The Cubs narrowly avoided being shut out by the Pirates for the second consecutive day, and there’s almost nothing to point to that would make you happy about the performance today (Zach Putnam had a nice inning of relief). At least the Draft was going on, so I was thoroughly distracted.

And, when you lose badly, you can do very little but be petty …

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  • RY34

    One big pile of shit is what I would call this performance today

  • sleepy

    Castro looks absolutely horrible at the plate. How could he have fallen so far? I wonder if he needs his eyes checked. Ay least he didn’t strike out today, so I guess that’s something.

    • Cedlandrum

      I thought he actually looked pretty good today. He hit the ball pretty hard today.

  • Mark S

    “Cubs need pitching, not more hitters from the draft…”

  • Rebuilding

    I give Castro a little bit of a pass. He’s bought into the new philosophy of patience so he’s trying to work counts. Watch his at-bats. He takes first pitch fastballs down the middle all of the time. I do wish they would scrap the open stance which wasn’t nearly so pronounced when he came up. He’s constantly lunging at offspead stuff down 0-1

  • mudge

    I thought it was a very attractive ballgame today, despite the outcome.

  • dan

    Does any team have a lighter hitting infield? no wonder we took Bryant !!!!

  • Kramden

    And people wonder why the Cubs went for Bryant over Gray

    • Die hard

      Case closed… Usually DH knows what he’s talking about … Just takes awhile for the rest of BN to buy into cause don’t have benefit of over 60 yrs of Cub futility … You are excused

      • MichiganGoat

        I thought it was 80 yrs and congrats on winning a prize with a 33% odds of winning. Way to go Nostradamus. Keep throwing rocks at a greenhouse your bound to break some glass.

        • Die hard

          Over 60 as if told real age nobody would care anyway … This way there is some credibility

          • mudge

            I’m not as frustrated as the rest of you because I have happy memories of the 1908 World Series. Pretty sure with a little bit of gumption and sticktuitiveness, we’ll be on top o’ the world again in a jiffy!

            • Die hard

              Yea– but for Merkle goof they don’t make it.. They made it to WS many times after but no cigar… Cubs could use another Frank Chance type now

    • #1lahairfan

      They believe in their heart of hearts that Bryant will have more of an impact than anyone in this entire draft class besides Appel.

      • Die hard

        Until he sees a major league slider and had to use a wood bat

  • Kyle

    Definitely time to start planning for the sale now.

    • mudge

      Even if it puts the Scottish Royal Family back at 3rd base? Stranger things have happened.

  • Rebuilding

    Bryant is going to surprise people. You don’t hit that many HRs w/o an unbelievable power tool even if its against slow ball softball pitching. Is the WCC as good as the PAC-12 or SEC? No. But junior college baseball in California or Florida is better than Big 10 baseball. Downside this guy hits 250 with 30 HRs. Upside is Ryan Braun even w/o the juice

    • Rebuilding

      And I know that wasn’t clear. The WCC is a step up from JC. I’m just saying the talent in the south and west makes the WCC far from bad competition

    • Voice of Reason

      Earl Cunningham, try griffin and Gary Scott all surprised people, too.

      All were highly toughted, young and up and coming draft picks, that failed miserably.

      • BT

        Your logic is airtight. Clearly Earl Cunningham’s abilities (and Jim Frey’s decision to pick him) has a direct bearing on how good Kris Bryant will be. Anyone who can’t see that is clearly drinking “the kool-aid”.

  • Rebuilding

    BTW. Brett I need a BN T-Shirt. Down at Wells Street Fest and there are lots of ladies that need to know about your site

  • someday…2015?

    Great job on 670 Brett.

    • Brett


  • Die hard

    Castro nuttin since 4th Marlins game

    • Timothy Scarbrough

      I wasn’t aware you could use the word nuttin in this way, but it sounds vaguely positive. Now, obviously Castro has been in a slump, but you could’ve fooled me.

  • Voice of Reason

    Thank god the starting pitching has been decent.

    What a brutal line up!!

    Can we get some stats that will show us the offense isnt as bad as we think?

    • Dynastyin2017

      I’m sure someone could make a stat that says that.

  • Tobias

    Did anyone read that Ian Stewert hit 3 HRs and had 8 RBIs in Iowa’s game today?

    • Die hard

      If true connect dots to Bryant draft

      • Carew

        Stewart did…what does that have to do with a recently drafted 21 year-old

        • Die hard

          Eh.. Do I have to spell it out?

          • cubchymyst

            I really want you to simply to know your thought process here.

