LIVE: The 2013 MLB Draft First and Second Rounds (Cubs Take Kris Bryant in First Round; Rob Zastryzny in the Second Round)

2013 mlb draftAh, at long last, MLB’s answer to 90 days of Mel Kiper barking at you has arrived. It’s the 2013 MLB Draft, and it starts at 6pm CT. My anticipation was too great to wait until then to throw up this post.

Although the MLB Draft doesn’t come with the same energy or immediacy as that NFL Draft (or the NBA Draft, which I’m told is still a thing), it is as important to each of MLB’s teams as the NFL Draft is to its teams.

And, when you’re in the middle of a deep rebuilding process, pick second overall, and have the second largest bonus pool to spend in the Draft, the importance is further amplified.

So it is for the Chicago Cubs, who pick second this evening. Will it be Stanford righty Mark Appel? Oklahoma righty Jonathan Gray? Which one will be left by the Astros, who pick first overall? Will they both be there? Will the Cubs go for third baseman Kris Bryant either way? The scenarios are surprisingly plentiful, given that the Cubs’ draft board need only be two names deep at the top.

Tonight’s first day of the Draft will cover not only the first round, but also the competitive balance rounds (after the first and second rounds), and the second round. The Cubs don’t get any competitive balance picks (you know, because the competitive balance system RAWX), but they do have the second pick in the second round. In other words, tonight, you’ll get to see the Cubs select second and 41st, overall. Don’t sleep on that 41st pick – last year, the Cubs got Pierce Johnson (a first round talent who is pitching quite well in A-ball right now, and who is a consensus top 10 prospect in the Cubs’ system) at number 43.

The Draft, itself, gets underway at 6pm CT, and you can watch on MLB Network, or a stream at

We’ll cover the picks here live in this post, and I reckon there will be a steady stream of salient thoughts dropped in the comments, on the Message Boardon Twitter, and on Facebook. So join in, wherever your preference for chatting might lie. (Last year, this post got almost 600 comments. We can beat that this year, right?)

Enjoy the night, friends.


A little pre-Draft update from Dave Kaplan, who says he’s hearing buzz that the Cubs are planning to take Kris Bryant.

And Jim Callis just released one last mock draft, which still has the Astros taking Gray at 1.1, and the Cubs taking Appel (over Bryant) at 1.2.

The pre-Draft show on MLB Network makes sure to drop the Mark Appel – Mark Prior comparison. There is some modest similarity (other than the obvious superficial stuff), but using that comp is about riling folks up. Ignore it. In fact, ignore almost all player comps.

We’re just 10 minutes away from the Draft, and everyone is admitting that they have no idea what the Astros are going to do. Because no one knows that for sure, no one can project the Cubs’ pick. If this winds up going Kohl Stewart at one and Kris Bryant at two, all prognosticators are going to have to hang their head a little bit.

In the final pre-Draft update, reports – including Keith Law, most prominently – have the Astros taking Appel. We’ll see.

Away we go with the picks …

1. First overall, the Houston Astros select Mark Appel. So much for that late surprise buzz. I’m a touch bummed, as Appel has been the guy I’ve wanted since day one. But you can’t blame the Astros for taking him, and it’s not as if there aren’t still very talented options on the board for the Cubs (ones that maybe they’ve wanted all along). Odds now favor the Cubs taking one of Gray or Bryant here, and I’m not going to be angry either way. I want the guy that the Cubs want, and that’s who they’ll take. Convenient, eh?

2. The Chicago Cubs take third baseman Kris Bryant. They took extra time with the pick, which makes me wonder if Bryant pulled the trigger on what the Cubs were offering, or whether Gray declined. There’s no disappointment here, as Bryant is a legit top pick, and there were a lot of risks with Gray. I suspect the Cubs wanted Appel, and they simply couldn’t get him. So Bryant is a very nice consolation prize, and could be a great one. I’d expect to see the Cubs now go pitching-heavy in the next several rounds like they did last year after taking Albert Almora in the first round.

- Some further thoughts on Bryant while we wait on the next set of picks. It will be interesting to see what kind of deal Bryant gets. After setting records in his junior year, I don’t think he risks going back for his senior year, and may very well take an underslot deal.

