appel at the top of the Draft, assuming the money is reasonable. Remember, the Astros can generally afford to pay Appel more than anyone else, so even if he gets under slot from them, it’s probably more than he’d get if he slipped a spot or two in the Draft (which is to say he’s got a strong incentive to play ball with them). Previous scuttlebutt had the Astros locked in on either Jonathan Gray or UNC third baseman Colin Moran (who would theoretically sign well under slot, allowing the Astros to sign some more big names later in the Draft). If the Astros take Moran, the Cubs would have their choice of Appel or San Diego third baseman Kris Bryant, without having to make the tricky Gray decision.
  • Callis now says his sense is that the Astros will go with Appel, and the Cubs will take Gray. The implications here are huge, even moreso after Gray’s reported positive test for Adderall. While the positive test has generally been regarded by most as a blip, some nervousness about future conditioning issues would not be unreasonable. On the flip side, if the Cubs believe the talent is there, they could leverage this positive test into a lower signing bonus, and end up with more talent in the Draft than otherwise would have been possible. We’ll have to see what develops over the next 24 hours. It still seems like any of Appel, Gray, or Kris Bryant are a possibility for the Cubs, with Colin Moran having a slim, outside chance.
  • Jesse Rogers spoke to one of Appel’s coaches at Stanford, and it’s a pretty good read for more background on the righty.
  • Obviously things change rapidly, but as of Keith Law’s latest mock draft – on Monday afternoon – he had the Astros taking Colin Moran first, and the Cubs taking Mark Appel second.
  • ruby2626

    I was wondering if teams are allowed to make trades draft day. Imagine this scenario, Sean Manea or however you spell his name is still on the board when Kansas City’s supplemental pick comes up. The Cubs have got to have him and are afraid he’ll be gone by the time their 2nd round choice comes up. Theo and Jed get on the phone and start offering DeJesus and whoever for the pick. Would be cool, just like watching the NFL draft, similar to the time Gabe Carimi was on the board and we just had to have him.

    • ssckelley

      I thought I read somewhere those competitive balance picks could not be traded after a period of time?

      • DarthHater

        I think those picks can still be traded, but I cannot claim to have a grasp of all the rules. However, even if the rules allow it, you only get two minutes for each pick in the competitive balance round, so teams would have to swing such a trade pretty fast. I don’t think it could happen unless the two teams lay all the groundwork for the trade in advance and then quickly finalize it if the team acquiring the pick sees their guy still on the board when the pick comes up. But even then, it seems risky trying to get a trade finalized and a pick made in only two minutes.

      • MDel

        Even if this could happen, in reality if an ‘exciting’ guy like that fell, he would probably want overslot to sign (as Manea would), meaning the team would also have to be comfortable they could offer that guy something he would sign for. I also don’t know if you lose a competitive balance pick if you get it back the next year, which is added risk this type of scenario.

  • SenorGato

    Houston isn’t taking Appel unless they match on money. All I need is Boras to be Boras there.

    • ssckelley

      True but Boras wants Houston to take Appel, even if Houston offers slot that is still more than the Cubs if they just offer slot. Boras knows what he is doing, I am sure he is playing it up that Appel is easy to sign and will go for the kill then all hell breaks loose after the draft.

      • SenorGato

        I have trouble seeing Houston offer full slot on one player. OTOH it should totally be in their interest to get the best player, and Appel is that.

  • North Side Irish

    Law had Jim Callis on his podcast yesterday and they did mention that Bryant would probably be the toughest sign of the top three. He’s just got more leverage than the other two since he’s a junior and doesn’t have the red flags. I’m still hoping Appel falls to the Cubs because I think he’s safer than Gray and will be cheaper to sign than Bryant.

    • North Side Irish

      They also talked about Hayden Simpson and how no one on the draft coverage knew what to do when his name came up. No one really had any info on him and Calls just had a quick blurb since he was #188 on their Top 200 that year. Law was laughing saying he was glad he wasn’t on the coverage for that pick. Just made me feel even worse about that pick and I didn’t realize that was possible.

      • Bric

        Dude, MBL has got so many issues suddenly that mistakes like Hayden Simpson’s selection in the first round isn’t even in the top 100 (except to us Cubs fans).

        Bud’s reign of terror is over. The unbalanced leagues and schedules, ignorance of the obvious juice issues, ridiculous avoidance of salary caps, guaranteed money and unbalanced TV coverage, crazy drafting and trade rules, refusal of new techs like replay and obvious ass-kissing to outside sources like the 4 letter network, agents, and the players’ union have slowed down and fooked up this sport beyond belief.

