Pre-Gamin’: Reds v. Cubs (7:05 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.

wrigley field from right bleachersScott Feldman has seven quality starts in his last eight starts. The only bad one? Against the Reds.

Though he did hit a homer in that game, so there’s that.

Game Info

Cincinnati Reds (37-26) at Chicago Cubs (25-35), 7:05 CT on CSN.

Game Thread and Series Preview

The Game Thread lives here. You should participate in the madness. And, of course, for those who aren’t into message board-style game threads, please feel free to use the comments on this post for your in-game commentary/outbursts.

The Series Preview for this series lives here.

Starting Pitchers

Homer Bailey (3-4, 3.84 ERA, 2.64 FIP)


Scott Feldman (5-4, 2.84 ERA, 3.86 FIP)

Cincinnati Reds Lineup

1. Shin-Soo Choo, CF

2. Zack Cozart, SS

3. Joey Votto, 1B

4. Brandon Phillips, 2B

5. Jay Bruce, RF

6. Xavier Paul, LF

7. Jack Hannahan, 3B

8. Ryan Hanigan, C

9. Homer Bailey, P

Chicago Cubs Lineup

1. David DeJesus, CF

2. Luis Valbuena, 3B

3. Anthony Rizzo, 1B

4. Alfonso Soriano, LF

5. Nate Schierholtz, RF

6. Dioner Navarro, C

7. Starlin Castro, SS

8. Darwin Barney, 2B

9. Scott Feldman, P

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105 responses to “Pre-Gamin’: Reds v. Cubs (7:05 CT) – Lineups, Broadcast Info, etc.”

  1. Die hard

    Letting Castro work it out while playing? Don’t know who’s more stubborn? Him or Sveum? Not going to end well for either I fear

    1. cjdubbya

      Don’t know why I’m doing this…but here goes. Cubs are 10.5 out of the second wild card, and it’s not yet my birthday (June 18). Fourteen and a half games out of the division lead in early June. Why not let him work it out while playing? The other options are to do what, sit him? Send him to Des Moines?

      He’s barely TWENTY THREE. If he were in Iowa, he would be the second-youngest guy on the roster by three effin’ days (Junior Lake). If there’s any time to do it, it’s now while he’s still TWENTY THREE years old. He’ll figure it out. Likely has way too many voices telling him what to do right now – sounds like maybe they’re realizing that The Cubs Way of hyper OBP won’t necessarily work with him.

      1. Patrick W.

        Eh.. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with maybe one day off, is there?

      2. Pat

        I agree with Die Hard here (facepalm). I don’t understand why the team is so intent on his consecutive games streak continuing. Anyone else in the league who is struggling the way he is would have had at least one day off by now. Nobody is suggesting demoting him, just give him a day off.

        1. Die hard

          I am suggesting demoting him after arguing vehemently after the third Marlins game to rest him and not go for sweep … Sveum just doesn’t belong as a mgr cause he can’t see 20 games ahead

          1. Cheryl

            I would agree. It would really be a comedown for him but he needs to be straightened out away from Sveum and the major leagues. Sveum is not good at patience with a player and I’m not sure that time off would help Castro anyway. It isn’t a matter of knowing he can hit AAA pitching, its a matter of other teams taking advantage of him now and demoralizing him even more.

      3. Kyle

        There’s no point to sending him down. We know he can beat AAA pitching. He needs to relearn to beat MLB pitching.

        1. Patrick W.

          Agreed. Funny to think people want to send him down. Confidence is not Starlin Castro’s problem, approach is.

          1. Die hard

            So he is over- confident and unwilling to listen how to approach each at bat? Then if true he needs to join Stewart and ride the buses some more to appreciate the Show

            1. Patrick W.

              We have a new stat option! TSA: The Show Appreciation.

              1. wvcubsfan


      4. Die hard

        Only one way would make sense letting Castro work it out while playing — bat him lead off rest of season no matter what — if he does well then it’s settled.. He stays there over next 10 yrs and Cubs will have to build around him.. Play to each players strength and don’t ask them to do what they can’t builds a winner

  2. Bsteady

    I know this is random and off subject, but after I saw Angel Hernandez make a bad call at first the other day it reminded me of the only series I ever made it to Wrigley for. It was 2001 against the Rockies. Does anyone remember when the wrestler said he would wait for him in the parking lot after the game and Hernandez turned around and looked up? It was awesome and a believe a walk-off win. If I’m not mistaking Joe Girardi had a hand in winning that game?