3. The Rockies ended up taking Jonathan Gray, so the top three prospects went in the top three picks, even if the order was wonky. The Cubs certainly got the safest of the three top picks, and one with arguably as much upside as Gray. Maybe that makes Bryant the best possible pick? Maybe I’m just doing some ex post facto’ing.

4. The Twins took high school pitcher Kohl Stewart, to whom they’d been attached for weeks before the late Astros rumors today.

- A reminder here – the Cubs next pick at number 41. Seems a fair bet it will be a pitcher.

5. The Indians take high school outfield Clint Frazier, and this was about as high as anyone thought he’d go. Arguably the top high school bat in the draft.

- Bruce Levine tweets what I’d suspected: the Cubs’ board read Appel then Bryant. To be clear, I’m perfectly happy with Bryant, but I’m bummed the Cubs didn’t get their top guy.

6. The Marlins take UNC third baseman Colin Moran, and immediately trade him for salary relief.

7. The Reds Sox take high school pitcher Trey Ball, a lefty who also has some positional skills.

8. The Royals take Hunter Dozier, a collegiate bat who was not expected to go in the top 30. Looks like a money-saving move for later overslot signings. Maybe they grab Sean Manaea in the competitive balance portion.

9. The Pirates take Austin Meadows, the high school outfielder who’s been up there with Frazier all draft season. I’m sure they’re happy to get him at nine. This was the pick the Pirates got for not signing Mark Appel last year. I’m sure they’re not happy about that part.

10. The Blue Jays take high school pitcher Phillip Bickford.

11. The Mets take high school first baseman Dominic Smith, who was the subject of late Rockies rumors.

12. The Mariners take New Mexico third baseman DJ Peterson.

13. The Padres take Mississippi State outfielder Hunter Renfroe.

14. The Pirates take high school catcher Reese McGuire, the best prep catcher in a long time, and a borderline top 10 pick. Pretty nice back-to-back picks for the Pirates.

15. The Diamondbacks take Nevada pitcher Braden Shipley.

16. The Phillies take high school shortstop JP Crawford, who wears a lovely bow tie.

17. The White Sox take high school shortstop Tim Anderson.

18. The Dodgers take Jacksonville pitcher Chris Anderson. Cubs took him in the 35th round back in 2010.

19. The Cardinals take Gonzaga pitcher Marco Gonzalez, who looks pretty good. But now he’ll become an ace.

20. The Tigers take Florida starter Jonathan Crawford, and we’re starting to see a little bit of a run on pitchers. Hopefully that stops for about 20 more picks.

21. The Rays take Nick Ciuffo, a high school catcher who had quite a group of fans with him at the Draft. They screamed.

22. The Orioles take high school pitcher Hunter Harvey.

23. The Rangers take Oral Roberts pitcher Alex Gonzalez.

24. The A’s take high school outfielder Billy McKinney.

25. The Giants take high school shortstop Christian Arroyo, who was not generally thought to be a top 100 prospect in the draft. The Yankees come next, and I wonder if they finally pull the trigger on Ryne Stanek or Sean Manaea. We’re definitely reaching “tough to sign” territory on those two.

26. The Yankees take Notre Dame third baseman Eric Jagielo.

27. The Reds take Samford outfielder Phillip Ervin. You just know the Cards are going to take Stanek or Manaea …

28. The Cardinals take high school pitcher Rob Kaminsky.

29. Wow, it’s the Rays who take Ryne Stanek, one of the better college arms whose stock fell far this year. I guess the Rays are ready to pay a little bit.

30. The Rangers take high school shortstop Travis Demeritte.

31. The Braves take Oklahoma State pitcher Jason Hursh.

32. The Yankees take Fresno State outfielder Aaron Judge.

33. The Yankees take high school pitcher Ian Clarkin, one of the top high school arms in the Draft who slid a bit.

- That wraps up the First Round of the Draft. Now we move on to the Competitive Balance A section.

34. The Royals take Sean Manaea, which had become expected. They saved big money on their first rounder, and they clearly did so in order to grab the best player that slipped to this point. It was Manaea, and now we’ll see if he’s healthy and will sign.

35. Andre Dawson announces the Marlins’ next pick, high school righty Matt Krook, who would have been a nice pick for the Cubs at 41.

36. The Diamondbacks take Washington pitcher Aaron Blair, who was the “other” player who tested positive for a banned stimulant this year. Was a possibility for Cubs at 41.

