contractWith the 2013 Draft in the rearview mirror, and short season ball just about to get underway, you’re going to see a large number of the “easier to sign” college players inking deals with the Cubs this week and promptly heading out to Arizona to start transitioning into their career as professionals.

Word of two such signings has already emerged, as the Cubs have reportedly agreed to a deal with 14th round pick Daniel Poncedeleon, as well as 30th round pick Zak Hermans.

The reports? Well, it’s 2013, so the reports are pictures of the pitchers signing their contracts, tweeted by the pitchers themselves. Internetz!

Poncedeleon was a top 500 draft prospect to Baseball America (322), and there’s a lot of projection there. He didn’t have a great junior season at Houston – 4.47 ERA over 86.2 innings, striking out 62 and walking 34 – but scouts dig the upside. He reportedly signed for $100,000, which is the top amount a team can give a pick after the 10th round without the overage counting against the draft bonus pool. In other words, it’s a healthy bonus.

Hermans, a senior at Princeton, was all-universe in the Ivy League during his four-year career, twice an all-league performer, and the league’s pitcher of the year in 2012. He put up a 2.40 ERA over 56.1 innings this year, striking out 55 and walking just 12.

Hermans is headed to Arizona for now, and says it’s undetermined yet whether he’ll stay there for rookie league or if he’ll head up to Boise for short season Low-A. Presumably, Poncedeleon will be doing the same thing, with the same decision to be made.

Of note: Poncedeleon was on the Conference USA All-Academic Team for 2013, and Hermans went to Princeton. These are smart dudes, if nothing else.

  • Frank

    Any chance I could sign with the Cubs? My fastball is probably in th low 70’s, but I come cheap. A snickers bar and a bottle of Thunderbird.

  • Jody

    I like DeSoto.

    • Justen

      -DeSoto? What did he do?
      -Discovered the Mississippi.
      -Oh, like they weren’t going to find that anyway.

      • Mike

        Nice Seinfeld reference!

  • curt

    1/2a snickers frank and z small thunderbird lol

  • Okie Cub

    He’s trying to underslot you Frank, hold out.

    • Brett

      Yup, slot for your round is a king size Twix and a six pack of Hanes t-shirts. No way you’re getting that much.

      • hansman1982

        So, not only do you get a delicious snack, but some decent fitting undershirts whose collars don’t stretch out too quickly…

        Hold on, I don’t want to rob you blind.

  • Okie Cub

    C’mon, it begins and ends with Magellan.

    • Spriggs

      Will he bring the Fountain of Youth with him? Think of the possibilities…

  • Jp3

    I know it’s super early in this process but is these any chance Bryant signs soon or is he going to end up being DFL in signing? Just hoping to see him in Daytona before the end of the year.

    • Spriggs

      I think the signing deadline is July 12 or right around there. I’d be surprised if he signs much sooner. The short season rookie leagues will be in full swing by then, so I suspect he’d head to Mesa to get in shape, maybe play for a week or so in the AZL before anything else (that’s what I’m hoping!).

      • Jp3

        Wow that’ll be a busy time! Trade deadline and draft picks reporting! Somewhat depressing July and August is exciting because of something other than the stretch from playoff baseball­čś×

  • hansman1982

    Any candidates for the 2013 Ben Kryzcflinksy Award?

    (Awarded to the most dedicated family member of a Cubs “prospect” who has been cut to make room for others)

    • Cubbie Blues

      We can only hope. Those are always fun for a day or two.

  • ssckelley

    What are the chances the Cubs can sign Bryant for under slot so they can snag one of those stud high school catchers (Alamo or Martinez)? It might take as much as 2nd round type of money to sign them.

    • nkniacc13

      I thought I saw where Alamo may sign sounded like Martinez wouldnt

  • Oswego chris

    I know a kid that was drafted in like the 40 something round…he got like a 100 bucks and a t shirt…

    I wish I could remember more explorers from fifth grade to make some jokes about this Poncedeleon kid…

    Was Cortez one?…Magellan easy one…I remember a Seinfeld line where George was talking about his favorite..Desoto I think…because he discovered the Mississippi…Jerrys’ response

    ” Yeah because nobody would ever have found that”

    Great point…

    • JB88

      My favorite explorer was always Cabeza de Vaca, whose name translates into Head of the Cow.

    • Spriggs

      Balboa, Lewis and Clark, Vasco De Gama, Francis Drake, C. Columbus… I’m done.

      • Bric

        Dude, you totally skipped out on Heinrich Hudson. Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. Why they changed I can’t say, people just like it better that way.

    • Colocubfan

      I love how people are credited with discovering something that was already a populated area!

  • Patrick G

    How soon do players get assigned after signing? Would like to see some of these guys soon, obviously Bryant.

  • Headscratchin

    Balboa would be a great pickup. Then maybe he could help us tap into the Panamanian talent pool.

  • Frank

    Throw in a pack of undies and it’s a deal.

    • brian

      It would be one banana hammock and the left side of the Twix that is “cloaked” in chocolate.

      • MichiganGoat

        The BN Banana Hammock is a premium item and considered overslot around here. TWC has been in negotiations for years and Brett has yet to bend.

        • BluBlud

          I heard the Banana Hamocks was an option for him if he was able to ruduce his comment SO rate and up his comment response time vs comment accuracy rate. Those are typically things that can be learn, even at this high of a level, so keep an eye on those negotiations.

          • TWC

            Screw all that noise, Jay. My comments have belly fire, and my sCRAP+ is off the carts. If Ace can’t see that, I’m taking my talents to Shadows of Wrigley.

            • Cubbie Blues

              Or, cubs talk.

              • TWC


  • Frank

    I just hired an agent to do my negotiating. Scott Boras karloff.

  • ssckelley

    Based on all the twitter quotes I am seeing there should be a lot more early signings over the next couple of days. But some are obvious since they either have no eligibility left or have made it clear they are going to sign.

    Marcus Doi said via twitter he is 50/50 on signing with the Cubs or going to New Hampshire. Zach Brown and Josh Greene have both pretty much ruled out signing with the Cubs, but those were late round reaches anyway.

  • Idaho Razorback

    Lewis & Clark since I live in North Idaho.

    • Bric

      I’ve always wondered if Clark referred to it as the Clark and Lewis Expedition.

  • http://Yahoo shelby menge

    Do you think that kris bryant will sign with the chicago cubs soon?

  • Schrodinger’s Cat

    In the case of Bryant, is the process that he signs with the Cubs and then he is automatically assigned to Mesa?

  • Josh

    I am not saying that this matters, but have you seen the freaking Rangers have already signed 15 of their draft picks including 8 of their top 11 (including their comp pick). That is crazy fast, and while not a lot, are 67,000 under budget.

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  • Andy Jacobs

    What happened with the Ponce de Leon contract?