Enhanced Box Score: Reds 2, Cubs 1 – June 12, 2013

Well, the pitching came through today, a day after giving up a 12-spot.

… but the offense mustered just three hits and one walk. One of those hits was a homer by Nate Schierholtz, which was swell, but that was all she wrote for the Cubs.

Silver lining?

june 12 box

Full box.

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140 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Reds 2, Cubs 1 – June 12, 2013”

  1. TWC

    We stinks.

    1. Boogens

      TWC, that is so damn funny!

    2. demz

      i just lost it at this comment.

      good job.

  2. Matty Ice

    After 225 games under the Wonder Twins watch, the Cubs are now 86-139

    But hey Baez had a good game, and Bryant just won an award. Everything is fine

    1. Brian

      I don’t think I’m ready to judge them on wins and losses yet. I expected some growing pains as we moved pieces around and tried to build the system.

      But what I’m starting to judge them on is not having someone capable in place to help the youngsters that are part of the long-term plan deal with the funks they are going through at the major league level. I can’t believe that it’s all on Castro, Rizzo, Castillo, etc. It’s happening to too many of them to chalk it up to growing pains or immaturity. After all, what is a hitting coach for if he can’t help get these guys straightened out? Guys that have been productive or capable in the past. Some guys are just turds, but these are (supposedly) high level hitters. But right now, they look completely lost out there. What else does a major league hitting coach do to earn his paycheck?

    2. Jay

      And truthfully, those are the types of players Jed and Theo are concerned with. The major league team is really not their top priority right now, and they were very clear in saying so when they took the reins. I know, still sucks to watch but I’ve been a Cubs fan since 1975 (thanks Dad) and I’ve watched Cubs teams as bad or worse than this one and with no long-term plan in place.

      1. Honey nut Sorianos

        I know exactly what you mean! My brother got me hooked in 1978 remember Mike Tyson at second base? We had nothing in the minors and maybe won 2 games a week. No future plans. This FO has been upfront from the beginning, and I hope they stay the course. Bc it really is developing before our eyes and there will be a day not too far away where we will compete and the Reds and Pirates will be below us as we sit atop of the division.

    3. Dynastyin2017

      “But hey Baez had a good game, and Bryant just won an award. Everything is fine”

      Hey, that’s all we have right now! And nobody said it’s fine.

    4. DarthHater

      “Wonder Twins.” How clever. Did you think that up by yourself, or did mom help?

      1. YourResidentJag

        Actually, I prefer Saint Theo and Jed the Apostle. :)

      2. Bryan

        Hahah darth hater. Idk what he has wrong with the wonder twins. Perhaps you should root for a diff team pal.

        1. Matty Ice

          Maybe they should have held you back in 5th grade last year to work on your grammar.

          1. TWC


          2. Internet Random


            1. TWC

              That’s hot.

    5. BT

      I think most people who know anything about baseball would admit that the most important factor used in judging a new regime faced with a massive rebuilding project is their W-L record in their first 2 years. Also, the last thing you should care about, and the thing most deserved of mockery, is any incremental advancements in their minor league systems.

      Huzzah to you sir. If you’d only made a salient point about their inner fortitude and grit, you would have qualified for today’s trifecta.

  3. Montana Hipster

    Come September, attendance numbers could be rivaling those of Miami or the latter days of the Montreal Expos!

    1. YourResidentJag

      Or the Minnesota Twins when they played in the Old Metropolitan Stadium and played early in the season in the snow. Oh wait, they do that now ;)

  4. Rcleven

    Was really frustrated watching this team play the other day.
    Now all I can do is laugh and shake my head.

  5. BigPappa

    It’s past time to give Castro a day or maybe even a week off.

  6. Loren Feldman

    I don’t claim to know a lot about MLB but except for pitching this really looks like an impotent Cubs team that Viagra can’t help.

  7. Rich H

    I am getting really tired of seeing us make every pitcher look like Cy Young. Come on 4 total guys on base? This is beyond bad. I want to see some serious moves for some offensive talent because we definitely don’t have any right now. What happened to work counts approach?

  8. heybails91
  9. Peter

    This team sucks

  10. Frank

    This is like when your young and the first woman you see naked is your grandmother.

    1. TWC



      1. Kramden

        Hey Now!

  11. The Dude Abides

    Just a matter of time before Theo starts to cast an eye towards the coaching staff as he continues to tweak the entire system. No job is safe nor should it be.

    Essentially like mentioned above the current core including their guy Rizzo seems lost, that last AB by Rizzo he couldn’t get out of the batters box quick enough.