37. The Orioles take high school outfielder Josh Hart.

38. The Reds take Cal State Fullerton pitcher Michael Lorenzen.

39. The Tigers take Texas pitcher Corey Knebel. And that’s the end of the Competitive Balance A round.

- The second round begins with the Astros, and it looks like the Cubs will have plenty of quality arms to choose from if they decide to go that route. The Cubs’ pick – number 41 overall – will be the last pick I cover live this evening, as it is the Cubs’ last pick of the day.

40. The Astros take UC Irvine pitcher Andrew Thurman. And here we go …

41. The Cubs take left-handed pitcher Rob Zastryzny out of Missouri. Baseball America ranked Zastryzny (wow, thanks, by the way, for the typing) 76th, and did not have him in the top 100. He was 81st to Perfect Game. So, his range seems to be that 70 to 100ish ranking, which isn’t the end-all be-all, but you could argue the Cubs went off board a bit here, particularly given the better-known lefty options available. Here’s what Perfect Game (at Baseball Prospectus) had to say about Zastryzny: “Missouri’s first season in the SEC has been rough going, as the Tigers have posted a 7-17 conference mark and are 15-28 overall. Despite having a 2-9, 3.93 record (75 innings, 79 hits, 21 walks, 71 strikeouts) as Missouri’s Friday night starter, Zastryzny has seen his draft stock steadily rise through the course of the spring and could hear his name heard as early as the second round. The 6-foot-3, 195-pound southpaw was undrafted out of Corpus Christi, Texas high school despite going 17-1, 0.20 with 198 strikeouts his senior year. He stepped into the Missouri rotation early in his freshman year and has built his upper-80s fastball into a pitch that now tops out at 94 mph with excellent sinking and running life at times. Zastryzny’s best secondary pitch is a low-80s changeup that has very good arm speed and matches his fastball in life and in his ability to spot the ball low in the zone. His third pitch is a curveball that is a workable offering in setting up hitters, but it is not currently a swing-and-miss pitch.” Friday night starter in a major conference is always a good signal, and it doesn’t seem like he’ll be a tough sign. I like the Cubs taking a college lefty here, and I expect many more pitchers on the way in the early going.

Small update on Zastryzny, whose name I’m desperately practicing: reports floating around Twitter that he was sitting in the low-90s on his fastball this year, while hitting 95 mph. If true, it’s a big step up from previous velocity, and makes him a whole lot more enticing as a possible steal.

We’ll have much more on Zastryzny and Bryant tomorrow. Also, don’t forget: tonight’s just the beginning of the Draft. Rounds three through ten go tomorrow, starting at 12pm CT, and rounds 11 through 40 go on Saturday, starting at the same time.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

786 responses to “LIVE: The 2013 MLB Draft First and Second Rounds (Cubs Take Kris Bryant in First Round; Rob Zastryzny in the Second Round)”

  1. TC

    Rumors! Perfect Game USA scouting director saying Astros are between Moran and…Stewart?

    1. Brad K

      I’ve been hearing that the Astros are throwing out some misinformation in hopes of Appel or Gray bringing their asking price down.

      1. TC

        but I’m sure the director of Perfect Game USA would understand that, and unless the Astros are paying him off somehow I don’t know why he would risk such an odd late-hour hurting his reputation.

    2. Jorbert Solmora

      I want to start off by saying hello, I’m new here. Been following for a while now and decided to officially become apart of BN. Now to the baseball: I think Stewart arguably has the most upside in the draft, he’s just very risky because he’s a hs pitcher. If the ‘stros are willing to take that chance, he has the 1-1 talent to justify that.

      1. DarthHater

        With that name, I have to assume you’re a switch hitter adept at fielding all three outfield positions, correct?

        1. Danny Ballgame

          With power, speed, and a rocket arm

          1. DarthHater

            the most high-character kid you’d ever want to meet, but also capable of placing a bat upside your head, if you get too mouthy…

        2. Jorbert Solmora

          The ever-elusive 7 tool athlete.

      2. 5412


        Welcome Jorbert. This is the one and only Cub forum where you will actually learn something and be treated with respect. I have been through them all and this is the only one I look at anymore.

        Glad to have you aboard. Sounds to me already, by what you posted, that you are knowledgable and will have something to add.


