the fogWhat. The. Hell. Fog?

I’m very irritable, and this doesn’t help.

Let’s back up a bit here. I don’t mean to whine, but you must understand where I’m coming from before I launch into this.

On Sunday, my loving girlfriend asked me to fill-in on their 16” softball league. I gladly obliged. I like softball and I like my girlfriend. It was going to be a win-win. But then instead of running the bases like a normal person, I decided I would take a different approach and round 2nd just on my left ankle.

It didn’t work.

Now I’m sitting with my ankle iced and elevated. I know to do this because when you sprain your ankle, everyone tells you to keep your stupid ankle iced and elevated. Thanks, the world.

So here I sit. Iced and elevated.

I’ve been looking forward to this Reds series for the past week or so. I have a buddy who’s a Reds fan. I love shoving it in his face when we win (recently though, it’s been the other way around). I also hate Brandon Phillips. Well, hate is a strong word. But I don’t like him. I don’t know why. He just rubs me the wrong way. I picture him picking out a batting stance when he was young and somehow ended up with the Jeff Bagwell. I just shivered. I also don’t like Jeff Bagwell. I don’t have reasons, so don’t ask.

(Brandon freaking Phillips just hit a grand slam in the 3rd by the way. I’m not making this up. It just happened. Ugh, karma.  You win this round, Brandon Phillips.)

All day, I looked forward to watching this game. Nothing is better after a rough day than watching the Cubs at home.

Now I can’t see anything. There’s no one there. And it’s just depressing.

That’s when it hit me: the Cubs as a whole are in a fog.

Let me explain.  And yes this I’m going to hammer down some serious symbolism.

To get me out of this funk I started to read about the Cubs minor league players. Luke does a great job here of keeping us informed, as I’m sure most of you know. But I’ve never been one to get super excited about it.

Until this year.

There are some amazing prospects starting to produce in a big way in the Cubs organization.  Names like Albert Almora, Javier Baez, Jorge Soler. As I’m sure most of you know, they’re growing into studs. And we’re going to see them soon.

On the list of top MLB prospects Almora is 37, Baez is 15 and Soler is at 39. You don’t need to be a stat head to notice that all 3 guys are in the top 50. Think about that. Out of the thousands and thousands of minor league players in the minor league systems, the Cubs have 3 of the best. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s amazing. Sure, there’s probably other major league teams that could be in the same boat or even a bigger, better boat-a yacht even. But if you’re a Cubs fan right now, that’s something to be excited about. We have a respectable speed boat if you will. If nothing else, what else are you going to cheer for?

By the way, Javier Baez hit 4 home runs tonight in High-A.  So, there’s that.

The Cubs organization is doing some good things. We as fans may not see “it” quite yet. We’re in a fog – everything is hazy. We’re most likely not a contender, we may see some guys moved before the trade deadline, and above all … I have a sprained ankle.

But it could clear soon. This isn’t the “hope” train that I’ve preached before. This is some realism.  The minors. That’s where our future is at. And I think it’s real. Just like Scott Feldman’s beard is real.

Yep, the Cubs probably won’t be great the remainder of the year. But let’s keep in mind what and who is not up yet. Let’s keep in mind the Baez’s, the Almora’s and the Soler’s. It’s hard to tell Cubs fans to be patient.

But be patient.  Wait for the fog to clear.

With my feet up and my ankle iced and elevated, all I’ve got is patience.

  • fester30

    Your doctor has patients, too. Ba-dum-dum. Nice article. Enjoyable read for a slow Tuesday morning. Get well! Oh, and don’t forget to ice and elevate!

  • OlderStyle

    I loved that movie.
    Waiting for the crops to come in, I may as well watch The Fog instead of the Cubs.

  • http://none millhah

    You’re missing a few steps…I believe it’s RICE….

  • 1060Ivy

    The state of the Cubs is not good.

    Team is currently on pace for 96 losses and if / when the sell off occurs, the club is looking at back-to-back 100 loss seasons for the first time in Cubs history.

