Chicago Cubs Sign 9th Round Pick Charcer Burks and 23rd Round Pick Tyler Ihrig

contractAnother day, another set of draft picks inked by the Cubs. You are reminded here that the Cubs have probably signed many more players than the handful that we’ve already discussed (here, here and here), but word of the signings trickles out over time.

Today’s edition has the Cubs agreeing to terms with the first of their top ten round selections: 9th round high school outfielder Charcer Burks. The pick was interesting, because you typically see teams taking college seniors in the 8th/9th/10th round range, so that they can be signed under slot to save money for use elsewhere.

The Cubs bucked that trend and took Burks, a youngster that they really liked, and subsequently signed for a $170,000 bonus, per Jim Callis. That’s actually $21,000 over slot.

That tells me a couple things. First, it tells me that the Cubs really liked Burks, and had always intended on making sure they got him. He wasn’t just a filler pick that the Cubs knew they could sign cheaply to protect their draft pool. Second, this tells me the Cubs have some measure of confidence about their other signings – whether it’s getting a couple upper round picks slightly under slot, or knowledge that the mid-round (or late round) guys aren’t going to require huge over slot bonuses. They’ve already reportedly given 12th round high school Trevor Clifton third round money, so, as I say, there’s clearly some confidence somewhere.

Callis added in that tweet that the Cubs saw Burks have a very good final pre-Draft workout where he hit well with wood and ran a 6.5 60-yard dash (that’s fast).

The Cubs have also reportedly signed their 23rd rounder, College of Marin closer Tyler Ihrig. Like many other college players, Ihrig is headed to Mesa for the organization’s rookie minicamp, and then we’ll see where he’s assigned.

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76 responses to “Chicago Cubs Sign 9th Round Pick Charcer Burks and 23rd Round Pick Tyler Ihrig”

  1. Spriggs

    Is Burks strictly a speed guy? What do the reports say about his bat?

  2. HackAttack

    Didn’t see an Obsessive Renovation Watch post, so I’ll throw it in here. Sorry.

    “We have learned that the Cubs have become particularly disappointed, disenchanted, unhappy with the progress of their negotiations with the city,” Cronin said. “About 10 days ago I learned from people with the Cubs organization and the family that owns the Cubs that they would like us to consider putting a proposal together, that the game has changed in some respects, that this is not a long shot that they would leave Chicago.”,0,5592130.story

    1. Kevin

      “We have learned that the Cubs have become particularly disappointed, disenchanted, unhappy with the progress of their negotiations with the city,” Cronin said. “About 10 days ago I learned from people with the Cubs organization and the family that owns the Cubs that they would like us to consider putting a proposal together, that the game has changed in some respects, that this is not a long shot that they would leave Chicago.”

      Do we know specifically what negotiating items are not going as planned? Could this just be a way to put more pressure on the city to get it approved and approved fast without any red tape?

  3. 1060Ivy

    Anyone know what’s remaining in the pool money? How many overslots/undersolts and by how much have the Cubs spent by round?

  4. Jon

    I got to ask, who really cares what a guys 40 yard dash is, that sounds very Hendry regime like.

    1. Jon

      All I’m trying to say is that it boils down to if the guy can hit or not. 9/10 these speed deamons like Campana eventually flame out.

      1. hansman1982

        You’re right, players who have 0 (possibly negative) power, no batting eye and terrible defense, typically flame out.

        However, speed guys who have batting eyes, power and play good defense sign 4/$48M deals with the Cleveland Indians.

      2. Cubbie Blues

        “9/10 players flame out.”


        1. hansman1982

          So if 9/10 players flame out and 9/10 Tony Campanas flame out…What is the true flameout rate on Tony Campanas.

          1. Cubbie Blues


      3. JulioZuleta

        If 9/10 fast prospects flame out, teams should only draft fast guys. Having 10% of draft picks turn into successful major leaguers would be an incredible rate.

    2. The Dude Abides

      Actually at any showcase speed is usually the number one thing they look for in offensive players, especially high school. You have to have the basics down of course but they assume your coaching to that point is subpar and if they see good speed you will definitely get a second look.

      Also it’s a 60 yard dash and it has to be below 7 seconds to begin to get a professional scout’s attention.

  5. curt

    How long Brett do u think it will take to sign Bryant .

    1. cubzfan

      If they leave Bryant as an unknown, they can approach their other draftees and say that they can’t go much over slot, if at all, because they have to save that money for Bryant. Then, with a few days left, they can go to Bryant and say, look, we’ll give you what we can, but we need to save X amount to sign these last few other guys. That will likely end up with Bryant getting almost exactly slot, and the Cubs getting all their other picks that they were counting on. Just my take on the negotiations.

  6. Blinda

    When is the time to start worrying if our draft picks havent signed yet. Seems like a lot of first rounders have signed already.