        1. DarthHater

          Treating people with respect? I must be off my game. :-P

          1. DocPeterWimsey

            Yeah, nobody here has ever called me the next day….

      3. calicubsfan007

        Hey Jorbert, welcome to the madness. (=

    3. Jackman

      Hey TC, you want Appel or Grey? Or are you a position player kinda guy?

      1. TC

        I’m an Appel fan myself. Believe he’s being seriously undersold by people around here, Kapman, etc. He’s got a ceiling as a 2 and a very high floor. Gray still needs a third pitch.

        Everyone’s (not the scouting people though) talking about Bryant as if he’s a mortal lock for .280 with 30-40 homers at 3B. That’s his ceiling. Seeing as he hasn’t faced much advanced pitching, most of his homers came against underclassmen, and many scouts still think he ends up in the OF or at 1B, he certainly has a long way to go before he can approach that ceiling. You can find 4+ win OF’ers and 1B in free agency, but 4+ win SPs are much, much more difficult to come by

      2. TC

        Also, I have enough faith in the Front Office that I’ll be behind whoever they pick.

        How about you, Jackman?

  2. @cubsfantroy

    I thought it started at 5 CT?

    1. Rizzo 44

      It starts at 5 but the actual Draft starts at 6.

  3. 5412

    I hope it is a position player.

  4. Jp3

    Ummm yeah we’re def beating that this year… I don’t think we can go wrong at #2. My personal preference is probably Appel or Bryant… Funny because I was hoping for gray a week ago, it changes every week and I’m sure 3 years down the road we’re all going to say “DAMN!!!!, should’ve taken Meadows!!!”

  5. DarthHater’s headline now states, as if a fact: “Mark Appel is headed to the Astros with the No. 1 overall pick in the final mock draft.”

    Their source? Keith Law. As I understand it, Law’s opinion is based on stale information from last night.

    ESPN: Extremely Shitty at Publishing News

    1. TC

      no, its saying that Law predicts Astros take Appel. Im no fan of ESPN but you’re reading that headline wrong

      1. DarthHater

        Oh, alright. But ESPN still sucks. ;-)

        1. willis

          You ain’t kidding. That network has become simply terrible.

      2. danimal8

        “WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME BECAUSE I AM STEVEN A. SMITH!” Man, that network has jumped the shark. I don’t mean The Shark, I mean a shark.

  6. Rebuilding

    Stolen from PSD: “Bryant leads the nation with 31 home runs in 54 games, tied for the 11th-highest total in NCAA history. Statistician Mark Kramer crunched numbers that suggest Bryant would have hit 49 home runs had he been using the old aluminum bats, which used to put a “ping” in college baseball. That would have been one more than Pete Incaviglia’s record of 48 in 75 games in 1985 at Oklahoma State. Further, the numbers suggest that if Bryant played 75 games, he’d have hit a staggering 68 homers”.

    1. TC

      and yet none of that matters if he ends up in left field and has trouble with advanced stuff, two legitimate concerns

      1. Rebuilding

        Obviously, if he has trouble with advanced stuff that is a problem. However, if his power translates he could move to 1b and it wouldn’t be a problem. Would he be more valuable as a 3b? Sure, positional value matters. But if he can tap his power it makes what position he plays irrelevant

        1. JB88

          Supposedly he has a cannon for an arm and could stick in RF.

    2. 5412


      My son played on the Div. II Florida Southern National Championship team in 1985. They played against Incavaligia and he went something like 0-4 with 2 K’s. Check the Div II record books and that team still holds several NCAA records.

      Your point about Bryant just reinforces why I prefer a position player. A guy like that is much more likely to make ti to the majors and be healthy. It’s not like the Cub farm system is loaded with 3B either.


  7. J Wilson

    I am leaning towards Bryant because I just fear shoulders and elbows succumbing to the most violent action in all of sports. I hope the Cubs take Bryant, but I’ll be happy with any of the 3 top guys. I’m pumped for the draft, oh, and there’s a Cubs game on tonight??

    1. mdavis

      cubs have off tonight. but i agree with you, i’d prefer bryant. but won’t be mad with any of the top 3, or really top 4 guys we have been hearing.