            • Die hard

              Bryant is going to spur Stew into a miraculous recovery and motivate him to place best ball cause after his position

              • Timothy Scarbrough

                I’m pretty sure Bryant isn’t after the position of AAA bench warmer.

                • Die hard

                  Your shortsightedness is underwhelming.. Stewart hoped to be starter next year after good AAA and call up this year.. Now he knows has no future here

                  • Timothy Scarbrough

                    From what I’ve heard, Stewart already thinks Theo made it clear he has no future here with some comments about Vitters.

                    • Die hard

                      Stewart not worried about Vitters who also has no future with Cubs now–

                  • cubchymyst

                    Stewart future with the cubs ended when they dropped him from the 40 man roster and Valbuena started to play good at 3rd. The drafting of Bryant has nothing to do with it.

                  • MichiganGoat

                    Really his future with the Cubs long before yesterday your hyperbole is awe inspiring.

                    • Hansman1982

                      The fact that anyone gives die hard the time of day is awe inspiring.

                    • cubchymyst

                      I wanted to know how he made that leap, and I have time to kill since I’m staying up to watch the blackhawks.

              • cubchymyst

                So the new draftee is spurring Stewart to play his best. So it is not the fact that he has been stuck on a minor league bench for a few week and his opportunities to display himself for a potential contract next season are limited to the few days he can play.

                • MichiganGoat

                  Duh Bryant sparked his BELLYFIRE… DUH

                  • Die hard

                    I appreciate the help but I can take care of myself … Darth could use your help tho

          • scorecardpaul

            it out

  • ramin

    This is the first time in Castro’s career he has struggled this this extent. Fans need to get off his back and let him work it out. The FO changed his approached, and he is learning to play with that approach. Similar enough to Baez, where struggled to start the season, now hes finding his groove.

  • @cubsfantroy

    People like Die hard are making the comments section here worse than

    • fromthemitten

      you take that back RIGHT NOW

      • fromthemitten

        Die hard is a national treasure and the ONLY reason why I read the comments

    • MichiganGoat

      He’s been around here since Tidrow’s first sprouted a stashe hair, he’s part of the BN mystique and if you read him with a satirical lens and avoid arguements he’s kinda fun. Each day we get to watch a 80 yr old (or a tennager possibly) fall further into senility – buckle in and embrace the Die Hardian Way young grasshopper. Every court needs their jester.

      • Blublud

        I agree. BN wouldn’t be BN without all of its characters. Die Hard is a natural part of BN. If people don’t wanna read him, then I would have to say they can find somewhere else to go.

    • RoughRiider

      Die Hard was born in a log cabin and could only read about the Cubs by fire light when he was a lad. He saw Frank Chance be the first Cub to fly in an airplane and listened to Ronald Reagan broadcast of Cub games. He’s a living link to the last Cub world series win. Where would BN be without the likes of Die Hard & that goat fellow.

  • mudge

    1908. Last time Cubs were in the World Series. Also the year “Shine on Harvest Moon” came out, a co-write with Nora Bayes, nee Eleanor Goldberg in Joliet, IL, queen of vaudeville, and one of her five husbands, Jack Norworth. Bayes your pin-up girl and voice of “Over There” from WWI, and a fine composer as well. Norworth also penned the lyrics to “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Mediocre lyrics both, but Americans being what they are, they have stood the test of time.

    • MichiganGoat

      Hmm thanks for the history lesson?

    • Jp3

      Ummm what??? Are you trying to say its been a while since the Cubs won a WS? Greetings to our planet???

    • Chad

      Great try but you are wrong. Last time they were IN the world series was 1945. They last WON in 1908.

  • Jason (Thundermug)

    We did go after pitching early in the 1st 2 years of Theo/Jed/Jason

    1st 10 Picks in 2012 Draft 8 Pitchers 2 Hitters = 80 % Pitchers
    1st 10 Picks in 2013 Draft 7 Pitchers 3 Hitters = 70 % Pitchers
    (75% Percent of our 1st 10 picks last 2 drafts on Pitchers(15 out of 20 picks)

    1st 15 Picks in 2012 Draft 10 Pitchers 5 Hitters = 67 % Pitchers
    1st 15 Picks in 2013 Draft 11 Pitchers 4 Hitters = 73 % Pitchers
    (70% Percent of our 1st 15 Picks last 2 drafts = 70 % Pitchers (21 out of 30 picks)

    Yes we did go after hitters Albert Almora and Kris Bryant with the 1st pick in the last 2 drafts but Cubs did go heavy with the next 14 picks in both 2012 and 2013