contractThe Cubs have signed another college draftee, and there was much rejoicing.

According to the Tennessean, the Cubs have signed 11th round pick Jordan Hankins, a junior infielder at Austin Peay State. The Cubs announced Hankins as a catcher, where he’s spent on a little time, so they’re clearly intending to see what he can do behind the plate. When he’s at the plate, Hankins pretty much does exactly what you’d like to see – hitting for power, walking more than striking out, making solid contact, etc. Hankins was a member of the US National collegiate team, so he’s clearly a player.

Being the 11th round pick, Hankins was the Cubs’ first selection not subject to the bonus pool restrictions (unless his bonus is over $100,000), so it’ll be interesting to see how much he received to sign. Teams typically start trying to land some over slot types in the early rounds after the 10th round, but the initial reports don’t suggest that Hankins is that type. (Although the pick was praised when the Cubs made it.) As a junior, it wasn’t like Hankins was a no-leverage senior pick, though. I’m tentatively intrigued by him, and by the Cubs’ willingness to try and convert some catchers with draft picks.

Apropos of not much except the fact that this is a draft pick post: I keep meaning to mention the Cubs ProSportsDaily forum, which has an incredible thread on Draft pick signings/rumors/gossip/etc. going. If you can’t get enough of this stuff, and can appreciate the nuance associated with tea leaves/Twitter rumors/and gut reactions, that’s a fun thread to peruse.

  • Colocubfan

    I’m sure glad it’s not me trying to keep track of all these signings and how much over/under slot they get, or if they get a bonus, etc. I have enough trouble balancing my checkbook!

  • EvenBetterNewsV2.0

    Yeah, Yagyu is killing it this year. He is doing all of the research work for all of us this year. I started branching out to look for signings, but he has allowed that to stop. His updates have been impressively quick.

  • JB88

    It is probably worth noting that Yagyu has found a tweet that suggests that Zastryzny is now signed and in Arizona as well.

    • Spriggs

      Could be, but I think usually the top two or three picks usually go to Chicago first where they have a little intro with the media and the actual physical even takes place there for the big signings.

    • Brett

      Yeah, there are quite a few like that – love reading that thread. Not quite enough there for me to write it up, but obviously it’s expected that he’ll sign.

    • King Jeff

      ” ‏@Cliffy46405 25m

      @RobZastryzny_8 Is it too premature to welcome you to the Cubs family?

      ‏@RobZastryzny_8 7m

      @Cliffy46405 not at all. I appreciate it”
      The format isn’t good, but it’s straight from the horse’s mouth.

      • Brett

        Oh, Cliffy. You’re missed …

  • King Jeff

    So, according to the PSD report, about 20 of the first 30 picks have signed or have indicated that they signed already.

    • JeffR

      I thought I counted 24 of the top 30 have signed or have shown intentions of signing

      • King Jeff

        Yeah, I didn’t bother counting, just took a quick guess, that’s why I said “about 20”.

  • cubchymyst

    Any idea when some solid numbers for how much these guys are signing for might appear?

  • When the Music’s Over

    If that source is to be trusted, and I have no reason to think it’s not completely legit, the Cubs have signed roughly 50% of their draft, yet only 1 bonus amount has been published. Very annoying.

    • RoughRiider

      Not as bad as it use to be. You used to know who the teams first pick was and then you would find out a month or more later who else they drafted. Unless you checked the box scores and compared then to the draft prospect list you had almost no idea of who they drafted and if they were signed or not. They were trying to keep the draft a secret to prevent college recruiters from going after top prospects.

  • LouBrown

    I wonder is all of these signings will push Bryant. If everyone else is signed, at some point it is “This is what we have left in the pool, without losing a draft pick”. I don’t think going back to SD for his senior year is an attractive option. Is Boras risking being the last person in the buffet line, and just getting what is left?

  • Saving grace

    Zystryzny,Frazier and wilson sign.

  • nkniacc13

    could also be that the cubs want to keep the number for bonus silent as to help so Boras doesn’t know exactly how much Bryant can get

    • Jp3

      I’m really hoping Boras won’t shoot another hostage like he did last year with Appel, that would be a bummer. Boras’ new slogan, “Number 1 pick slot $$$ or bust”

  • LEO R.

    Thanks for the link. An excellent site that i booked marked and will check frequently.

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