The Cubs scored just enough to beat the Angels last night, and Scott Feldman allowed just two runs, but the bullpen gave it up. That’s a familiar tune, though the giver was different this time – it was Carlos Villanueva, who served up a two-run homer to Albert Pujols (naturally) in the 8th. The Angels’ bullpen took care of things on their end, and that was that.

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  • Beardface

    Glad I went to bed when I did. Gonna just pretend I never saw the final score.

  • Die hard

    Cubs and Hawks in LA same time? What are odds? More importantly Castro soon to be flirting with .240 if dont DL him– Continue to misuse him and he may turn to drugs– then will be the star they hoped- is that the plan?

    • Jay

      I usually like to give Castro the benefit of the doubt because I believe this OBP/see more pitches mantra the Cubs are feeding everyone has messed with his head, but I think Dale missed a golden opportunity to send a clear message about focus and accountability when he didn’t pull him off the field immediately after he lollygagged on the grounder that Trout beat out. Did he not know who was at the plate?? You don’t have time to monkey around, look over at third, and then flip it over the diamond. Wake up, kid! Would have loved to have seen what Bobby Cox would have done if it was his player and he was still managing.

      • Die hard

        Hello!! Been beating this drum since rookie year… Quade saw it and was stomped on… Futile to think Cubs will wise up

      • mjhurdle

        Personally, i don’t see what Castro could have done in that situation.
        Castro is not perfect on defense by any stretch of the imagination, but it seems now he has entered the realm of, no matter what he does, he will be blasted.
        Trout probably beats that throw even if Castro goes straight to first. At least it is extremely close. If Castro goes straight to first and misses Trout, or even if he gets him and the runner goes to third, then some people (maybe not you in particular) would be screaming that “Castro should have paid more attention to the runner and if he had the run wouldn’t have scored!” and “when are the Cubs going to bench him for mental errors like that!”
        I think people tend to over-think these things way too much, instead of just accepting the play for what it was, a perfectly timed hit-and-run with a luckily hit dribbler. If it is hit harder, Trout is out. If the hit and run isn’t on, the runner doesn’t advance.
        Sometimes there is no greater “lollygagging” conspiracy.

        • AB

          “Sometimes there is no greater lollygagging conspiracy.”

          Except in Blow Hard’s mind.

        • Patrick W.

          I was at the game last night and Castro’s look to third is what cost that hit. It was hit hard enough that he could have thrown out Trout. My problem with the play was the situation called for a clear easy throw to first. The Cubs were up by one in the first inning, just get the out. It didn’t end up mattering but it was a mental error.

  • @cubsfantroy

    And that is all Pujols needed to get out of the year and a half slump he has been in.

    • Kramden

      Isn’t that the truth?

      All Pujols has lacked is his normal dose of Vitamin Cubs.

  • RoughRiider

    Anybody know why Kevin Gregg wasn’t used in a save situation ? The guy who has given up only 1 earned run this year and is 6 for 6 in save situations. I thought he was the designated closer.

    • Jp3

      Because it wasn’t the 9th inning yet…

    • Melrosepad

      It was the 8th inning and they were saving him for the 9th.

    • PR Cajun

      It all happened in the eighth inning. He would have been there had the lead been preserved through the ninth.

  • RoughRiider

    My bad. It was the 8th and he can’t pitch 2 innings.

    • jt

      they don’t have a legit RH set-up guy and they need to find one.
      I guess there was a “maybe” Villanueva could be that guy.
      another 1-run loss.
      The over-lying numbers say that The Cubs BP sucks.

      • RoughRiider

        Don’t we have to question having Villanueva pitch to Pujols when he has a .345 batting average against him?

  • PR Cajun

    At least Soriano continues to maintain trade value.

  • OCCubFan

    Many analytically minded people–including me–believe that you should use your best relief pitcher–usually the “closer”–in the 8th inning if the “meat” of the opponent’s batting order is due up, because getting those guys out will be harder than facing whoever comes up in the 9th. Otherwise, you can end up in the position of losing a close game without your best reliever ever getting into the game.
    Nevertheless, Villanueva was not a bad choice.

  • Jay Maffitt

    I was at the game last night and that wasn’t just a homerun, it was a monster shot! Over both bullpens and about 10 rows deep, had to be 500 feet

  • CUB5

    This is why I’m not concerned about the Biogenesis scandal. It might be a blessing for some of these guys to take a break…

  • CBP

    It honestly wouldn’t shock me if Pujols hits 3 home runs today.

  • Dynastyin2017

    Thank God bad relief pitching doesn’t hurt a teams record. How bad would we be if it did.