    1. willis

      The players, it seems almost all of them, are getting worse under this staff. When they lose 100+ again, is that enough to justify changes?

      1. Patrick G

        Another top 5 pick maybe we can get that stud from Vandy

  12. Greenroom

    My biggest concern is our future: Rizzo and Castro. I just don’t know what to expect, while at the same time, I have so much hope. smh

  13. Kyle

    The only interesting thing left in the Cubs season is the morbid fascination that comes from the car wreck that is Starlin Castro’s season.

    -0.5 fWAR, .609 OPS

    1. TWC

      Koyie Castro.

    2. YourResidentJag

      I wonder if he had a guest part in Hangover 3. :)

    3. The Dude Abides

      Agreed he is the poster child of what’s wrong or right with the Cub’s way depending on how you are looking at it. He couldn’t be heading in the wrong direction any faster since Theo & Sveum have entered his dome.

      1. Kyle

        Yeah, that BP article was pretty telling. He’s trying to change into their kind of hitter and it’s failing horribly.

        The only question is if this is the transition stage between the old Castro and some new, awesome, plate-discipliney Castro; or if they’ll have to give up and try to let him go back to the old approach.

        1. When the Music's Over

          I just hope that in the scenario where he fails at the new approach, that he isn’t so mentally and technically f*cked that he can’t return to his old approach.

          Either way, if any lesson is learned by the front office/coaching staff, I hope it’s to tread lightly with trying to apply a cookie cutter, ones-sized fits all approach.

          1. Kramden


            Wishing you the best!

            Yours Truly,
            Corey Patterson
            Felix Pie

    4. Greenroom

      very, very sad. but extremely funny

  14. willis

    We knew this year would be tough. Ok, got it. What we didn’t know is that the two main pieces to build around, now and in the future, would be terrible, and make that three if you count Castillo in there. It’s very concerning to watch those hitters regress like they have. You have a hitting coach as a manager and a hitting coach…can someone help? Or are they helping too much and simply just are terrible at their jobs? Something has to change because whatever is going on, ain’t working.

    We want something positive to hold onto as these tough days come and go, and we kind of had it with Castro and Rizzo. Now even that is puke-worthy. Something has to give. I like Bosio, but the rest of the coaching staff is kind of dog crap and our “stars” and building blocks are suffering because of it.

    1. RY

      it is definitely time for heads to roll and people to get fired!

      1. YourResidentJag

        Bring in Rick Sutcliffe. :)

    2. Dynastyin2017

      Maybe the Cubs have too many hitting coaches? Rowson, Dale and Deer….who do you listen to?
      I’m going to stay hopeful and say it’s one step back, then two steps forward.

      And, yea, Baez walked his first at bat today. (I guess hitting 4 HR’s helps your batting eye).

      1. Timothy Scarbrough

        I feel like the Cubs hitting coaches are working together, and not undermining each other. I also feel like 4 HR’s doesn’t improve your batting eye.

        1. Dynastyin2017

          What results make you feel good about the Cubs hitting coaches?
          And the Baez thing….just a fact that a good batting eye isn’t the only thing that makes a hitter draw walks…like a pitcher avoiding him would do that too..oh well.

  15. Deacon

    Rowson was a terrible pick and to the points made by others, players are acting like they are getting NO coaching up there and regressing to their worst habits. Sveum is and remains clueless — alternating between leaving pitchers out there too long to ‘give them confidence’ and throwing postion players under the bus in public to protect his job.

    Forget about winning games, the Cubs need teachers. Don’t talk about “The Cubs Way” and have people at the top who are being given a ton of autonomy and running with it.

  16. Big Joe

    Rizzo, to date: .248 BA, 10 HR, 39 RBI.
    He ranks 10th at his position.

    Rizzo in June:
    .179 BA
    0 HR
    3 RBI
    .214 SLG
    .609 OPS

    Is he struggling, yet??? I mentioned that about a week ago, and was told I was wrong. Is it time to give him a day off, yet?
    Someone help me see where I’m wrong.
    I like the guy, and want him to do well. Maybe people though I was hating on him. I am not. Just show me where he’s not struggling. Help me understand where a day off might help out.

    1. BT

      So basically you mentioned it before he had these terrible numbers, and you were told you were wrong?


      1. Big Joe

        Yes, sir. I was rebuked in a fairly stern manner, as well.
        I don’t claim to know everything. I just don’t see where I’m wrong here.

        1. BT

          Well let me help. You claimed he was awful, then used a bunch of stats that occurred SINCE that claim to back you up. That’s like me saying the Cubs are awesome, then coming back in 5 years and saying I told you so.