    1. Patrick W.

      It was Steve McMicheal. He was ejected from the stadium!

      1. Patrick W.
      2. Drew7

        Did you happen to see some of the related articles in that link?

        Check out the beer prices!

    2. spearman

      Steve ” Mongo” McMichael.

    3. Oswego chris

      Holy Sh#t!…that was 13 years ago…Christ I am getting old…I would have said mid-2000s at the earliest

    4. 5412


      Afterward Chip Caray, who I detest anyway, apologized to the umpire on behalf of Cub fans. Who the hell appointed him our spokesman? Arrogant clown!

      I agreed with McMichael and the umpire was arrogant about it. I did not watch the replay tonight but I think McMichael said they would “speak” about it, and that was the extent of the threat.

      For about five years we lived in Austin, TX and I would fly regularly to Chicago. Many times I saw this not very good looking guy traveling with a beautiful woman with a wedding ring. I then realized it was McMichael. He owned a bar in Austin. His wife was quite a looker…..


      1. Oswego chris

        She left Mongo for another wrestler…I think he is remarried now…

        1. Rebuilding

          She married “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and then accused him of domestic abuse

        2. Cubbie Blues

          Mongo just pawn in game of life.


    5. cjdubbya

      And go figure, Angel Hernandez was backing the Ump Show even then. This effin’ guy…

  3. Bsteady

    That was it! I wanna say Girardi knocked in Ricky Gutierrez, but not before(in true Cubs fashion) he slipped rounding 3rd to make it very interesting!

  4. another JP

    I can’t stand Dusty, Votto, Cueto, Phillips, Chapman, or any of the other show-boating mooks on that team. Hope we abuse their sorry arses- they deserve it.

  5. another JP

    Current Cubs position rankings by WAR value: P (hitting) #1; C #11; 1B #13; 2B #25; 3B #8; SS #26; LF #17; CF #17; RF #24; SP #8; RP #27; Team UZR #8

    1. The Dude Abides

      I’m sure if you jumped in and dissected those numbers you could make a case they really are a lot better than that.

      1. TWC

        Boy, this just gets funnier and funnier each time you make this joke.

        1. Dynastyin2017

          Is. He. Wrong?

          1. TWC

            Much like your comments below about BABIP and luck, it makes light of a statistical anomaly that is troubling to many who follow that side of the game. Many statistics suggest that the Cubs’ record isn’t a fair representation of their actual gameplay. It’s an oddity. Some of you, whether you don’t care to understand the statistics behind these discussions, or whether you’d prefer to only look at things as wins or losses (ie “this team just stinks!”), just don’t give a shit. That’s fine. But to not acknowledge that, by many (most?) statistical measures, the Cubs’ record this season is *unprecedentedly* implausible is just kind of dumb.

            So no. He’s not wrong. Just dumb.

            1. wvcubsfan

              But, but, uh, wait, none of those tings are on the back of my 1972 Topps collection.

              1. TWC

                Ha. But for some, sure, I think that their familiarity with baseball card stats is all they need or care to experience about baseball. Which, you know, appears to suit them perfectly fine, so: great. I couldn’t imagine having a deeper stats discussion with my father-in-law. He’d think I’m insaner than he already does.

                1. wvcubsfan

                  Why do I get the feeling that I’m probably about the same age as your F-I-L.

                  Granted I just started trying to understand the advanced stats a couple of years ago and my eyes still glaze over about some of them.

                  It’s not the math either, as an engineer I have had a math class or three.

                2. Dynastyin2017

                  Actually, i think I’m uneducated…
                  Maybe some of us do understand the stats you are looking at but don’t see the value in them you do. Does that make us dumb? Are you the smartest guy on the planet? Does it matter the Cubs record should be better. Does a team get a free playoff spot if they win the ‘our record is NOT a reflextion of how we play’ standings?

                  1. wvcubsfan

                    I don’t think anyone is saying that the team is good; only that it isn’t quite as bad as it appears from the record.

                    Based on underlying statistics, the team has underperformed based on the norm. The norm being years and years of baseball to use as a guide.

                    That and $1 will get you a sweet tea at McDonalds (prices may vary due to location). However, it might be relevant in the big picture when it comes to deciding on whether to be buyers or sellers.

