God’s Wrath Watch: Brace Yourself for Bad David DeJesus News, Just in Case

gods-wrathIf you aren’t following tonight’s game, you missed David DeJesus slamming into the wall in right center at Citi Field, trying to make a play – DeJesus being DeJesus. Unfortunately, he crumpled to the ground in obvious pain, and was clearly feeling something wrong in his right shoulder. He was immediately removed from the game in favor of Ryan Sweeney.

DeJesus is reportedly getting mid-game x-rays to determine the nature and extent of his injury. In that area, you worry about a broken clavicle, a strained shoulder, or a separated shoulder. The results could be known as soon as after the game.

A serious shoulder injury could keep DeJesus out for a while, and he’s a virtual lock for the disabled list either way. It’s crappy for DeJesus, for the Cubs, and, let’s be honest, for the front office. DeJesus is an important player to this Cubs team, and is also an important trade chip as we approach mid-season. It seems crass to talk about that in the wake of an injury, but that is the reality of the present Cubs team.

Hopefully DeJesus’s injury isn’t serious – and I say that primarily because he’s been a quality player and teammate for the Cubs. Whatever other implications follow can be sorted out later.

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33 responses to “God’s Wrath Watch: Brace Yourself for Bad David DeJesus News, Just in Case”

  1. DarthHater

    God’s wrath, eh? Apparently somebody forgot to tell God not to F with DeJesus. :-P


    1. JOE

      He is deJESUS after all…

  2. Craig

    Hate to see an injury to anyone. But it will give us a chance to see Sweeney play daily or maybe even open up a door in the future for Junior Lake to get a shot in CF

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Lake isn’t ready yet. Probably Sappelt unfortunately.

  3. Die hard

    The other nite his great catch was featured on ESPN and the announcer mentioned that he’s been subject of trade rumors… Wonder if DeJesus felt extra pressure to make more such catches to keep trade value high when with this team standing it wasn’t necessary to jeopardize career … Shows why these kids deserve every penny can extract out of owners because owners will show no pity if cant play

    1. Cubbie Blues

      Contracts are guaranteed.

      1. Die hard

        Not after expired … Yeesh

    2. DarthHater

      Coming soon to a box office near you: Leaping Logic, Hidden Lunacy.

    3. Josh

      So then you think that when the ball was hit and he was sprinting headlong towards the wall he was thinking “man if I can catch this maybe I can bring a top 50 prospect back to the Cubs instead of a top 100….”

      1. DarthHater

        “So then you think…”

        I see you’re problem, right there.

      2. Die hard

        He was thinking to go all out for another highlight so can bring him bigger contract when not if traded… Bargaining 101

        1. DarthHater

          So, what you’re really saying is that he was going all out to make a good baseball play because he’s a professional baseball player who gets paid to make good baseball plays. … Obviousness 101

          1. mjhurdle

            No, he was going all out because the Cubs drafted a CF with their 33rd pick, and that is putting pressure on DeJesus to perform or lose his job to that guy.
            Internet Logic 101

            1. DarthHater

              There you go.

              1. Die hard

                Son you are no Ronald Reagan

            2. Die hard

              I’m ok with that too… I respect your privacy

        2. AB

          Except the cubs hold a team option for him next year.

          1. Jp3

            He was pulling the ol’ Ian Stewart then, injure himself and just let the cash roll in for 2 years…

        3. BT

          obviously. that was every rational person’s first thought.

    4. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

      Yeah, because DeJesus gives a damn about his trade value for this front office. That is why he is crashing into walls. Do you actually read what you were thinking? If you did not, then read it. If you did, then I am sorry for you. There is a great book by Thomas Paine. I recommend it.

      1. Die hard

        you recommend it ….must be good

        1. EvenBetterNewsV2.0

          Yes I do. It was the book that sparked the American Revolution. I wouldn’t be the only one that would recommend Common Sense.

          1. AB

            Blow Hard only cares about his opinion, which is akin to a fart in the wind, since they usually stink, and constantly change direction.

            1. Die hard

              Wouldn’t light a match near you

  4. Cubbie Blues

    With the Cubes luck. I’m guessing it will need amputated.

    1. Jp3


      1. Cubbie Blues

        No I meant #Cubes.

        1. Jp3

          Either wayπŸ˜€

  5. Dustin S

    Trade value discussion aside, hoping for the best for him. It seems like every player has a ‘foundation’, but of the current Cubs players the David Dejesus Foundation is probably the most active. I actually hear about it from time to time and appears to be raising some decent money for ALS.

    It’s kind of like the Dempster situation last year. His ATL trade non-approval chapped my hide to no end, but Dempster was very active in fundraising for good causes while in Chicago. With Dempster gone, Dejesus has kind of been the Cubs poster-player for good community service efforts. We need prospects, but he is the type of person I would like to see more Cubs emulate off-field.

  6. @cubsfantroy

    I was watching it at B-Dubs when I seen it happen. My first thought was, “oh this isn’t good,” my second thought and what came out of my mouth very loudly was “F**K!”

    1. Die hard

      Two thoughts in one breath inspiring

  7. cubmig

    Len Kasper announced the talk-after-the-game was going to be about the status of Dejesus’ injury, but as luck would have it, mlbtv quit any additional coverage. shit.

  8. Cubbie Blues

    Looks like a sprained shoulder. Expected to go on DL.

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