It’s a 10-Game Suspension for Ian Stewart and Other Bullets

ian stewart cubsAnother week, another I’m-sick intro to the Bullets. Before marrying a teacher or having kids, I could go years – literally years – without having a time where I was sure I had some kind of sickness. Now I can’t got two weeks. It’s ridiculous. Worse, back in the pre-marriage-pre-kids days, on the rare occasion that I was sick, I could just sit around in pjs and watch TV to recover for a few days. Now, no dice. That said, my efforts today and tomorrow will probably reflect the fact that I feel like there is a very large man trying to claw his way out of my sinuses.

  • In case you missed it, David DeJesus jacked his shoulder last night running into the wall at Citi Field. There are no breaks, but he’s got a shoulder sprain with some swelling. He’ll go on the disabled list today, and the Cubs will do an MRI next week when the swelling goes down, which will better determine the extent of the injury. From the sound of things, three to four weeks would probably be a very good outcome at this point.
  • No corresponding move has been announced, but it seems safe to say the Cubs will make a move before today’s game. Dale Sveum actually mentioned possibly bringing up a reliever to replace DeJesus’s roster spot, which could make some sense, given that the Cubs already had six outfielders on the roster. On the other hand, the Cubs have just one back-up infielder right now (Cody Ransom). The 40-man options are thin, because they consist mainly of young players you wouldn’t really want to call up to sit on the bench when they could be getting consistent playing time in the minors. With Shawn Camp possibly approaching a return to the roster, the Cubs may just shuffle someone up to fill the gap.
  • Or maybe Steve Clevenger, who is rehabbing in Iowa, will be ready to return soon?
  • The Cubs say Ian Stewart’s suspension is for 10 games, which he and the Players Association are now appealing. At about $11,000 per game in salary, the suspension could cost Stewart over $100,000. The Cubs probably picked a suspension length for as long as they could justify, and will now use that as a part of the negotiations that are presumably ongoing about Stewart’s release. If the Cubs save $50,000 that they otherwise would have had to pay Stewart to sit on the bench in Iowa, I suppose that’s a win – because we know no other team was going to pick him up on a Major League deal and defray any of that salary.
  • Edwin Jackson offers the most unintentionally sad quote ever about his start last night, per “More times than not, it’s going to be close games and you’ve got to pitch mistake-free or pretty close to it. When you come out and get an offensive explosion like we did tonight, it’s definitely great.”
  • Cubs GM Jed Hoyer deflected questions about the Cubs picking a positional player at the top of the Draft last week, rather than taking big-time pitching prospect Jonathan Gray. Hoyer reiterated, per CSN, that positional players at the top of the Draft tend to have more success/stability, and the best way to attack a lack of pitching in your system is through volume.
  • Well, he still can’t get into the States (visa issues), but pitching prospect Juan Carlos Paniagua is at least getting in work. He started yesterday for the Cubs in the Dominican Summer League. Thanks to @Mkatz319 on Twitter, and Dynasty in the comments, for the heads up.

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96 responses to “It’s a 10-Game Suspension for Ian Stewart and Other Bullets”

  1. Die hard

    Would hope that Cubs donate Stewarts kept salary to charity… 100k is nothing to Cubs but huge for those in need

    1. arta

      IMO Vitters was never in Theo’s plan. so a Better way is for Stewart to offer $200,000 to charity.

    2. King Jeff

      I think all player fines go to charity.

      1. wax_eagle

        Fines yes, unpaid salary due to suspension I’m not so sure on.

    3. Dave O

      I’m guessing they’ll donate it to whichever charity decides to take Soriano or Marmol.

  2. Die hard

    An idea — bring up reliever til Stewart suspension over and then call up Stewart … his agent should agree to drop appeal in exchange for this move

    1. davidalanu

      What has he done to justify such a move?

      1. Die hard

        Cubs not 100% right in this as appears they bailed on him when Vitters showed promise.. This would be like make up sex after flirtation …. And would make him more tradable …. A win win

        1. mjhurdle

          i fail to see how bringing up a player to let him ride the bench and hit .160 in spot appearances would make him more trade-able.

    2. Jp3

      So, promote him for being a tool? Just because they’re appealing the suspension doesn’t mean they’ll win it. I’m sure it’ll be an awesome appeal hearing where there will be a lot of Ian Stewart Twitterbombs dropped… He should be blushing frequently

    3. 70'scub

      Sit on pine and collect 2 million with wife and new baby. It is not like this guy ever tried to hard. Now don’t tell me he can’t handle the pine he had no trouble bailing last year and this spring for the money. Please FO make him sit until and only until some type of reduction in salary can be agreed upon.

      1. 70'scub

        If Vitters is not traded and me thinks has to get another shot last 60 games.

    4. Internet Random

      This is a really good idea.

