The Cubs won the game, but they may have lost David DeJesus. That second part sucks, and our fingers are collectively crossed.

Edwin Jackson had his second straight good start – who cares if it came against a team with a similarly impotent offense? (More so, really.)

Carlos Marmol and Kevin Gregg were nice again at the back end of the game, which is becoming a quietly consistent thing.

There were several nice offensive nights, too, for the Cubs.

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  • Jp3

    Don’t worry about the bullpen, Shaun Camp will be there soon. He threw 2 scoreless frames tonight in KC giving up just one hit…

  • Oswego chris

    I would just like to say I tried to trade for Edwin Jackson two starts ago in fantasy…you knew his stats would start to revert back to his career numbers…

    Not saying he is an ace…just saying he Is far from the biggest problem the Cubs’ have

  • Kyle

    Wouldn’t have minded Castro following up with a not-terrible result.

  • Oswego chris

    …and the Kevin Gregg thing is just amazing…

    • CubsFanSaxMan

      You got that right!

  • specialk5595

    dejuses to dl..who gets called up…i know its not jackson.

    • another JP

      My guess it’s Sappelt that’s sent up since he’s already on the 40-man & right-handed. Too bad Bogusevic isn’t on the 40 man roster because he’s the better candidate and might be brought up if it wasn’t only a 15-day DL stint for DDJ.

    • Brian

      We really don’t need another OF. Been carrying 6 for awhile. What about Logan Watkins? Another IF may be nice if we’re going to give Castro some days off. Too bad Lake hasn’t had many AB’s this year. Would be a good time to give him a look otherwise.

    • praying the cubs get ready to win

      They say they r bringing up a RP

  • Die hard

    Pretty soon Castro won’t be hitting weight … Then Mgr Casey Stengel Sveum will declare that the kid needs a rest.. Way to go Casey

  • cubmig

    “Shaun Camp”? Is he still on this team? Haven’t missed him, have any of you? Maybe the FO should just turn him loose.

  • specialk5595

    im betting casey coleman..hes been really good lately.

    • praying the cubs get ready to win

      Pitching in the minors, will be back soon to the team.

  • Austin8466

    One walk the entire night…

  • demz

    Might be a good idea to give Lake a taste of the bigs here.

  • 70’scub


  • waittilthisyear

    let it be known that i trust theo, and i am stil fully committed to this very necessary rebuilding process, but, man, it is hard to comprehend that when an average, as serviceable as he is and may be (and as cute/pretty/whatever is the least objectifying term his wife is),,guy goes down, the options become so limited

  • X The Cubs Fan

    Kevin Gregg = the man

  • kdennis22

    Schierholtz is really producing good this year. Any idea what his trade value is?

    • Voice of Reason

      Schierholtz alone doesn’t get much in a trade, but if u offer him with someone like Garza you could get something.

  • Beardface

    I have a question. Rizzo currently is leading the club in OBP. He also leads in home runs too, yet he hasn’t hit one since May 18th. Why not bat him lead off? He is still taking a lot of walks and until he gets his home run swing going again, we could use him getting on base before Schierholtz, Ransom, Soriano are hitting home runs and really driving the ball.