        We all saw this coming about 3 years ago when the economy crashed. Apparently the league owners just woke up 3 days ago when they realized that the #2 pitcher in the draft has been doping up in order to cash in. So that’s why all these stadiums are empty and everyone’s already talking about football…

  • SenorGato

    I hate mock drafts but I fell for it last night:

    1: Appel RHP Stanford
    2: Riley Unroe HS SS, switch hitter, tough sign
    3: Cal Quantrill HS RHP, another really tough sign
    4: Jake Brentz HS LHP
    5: Jacoby Jones 2B/UT
    6: Scott Frazier RHP Pepperdine
    7: Tony Kemp 2B Vanderbilt
    8: Ben Wetzler LHP Oregon State
    9: Tyler Webb LHRP South Carolina
    10: David Garner RHP MSU
    11: Fallen HS bonus baby

    Frazier in the 6th is a little optimistic to say the least…

    • Dynastyin2017

      Doesn’t Jacoby Jones just scream ‘Junior Lake” part two?

    • Austin

      I’d be surprised if Garnder is there in the 10th. I seem him 4-6th. Abut I really want the Cubs to get him. I think he could do something with a 92-94 fastball that can reach 96 on occasion.

    • Saving grace

      Matt Krook P
      Chris Okey C
      Two to look at in 2nd and 3rd

      Krook is a big HS lefty with room to grow into his frame,possibly best hs lefty in draft with a mid 90’s fastball and plus curveball

      Okey is a HS catcher THE Cubs are really high on.
      hE HAS alot of team usa expierence and was a teammate of A.Almora two years ago on it.
      Has very solid catching tools and what appears to be a very developing bat

      • someday…2015?

        I really hope Okey is still around when were picking in the 2nd round. Our catching depth in the minors is mediocre at best. Okey could fix that.

      • SenorGato

        I like Okey as far as the HS catchers go. One of the better athletes in the group of relevant HS prospects.

        • SenorGato

          I like Krook too. There’s a few HS lefties I like…not a bad group.

  • Tyron

    Kris Bryan is our next cub

    • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Never heard of him.

  • http://bleachernation lou brock

    1 – Appel / Gray
    2 – Ziomek LHP Vandy
    3 – Knapp C Cal Switchhitter
    4 – Crockett LHRP/ Closer UVA
    5 – Kubitza RHP Rice
    6 – Savas RHP ISU Redbirds/ Leyden HS
    7 – May OF Switchitter Coastal Carolina
    8 – Soto C Pitt Switchitter
    9 – Jackson C Citadel LH hitter / g/g/g/g nephew of Shoeless Joe
    10 – Radziewski LHP Miami, FL.
    Yes they are all college players but we need the help now sooner not later.

    • Ralph

      I like the possibility of getting Ziomek. Two college arms with the top 2 picks would be nice. The Kentucky high school lefty, Hunter Green also looks like a stud, but he will probably be gone at #41 I would imagine, but who knows.

      • X the Cubs Fan

        do you mean Hunter Harvey? and I would love to have either Ziomek or Serrano

        • Ralph

          No, not the son of the former major leaguer. Hunter Green (LHP Warren High School, Kentucky). There are 3 “Hunters” in the top 50 or so. I have also seen the Cubs mocked to Ryan Eades- RHP – LSU at #41. Also a possibility that Alex Balog – RHP – San Francisco will be there in round two. Serrano looks good too, but is not a big dude.

          • X the Cubs Fan

            yeah had never heard of him, thanks for the info. And size may be the reason Serrano wont be a really good starter but I could still see him being a solid reliever at the worst he has good stuff.

    • Crockett

      I’m being drafted!?!? By the Cubs??!!

      • DarthHater

        Only if you blow out your elbow.

  • Die hard

    Would like to see Cubs take Frazier 1 if not taking a catcher

  • Die hard

    Frazier touted as next Trout … What the heck?!.. If is then rather us get him

    • Luke

      No, no he isn’t.

      I’m aware of the exuberant babbling spewing out of various talking heads who should know better, but comparisons between potential draftees and generational prospects are nearly always worthless.

      This is no exception.

      • MichiganGoat


  • Die hard

    Memo to Theo: take Frazier and won’t be disappointed