  8. Mr. Gonzo

    The Cubs are drafting at least one of Appel, Bryant or Gray very soon… An empty glass is sitting silently awaiting its master… Soon they will both begin to fulfill their new destiny. Sweet whiskey whispers faintly echo through my mental fandom like a soft squeeeeeel. Growing louder like swine mating in the whiskey haze. Soon…

    1. mjhurdle

      stay thirsty my friend

      1. Mr. Gonzo

        Cheers! May the sun shine on the dog’s ass of the Cubs this evening.

    2. X The Cubs Fan

      Very poetic is that Shakespeare?

      1. Mr. Gonzo

        I’m not familiar with this Shakespeare fellow, is he French?!

        1. frank


  9. North Side Irish

    David Kaplan ‏@thekapman 3m
    Some buzz around baseball that the Cubs are leaning to Kris Bryant over taking a pitcher. What would you do?

    Pre draft smokescreen? Fingers crossed.

    1. Ryan

      I got really excited about that when I read it. I’m pretty sold on the Bryant train now.

  10. Jacob

    Does the Cubs FO apparent non-interest in Kohl Stewart show that they believe the Cubs aren’t very far from contention? Appel/Gray/Bryant are all much closer to the big leagues, but Stewart is believed to have the most upside… Just a thought..

  11. mjhurdle

    Personally, i prefer whoever the Cubs decide to draft.
    Whoever they take will indicate that they feel that that player is the best talent on the board with the highest chance to make a positive impact of that team.
    I have heard pros-cons for each of the “Big 3″, and whichever one they pick will show which one they believe more of the Pros than the Cons.
    I kinda like Bryant, but i don’t have the info that they do, and if they don’t feel he is the best player left at #2, then i hope they don’t draft him.
    Going to be fun for sure.

    1. Jacob

      I agree with your first couple lines completely.

    2. Jono

      Not a bad perspective. I lost a little trust in them with the Jackson signing, but there’s no doubt that an entire department of professional scouts know these guys better than we do. I keep going back and forth, can’t really decide who I like the most. Whoever they take, he’ll be a nice addition to their organization

    3. J Wilson

      Agreed. They know more than all of us combined. I’ll be happy as long as their draft pick has video highlights on MLBN…you all know what I’m saying haha. Knock on wood everyone, I just did.

  12. Coop

    I believe HS arms have a much higher flameout rate than college arms.

    1. 5412


      See WOOD, Kerry……


      1. Coop

        Is this an example of a success or a flameout?

  13. 5412


    Honestly, I think there is a lot of smoke and mirrors, plus some false signals being thrown up as there has been for some time. Theo and Company are on record as saying they prefer their #1 pick be a position player. If I were to guess Bryant has been at the top of their list all along unless someone knocks him off his perch.

    My gut (which is rather large) tells me they have been trying to get Houston to pick on of the pitchers and have subtly helped them work out a verbal deal in advance.

    Just my instincts talking with no other input.


    1. Internet Random

      “My gut (which is rather large) tells me . . . .”

      Nice work. Literal lol.

    2. Jono

      Good point. I know teams aren’t supposed to draft by need, but 3B isn’t just a cubs need, it’s a league-wide need. It seems impossible to get one via trade or free agency anymore, so bryant would be a nice pick. It seems easier to get front end rotation pitchers through trade or free agency than 3B

      1. Patrick W.

        You don’t draft for MLB need, but you can see teams drafting for organizational need (i.e. taking a lot of pitchers) and it seems that 3b is not really an organizational need. I’m not sure Bryant is guaranteed to remain at 3b so it comes down to is the power so good that you can’t pass it up.

        1. Kyle

          There’s a difference between drafting for need at the top of the draft (no-no!) and drafting for need in the 39 other rounds of undifferentiated mediocrity.

          1. Patrick W.

            I agree … I just wonder if there is the slightest chance that somebody in the Cubs organization would (playing devil’s advocate) suggest with guys like Villanueva/Lake/Candelario/Alcantara/Baez it wouldn’t be horrible if you passed on Bryant and he turns into Ryan Zimmerman. I am not smart enough to decide if that’s a legit argument but I think it might be mentioned.

        2. Jono

          True. Is there any weight to the point about league-wide needs, like how it’s simply easier to get a good pitcher than good 3B? Or is that just my inexperience talking?

          1. Patrick W.

            I think there are enough questions about Bryant staying at 3B that even if league wide need was factored in (which I kind of doubt) that would nullify it.