          For the month of May (right about when you say you made your claim), Rizzo had an OPS over .800. No great shakes, but the sky wasn’t falling at that point. He’s certainly been bad SINCE you claimed he was struggling, but it really wasn’t apparent when you made that claim.

          1. Big Joe

            My post was from last Saturday…or, JUNE 8th. NOT MAY. I gave stats for THE MONTH OF JUNE.Since you say that Rizzo has “been bad SINCE my claim”, you make my point for me.
            Learn to read.
            Thanks for clearing that up for me.

            1. BT

              OHMYGOD! I’m so embarrassed. Now that you totally FACED me and explained that I was an entire week off with my examples, I’m a bit ashamed to show my face here. That was the week in June that he got 4 of his 5 hits, but still, you really put me in my place.

              No, wait, my point remains. You made the claim at the beginning of June, and now are pointing to another week of stats in which Rizzo has exactly one hit. In other words, your point was backed up by data that hadn’t occurred yet. That’s why no one took you seriously.

              Oh, and I learned to read. So, good news there as well.

              1. Pat

                Actually you were a month off. Not a week (May vs June)

                1. BT

                  Hi Pat, thanks for checking in! Great to hear from you. I guess I’ll have to type this one slowly for you as well. Since Big Joe was complaining about Rizzo’s numbers at the beginning of June, I used his May numbers as rough starting point to get an idea as to what his stats were when Big Joe started griping. You see, using the Julian calendar, which is the standard here in the United States, May typically precedes June. So if Big Joe was complaining about Rizzo’s stats on, say, June 1st, the logical thing to do would be to check Rizzo’s stats for May to see how he was doing at that time. If you looked at May’s stats, you could see if Big Joe was indeed right, at that time, that Rizzo was slumping. He wasn’t.

                  BUT I WAS WRONG. Big Joe, as he so eloquently pointed out, wasn’t complaining on June 1. He was complaining on June 8, which means using May numbers put me off by one week, because you would have to take all of May numbers, then ADD the first week of June, to come up with the exact stats at the time of Big Joe’s laments. Hence my “off by one week” comment. Does it make sense now? If not I can provide graphs and other visual aids.

                  1. Pat

                    He specifically states he used stats for the month of June. it was even capitalized for you. Your comment says for the month of May. He was not using a month of stats according to his comment. So yes, I would like to see the graph or visual aid that demonstrates that May 1 (the beginning of your data set) is a week away from June 1, the beginning of his.

                    1. BT

                      dude. for the love of God. the point is that he couldn’t understand why no one believed him when he said Rizzo was in a slump when he had to use stats that hadn’t actually freaking occurred yet to reinforce his point.

                      Listen carefully. Most of the bad stats he quoted in June hadn’t yet occurred when he was saying Rizzo was in a slump, yet he was baffled that people didn’t believe him. Yes, he quoted June stats LATER, but his initial point was that no one believed his initial claim, the one that took place before the bulk of Rizzo’s slump.

                      I’ll try one more time. It would be the same as if I claimed, today, that Rizzo is always getting hurt, even though it’s completely untrue right now. Then two weeks from now, Rizzo breaks his ankle. At the end of the year I post again, saying “See, I told you so. Look at how many games he missed. He missed every game in July and August”. Logical people would come in and say, “Yeah, but when you posted he hadn’t missed any games in April through June, when you made your initial post, that’s why we didn’t believe you”, then you would reply “yeah, but he was pointing out games in July and August”, and everyone else would kill themselves.

                      I don’t know how else to explain this to you.

                    2. Big Joe

                      Actually, I wasn’t “complaining”, or “griping”, as you stated before. I was pointing out that he wasn’t hitting well. How you translate that into complaining or griping, I have no idea.
                      What I do know, is that you’re here just to argue. I am not. I’m done with this bantering.

              2. Big Joe

                At the point I made my comment (June 8th), Rizzo was 3-19 in June (or,.176) He was 1-23 vs the Pirates. You say that “most of the bad stats hadn’t occurred yet”. I was only speaking about JUNE. Actually, ALL of the “bad stats” had occurred between JUNE 1st, and JUNE 8th. So…..when I post on JUNE 8th and list his JUNE STAT LINE, to date (3-19), I believe that the ONLY STATS I’m referring to are the ones from JUNE. I believed that series to be the perfect time to give him a day off. He started off BADLY in JUNE. From JUNE 1st, to JUNE 8th, he was SLUMPING. He was BAD. If you don’t understand that, I can’t help you.