      We should also make him chief surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital… you know, since we’re wanting Stewart to do things he neither deserves nor is qualified to do.

      1. DarthHater

        Better idea: Put Die hard in charge of and rename it

  3. Jp3

    Oh die hard 😊. You got me

    1. MichiganGoat

      Die hard is Ian?

      1. Die hard

        Ian’s Agent

      2. Ian Afterbirth

        Hold on a second here folks!

  4. Jp3

    Hoyer’s comments and actions the last 2 drafts have shown which way we probably go when it comes down to pitchers or positional players. 2 drafts in a row doesn’t make it a sure bet but if it comes down to it his general lean seems to be the way of taking the bat.

    1. Dustin S

      I do think if Appel was still on the board they would have taken him. There was even a quote where they said Bryant or Gray came down to 1 vote in the front office. But in the 2014 draft my bet would be that if there are 2 equally graded players on the board 1st round they will lean towards the pitcher, after the last couple years.

      For Bryant, I’d just like to see him sign and get to AZ to get started playing in the system.

      1. Jp3

        I do too, I’m hoping he gets to arz and wherever else( hopefully Daytona) as soon as possible. I want to see him sending bombs out over CF walls everywhere.

      2. SenorGato

        I also believe they take Appel if he falls to two. May Houston figuratively burn as a franchise.

  5. MichiganGoat

    Oh Brett you calling yourself a “large” man is funny… I teach 6th grader that are larger than you. Bloggers are sickly by nature because the don’t interact with people and just spend hours eating Hot Pockets and drinking Monsters while copying other websites. ;)

    1. Die hard

      Hate hot pockets and monster drinks… More importantly think use of :D is akin to saying ‘ just kidding’ after ripping someone a new one… Hypocritical? Just saying :D

      1. Jp3


      2. MichiganGoat

        Oh my this is hilarious obviously you don’t understand when friends go “bustin balls” on each other. The die hardian sense of humor is absolutely hilarious.

        1. DarthHater

          Goats stink. ;-)

          1. Die hard

            Thought vampires sleep during the day?

            1. DarthHater

              Only the really wimpy ones.

    2. Die hard

      Since you are a teacher won’t criticize your opinions so much (unless way off the wall ) as teachers are the unsung heroes

      1. MichiganGoat

        Well thank you, but critique away that all us teachers hear everyday.

  6. Mike

    Is it me or did Paul Sullivan’s headline/article in regards to Hoyer’s comments hint at the Cubs not being to develop pitchers?

  7. Evolution

    Hot Pockets ARE good.

    You think you’re sick now…wait until they start school.

    If the Cubs are going to have any sort of revolving roster issues, I wouldn’t mind seeing them give as many of their minor leaguers a look at the majors. Give them a taste of what they’re working towards.

    1. Rich

      what does that mean “wait until they start school?”

    2. DocPeterWimsey

      “You think you’re sick now…wait until they start school.”

      Ugh: too true! When my son started, I was getting a new cold or worse (leprosy, bubonic plague, shingles, Alderanian Intestinal Worms) every two weeks. That phased down: but then he switched schools when he was about 2, and it started all over again!

      (And people ask why we never had the second kid….)

    3. Rich

      is there some assumption that when kids are in school that parents get more sick ?
      funny that my 3 kids 11,9 and 5 are never sick and either are Mom and Dad.

      the longest cold in our house lasted 12 hours…

      american health…so messed up and so confused..

      1. Hansman1982

        “Since we, genetically, have a good immune system and others don’t, others are dumb”

        It makes logical sense that kids in a school setting get sick more often.

      2. Kyle

        Your individual data point has been noted.

      3. DocPeterWimsey

        I doubt that this is American per se: I know Canadians, English, Germans and Ozzies who all have voiced the same complaints! It’s almost certainly just a statistical tendency: if you combine sleep deprivation from very young kids with their getting exposed to lots of new germs and thus bringing home larger standing populations than someone with an adult (or even post-toddler) immune system, then you’ll get this pattern.

        We just tell ourselves that it’s letting our son develop a good gut flora.

        1. Die hard

          Ozzies? We’re on the edge of our seats to learn more about this new nationality.. Guillens too?

          1. Geech

            “Oz” is a fairly common nickname for Australia. So, Ozzies would be Australians. I’m surprised you’ve lived for more than one hundred years without learning that fact, although perhaps you’re just forgetful at your age.

            1. Die hard

              Uh no… In fact it’s derogatory … Fighting words if ever said to one

              1. DocPeterWimsey

                Not many people in Australia know who Ozzie Guillen is, so I doubt that they care. They certainly don’t object to being called Ozzies: after all, “Ozz-Traail-yun” is a mouthful! After all, they call their own dialect “strine.” The basic principle is that you don’t want your mouth open for longer than necessary for fear of flies (and worse) getting in.