                    If I’ve learned anything it’s that nothing is absolute in life and especially not baseball. Nothing is black and white but multiple shades of grey

                    1. Dynastyin2017

                      And I’m not saying these underlying statistics have no value. The eyeball test says the Cubs have lost a lot of close games because of a bad bullpen. That skews results, especially run differential. And as much as SOME statistical data can be helpful, I hope our front office wise men can look past stats when it comes to determining whether to sell or not. I’d kind of hate it if they decided to not sign Bryant because Ransom has better power numbers.

                  2. TWC

                    See, it’s just this reducto ad absurdum thing that makes you look dumb. Not seeing the value in the “advanced statistics” doesn’t make you dumb.

                    Baseball is a numbers game. Since, like, the first box score. Some of us like some numbers more than others. Who cares? But when the numbers are out-of-whack (and this season the numbers are *crazy* out-of-whack), I can take some solace. It makes me feel better about the team I’ve been watching this season.

                    I don’t care whether or not you see the value in the same stats that I do. But when you reduce it to the absurd level that you do, I will continue to take exception.

            2. Dynastyin2017

              BABIP…if a players BABIP is lower than another players is it all luck? Is it just bad luck if a pitchers BABIP is higher than normal? Will they even out?

              If you flip a coin 99 times, and it comes up heads 99 times, what are the odds the 100th flip will be tails?
              If a hitters BABIP is low, what are the odds it starts evening out on the next at bat? The next game? The next month?

              Again, is it just luck that Castro’s BABIP is lower than normal this year? Is it just luck that explains Jackson’s high BABIP against this year?

              1. wvcubsfan

                “If you flip a coin 99 times, and it comes up heads 99 times”

                Someone is either very lucky or very unlucky

                “what are the odds the 100th flip will be tails?”


                The “odds” are that everything will converge to the norm eventually. will it be tomorrow, next week, next month, this year? I’ve got no clue but I do know there is a better chance of it coming back to normal levels than staying at the outlying level.

            3. Pat

              “unprecedentedly” implausible? You either need a statistics class or English lessons. Unlikely, yes. implausible, not even remotely.

              1. TWC

                Hey, how ’bout I don’t take any lessons from you, Pat.

                Based on many of the underlying metrics, the Cubs’ record this year *is* indeed quite implausible — by which I mean (if you need the clarity) “not reasonable” or “improbable”. And I’ll point you to the the guest post by DocWimsey from a couple of weeks past in which he laid out the historical improbability of the Cubs’ record this season is in relation to their OPS.

                While I’ll admit that the phrase “unprecedentedly implausible” is a bit ugly, I’ll stand by it. But thanks for chiming in.

    2. Kyle

      RF is really hurt by Hairston’s BABIP luck. I think C is overrated (something weird going on with C WAR this year. Maybe I should just accept it). 2b happened because of our terrible backups followed by BABIP problems for Barney. RF is hurt by BABIP for Hairston. I wish 1b was higher, seeing as how it’s supposed to be one of our locked-down stars.

      But SS is what is really just a punch in the gut.

      1. Dynastyin2017

        What % of BABIP is luck?

        1. Kyle

          Over 10 years? Very little.

          Over two months? A ton.

          1. Dynastyin2017

            Thanks. I was trying to figure out when the luck on Barney’s BABIP (approx .230) will even out to Miguel Cabrera’s BABIP (approx .370).

      2. another JP

        C has the benefit of some insane OPS numbers from Navarro I’d think. Even with decent #s from Schierholtz RF is a problem area and we know the relief pitching is hideous other than Gregg & Russell. But yeah, SS & 2B are really killing this team offensively. Funny that with all the hand-wringing about 3B it has turned into the best offensive position- besides our pitchers. Only the Cubs.

      3. cub2014

        Baez 3HR in 3 AB

        1. Jp3

          Wow, 6 RBI and 3hr. No walks??? Fail

          1. Jp3

            He’s killing his babip avg

            1. Kyle

              I think you’re joking, but HRs don’t have any effect on BABIP one way or the other.

              1. Jp3

                I was joking. Like you said it doesn’t do anything for it one way or the other. It’s silly it doesn’t count for it though. I realize its not in play but damn, it still counts in OBP…

  6. Kyle

    Baez has two home runs through three innings tonight.

    1. another JP

      Now three homers. Here we go.

      1. Jp3

        1st in on promote him to
        At least Iowa after this game😝 just kidding but want to be in 1st on that

  7. willis

    Holy shit. I get the reds’ broadcast tonight down here, and Brenna-dick is firing away on Garza right now. Being a typical douche bag. What an ass.

    I hope some of you heard this gold. I hate that dude.

    1. wvcubsfan

      On Garza? Why was he a topic tonight?

