brooks raley cubsReliever Zach Putnam, who was finally getting a shot with the big club after dominating at AAA Iowa, is off to the MRI fairy after feeling discomfort in his elbow last night. He’s battled bone spurs before, so, while the injury might not be devestatingly bad, it’s presumed to be bad enough that the Cubs have already put him on the disabled list.

In his spot, the Cubs have called up lefty Brooks Raley, who has been starting at Iowa to mixed results. The 24-year-old got a handful of starts with the big league team last year, but he’ll be pitching in relief this time around (if he sees action at all). In reality, Raley got the call primarily because he’s already on the 40-man roster and can be freely shuffled like this.

Why not newly-acquired Henry Rodriguez? Sounds like there’s a little delay in his actual arrival to the Cubs – he’s not expected to be available until around Friday. So, for today and tomorrow, the Cubs needed an arm, and Raley is the guy.

  • baseballet

    Raley and Rusin–they’re harder for me to keep straight who is who than Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman.

    • Spriggs

      That’s the thing about Paxton and Pullman – Rusin and Raley. None of them are really good enough to care that much about. Eventually you kind of just absorb who is who because you see them enough. But they aren’t very good at their craft.

      • Alex

        Paxson was extremely clutch and his stroke from beyond 3 was great. Hit the game winner in 93, you have no business comparing him to minor league depth.

        • Coach K

          They are referring to Bill Paxton the actor. Not John Paxson the basketball player.

  • Luke

    Raley’s stuff is probably best suited to the bullpen. I can still see him emerging as an effective middle reliever for the Cubs.

    • Kyle

      Anything’s possible, but he’s 25, has ranged from OK to awful in AAA, and was awful in the majors last year. That doesn’t scream “can pitch credibly in the majors” to me.

    • another JP

      Rusin has a way better chance to stick in the majors than Raley. I don’t see Raley as being on the 40 man next season, same as Putnam.

  • 70’scub

    Non issue you guys nailed it, both guys and this generational Cub pitcher will help this team get a top 5 draft pick next two years.

  • Dan

    ooooooh an effective middle reliever! Yes!