Don’t you just love seeing that picture again? A solid 50% of the pictures of me in existence feature me making that face. And no, I don’t think I’m cool.

As the picture above indicates, your chance to slap me around in the fantasy baseball arena is here once again. You are warned up front that, last time, this contest filled up within 24 hours (it is limited to 50 entries), so you’re going to want to sign up right now to make sure you get a spot.

Here’s the rundown:

Sign up for a $500 fantasy contest ($11 entry fee), win some big money by beating the other competitors, AND get a bonus of $5 if you beat me. Last time, I finished 34th out of 50, so most of you got the bonus cash. I try very hard not to suck, but frequently, I suck.

To play, you register for DraftStreet if you haven’t already, and sign up for the contest here. Make out your roster, and we’ll see what’s what when the games are played on Friday (the 1:20pm CT Cubs/Pirates game is excluded, though – who wanted any Cubs anyway?).

Do you really think you can beat that handsome, intelligent, clearly photogenic gentleman right there? Let’s find out.

Even setting aside the bonus money, the contest has a huge prize pool ($500 – the winner gets $175, and the top 6 spots win cash) and a limited number of entries – that means you have a good chance of winning some actual big money with your skillz. And you get a chance to beat the beautiful douche in the picture above.

So sign up now, and let’s have some fun.

  • I love marmol

    This is preposterous!

  • Ash

    That picture’s from the back of the lawn seating at last year’s Scorpions appearance at the Ohio State Fair, right?

    • Brett

      Ha. I was trying to figure out where it was from. No dice.

  • chrisfchi

    Sadly, I believe all my family pictures have me making the same face…..

  • James

    Last night on WGN John Mayo was defending John Gray for using adderall. He was saying it was ok because Gray needed to help him with his studies. I’m always amazed how someone with talent gets a free ride. What dose this tell the children out there that love baseball, that if you talent its ok to cheat. I’m hope the Cubs don’t take Gray.
    Somebody wrote about trading Javier Baez. I’m always shocked to see people that think that its a good idea. The sport of baseball is changeing. Less people are going to games all over baseball. TV money is up but I see that also changeing over the next couple of years. For the long term future of a ball club needs to be a strong farm system with low priced ballplayers. Being able to bring players up and plugging them in to an team is so important.

    • Cyranojoe

      Attendance is down by about a million over last year across the MLB, but baseball still has the “highest overall attendance among professional sports in the world” according to Wikipedia — 70 million over the course of a season versus, say, the NFL’s 17 million. And it’s still raking in more profits than the NBA (

  • Internet Random

    “And no, I don’t think I’m cool.”

    I think you’re cool.

  • Dave

    On an iPhone, not zoomed in, that watch looks a little like a tribal tattoo around your wrist. Shame it isn’t, I would have mocked mercilessly.

    • Brett

      What do you think is under the watch?

      • Internet Random

        Damn you.

      • Dave

        To think, I used to respect you…

    • Internet Random

      He wears the watch to cover a tribal tat.

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