      Guess I’m just far enough west to be out of the Reds market, but I have to endure the Cards, Royals, Astros, and Rangers.

      1. willis

        He was going off on the Garza-Dusty word feud from a couple weeks ago. Saying that Garza was just trying to be a big shot, was out of line, and is all talk, that he would never do anything because he’s just a blow hard blah blah. And that dusty was spot on and said that Garza and Cueto were a mere locker room away and they should have just fought if Garza really wanted to. And that Garza was just being a loud mouth and didn’t really want any type of dust up.

        1. wvcubsfan

          Wouldn’t it have been funny if Garza said “sure Dusty send Johnny over and we’ll go three rounds in the cage”. Wonder how quickly toothpick would have back tracked.

  8. willis

    Oh and Feldman hitting Choo and going up and in on the second hitter could lead to things getting interesting tonight.

  9. 5412


    Cub game reminds me of a Bears/Eagles playoff game several years ago. It is so damn foggy you can hardly see.


  10. 5412


    In the first inning both teams had a runner on second with two out. Their guy (Phillips) singles home a run. Our guy (Soriano) strikes out.

    So what’s new???


  11. mudge

    Team doesn’t really have a back-up shortstop. Or a back-up first baseman. And there are only two catchers, one lefty in the bullpen. With Sweeney’s arrival, there is an actual center fielder out there once in a blue. A really fine rotation, otherwise a mix of almost over-the-hill and inexperience.

  12. someday...2015?

    Career night shaping up real quick for Baez. 3 homeruns in 3 at bats.

    1. TWC

      Ha. I mean, I like the sentiment, but I sure as hell hope that one of Baez’s “career nights” involves something at Wrigley, not Daytona.

      1. someday...2015?

        4 homeruns. Yes, career night for sure.

        1. Rebuilding

          Outside shot to get a 5th at-bat in the 8th

          1. TWC

            A grand slam would be an appropriate cap to that evening…

          2. Jp3

            Yeah I love he totally one upped Stewart a night later… Putting him back into obscurity…

  13. Rizzo44

    Baez… 3 HR’s, error #26.. gotta stay positive by talking about the homers not the errors lol…

    1. Luke

      Errors don’t mean a whole lot at that age and at that level.

      1. Rizzo44

        Yeah, yeah. I know.. but still, 26.. 26. Its only June 10th, im loving his bat though.. .288, 12 HR, 46 RBI.

        1. Dynastyin2017

          Rizzo44, I don’t think you’re allowed to use those stats. I think they are referred to as 8-track stats.

          1. TWC

            Yeah, or you could act petulant.

        2. Jp3

          .291 13 HR and 47RBI😝

          1. Rebuilding

            If Baez stays a Cub it will be really interesting to see if they shift him to 3b or 2b and when he makes the switch. His bat is going to get him to the show before his glove is ready at SS (if it ever will be). I hope he goes to 2b in the Cano mold. I’m assuming Bryant moves to the OF

    2. wvcubsfan

      Are the majority fielding or throwing? Or are they equal in both? I know I’ve seen a lot of errors charged to AA infielders on throws that a average to above average first-baseman would have scooped.

      1. Rich H

        There is that side of it and the throwing errors factor in as well when a guy tries to muscle every throw to overcome mistakes in the field. Errors are meaningless in the minors ( I truly am a broken record).Please look up Derek Jeters fielding stats from the minors just to see what we are talking about.

        1. Kyle

          They aren’t meaningless.

          They aren’t disqualifying, you are right about that. Very young SSs *can* overcome them. But there’s no guarantee that they will overcome them.

          A big problem for Baez (in terms of staying at SS) is that his bat’s going to push him to the majors quickly, possibly faster than his glove can adjust, and they aren’t going to let him play SS in the majors without some massive improvement very quickly. If you gave him 3-4 more years in the minors, maybe his glove develops to handle SS, but I don’t know if he can do it in 2.

    3. 5412


      I know his former agent well. He told me Baez can play anywhere. If he keeps making errors and not improving, look for him in the outfield, probably CF.


      1. Jp3

        5412, that’s nice to hear but the only more skewed perspective would’ve been if you talked to his mom

        1. 5412


          I have known the man for over 30 years. When I met him he was a teen ager and he is now close to 50. He has given me his opinion of a lot of Cub draftees over the years and always been accurate.

          Under most circumstances I would agree and take things with a grain of salt; however in this case he is an excellent talent evaluator and a straight-shooter.