            1. Jono

              Ah, gotcha. Thanks

          2. TC

            It may be easier to get *a* good 3B than *a* good SP, but you need multiple good SPs to compete, and 4-5 if you want to be an elite team. Collecting that many starters is pretty dang difficult

            1. Jono

              Good point. Pitching pitching pitching. The cubs have one guy, maaaaybe 2 with wood.

            2. Jono

              And im back where I started, wanting the cubs to draft appel. I was with moran earlier this week, bryant yesterday and today. Now after a couple good points, im back with appel. Oh, and gray was in there at one point

  14. Internet Random

    Is my wife using my tablet to surf gay porn, or is there another explanation for all the Mack Weldon ads that I’m served here?

    1. Headscratchin

      Some of what you see has to be totally random. I’m seeing Tractor Supply Chicken coops on mine. Never lived on a farm, never looked at farming type website and and sure as heck never inquired about chicken coops!

      1. Internet Random

        Really? Like, consistently?

        1. Headscratchin

          Gone now. It does have this one “Official BN Apparel” add that is pretty persistent…

          1. Internet Random

            What the hell is that?

    2. Internet Random

      I was just served a Gimp ad! Go, open source!

  15. curt

    between Appel,gray and Bryant who best helps the soonest

    1. willis

      Appel IMO. Could be in the rotation next season.

  16. chirogerg

    Ahhhhhh!!! The cameras were looking at the Cubs and Rockies draft boards, but names were too small!

  17. Jacob

    Did anybody freeze and zoom in on the Cubs draft board when they showed it?!

  18. chirogerg

    The replay of the Jonathan Gray slider that the batter fell down and swung at>>>>

    1. chirogerg

      and there it is again

  19. Patrick

    Appel or Bryant!! Ill be please with either!

  20. turn two

    Is there anywhere to watch the draft if you don’t have mlb network?

    1. cubchymyst
    2. Timothy Scarbrough
  21. Northside Neuman

    Draft is being streamed online for free at

  22. Richard Witholder

    Any ideas on the 41st pick? Trevor Williams out of ASU??

  23. Oswego Chris

    Quit comparing draft picks to MLB guys!….Bowa and Bald Guy(Billy Ripken?..right?) just said Bryant projects as a 1B….

    1. 5412


      what I read about Bryant is that he has a heck of an arm and could end up at 3B or RF. He is a power hitter so he will end up in a power position.

      I’m glad the Cubs drafted him. The pick was exactly the playbook Epstein is noted for. #1 pick goes to a position player most of the time.

      Kaplan had an interesting line. Remember Todd Van Poppel? He was a can’t miss pitcher that flamed out early with much fanfare.


  24. Die hard

    Even I don’t believe the latest rumor.. No way … So wont repeat it but will keep powder dry

    1. Internet Random

      The Life cereal kid did die after consuming Coke and Pop Rocks.

      1. Oswego Chris

        And that hole Rod Stewart thing…

        1. Internet Random


  25. Dynastyin2017

    Something else to consider. Isn’t Kris Bryant the most likely to marry a Kardashian?

    1. Coop

      So is that a plus or a minus?

      1. Dynastyin2017

        Depends on which Kardasian.

    2. Coop

      Chicks dig the long ball…

  26. chrisfchi

    made it home with a few minutes to spare. brats cooking and beer in hand. Lets get Grey!

  27. Patrick



    No Gray

    1. PcB

      You win the internet. I completely agree with this.

  28. DaveY

    I haven’t seen the entire pre-draft show but I did catch the part where they were talking about the great 1993 draft. I find it interesting that they didn’t mention the 1985 draft which is by far the greatest ever. Of course that draft had a couple steroid cheats in Barry Bonds and Rafael Palmiero but Alex Rodriguez was the first pick in ’93.

    1. Internet Random

      “Alex Rodriguez”

      Because he’s a lifetime natural.

  29. Oswego Chris

    Jose Cruz….in original RBI Baseball…

    Astros were bad

    1. DaveY

      Cruz Jr. was taken number 2 ahead of Kerry Wood(#4) in 1995…

      1. DaveY

        correction, Jose Cruz Jr. was taken 3rd ahead of Wood.

  30. Patrick

    Go cubs!

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