                I guess you CAN’T read.

              3. Big Joe

                Actually, ALL of the stats that I mentioned in my original post had occurred when I said Rizzo was slump in a slump.
                I used stats from JUNE 1st, through the day of my post, JUNE 8th. How the hell are stats used, that hadn’t occurred??? I cannot see into the future. On JUNE 8th, I used stats from that WEEK. He was 3-19, etc. What don’t you understand???

          2. Big Joe

            Never said he is awful. In fact, I said I like the guy. I also said I think he’ll be fine in the long run. He just needs a day off.
            Learn to read.

  17. TonyP

    Castro is down to .238 :-O

  18. Ramy16

    It just amazing how the Padres are playing..theyre going for the sweep of the Braves!!! And the Cubs have a way better team!! I think it comes down to management!! Svuem isn’t the answer..I think Theo and Jed were in a big hurry when they hired Svuem..as for as Castro and Rizzo go…I am not ready to throw in the towel on them..they’re young and this is Castros real struggle..he’s never had to deal with this before..i am sure they’ll figure it out

    1. Patrick G

      Apparently the Padres have a better team

      1. Jeff

        They definitely have a better Manager

        1. willis

          True. Then again, who doesn’t?

  19. pfk

    I think the front office should start seriously worrying about both Castro and Rizzo. Castro has been steadily declining and the league has a book on Rizzo, who looks lost at the plate.

    1. Patrick G

      Rizzo is on pace for about 20 homers and say 80-90 RBI. Even if he hits .250 I wouldn’t be mad at all in his first full season in the bigs

      1. Big Joe

        That is a fair point. I see that he’s on pace for 27. I can live with that. I just want to see him strike out less, and hit a little better. You do, though, make a point.

  20. Ramy16

    Well PFK…I wouldn’t worry just yet…they’re young which time is on there side.lol..as far as Cubs fans go..all we have is patience

  21. Ramy16

    Jonathan Gray..No. 3 overall slot is $5,626,400, according to Baseball America…signed today with the Rockies!! What’s up with Kris Bryant??

    1. Dynastyin2017

      Scott Boros…..

    2. cjdubbya

      Just like everyone else is seemingly saying – deadline is July 12. I’m sure the FO is diligently working on this, while signing the other dudes to see exactly what Bryant can be given. Patience, grasshopper.

  22. Cheryl

    The problem with Sveum and the other coaches iIMO falls into two realms – inconsistency and an effort to reprogram a player into a set model which each player is expected to conform to confuses said player even more.

    The sounding off by Sveum to the media about players rather than talking to them directly doesn’t help. He rarely praises a player too. That factor is magnified in the minds of young players. But these are secondary to the first two problems and have been a part of the manager’s and coaches’ pattern since last year.

    1. TWC

      Cheryl, since you know what Sveum does or does not say to the players when there aren’t microphones thrust in his face, can you tell us what he said to Garza on the mound yesterday afternoon?

      1. Jeff

        He said, “Thanks for stinking it up out here, that way I can blame you in the media and they won’t look at how god awful a manager I am.”

        1. TWC

          Well, I’ve clearly gotta turn the sound up on my mlb.tv.

      2. willis

        She never said she knew that. She said, in her opinion, what she thought the problem was with the coaching staff based on what she has seen and heard from them this and last season.

        1. TWC

          No, she said, Sveum “sounds off” to the media “rather than talking to [the players] directly”. She said “[h]e rarely praises a player too”.

      3. Cheryl

        Come on TWC. I’m going by the reports that have already been published here and elsewhere. Don’t take it that way. We know that Castro is trying to change his approach and that’s been mentioned a number of times. We also know that several on this blog have mentioned Sveum talks too much to the media. No need for this. If a young player reads a negative comment about himself in the paper don’t you think it would bother him, especially if it came from the manager? As for Garza, you can ask him what was said.

        1. Jeff

          Sveum to Garza, “Hey Kid, Cueto is waiting in the locker room to beat you up some more.”

        2. TWC

          There are reports that claim that Sveum “rarely praises a player”? That’d would be news to me.

          I think you’re constructing a narrative based on your own personal feelings about Sveum. You have no idea how he relates to the players but only hear what he says about them in the media. I haven’t read a single comment — anonymous or otherwise — in which a player (or players) have criticized Sveum’s style or approach (no, Ian Stewart doesn’t count). But you, and others, feel that Sveum doesn’t relate to his players well — without any evidence.