          1. Jp3

            I’m not doubting his scouting ability or whether or not he’s a straight shooter or not. I’m just saying its a little tougher to be completely objective evaluating your own client’s talent. He’s a little big anyway for center I would think, what’s his speed tool?

            1. 5412


              I don’t know the details, perhaps you can get one of our minor league experts to give you the write up from when he was drafted.

              I do recall asking about him sticking at shortstop and being told he is a terrific athlete and could play anywhere. That is what I passed along.


              1. Jp3

                5412, thanks for passing along what you hear. Everyone appreciates it.

        2. 5412


          I want to add one more thing about agents. A lot of people do not understand how they are paid. They do not earn a dime until the kid signs his first major league contract. All the work they do up until that point is for nothing.

          They have scouts like my friend (who was a national cross checker and has a world series ring) who look at these kids. They are very selective in who they represent because they are making a major financial commitment hoping the kid is good enough to sign a major league contract down the road.

          Folks like my friend, who is well known and very good at what he does, are sought out by agents and hired away from major league teams.

          Then, when the player evaluation is done, much like a scout, the agent’s representative will attempt to bond with the kid and his family hoping they will be selected as their agent.

          It is a real interesting business. The last thing you want to do is represent a bunch of kids who get mired in the minor leagues and you are spending a ton of money representing them. Sugar coating does not cut it at that level.


          1. Jp3


            Your friend currently reps Baez? My point is this, if he couldn’t throw the ball from one end of the dugout to the other as his agent his job is to tell everyone he’s the best damn hitter on the planet… He’s going to try and show his player in the best possible light. That’s what every agent does, I’m just saying when you represent a product (Baez) you can’t possibly be objective about it. The whole reason it’s said he probably can’t stick at SS is because he’s too big and will grow out of it. If that’s the case I doubt CF is ideal and it’d be more of a corner OF spot.

            1. wvcubsfan

              He did say former agent in his first post. So I’m guessing it’s not his current agent.

              1. Jp3

                How the hell did I miss that, my fault. Sorry for the misunderstanding 5412. He’s only been playing for a couple years, I assumed he was probably still with said agent. I assumed… You know what that does to me

                1. 5412


                  No problem. For what it is worth, here is what he said about Vogelbach some time ago:

                  “Vogelbach better hit a ton, pretty one dimensional.”

                  Just one man’s opinion so obviously it is subject to differences. At the same time, if there are five tools and Vogelback can hit, and hit with power and then grades low in the other three, he better hit a ton.

                  That is the kind of information I get. No point in us debating his objectivity, he tells me how he feels and has nailed a lot of things on the button. Please understand, to this day he addresses me as “Mr. Miller”. He knows more about talent evaluation than anyone I have ever met. I pass along what I feel comfortable with and not ever put him in a compromising position.


                  1. Jp3

                    I love Vogs but yeah it’ll be tough getting him in our lineup if we don’t adopt the DH in a couple years… Thanks again.

      2. Die hard

        Or traded as DH to AL

  14. cubsin

    Baez – Anything Ian Stewart can do, I can do better.

    1. wvcubsfan

      nailed it

  15. Dustin S

    How is Jim almost 1/2 through the season calling games at Wrigley, plus his visits as the Astros announcer, and his games as a player…and he’s never had a Chicago hot dog at Wrigley???

  16. Rizzo44

    Id rather watch the freakin Bachelor at this point…. LOUD NOISES

  17. wvcubsfan

    Nice 3-6-3, looks for positives right???

  18. Rizzo44

    4th for Baez…

  19. 5412


    Here s a positive. We sold tonight’s tix and are going tomorrow.


  20. MNeuman

    When can CSN or WGN start replacing the Cubs games with the Daytona Cubs games?!?!

  21. Rebuilding

    On the radio the just said that Baez is only the 2nd player in the 94 year history of the Florida State League to hit 4 homers in a game. Now that’s something

    1. wvcubsfan

      Yeah Len said Matt Harvey was the other

  22. willis

    lead off double with the “meat” of your lineup coming up…usually awesome. Not for this team.

  23. Rebuilding

    Watching Dusty let Bailey slog through this inning over 110 pitches sure brings back some memories

  24. Oswego chris

    Buster Olney just tweeted that “it’s fun to watch Jason Marquis pitch”…which is the first time the words fun, pitch, and Jason Marquis have ever been used together in the history of the universe…

    …in any dimension…

    1. hansman1982

      Apparently you haven’t been listening in on the opponents dugout…

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