  8. Clark Addison

    If you’ve got the MLB At Bat app, check out the condensed game from last night. The New York TV crew is fantastic. Great angles, great slo mo. WGN has lots to learn.

    1. SenorGato

      Gotta agree here….Mets broadcasts are really easy watches. Their booth guys are awesome.

    2. Roggan

      Thanks, I will have to give it a watch. I was blown away by the condensed game feature this year. I watched the first 45 or so cubs games religiously, but lately I can’t get myself to do more than check the box score.

  9. CubFan Paul

    Brett, for your sinuses: Horseradish root

    It’ll relieve pressure and drain your nose/sinus cavity

    “Horseradish has high levels of sulfur…which helps treat the symptoms of a sinus infection…helps remove mucus from your nasal passages”

    I buy the full root from Meijer & slice off and maybe use 10% of it until i’m better. Nothing else shrinks/unswells/gives me relief like chewing on two small pieces of horseradish root

    1. spearman

      Just don’t fart or you’ll stink up the whole room.

      1. DocPeterWimsey

        I was going to recommend leeches, myself, but if you want to go with these newfangled treatments….

        (Actually, horseradish, hot mustards, garlic all can do a lot to provide relief, so I shouldn’t mock them. I never found that eating leeches helped at all for anything.)

  10. 70'scub

    Is this the time for Mr. Jackson to step up?

  11. Steve

    I just took a look at the video of the Dejesus injury. Based on how he hit the wall, if his xrays are negative then he probably has an AC joint sprain. Plus, he reached for his AC joint right after he fell down, and if you look at the trainer as they’re walking off the field, you can see him pushing right in that spot and Dejesus wincing.

    1. King Jeff

      So it’s more than likely he has a partially torn ligament in his shoulder if he didn’t break anything. It’s more of a football injury, and a lot of guys actually play through it. Since it was his non-throwing shoulder, it is possible that he has a short recovery time, if he wants to push through the pain.

  12. JayPaul

    I think James Darnall could be an interesting waiver claim for the Cubs, especially with Dejesus now hurt. RH bat that could possibly play the corners, with the built in Hoyer, McLeod connection.

    1. JayPaul

      Could be there RH OBP version of Valbuena, and he is entering his power prime so who knows, might see an uptick there as well. I went back, looking for a reason to change my mind. Left with the feeling he could be a nice piece. If only as a flyer for the rest of the season, after the sell off, at the least. Could even give Rizzo a few games off down thx stretch or an alternative RH bat in left. Prospect star has definitely faded, but could be something.

      Who would you consider next in line for a DFA off the Cubs 40-man?

  13. Die hard

    Would rather Cubs ask for Campana back

    1. DocPeterWimsey

      Isn’t Campana in New Zealand doing body-double pickup shots for The Hobbit?

      1. Jp3

        That is hilarious

      2. Jp3

        That is hilarious, but in all seriousness they actually had to call in Theriot because campy was too small

  14. Tim

    Jon morosi tweeted camp Is being activated

    1. Tim

      Apologies, Patrick mooney

  15. kenster

    Yep camp is back up.. How boring

  16. kenster

    And Castro batting 3rd and rizzo 5th against the lefty today

    1. cubmig

      Sveum is having fun slotting players up and down the lineup. Given he doesn’t see this team going anywhere this year, experimenting playing Musical Chairs may expose something—-though what, I have no idea. Pressure (the more or less of it) is all I can think of. Is Sveum trying to find out how well a player does at the plate under it? Why is he doing what he’s doing? Is the FO dropping hints in his ear? This is, after all, a rebuilding year……and so much “hungry” talent in the wings….

  17. BleedingCubbieBlue

    Could Bryant be the next Harper or Zunino and make an impact for the Cubs next year?

    1. BABIP (MichCubFan)

      Probably not. Maybe sometime in 2015.

  18. Die hard

    Also could be time for bolder move— Castro to CF Barney to SS and Watkins to 2B …. Bat Castro lead off too and he’s set for next 10 yrs hitting .325 with 200 hits .. another Ichiro

    1. Die harder

      Why doesn’t Dale listen to him, he is the smartest guy ever. EVER! Die hard should be running this team, the Cubs would have won every World Series for the last 50 years.

    2. Carew


    3. chrisfchi

      This, by far, is the most asinine thing I’ve ever read. Ever.

      1. Die hard

        You must not have been reading Darth darts

    4. Kyle

      I actually don’t think Castro to SS is so far-fetched someday. But not today.

      1. Die hard

        You mean to CF like Robin Yount?

  19. @cubsfantroy

    I find it hard to feel bad for Ian after all of this. I was a supporter, now I have given up on him.

    1. Die hard

      Reincarnated from an athletes supporter? That’s a new one.. Cup too?