    It’s great the Cubs have prospects in the hopper and minor league are being restocked but even Top 100 prospects wash out.

    Attendance and TV audience is decreasing. I don’t see either trend changing until the Cubs have the talent, put out a competitive team and begin playing 500 ball.

    Ricketts is burning through a good portion of fan’s good will and risks doing long lasting damage to the team’s primary advantage – it’s revenue advantage over the vast majority of MLB’s team.

  • Cubbie Blues

    I only hope the farm doesn’t turn into the kind of beard I would grow. Serviceable up the middle, but patchy on the sides.

    • Myles

      I too have a patchy beard.

  • Frank

    Myles , how old are you? I ask because your preaching patience for the good years ahead of us. if you were my age, (64) how patient would you be? I seriously doubt you’d write “But be patient. Wait for the fog to clear.” I don’t think you’d give a flying monkey turd about doing it the right way. Like the old saying… Patience my ass.

    • Cubbie Blues

      What wise and sage advise. Thanks for that nugget of wisdom.

      • Kramden

        Cubbie Blues…. You just don’t get it and hopefully you won’t be in the same position Frank, myself and many others are when you get to be our age.

        Bottom line is that we’ve watched our fathers and grandfathers live their lives as Cub fans and never saw them win a WS (or even see them get to one… just one?)… and with the clock ticking on us now, we don’t want to be like them.

        Hence, the patience thing.

        • Cubbie Blues

          So, you picked up on that sarcasm? Good. I just hate all the hand-wringing. Yes, if I were in my 60’s I would have patience with a new ownership and FO that is trying to build a perennial winner. I would not want to only see it once, but for years upon years. What is another couple of years of waiting? The organization is headed in the right direction it just takes time to turn a moving ship.

    • Myles

      With the our prospects performing how they are in the minors, what other option do you have than to be patient? The only other choice is spending money on the open market. Then you’re the Angels. And that’s not working out too well.

      • Kyle

        Why would spending money on the open market effect our prospects?

        • hansman1982

          I know we were just chastised last night for this but I think it’s about the only way to describe this:

          This fucking discussion again?

          • Kyle

            I know. I keep thinking the Cubs will have killed it with their rather large free agent expenditures last offseason, but it won’t go away.

            • hansman1982

              Well, there is the money the Cubs have spent the last 2 seasons on FA and then there is the Angels level of spending.


            • BT

              If we’d only nabbed BJ Upton, no one would be complaining.

  • Frank

    The Angels are like the Dodgers, more money than brains. Are you suggesting that there is no way to put together a competing team without pissing away money? Who in their right mind would give albert pujols a 10 year, 250 million dollar contract? At his age, you’d be lucky to get 2 to 3 good years out of him and the first 2 have sucked.

    They also pissed away a lot of money on Josh Hamilton who’s always been a schizophrenic hitter and fielder and the Rangers are laughing their asses off.
    Would you rather have Barney at second base or someone who can hit and field? It’s great to have a gold glove there, but the guy couldn’t hit softball.

    As long as this season is a wash and they’re going to sell off, why not bring up some of the “hopeful ” minor leaguers? I’d much rather watch the Cubs lose with players that have something to prove, have raw passion and are still naive to want to play the game for the love of it.

    • BT

      You don’t bring up the “hopeful” minor leaguers because you start their arbitration clock before it’s necessary, and you tie your hands unnecessarily in regards to the 40 man roster. If you then trade for major leaguers in the off-season, or sign some free agents, you end up losing those “hopeful” minor leaguers to the waiver wires.

      • ssckelley

        But in order for this to be an issue this means the player has performed well at the MLB level in order for this to be a concern. But I agree about not using more 40 man roster spots, but for players that already take a roster spot like Junior Lake the Cubs might think about giving them a shot.

  • Deez

    Think we get to in awe of rankings.
    Can Baez do what Machado did?
    Jump to from Double A to the Majors & rake?
    Will these guys be quality MLBers for years when they get here & help us compete?

  • 0708champs

    shouldn’t use apostrophes to denote plural