          1. Cyranojoe

            Yeah, everything I’ve seen has indicated that he’s got the support of the dugout at *least* as much as that of the front office…

          2. willis

            What’s worse…people forming an opinion of a manager that will lose 100+ back to back seasons, or people who blindly preach his Godliness?

            Sure none of us know what goes on behind closed doors, but I can’t see how anyone could be satisfied with his job performance thus far.

            1. TWC

              Who’s deifying Sveum? Cool straw man, bro.

              My comment was to take exception of Cheryl’s comment that Sveum “rarely praises a player” and “sound[s] off to the media” rather than talking to the players directly. Both of those statements are, at best, specious, and, at worse, utter bullshit.

              1. willis

                Please don’t use the word bro…God I hate that word.

                I wasn’t talking about you specifically, but there are definitely two camps over here, and not much middle ground. There are those that defend Sveum to the death and talk of him like he is just untouchable and more so beyond criticism, and then the other camp, who don’t like him as a manager and think he is way in over his head, doing an awful job. 100 back to back should be enough proof of that.

                1. Jp3

                  Why in the hell does he have any reason to praise any of these guys, who has everyone else been watching? Who’s to say he wouldn’t if he had anyone on this team with I don’t know, talent?😜

          3. Rebuilding

            No, we don’t have any direct evidence of how Sveum relates to his players. But I will say that there have been a couple of times in the last 2 years that I cringed when I heard him publicly call out Castro. Most notoriously when Bobby V called him out on a national broadcast and Dale sat him down the next day. At the time I thought Sveum should have told Valentine to shut up and that Castro works his ass off and made a mistake. Then he started harping on his fielding this year. it just seemed odd on a team with so many worse problems. It seems that Castro isn’t responding to Sveum’s tough love at all

            1. mjhurdle

              ummm….that was Quade.

              My only disappointment with Dale so far is when he messed with the foul ball and prevented Alou from catching it.


              1. TWC


            2. Pat

              As noted above that was Quade, but you would want a manager, any manager, to defend a player for not fricking paying attention when the pitch was thrown? That’s pretty much indefensible at any level above T-ball.

  23. Ramy16

    Brett..any news at all with Kris Bryant??

    1. TWC

      Jiminy Christmas will you give it up? You’ve asked multiple times over the last couple of days something akin to “ZOMG?! WHEN’S KRIS BRYANT GONNA SIGN?!?!?!” Don’cha think that as soon as news on that front is made that Ace will have a post on it? It’s like my son asking for ice cream — now? How ’bout now? Or NOW?

      1. Jp3

        TWC, if this annoys you wait til the infamous Kelly Menge gets ramped up about it… This person was 10x worse last year with the Albert Almora signing… Everyday it would post some garbage like “has Albert Almora CF signed with the Chicago Cubs yet to play baseball?”, it was way worse than your kid asking.

    2. Cyranojoe

      He won’t sign until July. Cool your jets until then. :)

  24. Ramy16

    Maybe the Cubs should take a page from the Dodgers and show some fight!!

  25. Ramy16

    Well TWC…if you pull your head out of your ass…like picks 3-10 have signed!! Obvious your not a real baseball fan..leave the blogging to real baseball fans..just saying

    1. TWC

      Something incomprehensible something ad hominem something incomprehensible

      1. YourResidentJag

        No, just calling you for being a horses’ ass today. Like ya always are. ;)

  26. Chad

    For a team not expected to do much you’d think they’d at least try and have fun while working their arses off. Considering they play a game “any of us would play for free”. I say, less pressure and a better attitude might help this young core out a bit.

    1. Jeff

      That’s called a new manager and coaching staff, sans Bosio

  27. Ramy16

    Totally agree Chad..this team needs a fire under there ass’s! I know loses mounting up doesn’t help

  28. Chad

    Hey everyone. I posted on the facebook page, but a sad story, Pete Vonachen died a few days ago. For those who don’t know he owned the Peoria Chiefs for many years when they were associated with the Cubs. He was a real great guy and was a big reason I loved going to baseball games as a kid. Got to see greats such as Joe Girardi play for the Chiefs. I recommend reading up on the man if anyone gets a chance. Also wish the cubs were still with the chiefs, hometown pride!

  29. jt

    T Wood has now started 39 games for The Cubs and pitched 241 innings while earning a 3.70 ERA.
    2012 NL average ERA was 4.08.
    Seems Wood continues to be better than average during his time with The Cubs.

    1. Kyle

      I think 3.70 is right about where he’ll settle in long-term.

      I loved that trade from day one. Totally brilliant.

  30. Die hard

    99 bottles of beer on the wall 99 bottles of beer …. Games left to go… Hi ho

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