  20. Carne Harris

    What’s fun is when the kids get older, one of them catches something at school, passes it on to the rest of the family who then passes it back to them and round and round you go.

    And I’m not convinced no other team will touch Stewart. If he was an outfielder maybe, but at 3b… Plus this all came up not too long after his three homer game which may not be a coincidence.

  21. Tom A.

    Do you think this is now all about putting something (a small punishment) to Stewart because he has been a complete spoiled brat ?

    For example, sometimes we need to punish our young daughter when she is acting inappropriate. So she loses any television rights for the day or her favorite snack. Those things she likes and thus it is a punishment.

    Stewart seems to be greedy and self-centered, and acted inappropriate. So you take away what he likes which is self-promotion of his own ego and money. Basically when you act like a 4 year old, you get treated like a four year old.

    By the way, never really like such one-dimensional players — wish we could punish him awhile longer and then drop him like a hot potato.

    1. Cubbie Cop

      I agree Tom, We should take away with cell phone and twitter privileges for a month, Then he would learn a lesson and also not be a distraction to the rest of the world!

    2. CubsFaninMS

      I think maybe you’re misreading Ian Stewart, even though I totally agree with your punishment. Let’s step back a second. He signs contract with Cubs, plays x amount of games, does poorly. He mentions that he has this hand/wrist pain that he needs to get checked out. Doctor doesn’t find anything but, based on Mr. Stewart’s description of his pain, elected to perform surgery on him. He heals at home, collecting a paycheck, away from his team.. not even there for moral support. He gets offered a SECOND chance by the Cubs, strains his quad in his first game back (does this dude stretch?), finally heals, and sucks even worse than before when he comes back. Now he’s pouting like a little baby because he’s no longer the “prized prospect” that gets 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances. He has to perform or he won’t play. Based on my observations, he is (1) ungrateful (2) a spoiled brat; and (3) selfish because he’s a spoiled brat and can’t look past his basic need to feel like a top prospect. He’s fallen down to earth and can’t deal with it. He should just retire and get it over with. I also read that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. His Twitter comments sounded like a 15-year-old tweeted them. I was optimistic about his upside this season also but was reticent after being suspectful of his “spoiled brattedness” last season. Hopefully they can use this suspension to negotiate his release.

    3. JOE

      Not that DJ and Colvin were exactly elite prospects when they were traded for Stewart, but I for one would love to have those two in the system right now competing for a roster spot in Chicago than have Stewart riding the pine (or serving a suspension for that matter) at Iowa. I know hindsight is always 20/20, but this acquisition has probably been the most regrettable by Theo and company so far. I still believe in this FO, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have two more prospects in this system who were close to being major league ready right now instead of an immature, self-righteous, injury prone 3rd baseman like Stewart.

  22. MissC

    okay okay, I know I should be doing more research before I suggest things like what I’m about to suggest:

    BUTTT if it came down to it and the Cubs has to choose a starting pitcher to keep between Feldman and The Shark… I would probably say Feldman at this point. Based on his performance this season alone. He’s been SUCH an asset to the rotation. Samardjiza hasn’t produced the way an Ace should. He’d be 4th best in the rotation if this were the NL West.

    Just (shark) food for thought.

    1. BWA

      Shark is a dominant pitcher, which can be seen by his strikeout rate. I hope they can give Feldman a 2 or 3 year deal, especially if they deal Garza. Feldman shouldn’t cost more than 10 mil a year.

    2. CubsFaninMS

      I think Samardzija is capable of being a #2 on a good team. It’s only his second year at the starting job. I think we’ll have a very good read on how successful he will be next year.

    3. JOE

      Before people jump all over this comment (which they most likely will…. and probably should) I do think that keeping Feldman around wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world. Having said that, this team is not likely to be competitive for AT LEAST two to three years. Feldman has over-performed this season (which is not to say he wouldn’t be a valuable part of an effective, competitive staff) while Shark has the potential to be a dominant starter for many years to come. The idea of trading Shark and keeping Feldman would be EXTREMELY shortsighted and simply will not happen.

      1. 70'scub

        Got to sign Shark! Maybe more value if the Cubs sign Garza and just pitch him. Feldman is tuff w/only one year deal they almost have to trade him or give him two more years. I like to see if the Cubs can package him and get some young talent in return.

  23. Rebuilding

    This day in baseball history: According to Pat, 49 years ago today the Cubs traded Lou Brock for Ernie Broglio

  24. Chicago Cubs and Ian Stewart Reportedly Close to Parting Ways | Bleacher Nation | Chicago Cubs News, Rumors, and Commentary

    [...] said that the organization had no intention to release AAA third baseman Ian Stewart, who was recently suspended by the team after saying some not-so-nice things about his bosses on [...]

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