In a fog that obscured the views from the center field camera well, Scott Feldman pitched a nice game tonight … except for that grand slam to Brandon Phillips.

And, unfortunately, that was more than enough for the Reds, who got a dominant start from Homer Bailey. Do not adjust your monitor/phone.

june 10 box

Full box.

  • Spencer

    Hahaha, nicely done.

  • mudge

    3 more doubles, man.

  • Oswego chris

    Nope, I can still see the crappy line- up.

  • hansman1982

    Castro…1-4?? Maybe??

  • 5412


    I like playing the Reds. They are a good team and erase any illusions we have as to just how good the Cubs are. When our kids develop, their start will be over the hill so we will return the favor in a couple of years.


    • Anonnifan

      In the case of their starting pitching, Dusty will make them all throw 140 pitches a night until their arms burn out, so I think two years is a bit optimistic. 120 on Bailey’s arm tonight, so that was a slow one. But they were only up 4 runs in the 8th, so why not just send him out for another one. I can’t believe that idiot has a job.

  • 5412

    Damn, I read it over and still missed a typo. I meant stars, not start..


  • ryanissamson

    Barney… oh Barney. I fear for thy future. :(

  • Oswego chris

    No, really…I have been watching a lot of years…and that’s a bad line-up…now, can I think of anything more obvious to say

  • Jason

    Great EBS, love the fog!

  • EB

    Most interesting part of the game from my seat in the bleachers was the guy sitting close to me filling up 3 cups with puke. The consummate bleacher experience.

    • willis

      Yeah not getting to see at least one person puke at Wrigley just isn’t the legit experience. 3 cups, impressive.

  • Dustin S

    The Cubs had 42 players that played for them in Chicago in 2011. Of those 42, only 11 are still in the Cubs organization (some of the 11 are at Iowa). Makes you wonder how many of today’s roster will be here in late 2014 or in 2015 when Almora/Soler/Baez/Bryant might get to Chicago.

  • Rizzo44

    Really like seeing Rizzo take more pitches/walks each at bat. Also, great to see Castro finally get a hold of one.. maybe a couple more hits tommorow for him??

    • fester30

      I’ve been puzzled by Rizzo lately. His slugging percentage in June has flatlined, .200, but his OBP in June is .382, far above prior months. He’s also has three times as many walks as he does strikeouts this month. I’m wondering if he changed his hand position again, or if he’s just been seeing junk pitches, or if the Cubs are making him work on something specific. I like seeing more walks just as much as the next guy, but an OPS of .582 is much lower than when he was hitting bombs and striking out all the time.

  • Hawkeye

    Wanted to let you know that I am at Disneyland with the wife and kids this week. I had on my BN shirt today, and had a Disney emploee (name tag said he was a LA local) say “Go Cubs” as I walked by.

    Happy for you that you are having success. It is well deserved/earned!

    • TWC


    • Brett

      Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks.

  • TWC

    It’s summer in the Bay Area. This EBS looks perfectly normal to me.

    Is this the first reductive EBS?

  • ltdan001

    You got me. I thought my iPad was covered with smudges and fingerprints for a second. Guess I shouldn’t read so fast.

  • jacob w

    Ebs of the year

  • justinjabs

    Very nice, I get it.

  • North Side Irish

    Chris Crawford posted his review of the Cubs drafted and for the most part called it “mixed”. Calls Zastrynzy a potential back of the rotation guy, but liked the middle round picks, plus Clifton and Alamo. He really didn’t like the Hannemann pick but says that if he works out “this could be one of the better drafts we saw this year”.

    • SenorGato

      I agree with this. Not wowed, and still annoyed Houston took Appel. That said, if Bryant hits his offensive ceiling then its all good.

    • mudge

      He’s got his ass covered regardless of outcomes. Bryant is sure to be an all-star but he would have preferred Gray. Really?

  • Die hard

    Need gappers or drives up the middle from Castro not HR if he’s to break this slump

    • Cubbie Blues

      I agree, we need to stop hitting HRs all together. It ruins rallies when you clear the bases.