    1. hansman1982

      On July 12th if you start reading overwhelming reports that Bryant is heading back to college.

      Until then, pay no attention to him not signing.

    2. cubchymyst

      I’d say wait until some more numbers are posted for the signings 2-9 before worrying. A lot of these players have said they will or are willing sign but I haven’t seen much information about the numbers yet. There could very well be a deal in place along the lines of we guarantee you $ X + what ever is left of the pool after we sign everyone else.

  7. Saving grace

    Hanneman has agreed to terms
    All that was released was it’s for more than 500,000
    So it should be coming out soon

    1. TWC

      See? THAT is how you do a haiku. Nice, odd, 8/14/8 pattern. Quality stuff.

    2. JulioZuleta

      Where did you see this? And the Martinez thing below for that matter?

  8. Saving grace

    Masek,Frazier and remillard are the only three in the top 24 who havn’t signed or indicated they will sign so far.
    The Cubs are doing a great job of signing for this draft.
    Masek is such a high pick i’m sure his deal gets done.
    No idea on Frazier havn’t heard or read anything on him one way or the other

    And it appears remillard is leaning towards not signing.Don’t know if he can be overwhelmed

  9. Saving grace

    Kevin brown tweeted to Skulina,look forward to seeing you soon man,congrats
    Skulina tweeted back welcome to the Cubs
    So Skulina #4 has signed

    1. João Lucas

      Except that those tweets are from June 8th. I think they were just congratulating each other and celebrating that they were drafted by the same team.

  10. Saving grace

    Looks like we lost another one
    Martinez is going to SC
    oH WELL

    1. David

      Martinez was never expected to sign.

    2. JulioZuleta

      I haven’t come across anything saying that he’s going back to USC. I don’t expect him to sign, but I think it’s possible.

      1. Saving grace

        It’s out there today.
        He’s going to SC.

        1. JulioZuleta

          It’s out where? Just copy the link.

      2. Saving grace

        Remillard has indicated he won’t sign either
        But i was told it’s not definite yet.Just leaning that way

        1. JulioZuleta

          Ok. I’m leaning towards not really relying on this info.

          1. Saving grace

            Hi sorry i didn’t get back sooner.Working.
            I have some friends who inform me on stuff they think i might be interested. in
            I rarely post.
            But the draft is a big deal and it takes awhile for stuff to officially come out.
            As Brett indicated above he needs to wait till it’s official to report.I’m sure he and Luke have contacts that have given them info i wrote about.
            After i get info i try to cross check with someone,the net or twitter etc.Or all of the above.
            Martinez indicated he is going to SC on his account confirming what i was told.
            I’m sure Brett would of called me out if he thought it was garbage.
            Just trying to add some fun to the site.
            I am happy to not write if it’s what everyone wants.

            1. Justin

              Didn’t Albert Almora post on his twitter last year how excited he was to go to go to school at Miami right after he was drafted? Typical leverage play by drafted players. I have no idea of anything other than agents try to use every tactic possible to get their players paid as much as possible.

  11. Saving grace

    always hope till they say no
    Lots and lots of people on here kept writing about the hope they could sign him.
    Good news is Hankins has signed
    And Brockmeyer and Alamo have indicated they will sign

  12. nkniacc13

    looks like the cubs signed Wagner (Bryants teammate) I think that was a great pick where they got him

  13. Saving grace

    Brockmeyer is signed and on his way to Arizona

  14. shelby menge

    How many draft picks have the chicago cubs signed from the class of 2013 class?

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Your trolling is slipping dude. It’s not nearly to the level of last year.

      1. Jp3


  15. shelby menge

    Do you think that kris bryant will sign with the chicago cubs from the 2013 class?

    1. Jp3

      I think he’ll sign July 14th

    2. Stinky Pete

      Nope. Don’t think he will.

    3. DarthHater

      Yes, I think that 2013 Chicago Cubs #1 draft pick Kris Bryant will eventually sign with the 2013 Chicago Cubs, but his agent, Scott Boras, will wait until the last moment in July to sign, so as to get every last dollar out of the 2013 Chicago Cubs. Therefore, you might as well just wait until July. Constant inquiries about it before then only annoy a lot of fans of the 2013 Chicago Cubs.

  16. shelby menge

    So we have signed Ten guys then from the class of 2013 class ?

    1. DarthHater

      Classy comment.

    2. Jp3

      Why is Ten capitalized?

      1. TWC

        Because it was Pearl Jam’s best album, and one of the best rock albums of the 90s.

        1. Jp3

          Ha, c’mon TWC, I was seeing if I could troll Shelby into talking about something other than all things 2013 Chicago cubs draft class for once.😀

          1. Stinky Pete

            Yeah, Once. Upon a time….

  17. shelby menge

    I think the chicago cubs fire Our manager right now.

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