Javier Baez Hit Four Homers Tonight

javier baez aflRarely does a prospect’s performance in an individual game merit its own post – on the fly and in the middle of a Chicago Cubs game – but this is nuts.

Javier Baez just hit four homers tonight for the Daytona Cubs.

One game does not define a player’s abilities, and no one can credibly say that Baez doesn’t still have things to work on. He’s a long way from being big-league ready, and tonight shouldn’t let you start wondering otherwise.

But a four-homer game is a four-homer game. It’s awesome, it’s rare, and it’s worth noting.

Nicely done, Javy. You are very good at baseball.

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  1. ssckelley

    My only question is what could we get for Baez in a trade?

  2. Alex Perez

    Cant wait to see him move up in the minors and see how he reacts to better pitching!
    Any ideas on when he will move up to AA ?

  3. Ben (BG2383)

    He is a beast! I will be less nervous when I see it in AA but this is fantastically more important than the actual MLB game.The Cubs top4 prospects are amazing. I hope Cubs keep adding to the depth of the wave of impact prospects in the organization. I doubt tonight did Feldman’s value any favors but who knows maybe he will net something.

  4. North Side Irish
    1. TC

      jeez, that’s a fucking rocket

      1. JM

        Brett, I presume you have the ability to moderate this forum. This kind of language is unsuitable for this or any forum.

        1. waittilthisyear

          u serious guy? as long as language is not used a personal attack, if is not offensive enough to deserve reprimand. if it offends your sensibilities, methinks you may be a bit sensitive and should keep it to yourself

        2. James

          I also agree the language is uncalled for.

          1. Anonnifan

            ????? I find it absolutely amazing that anyone would be shocked by language that most 10 year olds drop the minute that their parents aren’t looking. This is par for the course on a forum frequented by adults. Your outrage is far more puzzling than the profanity. Sorry to feed the trolls, but…seriously?

            1. bryan

              wow, the nerve and audacity you must have to say the fucking word!! if I new where your momma was at id tell on you!

              Pft. We are all grown ups and sports can bring out the PG 13 language in us. Trust me, we will all be good.

              AND that was a fucking rocket! Baez excites me in ways he shouldn’t. I get too optimistic sometimes lol

              1. Jp3

                You actually watch baseball games? They blurt out wordy dirds all the time. In general if someone’s a jerk on this site or attacking someone Brett does a good job squashing it. My guess is there aren’t enough hours in a day for Brett to sweep this site clean of every rated R word, personally I’d rather him be productive on what’s the latest on Cubs news and rumors.

        3. Hansman1982

          Don’t go over to the message board.

          Wait do, I want to see your reaction to game day threads.

          1. Jp3

            That’s not funny. Oh wait, it is

        4. GoldenCub

          While I agree in an ideal world the language might not be needed, I think you may need to moderate your standards/expectations. An approach I’d recommend is looking for a pattern of poor behavior. If TC drops the F in every other response (when not needed) and consistently uses other more offensive language, you have something to complain about, but one word in one post is a little much to be calling for his posts being edited, etc. It’s a friendly forum too, you might want to try asking too, rather than expecting everyone to have your point of view. Just my $0.02.

        5. Carew

          Listen very closely to sounds in the game. Rizzo has got himself a potty-mouth. Just a fun tidbit

  5. therealPattyP

    With regards to the swear word. It’s awesome. If you don’t approve, than just keep crying about it. We’re all adults here mostly.

  6. RoughRiider

    It is incredible at any level of baseball to hit 4 home runs in a game. Hats off to Baez.

    When I see words that seem inappropriate to me I usually turn a blind eye. That’s my shame. It is disturbing to me that so many people think that using inappropriate words use is acceptable in this forum. Yes, there are a lot of people that use that word and many others too. Just ask yourself is that a word you would use in front of your mother or a person of the clergy ? If your answer is no, then it’s inappropriate. I’m sure that many 10 year olds drop those words when parent’s aren’t there. The fact that they don’t use it in front of their parents tells you that it’s inappropriate. “Adults” should know better. As to JM & James your stand is commendable. Unfortunately there are far to many people in this country who are comfortable with those type of words and who belittle people who are offended by them. My opinion is that people who use those words so casually have a limited vocabulary , are starved for attention or had a dysfunctional upbringing. But we still love them and hope that they will change.

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  9. Coop

    The Stranger: Do you have to use so many cuss words?
    The Dude: What the fuck you talking about?
    The Stranger: Okay, Dude. Have it your way.

  10. Cubes

    I can think a few worse things on the internet than the word fucking…
    BTW that was a fucking rocket!

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